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This is a list of all episodes of the television series Chicago Hope.

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Season 1 (1994–1995)[edit]

Episode # Original Airdate Title Episode Summary
1–1 September 18, 1994 Pilot Dr. Shutt has some difficulty concentrating on his patients after his wife files for divorce. Dr. Geiger agrees to separate conjoined twins, and Dr. Watters ponders suspending the eminent Dr. Thurmond's surgical privileges.
1–2 September 22, 1994 Over the Rainbow Dr. Geiger clashes with the hospital's executive committee after he performs an experimental procedure on a deceased patient. Dr. Shutt takes on a hapless HMO representative who insists that a less experienced, (and less expensive) surgeon perform a complex operation.
1–3 September 29, 1994 Food Chains Dr. Geiger prepares to transplant a baboon heart into a dying patient, but runs into opposition from the executive committee again, and Dr. Thurmond, who wants the baboon's bone marrow for an AIDS patient. Angela finds herself in a compromising position with the hospital's chief of staff.
1–4 October 6, 1994 With the Greatest of Ease An accident brings tragedy to a family trapeze act. Dr. Geiger walks the fine edge of sanity. Dr. Shutt has a nasty run-in with a bigoted patient. Camille returns to a scary, independent life without Aaron.
1–5 October 13, 1994 You Gotta Have Heart Dr. Watters supports a woman who refuses to give up on her legally dead infant. A baby boy needs a heart transplant. Dr. Shutt and Dr. Antonovich grow closer.
1–6 October 20, 1994 Shutt Down Dr. Shutt struggles with his ambivalence over the death of a gang member who shot up the ER. A boy is mysteriously paralyzed after a successful operation to correct a circulatory defect.
1–7 November 3, 1994 Genevieve and Fat Boy Dr. Geiger performs a risky heart operation on an overweight mob killer who's a key witness for the FBI. Two weary residents plot a practical joke to get even with the dour Dr. Geiger. The budding relationship between Dr. Shutt and Dr. Antonovich takes an unexpected turn.
1–8 November 10, 1994 Death Be Proud A 12-year-old girl arrives for surgery to correct a severely cleft palate and suffers serious complications from another birth defect. A young nurse interferes in Dr. Shutt's care for the comatose Dr. Antonovich.
1–9 January 1, 1995 Heartbreak Camille feels more pressure over her decision to divorce Aaron when the rabbi who married them is admitted for a heart transplant, and it drives her into some uncharacteristic outbursts. Dr. Thurmond's behavior towards a new or nurse comes under close scrutiny.
1–10 January 2, 1995 The Quarantine Dr. Geiger and Dr. Nyland learn that they've been exposed to the very contagious and deadly Ebola virus, and the resulting quarantine of those they've been in close contact with brings some emotional outbursts and revelations that change things forever.
1–11 January 9, 1995 Love and Hope Dr. Geiger takes part in a concert with his wife and her fellow patients. Aaron and Camille face new anxieties, and a patient admitted for one small problem ends up facing numerous ailments he never had before.
1–12 January 16, 1995 Great White Hope A teenage boxer whom Dr. Watters helped train suffers a seizure. Birch lends support to a pregnant girl. Dr. Shutt is audited by the IRS and gets an unpleasant surprise.
1–13 January 23, 1995 Small Sacrifices Dr. Infante reattaches a digit severed from the hand of a flutist. A former patient brings suit against the hospital and its doctors, and recruits some out of town help. A mysterious young man helps out in the ER.
1–14 February 6, 1995 Cutting Edges Laurie has a big surprise for Jeffrey. An inner-city doctor suspects his teenage patient (Elise Neal) may have breast cancer.
1–15 February 13, 1995 Life Support Dr. Geiger faces a volatile situation when a donor heart he tabbed for one of his patients is redirected to one of Hancock's. Dr. Shutt and Camille work to remove high-tech bullets from a cop that might explode at any minute.
1–16 February 20, 1995 Freeze Outs The doctors race to save a boy who was submerged in icy waters for over three hours. An AIDS patient fights for his life and Dr. Infante has a startling request for Dr. Geiger.
1–17 February 27, 1995 Growth Pains An explosion sends a dry cleaner to the ER. Dr. Kadalski is pressured to change his unorthodox methods when he treats a man who compulsively pulls out his hair. A fearful Birch lets off steam at Jeffrey as baby Alicia's condition worsens.
1–18 March 13, 1995 Informed Consent Birch goes to court when Dr. Hancock is dropped from an HMO's list of providers. Shutt and Geiger offer to perform two experimental procedures simultaneously to save an elderly patient. Dr. Kronk finds out that his new girlfriend has been keeping an important fact about herself a secret.
1–19 March 20, 1995 Internal Affairs Dr. Kronk uses extreme measures to save a life at an auto accident. Dr. Shutt finds himself on a collision course with Watters when the chief of staff learns of Shutt's plans for treating a man with Parkinson's disease. Dr. Nyland's a mess after presiding over an operation on an old flame that results in the removal of a healthy adrenal gland.
1–20 May 8, 1995 The Virus A public-health official threatens to close the hospital as staff members race to isolate the source of a deadly bacteria that's invaded the OR. A distraught Dr. Infante turns to Dr. Geiger for support.
1–21 May 15, 1995 Full Moon A troubled Dr. Geiger seeks a blessing from his institutionalized ex-wife so he can continue his relationship with Dr. Infante. A dying AIDS patient hopes Hancock can arrange a surgical procedure that would allow him to see one more sunrise.
1–22 May 22, 1995 Songs from the Cuckoo Birds After the state suspends his license to practice medicine, Dr. Geiger faces an administrative hearing in which his personal life is scrutinized as never before. And Alan feels slighted when Jeffrey chooses another lawyer to lead his defense.

