List of Chinese television series

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This is a list of Chinese television series.


Ancient Chinese/古装[edit]

Reality shows/真人秀 [1][edit]

  • The Voice of China/中国好声音
  • Talent/中国达人秀
  • Super Girl/快乐女声
  • Your Face Sounds Familiar/百变大咖秀
  • Up! Juniors/向上吧!少年
  • So You Think You Can Dance/舞林争霸
  • The Top Voice/天声一队
  • Chinese Idol/中国梦之声
  • Amazing Chinese/出彩中国人
  • Dream Show/中国梦想秀
  • You Are The One/非诚勿扰
  • Happy Camp/快乐大本营
  • Dapeng Show/大鹏嘚吧嘚
  • Dad, Where Are We Going?/爸爸去哪儿
  • The Jing Distance/非常静距离
  • Kangxi/康熙来了
  • Day Day Up/天天向上
  • Bigstar/最佳现场
  • Only You/非你莫属
  • Super Talk Show/超级访问
  • I Am A Singer/我是歌手

Time-travel TV Series/穿越剧[edit]

  • "Xun Qin Ji" About the history of the Qin Dynasty seen by a modern man
  • "Love Through Different Times" About a lovely modern girl getting back to Ming Dynasty and the romance between her and a prince
  • "Jiu Wu Zhi Zhun" About Emperor Kangxi travelling from Qing Dynasty to nowadays
  • "Mo Huan Shou Ji" About the imagined future life of Human Beings
  • "Shen Hua" About an amazing love lasting for thousand years
  • "Gong Suo Xin Yu" About a girl travelling back to the Qin Dynasty who tries to change the life of her loved ones