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This is a list of City Confidential episodes, narrated by Paul Winfield or Keith David. Please see the main article for further information.

Season 1[edit]

# Episode # City Title Summary
1 001 Biloxi, Mississippi "Deadly Odds in Biloxi" Judge Vincent Sherry and his wife Margaret are gunned down in their home.
2 002 Chicago, Illinois "The Chicago Horse Mafia" The murder of Helen Vorhees Brach and its connection to the champion racehorse murders is examined.
3 003 Salt Lake City, Utah "Faith and Foul Play in Salt Lake City" On a single day in 1985, two separate bombs kill Steven Christensen and Kathy Sheets. The third victim, Mark Hofmann, is only injured, or is he really a victim?
4 004 Mercer Island, Washington "Sunny Days, Deadly Nights On Mercer Island' An Affluent and charismatic young man, George Walterfield Russell, Jr., shocks everyone when it is discovered that he is a serial killer.
5 005 Salem, Massachusetts "Secrets and Superstition in Salem" Missing for six days, a lobster-man's trap just happens to catch the body of Martha Brailsford.
6 006 Miami, Florida "Midnight in Miami" Stanely Cohen was a self-made businessman who enjoyed living life in the fast lane. That is, until he was murdered.[1]
7 007 New Orleans, Louisiana "New Orleans: Betrayal in the Big Easy" The investigation into the murder of Kim Marie Groves unravels an entanglement of corruption in the New Orleans Police Department.[2]
8 008 Nashville, Tennessee "Nashville: Murder in Music City" "Hee Haw's" David "Stringbean" Akeman and his wife are found shot to death in their home.
9 009 Little Rock, Arkansas "Little Rock: The Politics of Murder" Alice McArthur, The wife of an affluent criminal defense attorney, is murdered by her husband's client.
10 010 Las Vegas, Nevada "Las Vegas: Deadly Jackpot" Larry Volk admits to authorities that his software for American Coin rigs poker machines for profits instead of payouts, then he is murdered.
11 011 Dallas, Texas "Dallas: Arsenic And Old Money" Harvard graduate and Highland Park resident, Nancy Lyon, is murdered but not before naming who she believes is the killer.[3]
12 012 Ft. Lauderdale, Florida "Ft. Lauderdale: Sin in the Sun" Jeffrey and Kathy Willets, a husband and wife team, operate a bordello in their home. Mr. Willets would hide in their closet, video taping her sexual escapades. When they are caught, her client list reveals a local politician.[4]

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Season 2[edit]

# Episode # City Title Summary
1 013 Hermosa Beach, California "Missing in Paradise" When Linda Sobek, a body model, is murdered it appears that her photographer wanted more than to just take pictures.[7]
2 014 Bermuda "Death on the Rock" The case of Rebecca Jane Middleton shakes up international relations between Bermuda and Canada.
3 015 Gibsonton, Florida "The Last Side Show" A bizarre tale detailing the murder of a man known as "Lobster Boy".
4 016 San Francisco, California "Betrayal by the Bay" Murder is the result when O'Farrell Theatre co-owners and brothers, Jim and Artie Mitchell, quarrel.
5 017 New York City, New York "The Art of Murder" After Cuban artist, Ana Mendieta, falls to her death her husband, Carl Andre, becomes a suspect.
6 018 Virginia City, Nevada "Showdown at the Mustang Ranch" The owner, Joe Conforte, of an actual legal brothel known as Mustang Ranch becomes embroiled in scandal.
7 019 Fairbanks, Alaska "Fairbanks" When the founder of the Alaskan Independence Party, Joseph E. Vogler, is found dead the list of suspects grows long.
8 020 Greenwich, Connecticut "Who Killed Martha Moxley?" The murder of Martha Moxley reveals yet another scandal for the Kennedy family.
9 021 Middleburg, Virginia "Pistols, Ponies, and Foul Play" After Roberto Villegas is shot and killed by heiress Susan Cummings, investigators must determine if it is self-defense or cold blooded murder.
10 022 Skidmore, Missouri "Frontier Justice" An examination of the unusual conspiracy murder of local criminal, Ken Rex McElroy, where over forty people witness the murder but fail to name the killers.
11 023 Scottsboro, Alabama "Foul Play in the Bible Belt" Darlene Summerford's pastor husband, Glen Dale Summerford, is a snake handler who tries to kill her by using them.
12 024 Newberry, South Carolina "Small Town Justice" The body of Victoria Lander Beckam, daughter of state senator James Lander, is found and the suspect is her husband, the son of a bishop.