Season 2 (1995–1996)[edit]

Episode # Original Airdate Title Episode Summary
2–1 September 18, 1995 Hello Goodbye Jeffrey is distinctly unpopular with his fellow surgeons in the wake of his psychological problems. Jeffrey operates on one of Hancock's patients. Nyland performs the wrong operation on a patient. Birch offends everyone in his parenting class by offering unsolicited advice. Shutt's father brings a patient to Chicago Hope in the hopes Aaron will operate on her. Dr. Kronk participates in a charity bachelor auction, where he's 'purchased' by Dr. Kate Austin, new CT surgeon at the hospital.
2–2 September 25, 1995 Rise from the Dead The wife of a comatose patient seeks to impregnate herself to preserve her husband's legacy. Nyland squares off against a patient when he refuses to fill her Demerol prescription. An inquisitive Kronk discovers that Nyland is the one who got the patient hooked on the drug in the first place. It's a battle of egos when Geiger meets with Austin. Aaron and Camille mutually agree on divorce. Alicia, Alan's child, has her baptism.
2–3 October 2, 1995 A Coupla Stiffs Watters causes permanent damage when he participates in a charity boxing match. Diane intervenes when Billy wants to amputate a patient's leg. Dr. Grad suggests sewing maggots into the leg. Aaron and Camille make their divorce final.
2–4 October 9, 1995 Every Day a Little Death Kronk and his dog move into Nyland's posh apartment after Billy's place burns down. Yvette White (ep. #2) initially agrees to donate her late son's organs to others, but withdraws her consent when she discovers his heart will go to a Nazi-in-training. Birch finally gets up the nerve to invite Diane to lunch.
2–5 October 16, 1995 Wild Cards Jeffrey becomes even more antagonistic towards Austin, believing she's out to get him. Camille considers heading up a new outpatient program. Birch gets up the nerve to express his feelings to Diane when her old boyfriend shows up. Aaron grapples with his feelings for both Camille and Kate.
2–6 October 30, 1995 Who Turned Out the Lights? The staff is forced to operate under duress when the lights go out and the building begins leaking. Billy and Maggie team up against Nyland after Danny throws Billy out of his house. New obstetrician John Sutton joins the staff.
2–7 November 6, 1995 From Soup to Nuts Laurie invites Jeffrey, Aaron, and Camille to her wedding, which needs to be held soon due to the minister's impending transfer out of the asylum. Dr. Sutton operates on a fetus. Birch and Watters testify at a hearing on medicare, but are surprised when they're ambushed by a politically minded senator. Camille displays signs of depression.
2–8 November 13, 1995 Leave of Absence Alan Birch is shot during a mugging while Diane watches. Diane can't control her rage toward the shooter. Camille cares for Alicia while Alan recuperates. Jeffrey begins to reconsider his priorities. Camille asks Hancock for sleeping pills.

