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This is a list of episodes of the TV show Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom.

Volume 1[edit]

Episode Number Title
1 "Holly's Magic Wand"
When Holly loses her magic wand, she is very sad, so Ben uses his elf skills to find it.
2 "Gaston The Ladybird"
The team try to cheer up their friend Gaston by tidying his cave, but do not realise that he likes it the way it is.
3 "The Royal Fairy Picnic"
Holly invites Ben to the annual royal fairy picnic. King Thistle hopes there won't be a repeat of last year's jelly flood.
4 "The Elf Farm"
The team visits the elf farm to collect an egg for King Thistles breakfast, but while they're in there, an enormous chicken escapes and runs amok.
5 "Queen Thistle's Teapot"
Daisy and Poppy borrow Fleur's magic wand, escape from the castle and turn the whole kingdom into rabbits, frogs and birds.
6 "The King's Busy Day"
King Thistle is tired of doing his work.
7 "Fun and Games"
Ben and Holly play games whilst waiting for some cupcakes to be made.
8 "King Thistle is Not Well"
Holly's father gets a cold, so Holly and her friend Ben and general housekeeper Nanny Plum collect the ingredients for a magic potion to make him better.
9 "The Lost Egg"
The friends try to reunite a chick with its mother.

Volume 2[edit]

Episode Number Title
10 "Nanny Plum's Lesson"
Nanny Plum teaches the girls some important fairy rules. However, when she is accidentally blown away by a strong wind, Ben, Holly, Violet, Strawberry and Gaston must come to her rescue.
11 "The Elf Windmill"
Mr Elf demonstrates why it takes so long to make flour, but Nanny Plum refuses to wait, and uses magic to speed up the elf windmill.
12 "The Royal Golf Course"
A mole disturbs King Thistle's golf course, so a gnome is enlisted to help drive it away. Soon the gnome is ordering the elves around, turning the golf course into a crazy golf course!
13 "King Thistle's New Clothes"
King and Queen Marigold are coming to visit, but Nanny accidentally shrinks all the King's clothes, burns them to ash - and has to magic some more using vegetables from the kitchen.
14 "Tadpoles"
Holly takes frogspawn home to look after, but is shocked the following morning to discover it has turned into tadpoles.
15 "Gaston's Visit"
Gaston catches a cold, so King Thistle invites him to stay at the castle while his old home is being repaired to due a leak in the roof.
16 "Mrs Witch"
Nanny Plum takes Ben and Holly to visit a witch in the forest.

Volume 3[edit]

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Volume 4[edit]

17 "Books"
Ben and Holly visit the Wise Old Elf in The Great Elf Library to find out where stars go in the daytime.
18 "Betty Caterpillar"
The duo befriend a caterpillar called Betty, who wishes she could fly, and King Thistle advises them to fatten her up. They soon get a big surprise the next day!
19 "Queen Holly"
Holly is left in charge of Little Kingdom while the king and queen are away. But it isn't as easy as it looks, especially with an ice-cream flood...
20 "Tooth Fairy"

The duo discover that Nanny Plum is a tooth fairy by night, and head out on the job with her, but they soon receive a shock when they see the size of the little girl they are visiting.

Note: This is Lucy's first appearance.
21 "Strawberry Souffle"
Ben, Holly, Strawberry and Fleur make a Strawberry Souffle for Strawberry's Birthday. But when the Strawberries escape the second time, Strawberry has an even better Surprise.
Episode Number Title
22 "Queen Thistle's Day Off"
Queen Thistle goes to visit her sister, so Holly, Ben, Nanny and the King have to look after naughty twins Daisy and Poppy for the day.
The Fairies dress in Magic Clothes which make them speak in Different Languages. Which make the Elves not know what their saying.
Ben and Holly are playing out in the Snow.
22 "Dinner Party"
Snooty King and Queen Marigold invite themselves to dinner at the castle, where they sample Nanny Plum's cooking. Nanny Plum tries to cook special modern food.
23 "King for a Day"
King Thistle goes fishing with Ben, Holly, Mr & Mrs. Elf and include Gaston as King.
24 "Lucy's Picnic"
The elf and fairy children learn how the rubbish left after a picnic can be recycled into new toys, and Lucy has a look around the Little Kingdom.
25 "Daisy & Poppy's Pet"
Nanny Plum conjures up a hamster called Pippin for the twins, but the naughty new pet causes chaos in the castle.
26 "Visiting the Marigolds"
Everyone visits King and Queen Marigold's castle, which is not without a few little mishaps.

