List of Christian denominations in North East India

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The following shows the Christian denominations present in North East India, along with number of churches and approximate number of Church members.



Note: Most of the Baptist Church memberships include only adult baptised church members, it does not include children and other non-baptised family members in the Church/Denomination membership figures.


The total number of Catholics in north east India as of 2012 stands at 14,67,263 adherents with 386 parishes with more than 3000 churches/congregations.

Note: The brackets denote the no of Catholic Church parishes


The Presbyterian Church of India consists of the following synods:[citation needed]

Seventh-day Adventist Church[edit]

The Headquarters of the Seventh-day Adventist Church is located in Shillong. As of 2013, the total membership is 51,417 (baptized) with 196 churches.[citation needed] The numbers in parentheses indicate the number of churches:

  • Mizo Conference of SDA (72) 18,651
  • Khasi Jaintia Conference of SDA (26) 4,437
  • Garo Section of SDA (37) 12,664
  • Manipur conference of SDA (41) 9,417
  • Nagaland Region of SDA (3) 873
  • Assam Region of SDA (16) 5,092
  • Arunachal Region of SDA (1) 283

Christian Revival Church[edit]

  • Arunachal Pradesh Christian Revival Church Council (APCRCC)[11]
  • Nagaland Christian Revival Church
  • Assam Christian Revival Church
  • Manipur Christian Revival Church
  • Meghalaya Christian Revival Church


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