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From left to right: Courage, Muriel, and Eustace.

This is a full list of characters from Courage the Cowardly Dog, which aired on Cartoon Network from 1999 through 2002.

Main characters[edit]


Voiced by Howard Hoffman (pilot) and Marty Grabstein (series)[1]

Courage is the protagonist of the show, and an overly frightened pink beagle dog who lives in Nowhere, Kansas. He was abandoned as a puppy after his parents were sent into outer space,[2] but was adopted by Muriel Bagge. Her husband, Eustace, regularly mistreats him. Ironically, given his name, Courage is a genuine coward, but still goes to great lengths to protect his owners; to the end, he often gets injured, sometimes quite brutally, or almost killed and only surviving through his determination and/or pure luck. Despite his cowardice, Courage is very clever and resourceful when the situation demands it, outsmarting the villains most of the time. Aiding him at saving the day is a self-aware, sarcastic and seemingly omniscient Computer that he keeps in the attic with which he could consult for information in how to remedy any predicament he faces (though it never fails to badmouth him in one way or another). He got his name when Muriel found him as a puppy alone in an alley and remarked that he must be quite brave to be there by himself.[2]

Though capable of speaking fluent English, Courage mostly does so only to the viewers and other non-human characters, tending to speak in unintelligible gibberish to most human characters (except for Dr. Vindaloo, who is the only human who can completely understand Courage's communication, despite being a doctor for humans). This was likely done to better show what the human hears as opposed to actual speech. Therefore, though impossible in real life, Courage sometimes transforms into other beings, or simply objects, and may include effects such as turning into other characters, weapons, and different vehicles to convey his messages, exaggerating the danger. However, this does not seem to be much more comprehensible to the humans. Often, after being hurt by one of his many assailants, he will do a dazed laugh. He often says, "The things I do for love" when he is about to do something brave, "I just know something bad is going to happen" when there is something afoot, and "I know I shouldn't, but I gotta" when he is about to enter a villain's hideout. He tends to whisper "Oh no" to himself when something bad is going on. He also sometimes states, "Something fishy is going on, or my name is [absurd, goofy name]... And it’s not." Other variations include "I'm telling you there's someone here" and "Something smells fishy". Courage also has a big hole in one of his teeth but, at certain times, he had a gold tooth and a wrench for a tooth in "The Curse of Shirley" and "Swindlin' Wind".[3][4]

During the development of the series, Dilworth had resembled Courage as Hamilton in the animated short "Smart Talk with Raisin" which had physically and emotionally, and one of the closest ancestor of the series.[5]



Voiced by Howard Hoffman (pilot), Thea White (series),[1] and Kath Soucie (as a child)

Muriel loves Courage and is a kind, peaceful, sweet, elderly and overweight Scottish-American woman who took Courage in when he was a puppy.[2] She is the damsel in distress. She often carries a rolling pin that she hits her husband Eustace with when he harasses Courage. She likes tea and usually tends her garden. She has a great fondness for cooking; however, her recipes tend to include an excessive amount of vinegar (which she swears by), much to the distaste of both Courage and Eustace. She is frequently kidnapped by the villain of the week, is quite gullible and is easily tricked by the villains no matter how bizarre or pathetic their disguises are. Muriel loves Eustace, but is not at all fond of his mother. Muriel always tries to get Eustace to do the right thing.



Voiced by Howard Hoffman (pilot), Lionel G. Wilson (Episodes 1-33),[1] Arthur Anderson (Episodes 34-52 and all other media), and Wallace Shawn (The Fog of Courage)[1]

Eustace, is Muriel's mean, grumpy, selfish, greedy and cruel husband. An old farmer obsessed with money and his truck, Eustace is also the current owner of the farm house which was previously owned by his now deceased brother Horst. He has a very negative and uptight personality; he frequently mistreats Courage and calls him a "stupid dog". Eustace is known for his trademark glasses, which are identical in appearance to Muriel's, and his brown hat which shields his bald head. Eustace often refers to Courage simply as "Dog" and rarely (in only 2 episodes) addresses him by his name. He regularly demands Muriel as well; in one episode, Muriel develops amnesia and Eustace convinces her that she is a "slave woman".[6] Still, he does love his wife, as evidenced by his concern for her well-being in a few episodes.

In many episodes, whenever Muriel is in danger, Eustace will often be preoccupied with something else and not even notice or he will just choose to not even acknowledge the fact that his wife is in danger, which often leads Courage to save Muriel on his own. Eustace is also commonly the subject of a rather unpleasant ending, whether it being a backfire of his get-rich-quick scheme or the villain of the episode going after him or, better yet, he gets his just-desserts at the end, often in quite brutal ways.

Eustace takes great pleasure in terrorizing Courage despite the fact that he frequently saves him from the monsters that terrorize him and Muriel, which primarily stems from jealousy of the attention he receives from Muriel, as well as similar abuse he received from his parents and brother, which led to him feeling like an outcast; the most common of these scare tactics against Courage is Eustace pulling out a large green painted mask with a crazy looking in its eyes and shouting, "Oooga-booga-booga!" for laughs. Although Eustace primarily uses the mask, he has substituted it with other things that terrorizes Courage. His cruelty towards Courage often results in Muriel bashing him over the head with a rolling pin or whatever else may be handy at the time, usually causing him to respond with "Ow! What did I do?". During these attempts to harm Courage. On occasion, though, Eustace would team up with Courage, mostly when money is involved, though once he did it to exorcise a demon from Muriel, and once to rid Muriel of the "weremole" from another episode. Eustace hides a mallet under his bed for protection.