Note- In 1996 this episode won the Emmy for Outstanding Directing in a Drama Series.[1]

2–9 November 20, 1995 Stand Dr. Watters remains 'sick' three days after Birch's death. Alan's sister Marguerite surprises Phillip, striking up an immediate friendship with him. Dr. Austin, the interim 'interim chief of staff', abuses her power to first stop a procedure, then give it the go-ahead. The unconventional procedure, performed on Multiple Sclerosis patient Joe Springer, goes forward. Diane, still suffering from the effects of the shooting, is sent home by Kate. Austin later reveals that she was raped many years ago, trying to let Diane know that she knows what it feels like to be powerless. The new obstetrician throws a 'healing' party to try to help the staff attain closure with Jeffrey.
2–10 November 27, 1995 The Ethics of Hope Dr. Austin is to blame when she inadvertently leaves a clamp inside a patient that later dies. Kate struggles over the dilemma of whether to stay silent and protect both herself and the hospital, or tell the patient's parents. Billy and Danny search for a street 'doctor', after one of his patients is brought in with severe internal damage. Dr. Grad successfully inoculates an ape with the AIDS virus using a vaccine she created. Harold Aldrich is temporarily hired as Birch's replacement. Camille asks Nyland to write her a prescription for sleeping pills.
2–11 December 11, 1995 Christmas Truce Nyland and Hancock deliver a Christmas present to Ricky Jackson for Kronk. Gunfire erupts while they're in the apartment, forcing the doctors to stay until the gunfire abates. While there, Nyland does his best to save a man impaled on a pipe, while Dennis braves bullets to bring in medical assistance. Diane worries that she might have contracted HIV from Bam-Bam, a laboratory animal. Camille is brought in after suffering a seizure while dancing. Billy treats a high-school baseball phenom with possible colon cancer.
2–12 January 8, 1996 Transplanted Affection Kate's ex-husband, Tommy Wilmette, sues for custody of Sara. A possible heart transplant comes to the hospital. With Austin tied up in court, Nyland 0–1 in transplants (ep #9), and Kronk inexperienced, Phillip calls Jeffrey in to perform the transplant. Jeffrey's titanic ego meets its match in Wilmette's. The new OB brings in a 'hidden patient', a woman six months brain dead, kept alive to deliver her unborn child.
2–13 January 15, 1996 Three Men and a Lady Aldrich begins acting bizarrely, leading the staff to conduct a series of tests to figure out what's wrong. Nyland's 'love of his life', Nurse Amy Peletier, comes back into his life and disrupts Camille with her radically different ideas.
2–14 January 22, 1996 Right to Life Dennis is vilified by the media when he performs an abortion to save a mother's life. The mother sues, despite the fact that she gave consent, plus the fact that the child was already dead. Dr. Kronk treats a female impersonator suffering from AIDS. Nyland has his hands full with an abandoned six-year-old.
2–15 February 5, 1996 Hearts and Minds Aaron and psychiatrist Bix Konstadt plan to operate on a young boy with obsessive compulsive disorder in an attempt to cure him. Aaron worries when Bix admits she's a manic depressive off her medication. Watters, Nyland and Kronk have their hands full with a woman who may have been abducted by aliens. Heart transplant recipient Henry Alden (#34) is brought in complaining of pain. Alden insists on speaking to Robert Malzone, the husband of the woman who donated the heart.
2–16 February 12, 1996 Women on the Verge Annie Rueman (#18) comes back into Billy's life. Annie is worried that her estrogen pills aren't working. Kate treats a young man with a crush on her. Aaron and Bix present their proposed operation for Eric to the board, sending a very agitated Bix into a depressed state.
2–17 February 26, 1996 Life Lines Bix is reduced to a mere shell of herself without her lithium. Aaron goes ahead with the procedure on Eric Dipretto. Kronk files a sexual harassment suit against Austin after she bullies him yet again. Nyland and Billy try to perform an intestinal transplant against Austin's and Watter's wishes. Dr. Austin campaigns for head of surgery.
2–18 March 11, 1996 Sexual Perversity Four stories of sexuality make up the plot of this episode. Camille comforts a rape victim while Austin, who is a colleague of the accused rapist, refuses to believe the alleged victim. Billy and Diane counsel a newlywed couple on the best ways to engage themselves in bed. Sutton is in disbelief when he discovers Dennis has been tolerating a 30-year-old dating and living with a 14-year-old. Finally, Shutt is the victim of mistaken identity when a 3rd year resident mistakenly assumes Shutt is gay.
2–19 March 18, 1996 Sweet Surrender Kronk and Grad wake up in bed together. Diane finds out about Kronk's night with Kate. Dr. Watters treats a young girl suffering from kidney damage. Watters tries to bring her feuding parents together to help her psyche. Kate discovers her ex-husband plans to move to Boston with Sara. Camille invites Dennis on a date.
2–20 April 29, 1996 The Parent Rap Dr. Austin struggles to make her father, a Christian Scientist, listen to reason when he refuses to let her operate on his heart. Aaron grapples with his feelings toward his father in the wake of his death. Meanwhile, Dr. Sutton delivers a child of indeterminate gender, forcing the infant's parents to make a difficult decision. Jeffrey Geiger provides comic relief, returning as a member of a performing clown troupe.
2–21 May 6, 1996 Quiet Riot Dr. Geiger and his clown troupe entertain injured children. Ricky Jackson, Billy's ghetto protege, visits the ER for a look at real medicine. A psychotic, abusive, insane family of four pays a visit to the ER when a session with their therapist really goes bad.
2–22 May 13, 1996 Ex Marks the Spot Dr. Sutton is shocked when his three ex-wives arrive at the same time, two of him tell him they're lovers, the other is admitted to the ER. Austin pursues the chief of surgery office with zeal. Hancock's sister comes in after being beaten by her husband. Danny Nyland hits on the fiancée of a wealthy patient.
2–23 May 20, 1996 Last One Out, Get the Lights Kate is incensed when her ex-husband, Tommy Wilmette, announces plans to buy the hospital. Danny treads thin ice when he continues his relationship with Valerie. Kate tries to convince wealthy patient Jack Calverton to buy Chicago Hope before Wilmette does. Hancock's brother-in-law visits his battered wife, taunting Dennis.

