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Civil War General and Governor of Massachusetts, Benjamin Franklin Butler, class of 1838

This list of Colby College alumni includes graduates, non-graduate former students, current students, and honorary degree recipients of Colby College. Founded in 1813, Colby's class of 2013 was the college's 200th, making a total of more than 25,000 living alumni.



Name Class Notability Reference
Anderson, Martin BrewerMartin Brewer Anderson 1840 President of the University of Rochester from 1853 to 1888
Abbot, Theophilus C.Theophilus C. Abbot 1845 President of State Agricultural College (now Michigan State University) from 1862 to 1885
Mathews, ShailerShailer Mathews 1884 Dean of the University of Chicago Divinity School 1908-1933
Berry, George RickerGeorge Ricker Berry 1885 Semitic Scholar and Professor at Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School
Roberts, Arthur J.Arthur J. Roberts 1890 President of Colby College, 1908-1927
Johnson, Franklin W.Franklin W. Johnson 1891 President of Colby College, 1929-1942
Whitman, Charles HuntingtonCharles Huntington Whitman 1897 Chair of the Department of English at Rutgers University 1911-1937
Gates, Gordon EnochGordon Enoch Gates 1919 Head of Biology Department University of Yangon, 1921-1941 [1]
Duckworth, EleanorEleanor Duckworth 1957 Professor of Education at Harvard Graduate School of Education [2]
Bromley, David G.David G. Bromley 1963 Author and Professor of Sociology at Virginia Commonwealth University
Shapiro, Jerrold LeeJerrold Lee Shapiro 1964 Director of the Center for Professional Development at Santa Clara University [3]
Easton, ThomasThomas Easton 1966 Professor of Biology at Thomas College [4]
McKinney, William "Bill"William "Bill" McKinney 1968 President and Professor of American Religion of Pacific School of Religion, 1996-2010 [5]
Snyder (economist), TedTed Snyder (economist) 1975 Dean of Yale School of Management, Dean of University of Chicago Booth School of Business 2001-2010
Ciottone, GregoryGregory Ciottone 1987 Professor and Director of the Disaster Medicine Fellowship Program at Harvard Medical School 2009–present [6]
Panek, MarkMark Panek 1990 Professor of English at the University of Hawaii [7]
Roderick, DavidDavid Roderick 1992 Assistant Professor of English at University of North Carolina at Greensboro [8]

Research and Scholarship[edit]

Name Class Notability Reference
Dresser, JuliusJulius Dresser ex-1860 Philosopher
Wilson, Charles BranchCharles Branch Wilson 1884 American scientist, marine biologist [9]
Holmes, FenwickeFenwicke Holmes 1906 Author, Congregational minister, and Religious Science leader
Morse, Harold Calvin MarstonHarold Calvin Marston Morse 1914 Mathematician
Gates, Paul WallacePaul Wallace Gates 1924 United States land policy historian and author [10]
Goodwin, Doris KearnsDoris Kearns Goodwin 1964 Presidential scholar and historian, notable works include the Pulitzer Prize-winning No Ordinary Time (1995) and Team of Rivals (2005)
Miller, Arthur G.Arthur G. Miller 1964 Professor in Art History and Archaeology at the University of Maryland, College Park
Shettleworth, Jr., Earle G.Earle G. Shettleworth, Jr. 1970 Maine State Historian
Taylor (historian), AlanAlan Taylor (historian) 1977 Scholar in early Colonial America history and Pulitzer Prize winner

Arts and entertainment[edit]

Name Class Notability Reference
Levine, JackJack Levine 1946 American Painter [11]
W. Bowie, GordonGordon W. Bowie 1965 Musician [12]
Landesman, RoccoRocco Landesman 1969 Chair of the National Endowment for the Arts
O'Brien (musician), TimTim O'Brien (musician) ex-1973 American country and bluegrass musician
Silverman, TomTom Silverman 1976 Founder of hip-hop record label Tommy Boy Entertainment
Levering, ArthurArthur Levering 1976 American composer
Peirce, LincolnLincoln Peirce 1985 Cartoonist and creator of the comic strip Big Nate
Bush, BillyBilly Bush 1994 Host of Access Hollywood, former host of Let's Make a Deal, and The Billy Bush Show [13]
Daisy, MikeMike Daisy 1996 Monologuist, solo performer and author
Charney, NoahNoah Charney 2002 Art historian, novelist, and founder of the Association for Research into Crimes against Art (ARCA)