Lionel G. Wilson originally voiced the character, but left midway through the third season due to illness (and eventually died a year after the show ended[7]) and was replaced by Arthur Anderson. However, some vocals and sounds of grunting, screaming and catchphrases from Lionel have been used while Arthur was recording. In The Fog Of Courage, Wallace Shawn replaced Anderson as the voice of Eustace.



Voiced by Paul Schoeffler[1]

Katz is a red, lanky anthropomorphic cat, complete with an English accent and his own background music whenever he appears (Florence Caillon's "Dou"). He is Courage's nemesis and the show's most recurring antagonist. He specializes in scam businesses such as a vacation resort, a candy shop, a motel and a submarine cruise line. He is extremely sadistic and many of his businesses involve torturing or outright killing his customers; for example, in "Night at the Katz Motel," he fed his motel residents to flesh-eating spiders,[8] and in "Klub Katz," he transformed the vacationers into anthropomorphic machines to fight for him gladiator-style.[9] He always cons Muriel and Eustace (who never seem to have any memory of him) into trying whatever service he is providing, but Courage never falls for his schemes. All of his businesses enforce a strict "No Dogs Allowed" policy, forcing Courage to sneak in.

He always enjoys a "little sport", as all of his battles with Courage are games, such as a staring contest[10] which he always seems to win, though he is always thwarted in the end. His catchphrase (typically uttered whenever he gets injured) is "I wish you hadn't done that", or "Sad, isn't it?" whenever he explains a personal background story, or "A bit of sport before dying, Dear Boy?" when battling Courage.[8] Most of his scams start with "Welcome to Katz (scam). I'm Katz".[8][9][10][11]

Le Quack[edit]

Voiced by Paul Schoeffler[1]

Le Quack is a French con-artist duck and he is the show's second most recurring villain, with Katz being the first. Le Quack first appears early in the show's first season, in which he has a fake amnesia-specialist license; he comes to the Bagge's house when Muriel suffers from amnesia.[6] Since then, he frequently returns and manages to dupe the Bagges into helping him commit crime sprees.[6] Like Katz, Le Quack is never remembered by the Bagges.

He has always been stopped by Courage and sent to prison, but manages to escape, often shown leaving a scene of destruction with the declaration of "You have not seen/heard the last of Le Quack."[6]

Di Lung[edit]

Voiced by Tim Chi Ly

Di Lung is a young Chinese American inventor who goes to Courage to either play with him or test his inventions on him. He made his debut appearance in the episode "Hothead". He is very inconsiderate and rude and usually gets caught in the middle of the chaos happening in Nowhere, prompting him to shout his catchphrase of "Watch where you're going, ya foo!", which is a running gag in the series.[12] Di Lung has two aunts: one good and one bad, who are both the Empresses of China; thus, this could make him royalty.[13] He is also the inventor of Mecha Courage.[14]

Most of his appearances feature him wearing female sandals but in "Squatting Tiger, Hidden Dog" and "Aqua Farmer", he sometimes wears green sneakers. Di Lung can also be seen wearing sunglasses. Di Lung speaks with a stereotypical Chinese accent and his laugh also has this accent, but it is much more exaggerated than his speaking accent, almost making a clucking sound. His voice actor is Tim Chi Ly, who also serves as one of the show's animators.

Other antagonists[edit]

Benton Tarentella and Erroll Van Volkheim[edit]

Voiced by Peter Fernandez

Benton Tarentella (a pun of Quentin Tarantino) and Erroll Van Volkheim (a pun of Erich Von Stroheim) are a zombified duo of murderers/snuff film directors. They would pose as ordinary movie producers to lure unsuspecting victims to their fates, killing them in the process. Eventually, they were jailed for their crimes,[15] though Van Volkheim was released from jail for good behavior, while Tarantella died in prison. However, Van Volkheim eventually died as well and was buried in a cemetery that the Bagge farmhouse was built over. Later, Benton had risen from his grave as a zombie and he first appears at the Bagges' house claiming he wants them to be in a movie he's making. However, he tricks them into filming a fake movie only to resurrect Van Volkheim so they can both devour Muriel (who happens to be cast in the film as a human sacrifice). Their weakness was that they follow the script to the "movie", even after Courage modified it. The frustrated partners decided to give up their plan and end their partnership.[15]

Mr. Tarantella later returns on his own and casts the Bagges and Courage in a reality TV show called Angry Nasty People.[16] In this show, Eustace's mistreatment of Courage and Muriel are exploited for laughs and the show becomes very popular. Tarantella and Eustace enjoy the high ratings and money respectively, at the expense of Courage and Muriel. Eventually, Tarantella creates a being based on Eustace named Mr. Nasty, who co-stars with Eustace as they both mistreat Courage and Muriel, but soon Mr. Nasty begins to humiliate Eustace as well. Tired of the humiliation, Courage decides to drive Mr. Nasty out of the farmhouse. Courage then trips Tarantella, causing him to fall into a pit of quicksand (thus defeating him and resulting in Angry Nasty People getting cancelled).[16]

The Cajun Fox[edit]

Voiced by Paul Schoeffler

The Cajun Fox is a fox obsessed with cooking. He kidnaps Muriel in order to make a stew, using her as the final ingredient, but he ends up falling into the pot of stew himself when Courage falls on top of him and Muriel just as he is about to throw Muriel into the pot, making a "Cajun fox stew" instead.[17]

He wears oval-shaped sunglasses that hide his big, bulging eyes. He was a part of an anti-Courage group whose aim was to kill Courage; after the episode, he was presumed dead when Courage's extremely loud & ear-splitting scream created a massive fissure that swallowed him and five other villains up.

