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This is a list of characters from the Bob the Builder television series.


  • Bob the Builder (catchphrase: "Can we fix it?") is a General Contractor and head of his own construction yard based in Bobsville and later in Sunflower Valley and now Fixham Harbour. Bob is from a family of builders - his father Robert is also a builder and so was his Grandfather Billy. He is assisted by Wendy and a host of anthropomorphic vehicles in various projects in and around the town. He is the owner of Pilchard the Cat and he is not good with computers. Some of the problems in the show arise from Bob's habit of forgetting to turn his mobile phone on. Bob is voiced by Neil Morrissey in the UK and in the US, he is voiced by William Dufris, Greg Proops, and Marc Silk.
Bob the Builder
  • Wendy is Bob's business partner who runs the office and keeps the business in order, and often organizes tools and equipment. She is also seen doing construction work in many episodes. Wendy is often worried about Bob's cat, Pilchard, as shown in the episode Pilchard in a Pickle and in the song Find That Cat. Wendy is voiced by Kate Harbour in the UK and by Lorelei King in the US.
  • Farmer Pickles is a nearby farmer, and a good friend of Bob who often helps out in construction projects with Bob. He is the owner of Travis the tractor, Sumsy the forklift, Packer the truck, Scruffty the dog, and Spud the scarecrow. Farmer Pickles is voiced by Neil Morrissey.

Recurring human characters[edit]

  • Mrs. Broadbent – A Bobsville resident and neighbour of Bob. She is voiced by Kate Harbour.
  • Mr. Beasley – A Bobsville and later Sunflower Valley resident and a frequent customer
  • Mr. Bernard Bentley – The Bobsville town building inspector and later Mayor of Sunflower Valley and then Fixham Harbour building inspector, and Barbara Bentley's husband. He is voiced by Rob Rackstraw.
  • Mrs. Barbara Bentley – Bernard Bentley's wife.
  • Mr. DixonPostman and brother to a famous football goalkeeper
  • Mr. Jeremy Ellis – Bobsville Museum manager
  • JJ – Parts supplier and Hamish's new owner. He is Jamaican. He is voiced by Colin McFarlane.
  • Molly – JJ's daughter
  • Mrs. Percival – School headteacher. She is voiced by Kate Harbour.
  • Mrs. Potts – a Bobsville resident and owner of Tommy the Tortoise. She is voiced by Kate Harbour.
  • Mr. Angelo Sabatini – Runs the local pizza shop and cater Sunflower valley Bakery
  • Mr. David Mockney – Fixham Harbour Museum manager.

Minor human characters[edit]

  • Mr. CostelloDrive-in movie manager
  • David Dixon – Famous Football goalkeeper and brother to Mr. Dixon
  • Dora – Bob's aunt. She is never seen.
  • Doris – Mr. Ellis' aunt. In Bob's Aunt, Bob picks up the letter which is wet and he thinks Aunt Dora is coming and then later on, they find out that it's not Aunt Dora, but Mr. Ellis's aunt Doris.
  • Dorothy – Bob and Tom's mother. She is voiced by June Whitfield.
  • Mr. Fothergill – A Bobsville resident, the computer repair man and Hamish's first owner. He gave Hamish to JJ and Molly after he doscovered that he was allergic to him. He is voiced by Rob Rackstraw.
  • Jenny – Wendy's sister
  • Mavis the Postwomanpostwoman. She is mentioned only in Buffalo Bob and Scruffty the Detective but never seen.
  • Marjorie – The new manager at Farmer Pickles's factory
  • Pam Goody – Runs the Arts Centre
  • Robert – Bob and Tom's father
  • Tom – Bob's fraternal twin brother
  • Mrs. Sophia Sabatini – Mr Sabatini's wife
  • Mr. Stevens – An archaeologist
  • Mr. Williams – An airport manager
  • Sandy Beach – A cave expert and friend of Mr. Ellis. He speaks in an American accent and has long hair in a ponytail. He is voiced by Rupert Degas.
  • Jana von Strudel – She yodelled with Roley. She is Austrian and speaks in a German accent. She's also the owner of Zoomer.

