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The following is a list of people who have spoken or otherwise presented at the Ciudad de las Ideas:[1]

Cynosura 2008[edit]

Speakers CDI areas Topic
Amir Aczel Science and Technology The world of mathematics and luck
Jay Bakker Debate Is religion good for humanity?
David P. Barash Sexuality Is monogamy a myth?
Eugene Bardach Economy and Politics Public policy of the future
Sam Barondes Brain Depression
Étienne-Émile Baulieu Science and Technology Eternal youth
Shmuley Boteach Debate Is religion good for humanity?
Louann Brizendine Psychology and Sociology The female brain
David Brooks Psychology and Sociology How to transmit a message
Chandler Burr Art New York Times perfume critic
David Buss Sexuality Sexuality
Robert Cooter Economy and Politics Law and development
Dinesh D'Souza Debate Is religion good for humanity?
Juan Ramón de la Fuente Health The pains of humanity
Daniel Dennett Debate Is religion good for humanity?
John Esposito Debate Is religion good for humanity?
Helen Fisher
Horacio Franco Artistic Intervention
Julio Frenk Environment The planet’s health
Gerd Gigerenzer Psychology and Sociology Character
Daniel Gilbert Psychology and Sociology Happiness
Dean Hamer Psychology and Sociology Genes
Dan Heath Psychology and Sociology Made to be remembered
Carl Honoré Ethics and Philosophy The Slow Movement
David Konzevik Economy and Politics Future
Lawrence M. Krauss Science and Technology Our universe
Steven Landsburg Psychology and Sociology More sex is safer sex
Judith Eve Lipton Brain What dominates us?
David Livingstone Smith Psychology and Sociology Why do we lie?
Ingrid Mattson Religion The Islamic world
Mexico Ensemble Artistic Intervention
Claire Nouvian Science and Technology The world of the ocean
Eric T. Olson Brain The mind
Steven Pinker Brain Our instincts
Eduard Punset Psychology and Sociology Falling out of love
Clotaire Rapaille Ethics and Philosophy Culture Codes
Roberto Rojo Environment The incredible world of insects
Enric Sala Environment The planet
Robert Sapolsky Psychology and Sociology We the primates
Michael Shermer Debate Is religion good for humanity?
Talea Ensemble Artistic Intervention
Eugenio Toussaint Artistic Intervention
Villeda Childs:
Ana Caridad
Miguel Ángel
Artistic Intervention
Voz en Punto Artistic Intervention
Jody Williams Ethics and Philosophy Peace
James Q. Wilson Economy and Politics Politics of development
Benjamin Zander Ethics and Philosophy The art of possibilities

Re-evolution 2009[edit]

Speakers CDI areas Topic
Dan Ariely Brain The irrational vs the rational
Julian Baggini Brain Do you think you think what you think?
Deborah Berebichez Brain Science in heals
Steve Berlin Johnson Brain Everything bad can be good for you
Shmuley Boteach Debate Intelligent design
Neville Brody Brain Creativity
Bruce Bueno de Mesquita Science and Technology The predictable future
Randy Cohen Brain The good
Jerry Coyne Science and Technology Evolution: a fact
Dinesh D'Souza Debate Intelligent design
Frans de Waal Science and Technology The third chimpanzee
Daniel Dennett Brain Consciousness
Joseph Epstein Psychology and Sociology Envy
Cordelia Fine Brain The mind
Helen Fisher Brain Why do we love?
Francis Fukuyama Economy and Politics Geopolitics of the future
Karl Grammer Brain The humane
Sam Harris Debate Intelligent design
Marc Hauser Brain Does morality exist?
Christopher Hitchens Debate Intelligent design
Bjarke Ingels Science and Technology Building a better future
Emmanuel Jal Artistic Intervention
Lena Maria Klingvall Brain Defiance
Catherine Mohr Science and Technology The science of the future
Opera Gala INBA:
Encarnación Vázquez
José Luis Ordoñez
José Luis González
Artistic Intervention
Carlos Prieto Economy and Politics Freedom and culture
Eduard Punset Brain Memory
Clotaire Rapaille Ethics and Philosophy Culture Codes: UP
Ranulfo Romo Brain The brain vs the mind
Joseph Barry Schwartz Psychology and Sociology The paradox of choice
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Art The black swan
Tambuco Artistic Intervention
Carol Tavris Ethics and Philosophy Guilt
Jakob Trollback Art The art of video art
Natasha Tsakos Art Contemporary Performance
Marije Vogelzang Brain Gluttony
Frank Warren Ethics and Philosophy PostSecret our secrets
Jamie Whyte Brain Crime against logic
Robert Wright Brain The logic of man’s destiny
Philip Zimbardo Brain Evil