Freaky Fred[edit]

Voiced by Paul Schoeffler

Freaky Fred is Muriel's creepy nephew who was sent to the "home for freaky barbers", due to his obsession with cutting hair in an absurd manner. While visiting Muriel, he gets locked in the bathroom with Courage because of Eustace, and continuously shaves off all of Courage's fur, (except from the tail and a part where he left "With love- Fred") pausing to reminisce about similar incidents involving his pet gerbil, his former girlfriend Barbara and a customer at his barber shop.[18]

Aside from his obsession with cutting hair, he has no other psychotic tendencies and does seem to have a sense of what he thinks is weird, because he chooses not to shave Courage's tail on the grounds that it "would be weird". He is perhaps one of the few non-violent antagonists in the series.[18]

Most of his dialogue is rendered to himself in prose, in which he inserts the word "naughty" at every fourth line, or alternatively "in a certain mood" or "you know".[18]

The Clutching Foot[edit]

Voiced by Paul Schoeffler

The Clutching Foot is a strange foot fungus that Eustace had gotten and somehow engulfed him completely and mutated into a self-aware being. It resembles a giant purple left foot with heads for toes and acts as if it were a stereotypical criminal mob, with the big toe as the kingpin, and the smaller toes as his goons. The big toe's speech mannerisms mimic that of Edward G. Robinson, particularly by ending most sentences with, "See?".

After they take over Eustace's body, they tackle Muriel and threaten to crush her with the big toe ending with most sentences saying "or the fat lady gets it". They use this threat to force Courage to help them commit crimes, such as bank robberies and train crashes.[19] Later, Courage defeats the Clutching Foot by licking it, causing it to disappear and freeing Eustace and Muriel.[19] However, Courage later gets a similar talking fungus on his tongue.[19]

Some time later, the Clutching Foot somehow managed to return as a separate being and joined a group dedicated to killing Courage; they were presumed dead after they fell (with five other villains) into a fissure created by Courage's scream.

Dr. Gerbil[edit]

Dr. Gerbil is a gerbil who speaks with a Southern accent, who has gone mad due to being experimented on and feeling trapped by his previous owners. He is now a mad scientist, who performs strange experiments on humans with homemade cosmetic products, because he believes that he needs to exact revenge on humans for what they do to animals.[20]

Dr. Žalost[edit]

Voiced by Paul Schoeffler impersonating Vladimir Dragutinović

Dr. Žalost is "the greatest unhappy scientist who ever lived" who lives in a giant, moving tower. He lives with his assistant, Rat, whom he constantly asks for a hug. The tower has a giant number of cannons, which are charged with "special" cannonballs that causes a state of sadness in people hit by them.[21] Eustace is initially immune to them since he is already unhappy, but when he is hit with one later, he turns to stone.[21] Eventually, Muriel is hit by one of them, and Courage had to enter the tower to save his owner. But a cannonball rolling down a slide made Rat much more terrible and strong than before.[21] Courage ends up feeding him, Žalost and the tower's core with Muriel's Happy Plums and, as a result, Dr. Žalost finally found happiness (and his tower was destroyed). Rat also became a baby, who would look up to Žalost.

He speaks with a stereotypical Slavic accent ("Žalost" means sorrow in several Slavic languages).[22] Žalost was one of the villains to call Courage a "stupid dog."[21]

The Goose God[edit]

Voiced by Paul Schoeffler[23]

The Goose God is an anthropomorphic goose who came down from the heavens to search for the woman of his dreams, and ended up falling in love with Muriel, whom he competed with Courage for Eustace to make his wife and queen (even though Eustace is completely unaware this is happening). He later falls for Eustace's truck after hearing it honk.[24] He has made cameos in various other episodes (usually lying on top of the truck[25]).

Jeeves "Evil" Weevil[edit]

Jeeves "Evil" Weevil is a giant, polite, blood-sucking weevil who wears a blue tuxedo and hat. When the Bagges accidentally run him over with their truck and injure him, he is accepted into their home.[26] While a seeming gentleman, he begins to suck the life out of the ever-oblivious Muriel and Eustace. He does not suck out dogs' lives, so Courage is unharmed. He succeeds at sucking out Eustace's life.[26] Jeeves enjoys broccoli very much (as is evident in the contest in which he defeats Courage by eating progressively nastier broccoli).

