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The following is a list of buildings at Baldwin Wallace University in Berea, Ohio. BW is home to many notable structures and the multi-building BW South Campus Historic District and the BW North Campus Historic District on the National Register of Historic Places.


Wheeler Hall is one of several buildings part of the North Campus Historic District

The campus is located in Berea, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. The campus is built around land that originally was two separate schools that combined in 1913. The campus has numerous buildings that carry historical significance. The campus itself has two historic districts on the National Register of Historic Places.

Historic buildings[edit]

The Baldwin–Wallace College South Campus Historic District includes a four-block area that is centered on Seminary Street. The south campus of Baldwin–Wallace College incorporates the former German Wallace College campus, which was centered on the mid-19th century site of the Lyceum Village Square. Both the college and the square are listed in the National Register of Historic Places as the Lyceum Village Square and German Wallace College Historic District in 1975. The Baldwin–Wallace College South Campus Historic District includes a total of 14 buildings and one structure.[1][2][3]

In 2012, BW moved to propose the preservation of several historic buildings on its north part of campus.[4] The buildings include Baldwin Memorial Library & Carnegie Science Hall (Malicky Center for Social Sciences), Wheeler Hall (Recitation Hall), Wilker Hall, Telfer Hall, Ward Hall, Burrell Observatory, the Alumni House/President’s House, the Tudor House, North Hall, Findley Hall, Lang Hall and Ritter Library.[5]

Academic buildings[edit]

Image Name Completed Namesake Info Ref.
Wheeler Hall Baldwin Wallace University.jpg Wheeler Hall 1891 John Wheeler Originally named Recitation Hall the ground-breaking ceremony was led by Mary Baldwin, John's daughter. The building holds the Education department. [6]
Marting Hall BWC.JPG Marting Hall 1896 John C. Marting Designed by Godfrey Fugman, Cramer and Fugman, renovated in 1986-89. The building is part of the BW South Campus Historic District. The building holds the History, Religion and English departments. [3]
Malicky BWC.JPG Malicky Center 2001 Neal Malicky The building connects Baldwin Library and Carnegie Hall. The complex holds the University's humanities programs. [7]
Burrell Observatory 2 Baldwin Wallace University.JPG Burrell Memorial Observatory 1940 Edward P. Burrell The observatory houses a Warner & Swasey refracting telescope with a 1338-inch objective, a 4-inch finder, and a 1-inch finder. [8]
Kliest Baldwin Wallace University.JPG Kleist Center for Art and Drama 1972 Peter and Eleanor Kleist Originally named the Art and Drama Center, the building was renamed in 1994. [6]
Wilker Tefler Hall Baldwin Wallace University.JPG Wilker Hall 1960's Victor Wilker (1906 Alumnus) Wilker was on the Board of Trustees for 35 years and was married to Mabel McKelvey. McKelvey Auditorium is located in between Wilker and Tefler Hall. [6]
Math & Computer Science Building (MACS) 1951 E. J. Loomis The building was formally Loomis School. Formally part of the building was also used as the university's daycare. Today it is home the university's Math and Computer Sciences department. The building is slated to be removed in the University's master plan. E. J. Loomis was an 1890 BW graduate and became the mathematics chair in 1885. [6][9]
Kamm Hall Baldwin Wallace University.JPG Kamm Hall [6]
Diestsch hall 2 Baldwin Wallace University.JPG Dietsch Hall 1899 Michael & Lydia Ann Dietsch Last major renovation occurred in 1992. The building is home to the university's language departments. The building was originally built to be a women's dormitory when the Dietsch family sold their farm after a calling from God. [6]
Wilker Tefler Hall Baldwin Wallace University.JPG Telfer Hall 1960 Art and Helen Telfer (1931 Alumni) Telfer is now part of the Thomas Family Center for Innovation and Growth. The building was formally called the Life and Earth Science Building [6]
Ward Hall Baldwin Wallace University.JPG Ward Hall 1940's Katherine Ward Burrell Ward dedicated Burrell observstory after her husband Edward P. Burrell. [6]
CIG Baldwin Wallace University.JPG Thomas Center for Innovation and Growth (CIG) 2010 Jim Thomas (1959 Alumnus) The building encompasses the complex that includes Tefler Hall, Wilker Hall, McKelvey Auditorium, and the Life and Earth Sciences Building. The building is one of the only buildings to have solar panels that are used to power the building.
Carnegie Hall Malicky Center Baldwin Wallace University.JPG Carnegie Hall 1882 Andrew Carnegie The building was originally called "Ladies Hall" moved using a grant from Andrew Carnegie under the stipulation the building would be used for science purposes. The building was used as a science building until the Life and Earth Sciences Building (now Tefler Hall) was built in 1960. The building was moved brick-by-brick to the corner of Front and Bagley. [6]
Baldwin Library Malicky Center Baldwin Wallace University.JPG Baldwin Library 1894 Philura Baldwin The building was built in dedication by John Baldwin in memory of his daughter. Philura started the first collection of the university's library in Hulet hall. Today the building is part of the Malicy Center. [6]

Conservatory of Music buildings[edit]

The Boesel Musical Arts Center consists of several buildings on the BW campus and houses the BW Conservatory of Music. The Boesel Musical Arts Center opened in 2011. In August 2008, BW acquired the First Congregational United Church of Christ building. This building was renovated to house conservatory programs and attached to Merner-Pfeiffer Hall/Kulas Hall via a new connecting structure.[10][11]

