List of Confederate arms manufacturers

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This is a list of Confederate arms manufacturers. The Confederate States of America was a government set up from 1861 to 1865 by eleven Southern slave states that had declared their secession from the United States. The Confederate States Army was the army of the Confederate States of America while the Confederacy existed during the American Civil War. Companies appearing in this list were manufacturers of arms within the confederate states.

Company Location Founded Description Production
Alexander, John & Co Charleston, South Carolina
Cameron & Company Charleston, South Carolina
Cameron, Taylor, & Johnson Charleston, South Carolina
Congaree Foundry Columbia, South Carolina
Cook & Brother Athens, Georgia
J. M. Eason Bros. Charleston, South Carolina
Palmetto Iron Works Columbia, South Carolina 1850 Produced various small arms and ordnance.
Model 1842 musket with bayonets, M1841 Mississippi Rifle, M1842 dragoon pistol, M1840 Cavalry saber, M1840 light artillery sabers, and 10-inch shells
George W. Morse Greenville, South Carolina
S. C. Robinson Arms Manufactory Richmond, Virginia Produced a variant of the M1859 Sharps carbine Produced approximately 3,000 Sharps Carbines during the war
State Military Works Greenville, South Carolina 1861
Greensboro, North Carolina