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The following is a list of characters from the action role-playing game Chinese Paladin 3 developed by the Taiwanese company Softstar Entertainment.


Jingtian (Chinese: 景天; pinyin: Jǐngtiān) is the current avatar of Feipeng (traditional Chinese: 飛蓬; simplified Chinese: 飞蓬; pinyin: Fēipéng), a divine general from Heaven. A long time ago, Feipeng secretly engaged Chonglou in a private duel, which was forbidden by celestial laws. However, they were discovered by the Heavenly Emperor, who sent his troops to arrest Feipeng. Feipeng was distracted and he lost to Chonglou. Chonglou knocked away his sword, which fell into the human realm below Heaven and later became the Demon Suppressing Sword of Mount Shu (蜀山鎮妖劍). For violating Heaven's rules, Feipeng was banished to Earth to become an ordinary human being.

In the human world, Feipeng went through the cycle of life and death (reincarnation) several times. At one point, he was reincarnated as Long Yang (traditional Chinese: 龍陽; simplified Chinese: 龙阳; pinyin: Lóng Yáng), the crown prince of the Kingdom of Jiang (姜國). He was later killed in action during a war against a rival kingdom. He was forging a sword before his death, which later became the Demonic Sword (魔劍).

Long Yang is reincarnated again as Jingtian, a young pawnshop keeper who is good in bargaining, accounting and differentiating between fake and genuine precious items. At a young age, he has always dreamed of becoming a great Mount Shu swordsman.

Jingtian later accepts an apprentice, Li Sansi (Chinese: 李三思; pinyin: Lǐ Sānsī), who would become the father of Li Xiaoyao (the protagonist of the first game).

Tang Xuejian[edit]

Tang Xuejian (traditional Chinese: 唐雪見; simplified Chinese: 唐雪见; pinyin: Táng Xuějiàn) is the granddaughter of Tang Kun, the patriarch of the Tang clan (唐門). She inherits the martial arts, medical knowledge, and other skills of her clan, except toxicology, which is only passed down to male members. The pawnshop that Jingtian runs is owned by her family. She meets Jingtian by chance and falls in love with him. At the same time, as Tang Kun is dying, the Tang clan gradually disintegrates into internal conflict, when its members start fighting over the inheritance. Tang Xuejian becomes an outcast of her clan after her grandfather dies, but manages to return and take control of her clan with help from her friends later. At the end of the game, she decides to give up everything to follow her true love, Jingtian, wherever he goes.

Tang Xuejian was actually created by the goddess Xiyao. Xiyao was secretly in love with Feipeng and she decided to help him after he was banished to Earth for breaking Heaven's laws. She used the fruit of a divine tree to make a woman in her likeness, and sent her to the human world to accompany Feipeng.

Long Kui[edit]

Long Kui (traditional Chinese: 龍葵; simplified Chinese: 龙葵; pinyin: Lóng Kuí) is the princess of the Kingdom of Jiang (姜國), and the younger sister of Long Yang (one of the reincarnations of Feipeng). The Jiang kingdom was weak and under attack by a rival kingdom. Long Yang attempted to forge the Demonic Sword, a powerful weapon capable of inflicting severe damage with a single strike. However, he was killed in action before the sword was completed. Long Kui committed suicide by throwing herself into the sword-forging furnace. Her virgin blood helped to complete the sword, but her spirit became trapped in it, preventing her from undergoing reincarnation. She develops a split-personality under the sword's influence; a shy and quiet version of herself, and another fierce and outspoken form.

The sword was lost for centuries until it was finally discovered by the Mount Shu Sect and used to guard the Demon Prison Tower. Chonglou takes the sword out of the tower and gives it to Jingtian. Long Kui's spirit is set free and she joins her late brother's present avatar, Jingtian, and his friends on their adventures.


Zixuan (Chinese: 紫萱; pinyin: Zǐxuān) is an immortal and a descendant of the goddess Nüwa. She is destined to be lovers with Xu Changqing for three lifetimes. They join Jingtian and his companions in their quest to retrieve the five elemental pearls and the Demon Suppressing Sword.

Xu Changqing[edit]

Xu Changqing (traditional Chinese: 徐長卿; simplified Chinese: 徐长卿; pinyin: Xú Chángqīng) is a student of the Mount Shu Sect. He excels in martial arts and believes firmly in moral principles, making him an ideal candidate for succession to the leadership of his sect. He is destined to be lovers with the immortal Zixuan for three lifetimes. In his second life, he was called Lin Yaping (traditional Chinese: 林亞平; simplified Chinese: 林亚平; pinyin: Lín Yàpíng), and was the prefect of a city. In his third and current life, he meets Zixuan again and falls in love with her. However, his Mount Shu Sect fellows strongly oppose his relationship with Zixuan. He insists on marrying Zixuan and leaves the sect, becoming an outcast, but he is still very concerned about his sect's affairs and hopes that he can return one day. He and Zixuan meet Jingtian and his companions and join them in their adventures.


Chonglou (traditional Chinese: 重樓; simplified Chinese: 重楼; pinyin: Chónglóu) is the Lord of Demons (Chinese: 魔尊; pinyin: Mó Zūn) and is in charge of guarding the border between Heaven and the demons' realm. He meets Feipeng and engages him in a duel. Neither of them is able to defeat his opponent, and he becomes more impressed with Feipeng's skill and sees him as a worthy opponent.

After Feipeng was banished to the human world for breaking Heaven's laws, he feels lonely and bored due to the absence of a strong rival. He travels to the Demon Prison Tower and takes out the Demonic Sword and gives it to Jingtian (Feipeng's present avatar), in the hope that Jingtian will become like Feipeng. At the end of the game, he engages Jingtian in another spectacular battle to determine the ultimate victor between them.

Hua Ying[edit]

Hua Ying (Chinese: 花楹; pinyin: Huā Yíng) is a magical creature capable of producing the Five Venoms Pearl (五毒珠), which can neutralise all venoms and poisons. Although she bears resemblance to demons, her special ability actually increases her affinity with immortals, making her a hybrid of both races. She builds up her powers from eight decades of cultivation and finally attains her human form. She explores the unfamiliar human world, where she meets people who see her as inferior. She is captured by the Tang clan and used by them to produce the special pearls. She is finally set free when Tang Xuejian steals her and escapes, and she joins the protagonists on their adventure.

Evil Sword Immortal[edit]

Evil Sword Immortal (traditional Chinese: 邪劍仙; simplified Chinese: 邪剑仙; pinyin: Xié Jiàn Xiān) is an evil deity conceived from the sinful thoughts of the Five Elders of the Mount Shu Sect. He is accidentally released from the Demon Prison Tower when Chonglou takes away the Demonic Sword, which guards the tower. After his escape, he steals the Demon Suppressing Sword and uses it to do evil.


Xiyao (traditional Chinese: 夕瑤; simplified Chinese: 夕瑶; pinyin: Xīyáo) is a fairy in charge of the divine tree in Heaven. She is secretly in love with Feipeng and heals him each time he returns from his duels with Chonglou. However, she has to hide her romantic feelings for Feipeng, as such thoughts are forbidden in Heaven. She decides to help Feipeng after he is banished to the human world for violating celestial laws. She creates a woman in the likeness of herself, using the fruit of the tree, and sends her to Earth to accompany Feipeng.

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