Courage ultimately stops him by tricking him into sucking his own life.[26] He becomes a tiny weevil, angrily saying in a high pitched voice, "Stupid dog!", kicks Courage in the kneecap, and angrily leaves, leaving his clothes behind.[26] Muriel gets back to normal, while Eustace returns as a flower.[26]

The King of Flan[edit]

Voiced by Jorge Pupo

The King of Flan is the proprietor of a company that makes flan. He produces a TV commercial which uses hypnotism to attract customers, all of whom become morbidly obese after eating too much flan.[27] The company is located in 1 Flan Drive Flansville, Kansas.[27] Muriel and Eustace were put under the King of Flan's hypnotic spell, and Courage was partially put under the spell as well; but he was not too obsessed with flan in order to be able to save his family. Courage sneaks into the King of Flan's headquarters to foil his plot.[27]

The King of Flan was defeated by being hypnotized by his own commercial on a giant billboard sign, resulting in him being obsessed with flan as well.[27] Courage then decides to broadcast his own hypnotic spell on TV, thus ending Muriel and Eustace's obsession with flan. At the end of the episode, both the King of Flan and Courage become obese from eating so much flan.[27]

King Ramses[edit]

Voiced by series creator John R. Dilworth[citation needed]

King Ramses is the ghost of a pharaoh from ancient Egypt. Two grave robbers steal a slab (decorated with images of King Ramses and pictures corresponding to each of his three curses) from his tomb and flee to Nowhere, but Ramses appears and demands the return of his slab.[28] They refuse, so Ramses summons a swarm of locusts.[28]

The slab ends up in the Bagges' yard, where Courage finds it and shows it to Eustace.[28] Eustace is uninterested in the slab at first; but then he learns of its worth and plans to sell it for lots of money. But again, Ramses appears to demand his slab back, warning, "Return the slab or suffer my curse."[28] Eustace keeps refusing, so Ramses places three curses on the Bagges' home: a flood, a terrible song on a record player, and another swarm of locusts which destroys half of their house.[28] Even as the Bagges suffer each of these curses, Eustace is far too greedy and persistent to let go of the slab; leaving it to Courage to solve this problem.[28] Courage manages to take the slab and return it to Ramses' tomb, so that the pharaoh stops bothering Courage and Muriel.[28] However, King Ramses has one more curse: he traps Eustace in an engraving on his tomb.[28]

The Mummy[edit]

The Mummy, who appeared in the episode "Courage Meets The Mummy", is the reanimated corpse of the royal baker of an ancient Mayan princess. The baker was framed by the princess' royal poobah for stealing cookies that he baked for the princess. At the orders of the princess, the baker had "his mouth sewn shut, his eyebrows plucked, and his body mummified". The Mummy descends on Courage's home to seek revenge on Eustace and Muriel, who are the reincarnations of the royal Poobah and the Mayan princess, respectively.

After hearing the news from Professor Frith, who was mauled by the Mummy, Courage hypnotizes his owners into believing they are their ancient alter-egos. The Mummy limps into their farm house as they are reenacting the incident which led to his mummification, who is promptly accused by Eustace of stealing the royal cookies. Muriel initially believes Eustace, until Courage, as the royal servant, convinces her that Eustace is the real thief. Muriel then exonerates the Mummy of his accused crime, and he returns to his tomb with Eustace's sheet.

Mad Dog[edit]

Mad Dog is the fierce leader of an evil dog-gang who began dating Bunny, who at some point, for an unknown reason, moved in with him, but was jealous of her friendship with Kitty. When he discovered that Kitty was trying to get Bunny to leave him, he threatened her, causing her to run away. This prompted Bunny to stay with him against her will, and her mind was constantly on Kitty. One night, he and his gang foiled Bunny's attempt to escape and put her in a large flower pot. However, Courage freed Bunny and defeated his hounds. As he chased them, Courage tells Bunny to run and managed to get inside Mad Dog's car as he chased Bunny. He took Mad Dog's wheel and steered the car onto the railroad tracks and right towards an Amtrak train. Courage jumped clear before the crash but Mad Dog ended up injured with his car destroyed. Bunny then reunited with Kitty.

Mecha Courage[edit]

Mecha Courage is a robotic version of Courage that was created by Di Lung in an attempt to prove that he has created a dog that is superior to Courage in every way.[14] Mecha Courage resembles a mini-dome, colored pink and purple underside and tail, on wheels, with a red, blinking light for a nose. It should be interesting to note that Muriel and Eustace can't tell the difference (despite Mecha Courage doing things that are impossible for a dog to do: i.e. set the table, fix plumbing, etc.). He is destroyed by overheating as a result of him ruthlessly beating Courage.[14] Eustace liked Mecha Courage and, at the end of the episode, he tells Muriel that they should get a mechanical dog to replace Courage.[14] Obviously, Muriel refuses politely.[14]

Mr. Nasty[edit]

Mr. Nasty is a being created by Benton Tarantella from Eustace's true evil essence.[16] He is similar to Eustace (both in identity and personality), only with sunglasses in place of his eyeglasses, blue skin, and a deeper voice. After Mr. Nasty is brought into existence, he co-stars in Tarantella's reality TV show Angry Nasty People alongside Eustace, in which they both mistreat Courage and Muriel. However, Courage manages to drive Mr. Nasty out of the farmhouse, and then trips Tarantella into a pit of quicksand (defeating him and resulting in Angry Nasty People getting canceled).[16] In the end, Eustace and Mr. Nasty star in their own talk show (titled Mr. Nasty and the Farmer).[16] Mr. Nasty is shown taking most of the money, much to Eustace's dismay.[16]

Mustafa al Bacterius[edit]

Voiced by Arnold Stang

Mustafa al Bacterius is an alien who appears in "Mission to the Sun". When Courage and the Bagges are sent on a mission to prevent the Sun from burning out, Bacterius attempts to sabotage their mission by firstly infecting and controlling Muriel's mind, and then using her to destroy their spaceship. Eventually, he is sucked out of the ship through the toilet and infects Eustace at the end of the episode.