Season 2[edit]

Note-This is miss Jolly's first time seen

Episode Number Title
1 "Giants in the Meadow"
Ben, Holly, and all of the elves and fairies try to stop Lucy's dad from destroying the Little Kingdom to build a new field for cows.
2 "Mrs Fig's Magic School"
Holly is old enough to go to magic school, so along with Fleur, Strawberry, Violet, and Ben and the other young elves go too [despite protests from the Wise Old Elf]. But they discover the magic school is anything but fun, including the teacher, Mrs Fig.
3 "Daisy & Poppy's Playgroup"
Daisy and Poppy and their friends from 'The Party' go to playgroup, but after the disappearance of their old teacher, Mrs Fotheringill, Queen Thistle becomes the new teacher, but then they make her disappear so Mrs Elf has to look after the toddlers. But then the whole playgroup gets sent right back in time to the time of the dinosaurs!
4 "No Magic Day"
It is the time of the year for the blue moon which gives no fairy magic for one day of the year - and also stops the Elf Factory's Elf Engine from working - and the fuel is magic.
5 "Spies"
Ben and Holly and their friends learn all about spying when both Nanny Plum and the Wise Old Elf compete to build a boat for King Thistle that won't be laughed at by snooty King and Queen Marigold at the boating carnival.
6 "Hard Times"
After a mishap involving a demonstration of the magic money chest and buttons, King Thistle tries to do a job to get a gold coin, with chaotic results.
7 "Gaston Goes To School"
Ben, Holly and King Thistle decide to send Gaston to Miss Jolly's pet school and he meets his friends there. But soon, Gaston learns how good it is to be himself.
8 "Elf Rescue"

Nanny Plum is very impressed when the Elf Rescue Service rescues her, Ben, Holly, Gaston and Redbeard from the lake, and ends up making false emergencies, much to the Wise Old Elf's anger and annoyance. But soon, both Nanny Plum and the Wise Old Elf need help from Children Rescue!

Notes - This episode is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the 1960's marionette puppet series Thunderbirds and its episode "Cry Wolf". Plus the Wise Old Elf's voice actor David Graham was also the voice of Gordon Tracy, Brains, Parker and Kyrano.
9 "Lucy's School"
Nanny Plum, Gaston, Ben and Holly go with Lucy to her school on Nature Day, whilst trying not to be seen by her friends or her teacher, Miss Cookie. Imagine all the chaos that follows!
10 "Baby Dragon"
Ben, Holly and their friends adopt a dragon and they name him Dave, and Gaston gets jealous. Unfortunately nobody wants Dave in the Little Kingdom due to him breathing fire so Ben, Holly, Nanny Plum and Mr Elf take him back home to Dragonland in the Elf Plane.
11 "Dolly Plum"
Daisy and Poppy turn Nanny Plum into a doll, and the Wise Old Elf copies it and in a matter of seconds, it becomes very popular, much to Nanny Plum's dismay.
12 "The Lost City"
Ben, Holly, Nanny Plum, Gaston, and the Wise Old Elf set out on a mission to save Redbeard the Elf Pirate from 'The Lost City' which is really a garden centre).
13 "The Shooting Star"
Ben & Holly meet some of the friendly aliens from 'Picnic on the Moon', and a small green one called Zyros, who are on holiday when their flying saucer crashes.
14 "Nanny's Magic Test"
Nanny Plum is forced to return to Mrs Fig's magic school after her fairy license expires.
15 "Gaston To The Rescue"
Gaston keeps getting in everyone's way and is told to go away, but when Ben, Holly and their parents get trapped in a dwarf mine, Gaston comes to their rescue.
16 "Miss Cookie's Nature Trail"
Miss Cookie organizes a nature trail for Lucy [the little girl that Ben and Holly know] and her class, but unfortunately, it goes right through the Little Kingdom! So it's up to Ben and Holly to stop Lucy's class and her teacher finding out about the elves and fairies!
17 "The New Wand"
Holly's wand catches a cold, and she gets a new replacement wand from the Wise Old Elf, called the WiseWand 3000 and she's thrilled - until she discovers its special feature: it doesn't do ANY magic at all!
18 "Superheroes"
In a parody to the 60's Batman series, Ben, Holly and their friends play a game where they become superheroes and supervillains. But Strawberry takes her supervillain role [The Strawberry Ice Queen] a little too far.
19 "Mrs Witch's Spring Clean"
Ben, Holly and Nanny Plum help Mrs Witch with a big spring clean by getting rid of some magical objects, but in the wrong hands they cause chaos in the Little Kingdom.
20 "The Fruit Harvest"
Rosie, Ben and Holly help out on the day of the fruit harvest, but Mr Gnome is eating all the fruit. The elves and fairies should find various ways to stop Mr Gnome from eating the blackberries.
21 "Uncle Gaston"
Gaston's brother Tony and his family comes to visit, and Ben, Holly and Strawberry help him look after Tony's kids, Amber, Emerald and Keith.
22 "Plumbing"
King Thistle decides on home improvement to impress the snooty King and Queen Marigold, but things don't quite go according to plan.
23 "Big Ben & Holly"
Thanks to a spell gone wrong, Ben and Holly accidentally become human sized, and they want to stay big forever! But they soon discover that being big isn't all it's cracked up to be.
24 "Daisy & Poppy Go Bananas"
Madness, mayhem, and devastation is caused in the Little Kingdom when Daisy and Poppy use King Thistle's mother's wand to learn how to do magic, escape the castle, and... go bananas!
25 "Mr Elf takes a Holiday"
King Thistle sentences Mr Elf to take a holiday. Mr Elf isn't too pleased, but Mrs Elf and Ben are overjoyed. They go on holiday, but the plane breaks down and they crash-land on a deserted island. Meanwhile, Nanny Plum takes over the deliveries.
26 "Honey Bees"
Ben and Holly go to the beehive to learn how honey is made. The Wise Old Elf is the bee keeper and proceeds to show the children his own special way of collecting honey.
27 "Lucy's Sleepover"
Holly shrinks Lucy and Rex down to her and Ben's size so they can play in the Little Kingdom. But then the next morning the spell wears off and she and Rex become big again.
28 "Miss Jolly's Riding Club"

Ben and Holly and their friends learn how to take care of snails at Miss Jolly's riding club.