Project: Build It recurring human characters[edit]

  • Annie Pickles – She is a seaweed farmer and Farmer Pickle's cousin.
  • Meg McDonald – She is a dairy farmer and is Piper's aunt as well as the owner of Dodger.
  • Baz – He is a sheep shearer and Farmer Pickles' cousin.
  • Pablo – Mr Sabatini's brother.
  • Sunny – The daughter of Marjorie and the twin brother of Saffron.
  • Saffron – The son of Marjorie and the twin sister of Sunny.
  • Cassie – The daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sabatini and the twin sister of Carlos.
  • Carlos – The son of Mr. and Mrs. Sabatini and the twin brother of Cassie.
  • Piper McDonald – He is Meg's nephew and assists her with her dairy products.


  • Pilchard (voiced by Kate Harbour) - A cat that is the same color as Travis, but with a meow. She is always hungry and thirsty, and she has emotions: angry, closed eyes, sad, and normal.
  • Scruffty - Farmer Pickles' pet dog.
  • Bird - Roley's best friend, who goes "Toot, toot."
  • Birdie - Roley's new friend in Sunflower Valley.

Main vehicle characters[edit]

Original Series[edit]

Construction Vehicles[edit]

Color: Yellow
Gender: Male, female in Swedish and Polish versions
Catchphrase: "No prob, Bob!"
Voiced by: Rob Rackstraw (UK), Alan Marriott and David Menkin (US)
  • Muck – a bulldozer who has an additional dumping bed, like a dump truck. Muck often acts before thinking and subsequently gets in trouble for it.
Color: Red
Gender: Male in UK, female in US version
Catchphrase: "Muck to the rescue!"
Voiced by: Rob Rackstraw (UK), Lorelei King, Lachele Carl, and Sophie Aldred (US)
  • Dizzy – a little concrete mixer. Dizzy is portrayed as the youngest in the yard until Scratch was introduced. She is eager, curious, and easily excitable.
Color: Orange
Gender: Female
Catchphrase: "Brilliant!"
Voiced by: Kate Harbour (UK), Lorelei King (US)
  • Roley – a road roller who loves to make up songs and frequently spins his eyes when he is excited.
Color: Green
Gender: Male, female in Swedish version
Catchphrase: "Rock and roll!"
Voiced by: Rob Rackstraw (UK), Maria Darling (US)
  • Lofty – a crane. Lofty lacks the confidence shown by the others; he is hesitant and timid, but with the encouragement of the team comes through in the end.
Color: Cyan/Blue
Gender: Male
Catchphrase: "Err, yeah, I think so!," usually said in response to the question "Can we fix it?"
Voiced by: Neil Morrissey (UK), Sonya Leite and Emma Tate (US)

Other vehicles[edit]

  • Travis – a tractor. Travis is owned by Farmer Pickles, and is often seen pulling a wood sided trailer. He helps out the crew when they need it and keeps an eye on Spud the scarecrow.
Color: Turquoise
Gender: Male
Catchphrase: "Travis Tractor's my name, moving loads is my game."
Voiced by: Rob Rackstraw (UK), Alan Marriott (US)

Project: Build It![edit]

  • Scrambler – a quadbike (ATV). Scrambler was won by Bob for designing Sunflower Valley's new settlement.
Color: Dark Blue
Gender: Male
Catchphrase: "Let's Scram!" "Awesome!" and "Cool as a Mule"
Voiced by: Rupert Degas & Alan Marriott

Ready, Steady, Build![edit]

  • Scratch (Voiced by Kate Harbour & Jo Wyatt)– A small digger who is currently the youngest of the team.
Color: Light Blue
Gender: Male
Catchphrase: "I'm part of the team!"
Voiced by: Kate Harbour

Recurring vehicle characters[edit]

Original Series[edit]

Color: Greenish-Yellow
Gender: Male
Voiced by:Neil Morrissey
  • Trix – a forklift. Just like Skip, Trix belongs to JJ.
Color: Light-Purple
Gender: Female
Catchphrase: "Easy peasy!"
Voiced by: Kate Harbour
Color: Yellow and Black
Gender: Male
Catchphrase: "Christmas here we come!"
Voiced by:Rob Rackstraw

Project: Build It![edit]