Image Name Completed Namesake Info Ref.
Kulas Hall Baldwin Wallace University.JPG Kulas Musical Arts Building 1913 The Kulas Family The building houses Gamble Auditorium. The building is part of the Boesel Musical Center and one of the buildings part of the Conservatory of Music. [6][12]
Berea-First Congregational Church Conservatory of Music Annex (OHPTC).jpg First Congregational Church annex 1869 n/a The building is part of the Boesel Musical Arts Center. [12]
Bosel Baldwin Wallace University.JPG Boesel Musical Arts Center 2011 Stephen (1968 Alumnus) & Jacquelyn Boesel The building connects several buildings that are considered "The Conservatory". The building is home to the musical arts program. [6][12]
Merner-Pfeifferhall Baldwin Wallace University.JPG Merner-Pfeiffer Hall 1939 Mr. and Mrs. Henry Pfeiffer The building is part of the Boesel Musical Arts Center and one of the buildings part of the Conservatory of Music. The hall was originally used as a men's dormitory. [6][12]

Administrative and student life buildings[edit]

BW has several administrative buildings that also serve as locations used by students. .

Image Name Current Use Completed Namesake Info Ref.
Ritter Library Baldwin Wallace University.JPG Ritter Library Library 1958 George Ritter (alumnus) Ritter Library is one of three libraries on campus. [6]
Health Center Health Center 1986 N/A Built at the same time as the Lou Higgens Center [6]
Chapel BWC.JPG Lindsay-Crossman Chapel Chapel 1870 Lindsay-Crossman (Trustee) Originally called the Emmanuel Methodist Episcopal Church, the church was turned over to BW in the 1950s after a renovation the church was renamed. [6]
Historian's House Office Unknown N/A House dedicated by the university to hold historical records and artifacts from the university. [6]
Presidents House Baldwin Wallace University.JPG Presidents House Home 1935 N/A The president's house went through renovations in 1982 and 2006. Between 1992 and 2006 president Neil Malicky built a home off campus so the building became the Alumni House which held offices. Currently the house is once again occupied by the president. [6]
Alumni House Offices Unknown N/A The building was formally called Victoria house and used as a residence hall before coming the Alumni House in 2006. [6]
Newman Center Newman Center Unknown N/A The building is used by the Newman student organization. Newman Centers are Catholic ministry centers at non-Catholic universities found throughout the world. [6]
Tudor House Campus security Unknown N/A The building is used by BW Safety & Security. [6]
SAC Baldwin Wallace University.JPG Student Activities Center (SAC) Student Activity Center 1913-14 N/A Originally built to be a women's gymnasium the building has been converted into a performance hall. The building was converted to be a nonalcoholic party center and was featured in the New York Times. [6]
Black Cultural Center Cultural center Unknown Unknown The building is used as meeting space for student organizations. [6]
Strosacker Hall Baldwin Wallace University.JPG Strosacker Hall (Union) Student Activities Center 1965 Charles Strosacker (Alumnus and professor) The building is home to administrative offices, student organizations and a dining facility. [6]
Bonds Hall Baldwin Wallace University.JPG Bonds Hall Administrative Building Unknown Alfred Bonds (President) Former home of the admissions offices the building houses many student services and the president's office. [6]
DurstWelcomeCenterBaldwinWallaceUniversity.JPG Durst Welcome Center Administrative Building 2011 Richard Durst (President) Home to the university's admissions offices. [13]

Athletic and recreation buildings[edit]

BW has several athletic and recreation facilities used to serve in various sporting events and entertainment events. In 2008, Barack Obama spoke at the Lou Higgins Center during his Presidential Candidacy.

Image Building Completed Namesake Notes Ref.
Lou Higgins Baldwin Wallace University.JPG Lou Higgins Center 1986 Mary Lou Higgins (BW Alumnus) The building's last major renovation was 2005. The facility seats 2,800 people. The building housesphysical education department, athletics, and recreational sports and services. [14][15]
The "Pop" Collins Tennis Complex Arthur "Bud" Worth Collins The tennis courts are named honor of former BW tennis coach and teacher Arthur "Bud" Worth Collins [15]
Heritage Field N/A Located Behind Heritage Hall, Heritage Field is home to the baseball teams. [15]
Finnie Stadium BWC.JPG
George Finnie Stadium & Tressel Field 1972 George Finnie & Tressel Family In 2008, the athletic turf on George Finnie Stadium was renovated and named "Tressel Field" in honor of the Tressel Family. George Finnie was a member of the Board of Trustees until 1969. The stadium was dedicated in his name in 1972. [6][15][16]
Lou Higgins Baldwin Wallace University.JPG Rudolph Ursprung Gymnasium 1986 Rudolph Ursprung Located in Lou Higgins, the courts are home to the Yellow Jackets basketball, volleyball and wrestling teams. Rudolph Ursprung, was a BW Board of Trustees member. [6][17]
Lou Higgins Baldwin Wallace University.JPG The Harrison Dillard Track 1986 Harrison Dillard 1949 BW graduate and four-time Olympic gold medalist Harrison Dillard. [6][15]
Bagley Hall BWC.JPG Bagley Hall 2013 N/A athletic offices, formally a residence hall and Cleveland Browns training facility [6][15][18]
Lou Higgins Baldwin Wallace University.JPG BW Natatorium 1986 N/A Located in Lou Higgins Center is home to the Yellow Jacket swimming and diving teams [15]
Cuyahoga County Fair Grounds Softball Field N/A the softball teams play at the Yellow Jacket Field at the The Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds [15]


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