Season 3 (1996–1997)[edit]

Episode # Original airdate Title Episode Summary
3-1 September 16, 1996 Out of Africa (1) Nyland returns from his vacation with Valerie to find he's been suspended and replaced as chief of trauma by Dr. Keith Wilkes. Kate comes back from New Zealand facing both kidnapping charges and a suspension. A new group of interns comes into the hospital, eager to change things. Uncertainty hangs in the air over the future of the hospital when Tommy Wilmette considers drastic cuts. Billy and Diane work in a Maasai village in Africa. Aaron and Phillip clash when Aaron becomes 'buddy buddy' with Wilmette.
3-2 September 23, 1996 Back to the Future (2) Phillip travels to Wyoming to recruit Jack McNeil, an orthopedic surgeon. McNeil refuses, for reasons unknown. McNeil is haunted from memories of the Oklahoma City bombing. New Trauma chief Keith Wilkes is in hot water after he removes narcotics from a patient's intestine and flushes them. Grad returns from Africa and is offered a general practitioner position. Dr. Austin cares for her dying father. Ron Silver continues to appear.
3-3 September 30, 1996 Papa's Got a Brand New Bag Aaron and Dr. McNeil clash when the two have conflicting ideas for a patient's treatment. Diane struggles with the transition from animal research to treating patients when she has a needy patient. Kate is car-jacked, loses her father's ashes, and gets on Tommy's bad side again.
3–4 October 7, 1996 Liver Let Die Dr. Watters treats a mother with a mystifying liver ailment. Nyland and Austin return to the hospital for suspension hearings. Dr. Shutt begins to fear he's attracted to his male research assistant (ep. #40). Dennis and McNeil treat an aspiring Olympic cyclist with pain in her knees.
3–5 October 14, 1996 Liar, Liar Life is tough for the senior doctors, with Shutt being treated like a second class citizen in the hospital and Austin learning she's been reinstated but with a substantial pay cut, a different title, and a much smaller office. Aaron tries to develop his shunt, with input from new resident Dr. Carr. Jack treats an elderly man who tries to set McNeil's priorities straight. The hospital hires a publicist to create a promotional video, which in the end, seems vaguely familiar.
3–6 October 21, 1996 Higher Powers Billy returns from Africa, leaving the peaceful Maasai for America's turbulence. Billy is threatened by a 12-year-old after his drug-dealing brother, under Billy's care, dies. Austin faces the impact of her actions when she and her co-workers are sued in the Harrod death (ep #32). Aaron finds himself ill at ease about an upcoming date with physical therapist Karen Wilder.
3–7 November 4, 1996 A Time to Kill Nyland treats an amnesiac who wanders away and is mistaken by Phillip for an old medical student. Aaron operates on a death row inmate who begs Aaron to kill him on the table, dying before the state has a chance to execute him. McNeil suspects an old girlfriend of abusing her mother.
3–8 November 11, 1996 A Day in the Life Yet another Chicago Hope that might as well been a 'Movie of the Week'. A potentially brain-dead donor comes into the ER. With doctors from all over Chicago waiting, the body is first declared brain-dead, then after a re-examination they find he's only in a coma. The doctors bicker over what to do.
3–9 November 18, 1996 Divided Loyalty Dr. Wilkes takes flak from Dennis for not giving back to his community. Billy has a tough decision to make when a childhood friend show up at his apartment in the early morning hours with a bullet in him. Diane believes Billy's friend may have been involved in a savage beating.
3–10 November 25, 1996 V-Fibbing Kate is faced with a dilemma when an Asian patient is diagnosed with cancer, yet her family requests the patient not be informed to save face. First year resident Underhill has his own decision when he discovers distressing news about a patient's husband. Dr. McNeil treats a jockey suffering from back pain, which leads to a personal crisis when he's tempted to re-enter the world of gambling.
3–11 December 9, 1996 Mummy Dearest Jack, re-energized by his descent into gambling, performs a daring procedure, attaching a man's left hand onto his right arm. Aaron treats a man who, after surgery, completely forgets the last ten years of his life and speaks in loving terms about his now ex-wife. Aaron loses his cool when his car is stalked by an irate man who feels Aaron personally wronged him by inadvertently parking too close to his van. Diane examines a mummy.
3–12 January 6, 1997 Split Decisions Dr. Wilkes copes with personal and professional problems as he tries to reach a compromise with his wife regarding an unexpected pregnancy while trying to convince a suicidal patient he pulled out of the river that a crippling operation is his only chance for life. Aaron takes revenge against a deadbeat debtor by taking his money's worth from the patient's clothing store. Dr. Austin falls for a visiting dignitary.
