List of Coronation Street characters (1977)

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Suzie Birchall[edit]

Suzie Birchall
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Cheryl Murray
Duration 1974,1975-76,1977–79,1980,1983
First appearance 10 January 1977
Last appearance 29 June 1983
Classification Former, regular
Occupation Shop assistant

Suzanne "Suzie" Birchall was played by actress Cheryl Murray from January 1977 to December 1979 and then again in 1983. Suzie was a cynical peroxide blonde teenager who was more interested in having fun than personal responsibility. She made fast friends with Gail Potter and roomed with her at Elsie Tanner's house. Her first storyline involved her getting her foot stuck through Hilda Ogden's ceiling. Her father Bob was a control freak and he showed up in the Street to take her back home. When he tried to take her by force, Steve Fisher intervened, getting a punch in the face before Bob washed his hands of his daughter and drove off alone. She later kept company with a sugar daddy and found fleeting romance, which was her ticket out of the Street. She returned in early 1983 seemingly with her life back on track but it was soon clear that she was back to her old tricks. After Susie tried to seduce Gail's husband Brian Tilsley away, her former mentor Elsie threw her out and she left the Street again and this time for good.

Tracy Barlow[edit]

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