The origins of the future 2010[edit]

Speakers CDI areas Topic
Amir Aczel Science and Technology Physics for everyone
Chris Anderson Science and Technology The world of the future
Sir Tim Berners-Lee Science and Technology The creation of the www
David Buss Psychology and Sociology Why do women have sex?
Richard Dawkins Debate Does the universe have a purpose?
Jared Diamond Brain The benefits of being multilingual
Ze Frank Psychology and Sociology The power of a smile
Jerome Isaac Friedman Economy and Politics The everyday economy
Malcolm Gladwell Psychology and Sociology Dangerous optimism
Terry Grossman Science and Technology Eternal youth
Carl Honoré Education Under pressure (the current state of education)
Sheena Iyengar Psychology and Sociology Choice under a different perspective
Emmanuel Jal Art Music with meaning
Daniel Kahneman Economy and Politics Economy and human conduct
Michio Kaku Science and Technology The present future
John Kasaona Economy and Politics Alternatives that change lives
David Kirkpatrick Science and Technology The Facebook effect
David Konzevik Economy and Politics
Nancy Lee Etcoff
Jonah Lehrer Psychology and Sociology How do you we choose?
Henry Markram Brain “The Blue Brain” project
Mario J. Molina Environment Climatic imperative
Paté de Fuá Artistic Intervention
Steven Pinker Brain More future and less crime
Elizabeth Pisani Health Pandemics
Matt Ridley Psychology and Sociology Realistic optimism
Sir Ken Robinson Brain The element
Hans Rosling Brain Statistics with meaning
Daniel Schacter Psychology and Sociology The seven sins of memory
Nancy Segal Psychology and Sociology Identical at birth
Michael Shermer Psychology and Sociology For skeptics
Rodolfo Stavenhagen Psychology and Sociology Justice
Sean Stephenson Inspirational Impossible doesn’t exist
Adora Svitak Inspirational Child prodigy: a message
Adrianna Svitak Artistic Intervention
Natasha Tsakos Artistic Intervention
Frank Warren Psychology and Sociology PostSecret

Reset 2011[edit]

Speakers CDI areas Topic
Amir Aczel Psychology and Sociology Luck and possibilities
Vicente Amigo Artistic Intervention
Óscar Bacallado de la Cruz I’ll tell you a tale
Isabel Behncke Psychology and Sociology Bonobos and sex
Eythor Bender
Tamara Mena
Science and Technology The technology of the human body
Arthur T. Benjamin Science and Technology The magic of numbers
David Buss Psychology and Sociology Why women have sex
Dinesh D'Souza Debate Does life have a purpose?
Craig Dykers Architecture and Design The architect behind the museum at Ground Zero
David Eagleman
Juan Enríquez Cabot Science and Technology Living in the future
Joseph Epstein
Joshua Foer Brain Memory for everyone!
Dan Gilbert Brain Stumbling upon happiness
Dennis Hong Science and Technology Life for robots
Jack Horner Science and Technology The dinosaurs
Maz Jobrani Entertainment Comedy
Salman Khan Education Online universal education
David Konzevik Economy and Politics
Nicholas D. Kristof The message
Paul Krugman Psychology and Sociology The liberal world
Robert Kurzban Brain Hypocrisy
La Fábrica de Tangos Artistic Intervention
Nancy Lee Etcoff
Steven Levitt Psychology and Sociology Why society acts the way it acts
David Livingstone Smith Brain Evil
Gary Marcus Brain The origins of the human mind
Geoffrey Miller Psychology and Sociology Why do we shop?
Dambisa Moyo Economy and Politics The paradox of subsidizing the poor
PES Art The art of animation
Mario Alonso Puig Brain Telling a story
Eduard Punset Brain Falling out of love
Radaid Artistic Intervention
Deb Roy Brain The origin of language
Robert Sapolsky
Michael Shermer Brain Why we believe what we believe
Mark Spitz Inspirational Breaking records
Morgan Spurlock Art Creativity in the cinema
Oliver Stone Art Film as a thought catalyzer
Daniel Tammet Brain Beyond autism
Jennifer Thompson[disambiguation needed]
Ronald Cotton
Ethics and Philosophy Against the death penalty:
The real case of an innocent man sentenced to death
Kjetil Trædal Thorsen Architecture and Design
Karla Wheelock Inspirational How to reach the peak of success?
Esther Wojcicki Education Education revolution
Rabbi David Wolpe Debate Does life have a purpose?