3–13 January 13, 1997 Verdicts The trial of Hancock's brother-in-law gets underway, with Dennis still unsure of how his sister will testify. Rumors about Phillip's personal life fly through the hospital after Maggie overhears an intimate conversation. Dr. Austin tries to save one of two children, both victims of a hit and run. Dr. McNeil decides to quit gambling. Aaron screws up his courage and decides to ask Maricela on a date.
3-14 January 20, 1997 The Day of the Rope Billy and Diane are caught in the middle of a hostage situation after two revolutionaries shoot up a political convention. Dr. Kronk risks his life to treat a wounded rebel, while the other criminals grow increasingly tense.
3–15 February 3, 1997 Take My Wife, Please Aaron reunites with an old friend, David, who has only a few months left to live. His friend suggests Aaron marry his wife, who married David over Aaron, after David dies. Aaron gets drunk and runs into (imagines?) Jeffrey. Wilkes doubts his wife when she claims to have had a miscarriage. Wilkes and Nyland's feud escalates after a patient dies. Jack refuses to listen to Phillip when he offers to help Jack overcome his gambling problem, but later asks Karen Wilder to help him. Aaron tries to figure out what to do about Maricela.
3–16 February 10, 1997 Missed Conception (1) Kate's friend, feminist professor Marina, tries desperately to 'get pregnant' but has to work against, rather than with, her husband. Aaron works against Tommy Wilmette in an attempt to get his friend, David, approved for a controversial gene therapy treatment. Diane tries to get marijuana for an ill patient.
3–17 February 17, 1997 Mother, May I? (2) Kate and Tommy travel to Washington D.C. to speak out on Health Care Reform. Marina arranges to adopt the child of a pregnant teenager. Jack treats the incredibly annoying woman from ep #52.
3–18 March 10, 1997 Growing Pains Phillip and Aaron present their plan to buy Chicago Hope to the staff, where it's met with resounding complaints. Aaron tries to define his relationship with Maricela. The ER treats a patient with numerous psychosomatic ailments. Kronk gets in trouble when he performs a lung reduction operation, a procedure vetoed by the patient's HMO. Billy visits the patient's HMO representative, the 'freaky' Jonathan Saunders, to straighten things out.
3–19 March 17, 1997 The Son Also Rises Aaron receives a shock when a renowned Hungarian sculptor claims to be his father. Phillip, spurred by Aaron's reunion with his father, visits his son Michael only to be rebuffed. Watters is later carjacked. Phillip and Michael work together to save an injured gang member. Dr. Austin treats an 11-year-old genius.
3–20 April 7, 1997 Second Chances The whole staff comes together when Danny Nyland is horribly injured in a car accident. Austin tries to get a heart transplant for a Pulitzer Prize winning author who's already received, and abused, a heart transplant. Jack falls deeper into gambling.
3–21 April 13, 1997 Positive I.D.'s Nyland, fresh off his injury leave, puts all his energy into identifying an assault victim. Billy has qualms when a patient who tested positive for the breast cancer gene asks him to perform a preventive double mastectomy. Kate tries to get Sara into an exclusive school. Diane proposes to Billy.
3–22 April 21, 1997 Leggo My Ego The hospital endures Kate's massive ego when she's followed by a newspaper reporter. Jack tries to save a dying child against the parent's explicit wishes and later falls deeply into debt. Both Billy and Diane have second thoughts about their engagement.
3–23 April 28, 1997 Colonel of Truth Watters is reunited with his Vietnam C.O. when the colonel is admitted suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. Phillip is baffled by the colonel's refusal to accept treatment. Kate has her hands full when Sara is traumatized by the accidental death of a Little League teammate. Wilkes and Nyland have a role reversal, with Danny staying calm and serene and Wilkes acting the hothead, over Ricky Jackson's use of ER supplies.
3–24 May 5, 1997 Lamb to the Slaughter Assistant State's Attorney Charles Lamb interviews Chicago Hope staffers Wilkes, Nyland, McNeil, and Watters to determine responsibility in the death of a patient.
3–25 May 12, 1997 Love on the Rocks Jack has his hands full with two of Karen's patients, Harriet Owens, who hasn't moved out of his house yet, and the delusional Luke Sarison, who believes McNeil is his father. Aaron and Kate vie for chief of surgery. Phillip is invited to join his latest girlfriend, Emma, when she moves to Paris. Danny Nyland is arrested for the Jessup death, and subsequently transferred from the ER to the blood bank.
3–26 May 19, 1997 Hope Against Hope Jeffrey Geiger returns, bearing the news that he's a partner in the newly formed Hope Health Care. Kate bears with Jeffrey's advice in a critical heart transplant operation. Wilkes takes a wild helicopter ride to fetch the donor heart. Dr. Kronk tries to find a solution for his Alzheimer's afflicted father. McNeil and Shutt pontificate about life and religion following a patient's claim that she was healed by a vision of the virgin mother.

