List of Ecumenical Patriarchs of Constantinople

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Bishops of Byzantium (until 330)[edit]

On May 11, 330 the town of Constantinople was consecrated by the Roman emperor Constantine I on the site of an already-existing city, Byzantium, thus becoming the capital of the East Roman Empire (known also as Byzantine Empire).

Archbishops of Constantinople (330–451)[edit]

Patriarchs of Constantinople (since 451)[edit]



On May 29, 1453 occurred the Fall of Constantinople, thus marking the end of the Byzantine Empire. The Ecumenical Patriarchate became subject to the Ottoman Empire.


There are different suggestions by scholars for the succession of the Patriarchs from 1462 to 1466. The main positions are the following:


On July 23, 1833 the Church of Greece declared itself autocephalous. It was followed by the Romanian Orthodox Church in 1864, Bulgarian Exarchate in 1872, Serbian Church in 1879, thus reducing the extension of the Ecumenical Patriarchate


On July 24, 1923 the Ottoman Empire dissolved, replaced by the Republic of Turkey



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  • different spelling on same names:

left column: names as seen on

  • Timotheus=Timothy
  • Germanus=Germanius
  • Stephanus=Stephen
  • Demetrios=Demetrius
  • Theòdøros=Theodore

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