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Season 3[edit]

# Episode # City Title Summary
1 026 Wilmington, Delaware "Dangerous Affairs" When Anne Marie Fahey disappears, a former deputy Attorney General of Delaware, Thomas Capano, is the prime suspect.
2 028 Atlantic City, New Jersey "The Mayor And The Mob" The investigation into the activities of Atlantic City Mayor Michael J. Matthews reveals ties to mob boss Nicodemo Scarfo.
3 029 Ingleside, Texas "Dirty Deals, Buried Secrets" Ingleside Mayor Mark Crawford murders business partner Nick Brueggen, but convicting him proves to be a difficult task for authorities.
4 030 Key West, Florida "Pirates in Paradise" Mel Fisher, a chicken farmer, rises to fame as a world renowned treasure hunter, only to die in shame after confessing that some coins sold were counterfeit.[8]
5 031 St. Augustine, Florida "The Socialite and the Politician" The unsolved hacking death of model, dancer, author, hopeful politician, inventor and mayor's wife, Athalia Ponsell-Lindsley, is detailed.[9]
6 032 Carlsbad, New Mexico "Danger in the Desert" After John S. Volpato is acquitted of his wife Elaine's murder, there are no more suspects.
7 033 Phoenix, Arizona "Shady Deals in Sun City" Why would Joyce Lukezic murder Pat Redmond, his wife Marilyn, and Marilyn's mother, Helen Phelps, if she had nothing at all to gain?
8 034 Greenwood, Mississippi "The Devil and the Delta Blues" In 1938, the untimely death of famed blues guitarist Robert Johnson sparks a variety of theories on what happened that fateful night.
9 035 Great Falls, Virginia "The Criminal Next Door" Renowned cardiologist, Dr. Michael Halberstam, is murdered but not before he runs over his assassin, successful con artist and thief, Bernard C. Welch, with his car.
10 036 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania "Double Dutch Bust" The investigation of a highly respected dentist, Larry Lavin, leads to the discovery of the "Yuppie Conspiracy".[10]
11 037 Rock Springs, Wyoming "Deadly Draw in the Wild West" Public Safety Director, Ed Cantrell shoots his own detective, but was it murder or self-defense?
12 038 Gatlinburg, Tennessee "Smoky Mountain Nightmare" The brutal murders of Melissa Hill and Troy Valentine by couple Edward Leroy Harris known, not surprisingly, as "Tattoo Eddie", and his girlfriend, Kimberly Kay Pelley.
13 039 Boston, Massachusetts "Betrayal in Beantown" Racial tensions are fueled by the 1989 murder of Carol Dimaiti-Stuart by her husband, Charles.

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Season 4[edit]