Magic of if 2012[edit]

Speakers CDI areas Topic
Nadia Al-Sakkaf Psychology and Sociology The battle for women and children’s rights
Anderson and Roe:
Greg Anderson
Elizabeth Joy Roe
Artistic Intervention A piano with two souls
Alfonso Arau Art Film
Anthony Atala Science and Technology Organ regeneration
Paul Bloom Psychology and Sociology The science of knowledge
Kate Bolick Psychology and Sociology Single women
Susan Cain Psychology and Sociology The power of introverts
Simonetta Carbonaro Psychology and Sociology Consumerism
Joe Castillo Art Making castles in the sky
Salomón Chertorivski Woldenberg Economy and Politics Is childhood destiny?
Dalton Conley Economy and Politics Judge: what defines us
Aubrey de Grey Science and Technology Live forever
François Delarozière Art A symphony of creativity
Peter Diamandis Science and Technology The myth of scarcity
Shirin Ebadi Ethics and Philosophy NO to the fear of failing
Horacio Franco Artistic Intervention Poetry of the wind
David Gallo Science and Technology Oceanic depths
Robert Lane Greene Psychology and Sociology You are what you say
Joseph T. Hallinan Psychology and Sociology Why do we make mistakes?
Neil Harbisson Science and Technology A symphony of colors
Rahaf Harfoush Debate Do social media push or pull society together?
Martie Haselton Psychology and Sociology Women’s secret
Isaac Hernández Artistic Intervention Perfection in motion
José Hernández Inspirational Reaching the stars
Jack Hitt Psychology and Sociology The American life
Salim Ismail Debate Do social media push or pull society together?
Mimi Ito Debate Do social media push or pull society together?
Alberto Kalach Architecture and Design Green architecture
Sheril Kirshenbaum Psychology and Sociology The science of kissing
Ottmar Liebert Artistic Intervention Sound and art
John T. Manning Science and Technology Judge: what defines us?
Stephen Marche Debate Do social media push or pull society together?
Jim Marggraff Science and Technology How to write the future of today
Rosario Marín Inspirational Nothing is impossible
Eduardo Matos Moctezuma Economy and Politics Archeology
Jane Mendle Psychology and Sociology Judge: what defines us?
Jim Meskimen Entertainment The great imitator
Pamela Meyer Psychology and Sociology Lie detector
Geoffrey Miller Sexuality Judge: what defines us?
Enrique Norten Architecture and Design Architectural tendencies
Laura Packer Psychology and Sociology The story teller
Raghu Dixit Artistic Intervention From India to Mexico
Lisa Randall Science and Technology A dimension without limits
Catherine Salmon Psychology and Sociology Judge: what defines us?
Dimitar Sasselov Science and Technology Searching in space
Tali Sharot Psychology and Sociology Optimism
Philip Sheppard Art Notes that inspire
Jason Silva Science and Technology Stories that change lives
Kevin Slavin Science and Technology Technology that inspires
Laurence Steinberg Psychology and Sociology Judge: what defines us?
Bryan Stevenson Ethics and Philosophy Equality and justice
Luis Fernando Tena Inspirational
Patrick Tresset Science and Technology Clumsy robots
Robert Trivers Psychology and Sociology The meaning of life and deception
Zeynep Tufekcioglu Debate Do social media push or pull society together?
John Underkoffler Science and Technology The future in your hands
Craig Venter Science and Technology The future of the human genome
Ellsworth Wareham Science and Technology Longevity
Paul J. Zak Science and Technology Confidence
Randi Zuckerberg Debate Do social media push or pull society together?


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