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The California Institute of Technology has had numerous notable alumni and faculty.

Notable alumni[edit]

Physics and Astronomy[edit]

Chemistry and chemical engineering[edit]

Biology and Medicine[edit]

Mathematics and Computer Science[edit]


Geology and Planetary Science[edit]


Economics, Finance, and Social Science[edit]


Other fields[edit]

Notable faculty (current and former)[edit]

Members of the faculty are listed under the name of the academic division to which they belong.

Physics, Mathematics, and Astronomy[edit]

The Feynman section at the Caltech bookstore, a tribute to his enduring impact.

Chemistry and Chemical Engineering[edit]

Biology and Biological Engineering[edit]

  • John Abelson
  • Richard A. Andersen - Neuroscientist who has done major research on visual physiology with an emphasis on translational research to humans in the field of neuroprosthetics, brain-machine interfaces, and cortical repair.
  • David J. Anderson – Neurobiologist who did major work in neural stem cells; current research focuses on genetic and neural circuits of innate behavior
  • Giuseppe Attardi - (former faculty) Molecular biologist who made fundamental contributions to the study of human mitochondrial structure, function, and role in disease
  • David Baltimore – Virologist who is one of the foremost living molecular biologists in the world; Nobel laureate in physiology or medicine (1975) for discovery of reverse transcriptase, President of Caltech (1997–2006)
  • George Wells Beadle – (former faculty) Geneticist who did fundamental work in gene mutations and role of genes in metabolic pathways, Nobel laureate in physiology or medicine (1958), President of the University of Chicago (1961–1968)
  • Seymour Benzer – (former faculty) World-leading molecular geneticist and one of the fathers of modern behavioral genetics, Crafoord laureate in biosciences (1993), National Medal of Science and Wolf Prize recipient
  • Pamela J. Bjorkman – Structural and cell biologist and expert in X-ray crystallography; pioneering structural studies of MHC molecules and other immune proteins, with applications to HIV
  • Eric H. Davidson - pioneering developmental biologist in fields of gene regulation (and regulatory networks) in evolution and embryonic development; led efforts to sequence whole genome of purple sea urchin as a model organism
  • Norman Davidson (biologist) - (former faculty) pioneering molecular biologist who used physical tools to probe the chemical and structural properties of nucleic acids; also made many fundamental contributions to molecular genetics and molecular neuroscience; National Medal of Science recipient
  • Max Delbrück – (former faculty) Biophysicist and pioneering molecular biologist who led studies of phage viruses and molecular genetics, Nobel laureate in physiology or medicine (1969)
  • Michael Dickinson (biologist)
  • Theodosius Dobzhansky - (former faculty) Pioneering evolutionary geneticist; National Medal of Science recipient
  • William J. Dreyer - (former faculty)
  • Renato Dulbecco – (former faculty) Virologist, Nobel laureate in physiology or medicine (1975)
  • Michael Elowitz - Pioneer in fields of synthetic and systems biology; MacArthur Fellow
  • Sterling H. Emerson (former faculty) - Member of National Academy of Sciences
  • Scott D. Emr (former faculty)
  • Scott E. Fraser (former faculty)
  • Arthur Galston (former faculty)
  • Arie Jan Haagen-Smit (former faculty)
  • John Hopfield (former faculty)
  • Christof Koch – (former faculty) Neuroscientist and pioneer in study of consciousness
  • Masakazu Konishi
  • Tom Maniatis - (former faculty)
  • Elliot Meyerowitz - World-renowned plant developmental geneticist
  • Thomas Hunt Morgan – (former faculty) Pioneering geneticist considered one of the fathers of modern experimental genetics, particularly Drosophila (fruit fly) research; Nobel laureate in physiology or medicine (1933); established Division of Biology at Caltech
  • Wheeler J. North – (former faculty) Marine scientist
  • James Olds – (former faculty) Neuroscientist
  • Ray D. Owen - (former faculty) pioneering immunogeneticist, particularly in immunological tolerance; Member of National Academy of Sciences and American Philosophical Society
  • Mel I. Simon - (former faculty) Anne P. and Benjamin F. Biaggini Professor of Biological Sciences; pioneering geneticist; Member of National Academy of Sciences
  • Robert L. Sinsheimer (former faculty); distinguished biophysicist and genetic researcher involved in human genome sequencing effort, phage virus genetics, etc.; Member of National Academy of Sciences, NAS Institute of Medicine, and American Academy of Arts and Sciences; recipient of California Scientist of the Year Award
  • Roger W. Sperry – (former faculty) Neuroscientist, Nobel laureate in physiology or medicine (1981)
  • Paul Sternberg - Leading C. elegans geneticist; HHMI Investigator; Member of National Academy of Sciences and fellow of American Academy of Arts and Sciences
  • Alfred Sturtevant - (former faculty) Pioneer in genetic mapping on chromosomes and influential in early Drosophila research; National Medal of Science recipient
  • Kenneth V. Thimann (former faculty)
  • Albert Tyler (biologist) (former faculty)
  • Jerome Vinograd - (former faculty)
  • Alexander Varshavsky - Leading cell biologist who discovered N-end rule of ubiquitination and has proposed many promising routes to targeted killing of cancer cells; Wolf Prize recipient
  • Frits Warmolt Went (former faculty)
  • Erik Winfree - leader in field of DNA computing and DNA nanotechnology; MacArthur Fellow
  • William Barry Wood - (former faculty) Distinguished Professor of Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology, Emeritus, at University of Colorado, Boulder; member of National Academy of Sciences

Engineering and Applied Science[edit]

Geological and Planetary Sciences[edit]

Humanities and Social Sciences[edit]