# Episode # City Title Summary
1 040 Bigfork, Montana "Silent Night, Deadly Night The Larry Streeter murder case is unusual because the suspect is 19-year-old paraplegic, and wheelchair bound, racing champion, Ted Ernst.
2 041 Ruthton, Minnesota "Tragedy in the Heartland Lured to a deserted farm, bankers Rudolph Blythe Jr. and Deems "Toby" Thulin are shot and killed.
3 042 Greensboro, North Carolina "Clash with the Klan Klansman murder local communists in what becomes known as "The Greensboro Massacre".
4 043 Austin, Texas "Empty Graves American Atheists founder, Madalyn Murray O'Hair, her son Jon, and granddaughter Robin disappear, and an investigation ensues.
5 044 Hilo, Hawaii "Betrayal on the Big Island Yvonne Mathison's husband, a sergeant in the local police department, says he accidentally ran her over with his van. The evidence says otherwise.
6 045 Paradise Valley, Nevada "Showdown in the High Desert Idaho Department of Fish and Game officers, Conley Elms and Bill Pogue are shot and killed by mountain man and wildlife poacher, Claude Lafayette Dallas, Jr..
7 046 Akron, Ohio "Brother Against Brother Authorities determine that the murder of cosmetic king, Constantine Dean Milo, was arranged by the victim's own brother.
8 047 Battle Creek, Michigan "Bad News in Battle Creek WUHQ's morning news anchor, Diane King, is found dead in her driveway and the investigation leads to a former cop and professor of criminal justice at Western Michigan University who just happens to be the victim's spouse.
9 048 Chattanooga, Tennessee "Dangerous Trespassing When Kenneth Griffith, Richard Mason and Earl Smock are gunned down, the scurrilous Frank Casteel is the prime suspect.
10 049 Tyler, Texas "Fallen Rose" Baker Steven Lucas, the son of a former mayor, city councilman and Realtor, bludgeons his mother, Bette Calvert Lucas, to death.
11 050 Lopez Island, Washington "Foul Play on the Friendly Island 83-year-old Rolf Neslund is shot, cut up and burned after an argument over his retirement fund.
12 051 Green Bay, Wisconsin "Terror in Titletown" Sandra Maloney is strangled and set on fire but coincidentally, or not, her husband John is a 19-year veteran of the Green Bay Police Department's arson division.
13 052 Aspen, Colorado "Murder on the Slopes" When French born Claudine Georgette Longet, ex-wife of singer Andy Williams, is cast aside by her lover, Vladimir Sabich, the result is deadly.

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Season 5[edit]

# Episode # City Title Summary
1 053 Baton Rouge, Louisiana "Scandal on the Bayou" The death of local madam, Sylvia Landry, is convenient for the community's affluent citizens because after all, she was threatening to reveal her client list in a tell all book.
2 054 Malibu, California "The Murder of Good Time Charlie" After Charlie Minor, a record promoter for musicians such as Sting and Janet Jackson, sidelines stripper Suzette McClure for a new lover, he is found with 9 angry bullet holes in his body.
3 055 Santa Monica, California "A Woman Scorned When the extra-marital affair between Linda C. Brown and Kevin Cummings, both of the Santa Monica Police Department, goes sour, one of them uses a gun to make a point.
4 058 Athens, Georgia "Showdown at The Station Local business rivals, T.K. Harty and John Henry Mooney, elevate their feud to murder for hire.
5 059 Berkeley, California "Murder in a College Town A cantankerous city commissioner, Enrique Zambrano, is the primary suspect in the 1988 beating of married couple Robert and Barbara Mishell and the star witness in the case, Luis Reyna, is found decapitated.
6 060 Ozark, Arkansas "Deadly Medicine Dr. Rebecca Johnson pays for her naivete with her life after being conned by Alan Michael Johnson, who by the way, is no relation.
7 061 Detroit, Michigan "A Co-ed’s Secret Tina Biggars, a Catholic graduate student, begins living the life of prostitution that she was originally only just studying. Unfortunately for her, she met Ken Trachinda who had other things on his mind.
8 062 Washington, North Carolina "Deadly Games in Little Washington Did Christopher W. Pritchard kill his step-father, Lieth Von Stein, from delusions related to the game Dungeons & Dragons, or was that just his excuse?
9 063 Youngstown, Ohio "Mob Hits and Misses On Christmas Eve 1996, Mahoning County Prosecutor, Paul Gains, is shot and left for dead. The botched hit leads to the downfall of Lenine "Lenny" Strollo, mob boss for the Pittsburgh crime family.
10 064 Kansas City, Missouri "The Final Curtain The family and friends of Steven L. Harvey, a local jazz musician newcomer, fight to bring his killers to justice.
11 065 Denver, Colorado "Campaign for Cover-Up After authorities declare the death of Lawrence Ocrant a suicide, his children find a way to prove that the case was botched and was in fact, murder.
12 066 Paducah, Kentucky "Cruel Summer" Bobbi Holman Williams, owner of a local upscale restaurant, is murdered and the conspiracy to kill her involves her husband.
13 067 Bangor, Maine "Bad Medicine in Bangor" Prominent pediatric neurologist, Dr. John Malmstrom, is murdered and his wife goes on trial.