Name Class Notability Reference
Haggerty, FrankFrank Haggerty 1897 Head football coach at University of Akron, 1910 to 1914
Coombs, JackJack Coombs 1906 Two-time World Champion Major League Baseball Player, Manager (Philadelphia Phillies and Duke University)
Ross, ElbridgeElbridge Ross 1935 Medalist at the 1936 Winter Olympics in hockey. [14]
Gigon, NormNorm Gigon 1958 Major League Baseball player for the Chicago Cubs [15]
Phillips (pitcher), EdEd Phillips (pitcher) 1966 Major League Baseball pitcher for the 1970 Boston Red Sox
Volk, JanJan Volk 1968 General Manager of the Boston Celtics 1984-1997
Freyer, SteveSteve Freyer 1968 President of Freyer Management Associates 1979-present; MLB and NHL agent [16]
Mamo, SebsibeSebsibe Mamo 1970 Ethiopian athlete who competed at the 1964 and 1968 Summer Olympics. [17]
Cronin, GregGreg Cronin 1986 Assistant Coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs 2011–present
McRae (baseball), MikeMike McRae (baseball) 1981 Head coach of the Canisius Golden Griffins Baseball Team, 2005–present [18]
DeCosta, EricEric DeCosta 1993 Assistant General Manager, Baltimore Ravens
Gehman, HilaryHilary Gehman 1993 Olympic Rower, Sydney 2000 and Athens 2004; World Rowing Championships Medalist [19]
Jackson (American football coach), MarkMark Jackson (American football coach) 1994 Senior associate athletic director for the University of Southern California
Sittler, MeaghanMeaghan Sittler 1998 Hockey Player for the Brampton Thunder and the United States women's national ice hockey team [20]
Kennedy, CourtneyCourtney Kennedy ex-2001 Olympic Medalist on the United States women's national ice hockey team, 2002 & 2006
Warner Nickerson 2005 American Alpine Skier [21]

Business and Finance[edit]

Name Class Notability Reference
Quinby, IvoryIvory Quinby 1836 American Businessman and Philanthropist [22]
Stone, AlbertAlbert Stone 1951 Owner of Sterilite [23]
Wallace, Frank R.Frank R. Wallace 1954 Owner of Integrated Management Associates
Pugh, LawrenceLawrence Pugh 1956 former CEO of the VF Corporation
Lunder, Peter H.Peter H. Lunder 1956 former President of Dexter Shoe Company
Whidden, TomTom Whidden 1970 President of North Sails 1992–present [24]
Diamond, RobertRobert Diamond 1973 Former chief executive officer of Barclays Bank, Plc.
Edson Mitchell 1975 Director, Deutsche Bank [25]
Rosengren, Eric S.Eric S. Rosengren 1979 President and chief executive officer of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
Dragone, PeterPeter Dragone 1979 Co-inventor of the K-Cup, founder of Keurig, Inc. [26]
Sylvan, JohnJohn Sylvan 1980 Co-inventor of the K-Cup, founder of Keurig, Inc. [27]
Sweeney, DawnDawn Sweeney 1981 President and Chief Executive Officer of the National Restaurant Association [28]
Smith, ChipChip Smith 1991 Co-founder of The Glover Park Group