The Queen of the Black Puddle[edit]

The Queen of the Black Puddle is an otherworldly siren temptress who resides within a supernatural black puddle. Her sinister goals are to seduce men gradually until she eventually manages to guide them to her puddle, where she eats them. She appeared in an episode where she successfully managed to charm Eustace and almost succeeded in devouring him, but Courage triumphed over her after a battle with her. At the episode's end, when Courage is bathing, a canine version of the Queen of the Black Puddle appears from the bath water. She later returns as part of the group to get rid of Courage.

The Giant Ape[edit]

The Giant Ape is an ape that appears in "1,000 Years of Courage". When Courage and his owners are sent to a future Earth inhabited by talking banana people, the Big Ape poses as the Banana God in order to devour the banana people, while his nephew disguises himself as a benevolent sovereign. Courage exposes the monkey's and ape's scheme, inciting the wrath of the banana people, who swiftly exact their revenge. With the ape and monkey defeated by Courage and his owners, the banana people crowned the three as their new rulers. Right after that, Courage, Eustace and Muriel are sent back to the past.

The Chicken from Outer Space[edit]

Voiced by Howard Hoffman

The Chicken from Outer Space is the show's first villain, introduced by the pilot episode of the same name. In his first appearance he tries to take over the farm, and ends up being shot by his own laser gun, turning into a headless roast chicken.[29]

Although the pilot shows him shooting himself,[29] in the sequel, ("The Revenge of the Chicken from Outer Space") he shows Courage a slideshow that depicts him as the one that pulled the trigger, which the dog doesn't remember doing.[30]

He appears in the sequel, searching the globe in his spaceship for a replacement head, abducts Muriel and attempts to steal her head. He gains Eustace's head instead, but is later shot into space, killing him for good.[30]

The Cruel Vet[edit]

The Cruel Vet is a veterinarian responsible for separating Courage from his parents as a puppy.[2] He captured them, put them in a rocket ship, and sent them to the moon, believing they would turn into super-dogs. However Courage escaped from this fate and was adopted by Muriel.[2] The vet later tries to do the same thing to Eustace, Muriel, and Courage years later but is sent to the moon himself, where he finds that all the dogs survived, including Courage's parents. Out of pure anger, the dogs proceed to viciously maul him (off-screen).[2]

The Empress[edit]

The Empress is the aunt of Di Lung, and she appeared in "Squatting Tiger, Hidden Dog", where her source of power (a magic silkworm) is dying and needs the bones of someone truly innocent to recharge it.[13] She tries to steal Muriel's bones, but is stopped by Courage and the Empress' twin sister (who is good and is the true Empress).[13]

The Great Fusilli[edit]

Voiced by Jim Cummings

The Great Fusilli is an alligator with a thick Italian accent devoted to theater arts who turns people into marionettes so that they cannot leave his show. He is defeated when he mistakes Courage for a ghost and falls off the balcony and becomes a marionette himself, but not before changing Eustace and Muriel.[31]

The Snowman[edit]

Voiced by Paul Schoeffler impersonating Sean Connery

The Snowman is a talking snowman believed to be the last of his kind due to global warming. In his first appearance, he tries to steal Eustace and Muriel's anti-melting gene. He manages to get Eustace's but Courage causes him to drop it. Courage manages to save Muriel from having hers removed. He is defeated when Courage causes him to fall into a frozen lake, making him the first "frozen snowman". But without his anti-melting gene, Eustace melts, but Courage absorbs him with a sponge, and places him in a pitcher.[32] After returning to make the "West Pole" in Nowhere, Kansas, Courage sews up the hole in the ozone and his ice land returns, along with his friends.[33]

He is last seen enjoying snow cones with his friends. His main catchphrase is "Blast!", and is one of the villains who called Courage a "stupid dog". He always introduces himself as "Man, Snow Man".

The Weremole[edit]

The Weremole is a legendary mole similar to a werewolf but much smaller, yet just as fierce. It has a taste for rabbits and people and if one is bitten by the weremole, they become one themselves. The weremole bites Muriel on the hand and when the moon is full she transforms into a weremole.[34] Courage and Eustace team up realizing that they are in more trouble than they thought. Courage and Eustace defeat the weremole when Courage drops one of the original weremole's hairs in Muriel's mouth, and Muriel returns to normal.[34]


Bushwick (though he prefers just "Shwick") is a giant, shady cockroach who comes from a New York City neighborhood of the same name. He appears in the episode "Courage in the Big Stinkin' City" and invites Muriel, along with Courage and Eustace, backstage at Radio City Music Hall so that Muriel can rehearse for a sitar concert which was a prize that she won in a contest.[35] Bushwick sends Courage away to retrieve an "evil package", threatening to sentence Muriel to be a victim of an unseen monster behind the locked door on the wall if he doesn't receive the package before curtain time. He gets arrested by the police in the end, however, and Muriel gets her concert.[35]

The Windmill Vandals[edit]

The Windmill Vandals are a group of 4 Horsebacked Vandals (Eastern Germanic Tribesmen) who once plagued the land of Nowhere. The farmer who once lived in the Farmhouse where the Bagge Family now reside constructed the windmill next to the Farmhouse, and inscribed several runes, one on each blade of the windmill, in order to keep the Vandals away. In the episode in which they appear, the windmill breaks, and the Vandals appear as wraiths to come and destroy the farmhouse. The mill is broken and repaired several times, until finally it is fully fixed, and the Vandals banished forever more.