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Season 6[edit]

# Episode # City Title Summary
1 068 Milwaukee, Wisconsin "The Legend of Bambi Bembenek" Fired cop and previous waitress, Laurie Bembenek, murders Christine Schultz, execution style.
2 069 Albuquerque, New Mexico "The Black Widow" Womanizer Eugene Gilbert is gunned down in his basement by his wife, Terri Hotchkiss Gilbert, who says she believed he was an intruder.
3 070 Atlanta, Georgia "Devil Down in Georgia" When Sara Ambrusko Tokars was murdered, the trail of evidence leads to her knowledge of shady dealings by a lawyer and former prosecutor. It's too bad then that this lawyer was also her husband.
4 071 Park City, Utah "High Times and Hate Crimes" Doug Koehler, a homosexual, is murdered after using cocaine and making unwanted advances to another man. Judge David Young, a direct descendant of Brigham Young, sentences the killer to only six years.[11]
5 072 Houston, Texas "Cheers and Fears" The bizarre story of Wanda Holloway who attempted to hire an assassin to kill Verna Heath, so her daughter could climb the cheerleading ladder.
6 073 Beverly Hills, California "Brothers In Arms" Erik and Lyle Menendez, the only two sons of a wealthy record executive, brutally execute their parents, Jose and Kitty Menendez.
7 074 Lynchburg, Virginia "The Heiress and Her Lover" The investigation into the murder of a South African steel magnate, Derek W.R. Haysom and his wife Nancy Astor Benedict Haysom (a relative of the renowned Lady Astor)[12] leads to their daughter.
8 075[5] Amityville, New York "Horror in Amityville" The well known Amityville Horror house and its history is examined.
9 075[5] Orlando, Florida "Faith and Felonies" Conservative preacher, George Crossley, conspires to murder lover's husband, Butch Waldo, and gets caught.
10 076 Memphis, Tennessee "Burning Betrayal" FedEx pilot is accused of killing his wife Holly, also a FedEx pilot.
11 077 San Antonio, Texas "Maximum Justice" Judge John H. Wood, Jr. is assassinated by Charles Harrelson, actor Woody Harrelson's father. Jamiel Chagra, a co-conspirator in this case, is also a brother of a victim profiled in another City Confidential, episode titled "Outlaw Attorney."
12 078 Fresno, California "Fatal Inheritance" Dana Ewell murders his father, Dale Ewell, his mother Glee and his sister, Tiffany, so he can inherit his family's fortune.

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Season 7[edit]

# Episode # City Title Summary
1 079 Durham, North Carolina "Dangerous Housewife" Barbara Stager shoots and kills her husband Russell, a Durham High School baseball coach, but says it was an accident. Is it a coincidence that her first husband also died of an accidental gunshot wound?
2 080 Archer City, Texas "Under Suspicion" In the hometown of Larry McMurtry, Gail Bennett shoots her 3rd ex-husband then accuses Archer County Sheriff, Presley Lamar "P.L." Pippin, of rape.
3 081 El Paso, Texas "Outlaw Attorney" Though Lee Chagra was an attorney to drug dealers and smugglers, his charismatic manner made him liked by all, especially juries. His murder seems not so surprising, given his clientele, that is, until it is solved. Note that his brother's crime, briefly mentioned in this program, is detailed in another City Confidential episode, "Maximum Justice."
4 082 Miami Beach, Florida "Smugglers & Speedboats" Even though he knew his speedboats were being used for drug transportation, speedboat builder Don Aronow fully cooperated with authorities. Could it be an angry drug dealer who killed him? [13]
5 083 Portland, Maine "Unfriendly Fire" After Sabato "Sabino" Raia shoots Kevin Pinette, Nickolas Patenaude and Dana Matthews, all unarmed and in the head at close range, he claims it was in self-defense.
6 084 Los Angeles, California "Silenced Partner" As detectives look into the murder of Horace McKenna, they discover that the events are incredibly similar to a movie, The Takeover, produced by their suspects, even down to the name of the clubs involved.
7 085 San Diego, California "Badge of Dishonor" College student Cara Knott is killed by a by-the-book and exemplary CHP Craig Peyer. Perhaps he was not so exemplary after all.
8 086 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania "Til Death Do Us Part" Maryann Boczkowski drowns in her outdoor hot tub. Detectives discover that oddly enough, her husband's first wife Mary Elaine, also "accidentally" drowned in a tub.
9 087 Charlotte, North Carolina "Panther On The Run" Carolina Panthers player, Rae Carruth, conspires to kill his pregnant girlfriend, Cherica Adams.
10 088 Spokane, Washington "Predator In The Parks" The case of Frederick "Kevin" Coe, known as the South Hill Rapist, is detailed. He is suspected of at least 53 assaults between 1978 and 1981.
11 089 Palm Beach, Florida "Deadly Infestation" Restaurant owner Geraldine Pucillo is strangled and the suspect is a pest control worker, Kim Cain.
12 090 Hanover, New Hampshire "Tragedy 101" The killings of German Dartmouth professors, Half and Susanne Zantop, come to be known as the Dartmouth Murders.