Name Class Notability Reference
Gammon, RolandRoland Gammon 1937 Religious author and ad-man
Savage (novelist), ThomasThomas Savage (novelist) 1940 Novelist
Schwartz (children's author), AlvinAlvin Schwartz (children's author) 1949 Author of the series Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark [29]
Parker, Robert B.Robert B. Parker 1954 Author of the Spenser detective novels
Perham, JoeJoe Perham 1955 American humorist [30]
Proulx, AnnieAnnie Proulx ex-1957 Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Shipping News and Brokeback Mountain
Snyder, Don J.Don J. Snyder 1968 American novelist and screenwriter [31]
Smith, Gregory WhiteGregory White Smith 1973 Pulitzer Prize winning author of Jackson Pollock: An American Saga [32]
Tuttle, WillWill Tuttle 1975 Author The World Peace Diet and prominent vegan
Gottesfeld, JeffJeff Gottesfeld 1977 novelist Anne Frank and Me and screen/TV writer The Young and the Restless
Taylor (historian), AlanAlan Taylor (historian) 1977 Pulitzer Prize and Bancroft Prize winning author and historian specializing in early American history.
Brox, JaneJane Brox 1978 American author and 2007 Guggenheim Fellow [33]
Boyle, GerryGerry Boyle 1978 Novelist and Colby English Professor
Becker, GeoffreyGeoffrey Becker 1980 American short story writer [34]
Greenlaw, LindaLinda Greenlaw 1983 Author of Hungry Ocean (captain of the Hannah Boden, sister ship to the Andrea Gail which went down in "The Perfect Storm" 1991)
Mailman, ErikaErika Mailman 1991 American author and journalist [35]
von Ziegesar, CecilyCecily von Ziegesar 1992 Novelist, creator of "Gossip Girl" series
Doyon, StephanieStephanie Doyon 1993 American novelist, best known for The Greatest Man in Cedar Hole [36]
Langan, SarahSarah Langan 1996 Bram Stoker Award winning Novelist [37]
Magary, DrewDrew Magary 1998 Writer for Deadspin and GQ Magazine, Author of The Postmortal and Someone Could Get Hurt [38]
Baldwin, RosecransRosecrans Baldwin 1999 American novelist and essayist, co-founder of The Morning News
Barr Kirtley, DavidDavid Barr Kirtley 2000 Science fiction author and co-founder of Geek's Guide to the Galaxy


Name Class Notability Reference
Lorimer, George HoraceGeorge Horace Lorimer 1898 Editor-in-chief of The Saturday Evening Post
Roderick (correspondent), JohnJohn Roderick (correspondent) 1937 Correspondent for the Associated Press
Sargent, Dwight E.Dwight E. Sargent 1939 Editorial writer for the The New York Herald Tribune, 1951 Nieman Fellow
Jaspin, Elliot G.Elliot G. Jaspin 1969 1979 winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Investigative Reporting [39]
Rothenberg, StuartStuart Rothenberg 1970 editor and publisher of The Rothenberg Political Report, CNN Political Analyst, and syndicated columnist
Capers, Robert S.Robert S. Capers 1971 1992 winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Explanatory Reporting [40]
Epstein, DaveDave Epstein 1986 Columnist, Television Meteorologist
Fine, Andrea NixAndrea Nix Fine 1991 Oscar Winner, 2013 Best Documentary Short Subject [41]
Walter, AmyAmy Walter 1991 Political Director ABC News, former House editor for the Cook Political Report, and current Editor in Chief of The Hotline
Harris (television reporter), DanDan Harris (television reporter) 1993 ABC News Anchor & Reporter
Bush, BillyBilly Bush 1994 TV personality and nephew of President George H. W. Bush
Beech, HannahHannah Beech 1995 Journalist for Time Magazine
Lee (reporter), SarahSarah Lee (reporter) 1995 Washington DC news reporter
Apuzzo, MattMatt Apuzzo 2000 2012 winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Investigative Reporting [42]

Politics and government[edit]

Members of the United States Congress[edit]