Robot Randy[edit]

Voiced by Peter Fernandez impersonating Christopher Walken

Robot Randy is an outcast from a foreign planet populated by gigantic violent robots. He is sent to conquer Earth to redeem his honor. Once on the planet, he enslaves the residents of a farmhouse, forcing them to build statues of him. However, he is internally conflicted, as he does not wish to hurt others, but instead to whittle reindeer. Courage challenges Randy in a competition to save the Bagges. When Courage wins, Randy releases them and returns to his planet, where he is accepted for his carving skills.[36]

The Evil Eggplants[edit]

The Evil Eggplants are a group of talking eggplants that live under the Bagge's farm and are led by a large, deep purple eggplant and his dumb sidekick. They spy on the farm through a periscope placed in an eggplant Muriel grows. They decide to attack the farm because they are not getting enough water and because Muriel harvests the eggplant with the periscope, angering them because they believe it is unjust to eat an eggplant. The eggplants take Muriel captive for her treatment of the eggplant, but Courage eventually saves her and floods the chasing army of eggplants, causing them to take root and leave the farm alone. This episode is the only time the eggplants make an appearance.

Eliza and Elisa Stitch[edit]

Voiced by Fran Brill

Eliza and Elisa Stitch are a pair of conjoined twin sisters who attempt to be immortal by sewing other women's souls into a quilt. Muriel almost becomes their next victim when she tries to join their "quilt club", but they are stopped by Courage when he sews them into a piece of fabric and Eustace blows his nose on them.

Mona Lisa[edit]

Mona Lisa is a woman painted by Leonardo da Vinci and is a work of art long adored by Muriel. After the Bagges are inadvertently locked inside the Louvre, an eerie alignment of the planets occurs and the exhibits come to life including Mona Lisa and The Thinker Mona Lisa attempts to get the Thinker to kiss her, but he only thinks about it, true to his title. She ends up with another male statue after Courage hits him with Cupid's arrow and holds up her picture. She willing went back to her painting with the male statue and let Muriel go. She only appears in the episode "So In Louvre Are We Two".

The Thinker[edit]

The Thinker is the masterpiece of Auguste Rodin who goes on a date with Mona Lisa during the episode. He is constantly saying, "Let me think." every time Mona Lisa suggests something that they should do. His thinking got in the way though, and he ended up alone in a painting after the planets were no longer aligned. He also only appears in the episode "So In Louvre Are We Two".

Conway the Contaminationist[edit]

Conway the Contaminationist is an elderly man claiming to be 193 years old, and who also claims that a filthy environment is "better" and "healthier" than a clean one ("Out with the good air, in with the bad"). He only appears in the episode of the same name, in which he pollutes the Bagge farm and convinces Muriel and Eustace to be filthy as well. Eventually, Courage has to literally clean up Conway's act and sends him away in a large balloon full of the filth that was brought into the house.

Major recurring characters[edit]


Voiced by Simon Prebble impersonating Boris Karloff[1]

Courage's computer that speaks with an English accent and gives him advice on how to deal with crazy situations. He is very cynical and sarcastic towards Courage (frequently ending sentences with "You twit!") and has a habit of regularly cracking jokes in any situation.

In one episode, the Computer was struck by lightning and gained the ability to possess human bodies, which he used to take over Muriel to try to live a life as a daredevil; but soon got stuck in a bad situation, was saved by Courage, and went back to being a computer, calling people "boring". In another episode, a sick computer virus infects him and Courage must help him feel better to save Muriel.[37]

The computer is seemingly omniscient, and always seems to know exactly what kind of villain or creature Courage is dealing with, along with how to deal with the threat they posed.

Dr. Vindaloo[edit]

Voiced by Paul Schoeffler impersonating Amitabh Bachchan[1]

Dr. Vindaloo is an Indian doctor with a thick accent, whom Eustace and Muriel see when something is wrong. He is one of the very few characters in the series who can perfectly understand what Courage is trying to say. He diagnoses his patients as not having serious problems or that there is nothing that he can do, but has, on occasion, been a great help, as in "Invisible Muriel", where he managed to discover how to return Muriel to normal.

Whenever we see Dr. Vindaloo, sitar music plays. The sign on his office door reads, "Dr. Vindaloo, M.D. Quack". If a catch phrase can be attributed to the doctor it would be, "What is up with that?", or simply repeating the final part of his sentences, the occurrence of which is slightly more common than the former. Also, due to his extremely bushy eyebrows, his eyes are never seen, except when surprised or scared, and in the episode "The Night Of The Weremole" when in the end he has been turned into a weremole by Muriel. He is similar to Dr. Hartman from Family Guy or Dr. Nick from The Simpsons, being an inept doctor, but a well-meaning friend.