Color: Purple and Black
Gender: Male
Voiced by:Rupert Degas
  • Benny – a small excavator. Benny looks up to Scoop. He speaks in a British accent. He is the second youngest of the team.[1]
Color: Magenta
Gender: Male, Female UK and US Versions and JAP dub
Catchphrase: "Unreal banana peel" or "It's unreal, banana peel!" in reference to Scoop's yellow color
Voiced by: Emma Tate
  • Sumsy – a forklift who greatly resembles Trix (may be the same model), explaining her absence in Project Build-It. Sumsy is owned by Farmer Pickles and works at his factory.
Color: Maroon and Yellow-striped
Gender: Female
Catchphrase: "I can pack 'em, I can stack 'em!"
Voiced by: Kate Harbour
  • Packer the Delivery Truck – a semi-trailer truck. Packer is owned by Farmer Pickles and has two trailers, a flatbed and a covered trailer resembling the 1988 Freightliner FL50. He delivers for all of Sunflower Valley. (male voice; catchphrases: "Pick up and Deliver!" and "Pack me up and watch me go-go")[2]
Color: Red
Gender: Male
Catchphrase: "Pick up and Deliver!" and "Pack me up and watch me go-go"
Voiced by: Rob Rackstraw
  • Dodger – a pickup truck, who looks similar to the 1930s Ford truck due to his shape. Dodger is owned by Meg and is used to carry milk. He has a crane with a grabber that lifts the milk. His horn makes strange honking sounds that the rest of the team find funny.[3]
Color: Light-Blue and White
Gender: Male
Catchphrase: "Dodger Delivers"
Voiced by: Rob Rackstraw
  • Tumbler – a concrete transport truck. He is the loudest machine on Bob's team. He is big and can do big things that Dizzy can't.[4]
Color: Green and Orange-Yellow
Gender: Male
Catchphrase: "I'm a Rumblin' and a Tumblin'" and "Rollin' and a Tumblin'"
Voiced by: Rupert Degas
Color: Yellow
Gender: Male
Catchphrase: "Fantastic Flex!"
Voiced by: Rupert Degas
  • Bristle – a street sweeper. Bristle is very eager to help out the others by doing jobs often ahead of the team. Bristle seems to whistle very often. He also tends to be a neat freak.[6]
Color: Grey and Blue
Gender: Male
Catchphrase: "Clean as a whistle" or "Clean as a whistle bristle, that's me!"
Voiced by: Rupert Degas
  • Splasher – an amphibious car, who works at Bobland Bay.[7]
Color: Yellow & Blue
Gender: Male
Catchphrase: "Never fear, Super Splasher is here!"
Voiced by: Rob Rackstraw
  • Gripper – a crane. Gripper speaks with a Scouse accent (southern drawl in US dub). Gripper and Grabber refer to the other characters as "mate" ("partner" in the US dub) mainly due to stereotypical behaviours.[8]
Color: Brown and Green
Gender: Male
Catchphrase: "Gripper and Grabber having fun together"
Voiced by: Rupert Degas
  • Grabber – a excavator. Grabber speaks with a Scouse accent (southern drawl in US dub). Gripper and Grabber refer to the other characters as "mate" ("partner" in US dub) mainly due to stereotypical behaviours.[9]
Color: Green and Brown
Gender: Male
Catchphrase: "Grabber and Gripper having fun together"
Voiced by: Rob Rackstraw
  • R Vee - a Van. He is seen in Scrambler to the Rescue.
Color: Blue
Gender: Male
Catchphrase: "Amazing R Vee, That's Me!"
Voiced by: Rob Rackstraw
  • Jackaroo - a Pickup Truck. He seen only in Built to Be Wild.
Color: Blue
Gender: Male

Ready Steady Build[edit]

  • Rubble - a Dump Truck. He helped with the team to build a dinosaur fun park in The Big Dino Dig
Color: Yellow
Gender: Male
Catchphrase: "Okay Bob!"
Voiced by:

Other characters[edit]

  • Spud (Voiced by Rob Rackstraw) is a mischievous scarecrow on Farmer Pickles' farm who tries to help Bob and the crew. Often he causes more problems than he solves, but it usually all works out in the end. It is Spud who needs to learn to be patient, not to eat all of the food, not to take things from other characters, etc. Spud has a habit of trying to do work and with his limited intelligence getting it wrong and spoiling materials. (male voice; catchphrase: "OK, Farmer Pickles" and "Spud's on the job!")
  • Pirate Brickbeard (Voiced by Rupert Degas) is a pirate who founded Fixham Harbour and sails in a ship called The Bonny Beard. He is believed to have hidden a golden hammer in Fixham. (male voice; catchphrase: "No one will ever find my Golden Hammer! Har har!"). He is only seen in The Legend of the Golden Hammer. He also made cameos in several Ready, Steady, Build! episodes.


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