Note - This is Miss Jolly's Second appearance.
29 "Springtime"
Spring is in the air in the Little Kingdom, which has daffodils, tulips, and 2 very hungry gnomes.
30 "Pirate Treasure"
Ben, Holly, Captain Redbeard and Nanny Plum go on a treasure hunt with Captain Squid's treasure map, and the treasure is in the oddest place: Lucy's school.
31 "Gaston Goes to the Vet"
Ben goes on holiday with his parents, but the holiday is thrown off track when Gaston accidentally swallows the car keys!
32 "Granny & Granpapa"
Holly and her family, Ben, and the Wise Old Elf are invited to a party at Granpapa and Granny Thistle's castle in the clouds.
33 "The Dwarf Mine"
Ben and Holly discover holes popping up all over the Little Kingdom. They find out that the dwarves have woken up, and are working in the mine, digging for treasure. So all the dwarves must be stopped.
34 "Lucy's Elf & Fairy Party"
Ben and Holly and their friends are invited to Lucy's elf and fairy-themed birthday party.
35 "Planet Bong"
[Part 1 of the Ben and Holly go to Planet Bong special] Zyros [from The Shooting Star] contacts Ben and Holly, and asks for the Wise Old Elf's help to save their plants.
36 "Planet Bong Episode 2"
[Part 2 of the Ben and Holly go to Planet Bong special] Ben and Holly and their friends go to Zyros' home planet, where they meet all manner of alien creatures, including The Great Leader who Gaston eats!
37 "The Queen Bakes Cakes"
A cake sale is held to raise money to fix Mrs Fig's magic school after an apple crushes it. Unfortunately, Queen Thistle is baking, and nobody can eat her cakes.
38 "The Witch Competition"
Mrs Witch must come out of retirement when a young witch called Wendy Witch wants to live in her house.
39 "Journey to the Centre of the Earth"
Naughty Daisy and Poppy magic their teacher, Mrs Fotheringill to the centre of the Earth, so Granpapa Thistle leads Ben, Holly and her family to the centre of the earth on a rescue mission.
40 "Redbeard's Rainbow"
Captain Redbeard is determined to find the treasure at the end of the rainbow.
41 "Fox Cubs"
Ben and Holly go on a scout group called the Fox Cubs, but after criticizing Mr Elf's survival skills, Nanny Plum magics them all to the top of Mount Everest! And with no way to magic themselves off, how will they get home?
42 "Nanny Plum and the Wise Old Elf Swap Jobs for One Whole Day"
Nanny Plum and the Wise Old Elf argue over who does the most work, so they decide to swap jobs for one whole day.
43 "The Very Important Person"
'King Leopold', a Very Important Person, is coming to the Little Kingdom, and everyone prepares a Royal Welcome for him. But King Leopold turns out not quite what he seems.
44 "Bunty II"
Mr Elf sails his new boat 'Bunty II'. What could possibly go wrong?
45 "Fathers Day"
A Father's Day-themed episode of Ben and Holly.
46 "Gaston's Birthday"
After Ben and Holly realises that Gaston has one new spot, it means that it is his birthday. But he is sad because he's never had a birthday party, so Ben and Holly prepare one for him.
47 "The Mermaid"
Ben and Holly meet a mermaid, and with the help of Lucy and her dad, they return her lost magic mirror to her.
48 "Daisy & Poppy Go to the Museum"
Daisy and Poppy and their friends cause untold havoc in a big museum!
49 "Chickens Ride West"
King Thistle wants a boiled egg for his breakfast, so the elves decide to deliver the King the chickens from the Elf Farm so he can have an egg whenever he likes!
50 "Gaston is Lost"
Ben and Holly must find Gaston, who is lost.
51 "Ben & Holly's Christmas"
[Part 1 of Ben and Holly's Second Christmas Special] Father Christmas pays a surprise visit to The Little Kingdom to check on the Christmas preparations. The Elves are busy making all of the toys and Nanny Plum is in control of the crackers. Everything is going according to plan until King Thistle gets trapped in a cracker, Queen Thistle gets trapped in a toy fairy castle and the Wise Old Elf gets trapped in a Christmas tree.
52 "Ben & Holly's Christmas Episode 2"
[Part 2 of Ben and Holly's Second Christmas Special] Ben and Holly set out on a Christmas rescue mission to save the 3 trapped grown-ups from Part 1, but they all end up in Lucy's house for a Merry Christmas with Lucy and her family!


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