Ma Bagge[edit]

Ma Bagge is the mother of Eustace and Horst and Muriel's mother-in-law who shares a love-hate relationship with the farmer. She is also the widow of Icket Bagge. Like Eustace she is actually bald but wears a wig and looks almost identical to her son, but much shorter. Like Eustace, Ma is insecure due to being bald, but she does have her teeth. She frequently dotes on Courage, much to Eustace's dismay. She later becomes the CEO of Growth Industries, a company that manufactures wigs and performs experiments on hair, which leads to her developing an antagonistic role in some later episodes. In these episodes, Ma starts to hate Courage (but not as much as Eustace), due to Courage foiling her greedy schemes. Although we see how she treats Eustace, it is unknown what her relationship with her late son Horst is like, whether he was the favorite child or not.

General and the Lieutenant[edit]

General and the Lieutenant are two American military officers in Nowhere, who deal with various (paranormal) problems, usually involved in cover-ups of those issues. They take pleasure in fighting each other (i.e. by firing artillery or dropping sixteen-ton weights), and are usually doing so while trying to solve an important problem. No apparent damage is ever done to their relationships or bodies despite absorption of such abuse. It should be noted that the General is a recurring (background) character with no actual name, who sometimes appears in other episodes with different occupations (such as an archaeologist or police officer).

Nowhere Newsman[edit]

Nowhere Newsman is a local TV news reporter. The Nowhere Newsman introduces every episode stating, "We interrupt this program to bring you the Courage the Cowardly Dog show."[38] He is also seen in some episodes when the television is on, conveying news about the antagonist.

Mr. Frith[edit]

Mr. Frith is a man with a thick moustache and thick eyebrows who appears in several roles throughout the series. He first appears as a police officer in "Dr. Le Quack, Amnesia Specialist", a role which he reprises in several episodes. He also appears as Professor Frith, an archeologist and historian in several episodes beginning with "King Ramses' Curse". He was also the captain of the cruise ship the Bagges were on in "Klub Katz", where he gets turned into a vending machine by Katz.

Horst Bagge[edit]

Horst Bagge is Eustace's deceased older brother and Muriel's brother-in-law, who was a hunter.He was the former owner of the farmhouse. It is stated that the two never got along, and a flashback in the episode "Farmer Hunter, Farmer Hunted" depicts a young Eustace being brutally bullied and taunted by Horst. Eustace retains these negative memories of Horst (which may explain his mean attitude today). He left a fortune in a suitcase (which led to another dimension filled with mountains of cash), which he buried on the Bagge property and had guarded by a demon in the portal to the cash. He hid the key to the case in the line of Eustace's hat, something his brother was too dumb to notice.

Charlie Mouse[edit]

Charlie Mouse is a delivery mouse and a personal friend of Courage's. He usually helps Courage out which would usually lead to the dialogue between one another. He is usually referred to as Mr. Mouse, but his first name is revealed as Charlie in the episode "The Mask". His interaction with Courage often end with Courage exclaiming "Thanks, Mr. Mouse!", to which he replies "No problem.".

Shirley the Medium[edit]

Voiced by Mary Testa[1]

Shirley the Medium is a small green Chihuahua garbed as a stereotypical Gypsy fortune-teller who resides in a dilapidated caravan. She has a strong dislike of Eustace (whom she always refers to as "the stupid one") because he is greedy and selfish and she places Eustace under curses a lot in order to get him to be a better person. Shirley is one of Courage's three confidants, the others being the Computer and Dr. Vindaloo, and helps him on occasion by casting and reciting spells and playing the saxophone in-between verses.

Minor characters[edit]

The Three Government Ninjas[edit]

The Three Government Ninjas are three ninjas that work for the Government of the United States of America who wear the numbers 1, 2, and 3 respectively on their shirts. They are seen in a few episodes such as "Invisible Muriel" and "The Last of the Starmakers", assisting the General and the Lieutenant in cover-ups of paranormal affairs. In "Invisible Muriel", they are shown to be quite stupid; they mistook Courage for Muriel's son, didn't notice they were walking past the invisibility diamond during a chase with Courage, and let Muriel go (with Courage hiding under her apron) since she was made visible again.

Space Dino[edit]

Space Dino is a dinosaur-like alien that stands on an asteroid outside Earth's atmosphere, and is always seen with a tennis racket, which he uses to hit celestial objects. In the episode "1,000 Years of Courage", the Space Dino hits a meteor, which strikes Earth and causes time to progress 1,000 years into the future (taking Courage, Eustace, and Muriel into a new civilization of talking bananas), and later causes another meteor to strike the Earth (sending Courage and his owners back to the past).

In another episode, a female space-critter (who looks like the alien sports-player) is seen force-feeding a mutated Eustace space-food much to his dismay.

In the episode "Mission To the Sun", Dino is again seen and hits Eustace towards the red planet where their new house resides.