Season 4 (1997–1998)[edit]

Episode # Original airdate Episode Summary
4-1 October 1, 1997 Guns N' Roses

Watters' old romantic rival checks into the hospital in need of a heart transplant. When a heart finally arrives, Austin performs the transplant against her will, believing that the wealthy patient bribed the donor family. Aaron and McNeil work together to help a man with a rare disease that is causing his muscles to contract. Wilkes is affected when a gang member violently shoots up the ER. Billy officially asks Diane to marry him. It's mentioned that Nyland is gone, it doesn't say how or why.

4-2 October 8, 1997 The Incredible Adventures of Baron Von Munchausen... by Proxy

Billy removes the kidney of a 9-year-old girl with an extensive medical history, and discovers signs that she's being abused. He suspects the girl's mother may be intentionally harming her daughter to grab attention. Aaron grapples with himself when he loses a patient while performing a simple procedure. Kate can't break away from the hospital to attend her daughter's school carnival. Jack gets caught in a sting at Bart's bar, prompting Phillip to insist that Jack enroll in Gamblers Anonymous.

4-3 October 15, 1997 Brain Salad Surgery

Aaron announces he's leaving Chicago Hope for a teaching position at Harvard. Shortly thereafter he begins to suffer from a brain aneurysm. The aneurysm sends him into a trance state where he hallucinates several strange fantastical experiences, including Chicago Hope doctors in song and dance sketches and Jeffrey Geiger's advice on life.

4-4 October 22, 1997 Sympathy for the Devil

The staff worries about Aaron when he has a series of seizures, threatening his chances to survive another operation. Jack refuses to allow a drug addict to go through a super fast detox program, using the knowledge he's gleaned from his attempts to beat gambling. A child molester asks Billy to castrate him.

4–5 October 29, 1997 ... And the Hand Played On
4–6 November 5, 1997 The Lung and the Restless

Austin struggles when a girl with Down's Syndrome offers to donate a lung to her needy brother. Dennis surprises a benefactor with the news that one of his relatives was black. Dr. Grad discovers that she's pregnant, just as Billy announces plans to take a four-month sabbatical.