[5] [6]

Season 8[edit]

# Episode # City Title Summary
1 100[5] Newport, Rhode Island "Chaos in the Castle" After Ruth Tinney adopts her 38-year-old plumber, Kevin Jacob Koellisch, then dies, Kevin feels he is entitled to her estate.
2 101 Brownsville, Texas "Black Magic" After high school student Joey Fischer breaks off his relationship with his girlfriend, the unbalanced mother of the girl exacts her revenge.
3 102 Cherry Hill, New Jersey "Sins of the Rabbi" Rabbi Fred Neulander conspires to kill his wife Carol.
4 103 Carthage, Texas "Frozen Assets" After 81-year-old Marjorie Nugent went missing for a whopping nine months, police finally begin to investigate. Her body is found in Bernie Tiede's freezer, who was also, conveniently, her business manager.
5 092[5] Wellesley, Massachusetts "The Doctor's Double" The affluent Dr. Dirk Greineder kills his wife May.
6 093 Macon, Georgia "Spoonful of Arsenic" Successful restaurant owner Anjette Lyles is unable keep a husband because they just keep dying off and when her daughter comes close to death, eyebrows begin to raise.
7 094 Sebring, Florida "Social Insecurity" Leo Gleese and his wife, Hazel Stanley Gleese, elderly newlyweds and new members of the Fountain of Life Church, are murdered and their "adopted son" Reverend John Canning, is arrested.
8 095 Santa Fe, New Mexico "In Harm's Way" It seemed clear to everyone that pharmacist Chester Radecki was killed by Daniel J. Martinez, but would a jury think so too?
9 096 South Beach, Florida "Fashion Victim" Celebrity fashion designer, Gianni Versace, is shot and killed on the beach just outside his home by serial killer Andrew Cunanan.
10 097 Potomac, Maryland "Eliminating the Competition" Ruthless Ruthann Greenzweig Aron, loser of a 1994 U.S. Senate bid, is willing to kill both her husband and a witness who testified against her in court.
11 098 St. Louis, Missouri "Family Man, Hit Man" Richard DeCaro hires someone to kill his wife, Elizabeth.
12 099 Elkhart, Indiana "Crimes of Passion" The mistress of Gary Knepp gets carried away when she arranges for the murder of her lover's wife, Carol.

[5] [6]

Season 9[edit]