Name Class Notability Reference
Parris, Virgil D.Virgil D. Parris ex-1827 U.S. Representative from Maine 1837–1840 [43]
Jewett, Daniel T.Daniel T. Jewett ex-1830 U.S. Senator from Missouri 1870–1871 [44]
Brooks (Whig), JamesJames Brooks (Whig) 1831 U.S. Representative from New York 1849–1853, 1863–1866, 1867–1873
Moor, Wyman B. S.Wyman B. S. Moor 1831 U.S. Senator from Maine 1848, Maine Attorney General 1844-1847 [45]
Wiley, James S.James S. Wiley 1836 U.S. Representative from Maine, 1847-1849 [46]
Butler (politician), Benjamin FranklinBenjamin Franklin Butler (politician) 1838 U.S. Representative from Massachusetts 1867-1875, 1877-1879, Civil War general, 33rd Governor of Massachusetts
Coburn, StephenStephen Coburn 1839 U.S. Representative from Maine, 1861
Norris, Benjamin WhiteBenjamin White Norris 1843 U.S. Representative from Alabama, 1868-1869
Dunnell, Mark H.Mark H. Dunnell 1849 U.S. Representative from Minnesota 1871-1883, 1889-1891
Milliken, Seth L.Seth L. Milliken ex-1852 U.S. Representative from Maine 1883-1897
Dingley, Jr., NelsonNelson Dingley, Jr. 1855 U.S. Representative from Maine 1881–1899, 34th Governor of Maine 1874-1876 [47]
Buck, Alfred EliabAlfred Eliab Buck 1859 U.S. Representative from Alabama 1869-1871, United States Ambassador to Japan, 1897 to 1902
Shannon, Richard C.Richard C. Shannon 1862 U.S. Representative from New York 1895-1899, Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary to El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica 1891-1893 [48]
Goodwin, ForrestForrest Goodwin 1880 U.S. Representative from Maine 1913
Hinds, AsherAsher Hinds 1883 U.S. Representative from Maine 1911-1917
Nelson (Maine), John E.John E. Nelson (Maine) 1898 U.S. Representative from Maine 1921-1933
Goodwin, AngierAngier Goodwin 1902 U.S. Representative from Massachusetts 1943-1955
Nelson (congressman), Charles P.Charles P. Nelson (congressman) 1928 U.S. Representative from Maine 1949-1957
Merrow, Chester EarlChester Earl Merrow 1929 U.S. Representative from New Hampshire 1943-1963
Gurney, EdwardEdward Gurney 1935 U.S. Senator from Florida (1969–1974)

United States Federal and State Court justices[edit]

Name Class Notability Reference
Bonney, PercivalPercival Bonney 1863 Maine Superior Court Judge, 1878-1906 [49]
Cornish, Leslie C.Leslie C. Cornish 1875 Chief Justice of the Maine Supreme Judicial Court 1917-1925
Philbrook, Warren C.Warren C. Philbrook 1882 Mayor of Waterville 1899-1900, Maine Attorney General 1909-10, Justice of the Maine Supreme Judicial Court 1913 - 1928 [50]
McLellan, Hugh DeanHugh Dean McLellan 1895 Federal judge on the United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts
Jabar, JosephJoseph Jabar 1968 Justice of the Maine Supreme Judicial Court, 2009–present [51]
Melvin, Kenneth R.Kenneth R. Melvin 1974 Circuit Court Judge and member of the Virginia House of Delegates [52]

United States Governors[edit]

Name Class Notability Reference
Cony, SamuelSamuel Cony ex-1829 31st Governor of Maine, 1864-1867 [53]
Ramsdell, George A.George A. Ramsdell ex-1857 46th Governor of New Hampshire 1897-1899 [54]
Plaisted, Harris M.Harris M. Plaisted 1853 Governor of Maine 1881-1883
Powers, LlewellynLlewellyn Powers ex-1861 Governor of Maine 1901-1908 [55]
Stearns, MarcellusMarcellus Stearns 1863 Governor of Florida 1874-1877 [56]

Other United States Political and Legal figures[edit]