4–7 November 12, 1997 White Trash

Billy and Diane are married as Billy rushes off to South America. Diane is horrified by a teenage girl who dumped her newborn child into the trash. Dr. Austin treats a high school basketball player with a bad heart who's reluctant to quit the game. While trying to counsel a male rape victim, Aaron becomes intrigued with the mechanics of the brain. Kate connects with electrician Danny Blaines, but remains reluctant to be seen with him in public.

4–8 November 19, 1997 Winging It

Jack and Kate operate at 20,000 feet on a pregnant woman while the two are flying to a medical conference in London. Aaron begins his psychiatric residency, getting off to a bad start with his teacher and falling prey to his patients' manipulative disorders.

4–9 November 26, 1997 Cabin Fever

A 'girls only' weekend getaway at McNeil's cabin goes horribly wrong for Kate, Lisa and Diane, when Grad is assaulted by a native backwoodsman. The three doctors deal with the attack differently. Austin, still affected by an attack in her college days, responds with anger. Lisa remains cool and rational while Diane is paralyzed with fear.

4–10 December 10, 1997 All in the Family

Dr. Shutt counsels the family of a teenage suicide. McNeil and Hancock try to determine whether a young patient is the victim of parental abuse. Wilkes refuses to treat his absentee father after he's admitted to the hospital. Phillip, stinging from repeated rejections from his son, urges father and son to reconcile.

4–11 December 17, 1997 On Golden Pons

Phillip is disturbed to learn that his accountant has stolen every cent he owns. Watters' pride doesn't let him accept offers to help from both Jack and Aaron. Shutt and Dr. Catera clash over a patient's suggested treatment. Keith is arrested for drunk driving and is sentenced to community service work at Hancock's clinic. Diane's loneliness sinks her Holiday spirits. Jack plays Santa for sick children.

4–12 January 7, 1998 Broken Hearts

Phillip reconnects with an old flame when her son is hospitalized. Jack decides to pursue a relationship with Lisa, dumping Karen Wilder. Grad is busy with a patient who insists she's pregnant despite evidence to the contrary.

4–13 January 14, 1998 Memento Mori

Chicago Hope's doctors struggle with adversity when the power goes out on a blustery, winter night. Keith endures a drunken Irish engineer to try to get a backup generator on-line. Dr. McNeil tries to explain life and death to Sara Wilmette and Cacaci's son when they're trapped in an elevator together. Aaron strives to help a teenage girl found bleeding from her hands in a church. Billy contends with a pregnant (and hormonal) Diane. Kate doubts herself when a very expensive computer program disagrees with her diagnosis.

4–14 January 21, 1998 Psychodrama

Phillip, temporarily hobbled with a leg injury, spies a murder through his telescope and tries vainly to convince police he really witnessed a killing. Danny Blaines gives Kate a bird which gets loose and flies throughout the hospital. Diane locates her birth mother and visits her and her extremely strange house.

4–15 February 4, 1998 The Ties That Bind

Diane faces her impending motherhood full of doubts, inspired by an HIV-positive patient who wants to have a child, and the discovery of a mass in her breast. Wilkes and Hancock are swamped with a pregnant teenager who's handcuffed to her abrasive mother. Dr. Catera attempts to remove half of a five-year-old's brain to stop her seizures.

4–16 March 4, 1998 The Things We Do for Love

Phillip decides to take a stab at open-mike comedy, to his colleagues horror. Lisa finds herself attracted to Jack's incarcerated brother. Austin and Sara dine with Danny Blaines, leading to a violent confrontation. Billy, worried that his impending fatherhood has made him weak, gets into a midnight bar fight.

4–17 March 11, 1998 Liver, Hold the Mushrooms

Billy treats a family with damaged livers via poisonous mushrooms. The father, the only unaffected family member, must choose which of his two sons will receive part of his liver. Aaron sees a troubled patient who, through hypnotherapy, claims she was sexually abused by her father. Phillip forces Kate to attend a touchy-feely medical conference with Cacaci. Billy gets he and Diane thrown out of Lamaze class. Diane debates whether to tell Billy what really happened at Jack's cabin.

4–18 March 18, 1998 Waging Bull

Phillip, Jack, Aaron, and Keith travel to Las Vegas for a medical conference. Jack, confident he's beaten his gambling addiction, runs into an old friend, the father of a boxer. The boxer dies, sending Jack spiraling downward, culminating in another descent into gambling.