# Episode # City Title Summary
1 105[5] Somerset, Kentucky "A Killer Campaign" The murder of Sam Catron, a Pulaski County sheriff, is examined.
2 106 Boise, Idaho "Last Dance" A supposed ballet dancer is the prime suspect in the 1995 murder investigation of Wanda Cowger Kuzmichev.
3 107 Panama City, Florida "Autopsy of a Marriage" The 1991 high-profile Kay Sybers murder case is investigated.
4 108 Portland, Oregon "Skinhead Slayer" White supremacist skinheads beat an Ethiopian, Mulugeta Seraw, to death in 1988.
5 109 Honesdale, Pennsylvania "Highway to Hell" Glenn Evans is murdered because he killed his girlfriend, while driving under the influence.
6 110 Milford, Utah "Death and Taxes" A land dispute leads to a shootout where Sgt. John Chambers is shot, and his police dog is murdered.
7 111 Lexington, Kentucky "A Parting Shot" The murder case of Trent DiGiuro is detailed.
8 112 Barrington, Rhode Island "Terror in the Suburbs" A Sunday school teacher, youth soccer coach and investment broker is accused of the 1991 murders of lawyer Ernest Brendel, his wife and their 8-year-old daughter.
9 113 Darlington, Wisconsin "Bad Judgement" After losing a bitter campaign Judge Daniel McDonald offs his rival's partner, James Klein.
10 114 Duchesne, Utah "Blown Away" The bizarre John Pinder is accused of the gruesome Rex Tanner and June Flood murders.

[5] [6]

Season 10[edit]

# Episode # City Title Summary
1 115 Palo Alto, California "Flesh and Blood" Music teacher, Kristine Fitzhugh, was murdered by her husband, and the likely reason is a secret in her past.
2 116 Seattle, Washington "Long Walk Home" The 10-year-old cold case of Mia Zapata is solved.
3 117 Cookeville, Tennessee "Deadly Politics" Conservative Democrat, Tommy Burks is shot and killed, but the likely candidate for the murder is his political opponent, Byron (Low Tax) Looper.
4 118 Orange County, California "A Family Affair" The 1985 slaying of Linda Brown was not so easy to solve. Was it her sister, her husband or her step-daughter? It takes five years before the mastermind is convicted.
5 119 Riggins, Idaho "Frontier Faceoff" City Confidential deviates from its usual murder-profiling format to rally around Rob Nuckols, whose land was seized by the government.
6 120 Pikeville, Kentucky "Kentucky Gothic" Vidar Lillelid and his family are murdered because teen-aged deviants felt like doing it.
7 121 Providence, Rhode Island "The Mayor and the Mob" Mayor Buddy Cianci meets "Operation Plunder Dome".
8 122 Knoxville, Tennessee "Phantom Hitman" The botched murder of Rob Whedbee becomes a media circus.
9 123 Emporia, Kansas "Thou Shalt Not Kill" A minister and his mistress murder their spouses, Martin Moore and Linda Bird.
10 124 Conway, South Carolina "Fatal Friendship" Crystal Todd is murdered by her best friend.

[5] [6]

Season 11[edit]

# Episode # City Title Summary
1 125 Rochester, New York "The Big Heist" The fifth largest armored car robbery, in U.S. history, is investigated leading to a list of colorful suspects: a Melkite Catholic Priest (Rev. Patrick Moloney), an illegal Irish alien (Samuel Ignatius Millar), a former police officer and security guard (Thomas F. O'Connor) and a Charles M. McCormick Jr.[14][15]
2 126 Merion, Pennsylvania "Recipe for Murder" Jim Webb, an owner and chef for the historic General Wayne Inn is murdered by none other than his co-owner, and fellow chef.
3 127 West Columbia, Texas "Killing Cousins" Holmes Weems is murdered by his own family.
4 128 Amarillo, Texas "High School Hit & Run" Brian Deneke is murdered in an IHOP parking lot.
5 129 Minneapolis, Minnesota "Deadly Investment" A disreputable stock broker, Michael Prozumenshikov, is found under a compost heap.
6 130 Reading, Massachusetts "Fatal Blow" The famous angry hockey dad beats Michael Costin to death.
7 131 Lake Tahoe, Nevada "The Casino Bomber" Millionaire John Birges conspires to blow up Harvey's Casino.
8 132 Saddle River, New Jersey "From Russia with Murder" The murder of Dr. Yakov Gluzman sparks the prosecution to file charges, against his wife, for interstate domestic violence.
9 133 San Leandro, California "The Sausage King" Former mayoral candidate, Stuart Alexander, guns down three meat inspectors.
10 134 Elizabeth, New Jersey "Death of a Don" The DeCavalcante crime family offs its leader, Johnny Boy, because of his sexual preference.

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