List of Canadian airports by location indicator: CL

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Format of entries is:

  • Location indicator – IATA – Airport Name (alternate name) – Airport Location

Airports that are part of the National Airports System are emphasised.

CL – Canada - CAN[edit]

Also see airport category and list.

TC LID   IATA   Airport name   Community and province  
CLA4 Holland Landing Airpark Holland Landing, Ontario
CLA5 Lethbridge/Anderson Aerodrome Lethbridge, Alberta
CLA6 Lancaster Airpark Lancaster, Ontario
CLB2 Plattsville (Lubitz Flying Field) Aerodrome Plattsville, Ontario
CLB6 La Grande-4/Lac de la Falaise Water Aerodrome Lac Berthelot, Quebec
CLC2 London/Chapeskie Field Airport London, Ontario
CLC3 Calgary Peter Lougheed Centre Heliport Calgary, Alberta
CLC4 Loon Creek Airfield Cupar, Saskatchewan
CLD2 Edmonton/Leduc Heliport Leduc, Alberta
CLD3 Burns Lake (LD Air) Water Aerodrome Burns Lake, British Columbia
CLE4 Lower East Pubnico (La Field) Airport Lower East Pubnico, Nova Scotia
CLG3 Liege/CNRL Aerodrome Liege, Alberta
CLG7 Fort McMurray (Legend) Aerodrome Fort McMurray, Alberta
CLH2 Stettler (Health Centre) Heliport Stettler, Alberta
CLH4 Lethbridge (Regional Hospital) Heliport Lethbridge, Alberta
CLJ2 Port Carling/Lake Joseph Water Aerodrome Lake Joseph, Ontario
CLJ3 Lethbridge (J3 Airfield) Aerodrome Lethbridge, Alberta
CLJ6 Altona Municipal Airport Altona, Manitoba
CLK3 Lucknow Airpark Lucknow, Ontario
CLL2 Langille Lake Water Aerodrome Langille Lake, Nova Scotia
CLM2 Leamington Airport Leamington, Ontario
CLM3 Lake Muskoka/Alport Bay Water Aerodrome Bracebridge, Ontario
CLM4 Lamont (Health Care Centre) Heliport Lamont, Alberta
CLN4 Beaverlodge/Clanachan Aerodrome Beaverlodge, Alberta
CLP2 Montréal/Laval (Artopex Plus) Heliport Montreal, Quebec
CLP3 Lac Polaris (Pourvoirie Mirage Inc) Water Aerodrome Trans-Taiga Road (Mirage Lodge, Polaris Lake), Quebec
CLQ2 Liverpool (Queens General Hospital) Heliport Liverpool, Nova Scotia
CLS3 Fort McMurray (South Liege) Aerodrome Fort McMurray, Alberta
CLV2 Stayner (Clearview Field) Aerodrome Stayner, Ontario
CLW3 Laurel/Whittington Aerodrome Laurel/Whittington, Ontario