4–19 March 25, 1998 Objects are Closer Than They Appear

Dr. Wilkes treats identical teenagers with the same rare heart ailment, losing one in the process. Kate treats a 10-year-old who nearly died after sniffing glue, and learns her daughter does the same. Aaron interviews a man for inclusion in a study by Dr. Frank. Diane debates taking maternity leave. McNeil isn't sure whether a man has sentiment or politics at heart when he insists life-saving surgery be taken on his sister, over her same-gender partner's wishes.

4–20 April 1, 1998 Deliverance

Diane, several weeks overdue, finally goes into labor. Wilkes tries to keep an abusive man away from his family by admitting him for back pain and doping him up. Jack and Lisa take a ballroom dance class.

4–21 April 8, 1998 Bridge over Troubled Watters

Phillip searches for answers after his son is shot in the head and dies. Jack continues his pursuit of Lisa. Sara Wilmette meets a young cancer patient.

4–22 April 29, 1998 Risky Business (1)

Aaron supervises a famous painter when she's admitted with a brain tumor. Dennis treats a young boy who believes himself to be a girl. Dr. Wilder clashes with Kate over the proper treatment for an unborn child.

4–23 May 6, 1998 Absent Without Leave (2)

Aaron and Samara vacation in LA, where Aaron learns a valuable lesson about savoring life. Keith clashes with Dennis when a wealthy woman tries to improve urban life by paying for the sterilization of drug addicts. Billy endures a visit from his flighty mother. Phillip tries to produce an audio tape on surgery.

4–24 May 13, 1998 Physician, Heal Thyself

Raymond Wilkes is traumatized when he's caught in the middle of gunfire at his school's playground. Keith questions his parental instincts when his first thought is to treat the wounded rather than protect his son. With no one else around, Aaron is forced to cut into a patient to save his life, and does it successfully. Kate and Lisa seek counseling for the cabin incident. Jack makes a commitment to Lisa. Phillip reconnects with Stephanie.

Season 5 (1998–1999)[edit]

Episode # Original airdate Title
5-1 September 30, 1998 Sarindipity
5-2 October 7, 1998 Austin Space
5-3 October 14, 1998 Wag The Doc
5-4 October 21, 1998 The Breast And The Brightest
5-5 October 28, 1998 One Hundred And One Damnations
5–6 November 4, 1998 Viagra-Vated Assault
5–7 November 11, 1998 Austin, We Have A Problem
5–8 November 18, 1998 The Other Cheek
5–9 November 25, 1998 Tantric Turkey
5–10 December 9, 1998 Gun With The Wind
5–11 December 16, 1998 McNeil And Pray
5–12 January 13, 1999 Adventures In Babysitting
5–13 January 20, 1999 Karmic Relief
5–14 February 3, 1999 Playing Through
5–15 February 10, 1999 Big Hand For The Little Lady
5–16 February 17, 1999 Home Is Where The Heartache Is
5–17 March 10, 1999 A Goy And His Dog
5–18 March 24, 1999 Teacher's Pet
5–19 March 31, 1999 Vanishing Acts
5–20 April 14, 1999 From Here To Maternity
5–21 April 21, 1999 And Baby Makes 10
5–22 April 28, 1999 Kiss Of Death
5–23 May 17, 1999 The Heavens Can Wait
5–24 May 19, 1999 Curing Cancer

Season 6 (1999–2000)[edit]

Episode # Original airdate Title
6-1 September 23, 1999 Team Play
6-2 September 30, 1999 Y'Gotta Have Heart
6-3 October 7, 1999 Oh What a Piece of Work Is Man
6-4 October 14, 1999 Vigilance and Care
6-5 October 21, 1999 Humpty Dumpty
6-6 November 28, 1999 Upstairs, Downstairs
6–7 November 11, 1999 White Rabbit
6–8 November 18, 1999 The Heart to Heart
6–9 December 9, 1999 The Golden Hour
6–10 January 6, 2000 Hanlon's Choice
6–11 January 13, 2000 Faith, Hope & Surgery
6–12 January 20, 2000 Letting Go
6–13 February 3, 2000 Boys Will Be Girls
6–14 February 10, 2000 Gray Matters
6–15 February 17, 2000 Painful Cuts
6–16 February 24, 2000 Simon Sez
6–17 March 30, 2000 Cold Hearts
6–18 April 6, 2000 Devoted Attachment
6–19 April 13, 2000 Miller Time
6–20 April 20, 2000 Thoughts of You
6–21 April 27, 2000 Everybody's Special at Chicago Hope
6–22 May 4, 2000 Have I Got a Deal For You


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