Name Class Notability Reference
Jewett, Albert G.Albert G. Jewett 1823 United States Chargé d'Affaires to Peru 1845-1847
Lovejoy, Elijah P.Elijah P. Lovejoy 1826 Abolitionist
Gray, Edgar HarknessEdgar Harkness Gray 1838 Baptist clergyman and former Chaplain of the Senate
Swett, LeonardLeonard Swett c. 1840-45 close friend of President Lincoln and an organizer for the 1860 Chicago Republican National Convention
Drummond, Josiah HaydenJosiah Hayden Drummond 1846 16th Attorney General of Maine, 1860-1863
Kalloch, Isaac SmithIsaac Smith Kalloch 1852 Baptist minister, founder and first president of Ottawa University, mayor of San Francisco, California
Hamlin (general), CyrusCyrus Hamlin (general) 1859 General in the Union Army [57]
Tripp, BartlettBartlett Tripp ex-1861 Ambassador to Austria 1893-1897 [58]
Merriam, Henry C.Henry C. Merriam ex-1862 United States Army general awarded Medal of Honor
Lyford, Edwin FrancisEdwin Francis Lyford 1877 Massachusetts State Senator, 1894 [59]
Lord, HerbertHerbert Lord 1884 Director of the United States Bureau of the Budget (now the Office of Management and Budget), 1922-1929
Boyd, ByronByron Boyd 1886 Secretary of State of Maine, 1897 to 1907 [60]
Day, HolmanHolman Day 1887 Military secretary to the Governor of Maine John Fremont Hill 1901-1904
Miller, Merton L.Merton L. Miller 1890 Acting Chief of the Ethnological Survey for the Philippine Islands
Smith, George OtisGeorge Otis Smith 1893 Director of United States Geological Survey 1907-1922, first chairman of the Federal Power Commission
Anthony, Robert N.Robert N. Anthony 1938 United States Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller), 1965-1968 [61]
Kelly, Rachel BubarRachel Bubar Kelly 1947 Prohibition Party candidate for United States Vice President
Gelbard, Robert S.Robert S. Gelbard 1964 United States Ambassador to Bolivia (1988–1991) and United States Ambassador to Indonesia (1999–2001)
Hart, Peter D.Peter D. Hart 1964 founder of Peter D. Hart Research Associates, a political polling organization
Rouse, PetePete Rouse 1968 Chief of Staff to President Barack Obama, former Senior Advisor to President Barack Obama, former Chief of Staff to Tom Daschle
Duddy, PatrickPatrick Duddy 1972 United States Ambassador to Venezuela 2007-2010
Lemoine, DavidDavid Lemoine 1978 State Treasurer of Maine 2005-2010
Linsky, DavidDavid Linsky 1979 Massachusetts House of Representatives
Forman, PeterPeter Forman 1980 Minority Leader of the Massachusetts House of Representatives 1991-1995 [62]
Mellon, ChristopherChristopher Mellon 1980 Staff Director of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence 1989-1999
Betro, Thomas A.Thomas A. Betro 1981 Director of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service 2006 - 2010
Hanley, DanaDana Hanley 1984 Member of the Maine Senate, 1992-1996 [63]
McCarthy, Patricia M.Patricia M. McCarthy 1984 Assistant Director in the Commercial Litigation Branch of the United States Department of Justice Civil Division, 2003-present
Doyle (politician), PaulPaul Doyle (politician) 1985 Connecticut Senator from the Ninth District [64]
McCormack, SeanSean McCormack 1986 Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs and U.S. State Department Spokesman
Webster, Daniel K.Daniel K. Webster 1987 Massachusetts State Representatives, 2003-2013. [65]
Marcello, MichaelMichael Marcello 1990 Member of the Rhode Island House of Representatives 2009–present [66]
O'Neill, J. PatrickJ. Patrick O'Neill 1993 Member of the Rhode Island House of Representatives 2005–present [67]
Rice, Andrew MonroeAndrew Monroe Rice 1996 2008 Democratic Nominee, Candidate, United States Senate (Oklahoma) (Lost to Senator James Inhofe)
Beliveau, DevinDevin Beliveau 2001 Maine State Representative from District 151, 2010-2012
Palmer, Jr., Linwood E.Linwood E. Palmer, Jr. Maine Legislator, Candidate, Maine Governor, 1978


Name Class Notability Reference
Boardman (missionary), GeorgeGeorge Boardman (missionary) 1822 First Graduate of Colby College, Baptist Missionary
Low, Mary CaffreyMary Caffrey Low 1875 Founder, Sigma Kappa Sorority
Hoag, Elizabeth GorhamElizabeth Gorham Hoag Founder, Sigma Kappa Sorority
Fuller, IdaIda Fuller Founder, Sigma Kappa Sorority
Hall, Frances Elliott MannFrances Elliott Mann Hall Founder, Sigma Kappa Sorority
Coburn, Louise HelenLouise Helen Coburn Founder, Sigma Kappa Sorority
Patten, Arthur B.Arthur B. Patten 1890 United States Congregational Church clergyman
Porter, BernBern Porter 1932 Artist and Scientist [68]
Sternberg, StephenStephen Sternberg 1941 Pathologist and Author
Thompson, Myron "Pinky"Myron "Pinky" Thompson 1950 Trustee of the Bishop Estate (now known as Kamehameha Schools), President of the Polynesian Voyaging Society
Ott, RikiRiki Ott 1976 Marine toxicologist oil spill expert
(Zembillas) of Pittsburgh, SavasSavas (Zembillas) of Pittsburgh 1979 Bishop of the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Pittsburgh
Dufresne, WylieWylie Dufresne Chef and owner of wd~50 restaurant in New York City, featured as a judge on Top Chef
Allain, TaraTara Allain 2008 Miss Maine 2007

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