List of British Columbia Provincial Parks

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British Columbia Parks

Location and extent of parks in British Columbia

Type Number Area (km²)
Provincial Parks
Protected Areas
Recreation Areas
Ecological Reserves
830 114,243.89
Campgrounds 340  
Campsites 11,075  
Boat launch areas 119  
km of hiking trails 2,767  
Garibaldi Provincial Park, Wedgemount Lake
Golden Ears Provincial Park, Golden Ears Summit
Newcastle Island Marine Provincial Park, totem pole on Newcastle Island
Stein Valley Nlaka'pamux Heritage Park, view from Skihist Mountain

The following is a list of all British Columbia land now managed by BC Parks (a branch of the British Columbia Ministry of Environment). Parks that have been closed are listed, but the list is currently incomplete. Provincial Parks cover approximately 12% of the land area of BC.

There were a number of provincial parks, protected areas and ecological reserves in the Gulf Islands that were recently transferred to the national park system, specifically the Gulf Islands National Park Reserve. For other national parks in British Columbia, and for civic, municipal and regional parks, see List of protected areas in British Columbia.

Provincial parks[edit]

Park name Area Date est'd Location Note
Adams Lake Provincial Park 227 hectares (560 acres) 3 separated sections
Akamina-Kishinena Provincial Park 10,921 hectares (26,990 acres) 49°1′30″N 114°12′0″W / 49.02500°N 114.20000°W / 49.02500; -114.20000 (Akamina-Kishinena Provincial Park)
Alexandra Bridge Provincial Park 55 hectares (140 acres) 49°42′N 121°24′W / 49.700°N 121.400°W / 49.700; -121.400 (Alexandra Bridge Provincial Park)
Alice Lake Provincial Park 396 hectares (980 acres) 1956 Coordinates: 49°47′N 123°07′W / 49.783°N 123.117°W / 49.783; -123.117 (Alice Lake Provincial Park)
Allison Lake Provincial Park 23 hectares (57 acres) 1960 49°41′00″N 120°36′00″W / 49.68333°N 120.60000°W / 49.68333; -120.60000 (Allison Lake Provincial Park)
Anderson Bay Provincial Park 35 hectares (86 acres) 2000 49°30′20″N 124°08′20″W / 49.50556°N 124.13889°W / 49.50556; -124.13889 (Anderson Bay Provincial Park) Part of Texada Island and a peninsula, near Gillies Bay[1]

Former Provincial Parks[edit]

Protected areas[edit]

Ecological Reserves[edit]

Ecological reserves are not created for outdoor recreation. Most ecological reserves, however, are open to the public for non-destructive pursuits like hiking, nature observation and photography. Consumptive activities like hunting, freshwater fishing, camping, livestock grazing, removal of materials, plants or animals are prohibited by regulation in ecological reserves. Motorized vehicles are not allowed.

Conservancy areas[edit]

Heritage parks[edit]


Recreation areas[edit]

Recreation areas is land set aside for recreational use by the public. It is also land that is being evaluated by BC Parks from both a protected area value and an economic opportunity perspective to determine whether the area should be "upgraded" to full protected area status or returned to integrated resource management lands.

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