Courage's Parents[edit]

Courage's Parents whose appearances resemble a lot like Courage, except his father had a moustache and his mother wore a hat with a flower on top and holding a blue purse. They were sent into space by The Cruel Vet.[2] Not much is known about his parents or even their names, as they were seen only in "Remembrance of Courage Past" centering on flashbacks to his parents in the veterinarian's office, where Courage last saw his parents.[2] They were launched into space by the veterinarian, and Courage avoided a similar fate by escaping through a garbage chute, where he was found by Muriel. The veterinarian was trapped in the rocket, and transported to the planet where Courage's parents and other dogs resided.[2]

Kitty and Bunny[edit]

Kitty and Bunny are a cat and a rabbit who were best friends. After Bunny fell in love with a gangster named Mad Dog, Kitty tried to make her leave him, but failed, when being threatened by Mad Dog once he found out. At some point afterwards, Kitty came to the farmhouse wearing a mask and beat Courage whenever possible, believing all dogs to be bad. Courage later rescued Bunny from and defeated Mad Dog and his gang and Bunny reunited with Kitty, while telling her that Courage saved her life. Kitty then admitted that she had been wrong about dogs and helped Bunny onto a train she was on. The two thanked Courage and rode off together. Kitty's mask was later used by Eustace to protect his face from explosions while he fixed the boiler.

Icket Bagge[edit]

Icket Bagge is Eustace's and Horst's deceased father, Ma Bagge's husband, & Muriel's Father-in-law, He is mentioned in the episode "the sandwhale strikes" and "mothers day". He has an appearance very close to Eustace's, except he has a beard. He apparently was very brave and big; as his Ma quotes, "You [Eustace] couldn't fill his shoes!". This is no exaggeration, as his shoes were rather huge compared to his son. It is unknown how his relationship with Eustace was, whether he treated Eustace poorly like Horst and Ma or he treated Eustace with respect.

The Duck Brothers[edit]

Voiced by Will Ryan

The Duck Brothers are three space ducks who are brothers. Their names are Donnie, Clyde and Payne. One of them is always laying eggs even though he is male. They appear in one episode, in which two of them abduct Muriel and place a mind-control device on her for their own purposes. Courage tries to rescue Muriel, only to find that the duck brothers were planning a rescue mission of their own (to save the other duck brother, who has been captured by the United States Government and is about to be made into dinner). Courage volunteers to be mind-controlled instead, and they save the third brother. The three duck brothers reunite and leave.

Two of them made cameo appearances in "Ball of Revenge", in which they provide a brief halftime show concert during the middle of a deadly dodgeball match between Courage and some returning villains (singing the song "Halftime Show").

The Hunchback of Nowhere[edit]

The Hunchback of Nowhere is a strange and enigmatic character who has made only one appearance in the first season, in an episode of the same name. In appearance he is a short, facially-deformed little man who is hunchbacked, carrying with him a series of bells. Traveling across Nowhere in the middle of a rainy season, the Hunchback tried to find sanctuary among the locals only to be turned away by them based on his disfigured appearance.

Arriving at the Bagge's home, he was immediately turned away by Eustace, though gained sympathy from Courage. Secretly spending the night in the Bagge's barn, the Hunchback became good friends with Courage, as well as Muriel who felt that "any friend of Courage is welcome here". Grateful for all he had received, the Hunchback paid back Courage's kindness by defending him from Eustace in one of their later confrontations.

In the end, with the rains finally clear, the Hunchback left the Bagge's farm to continue on his journey, hoping to find more people of the same kindness. He gives Courage one of his bells and rang a giant bell before leaving.

The Star-Maker[edit]

The Star-Maker is a squid from space who landed on Earth with her unhatched offspring. Her mate had recently died saving them from a space-whale (akin to a black hole). Eustace called the US government, who contained the squid in a mobile laboratory, but Courage manages to hatch her offspring, who flew up into space to make new stars. Afterwards, she died peacefully and her body became a garden of large flowers and bushes.

The Magic Tree[edit]

Voiced by Peter Fernandez

The Magic Tree is a magical tree that Courage grows, capable of making ideas and dreams come true and it can talk. However, Eustace grows jealous of it and wants it cut down, but Courage tries to keep him from doing so. Soon Muriel gets sick having a huge bloated head, and Eustace blames Courage and the tree, which has the cure to Muriel's sickness. Eustace eventually overcomes Courage's efforts to preserve the tree, but the tree asks him of what will he even feel or get after cutting it down. Even though he has a little sympathy, he cuts it down anyway. Courage is upset by this, but the tree gives Courage his leaves as the remedy to cure Muriel; and as retribution for cutting the tree down, Eustace is afflicted with the same illness Muriel previously suffered.

The tree appears only in the episode "The Magic Tree of Nowhere". In the MMORPG FusionFall (a videogame crossover anime style of Cartoon Network characters) he manages to revive and is moved from Nowhere to a forest.

Carmen the Serpent[edit]

Carmen the Serpent is a monstrous, one-eyed sea-serpent who lives in the Evil River, who is "evil" according to a sea-captain. The sea-captain fools the Bagges under the false promise of a luxury cruise, only to reveal that he actually shanghaied them to sail through the Evil River to find and hunt down Carmen. The sea-serpent kidnaps Muriel and takes her to her cave and starts singing opera to her. Courage comes to Muriel's rescue, only to realize that Carmen was not trying to harm Muriel. Courage helps Carmen to dodge and defeat the evil captain.

Twin Raccoons[edit]

Twin Raccoons are two raccoon brothers who are revealed as bandits. They attack Courage and kidnap Muriel because they wanted her as a parent. Muriel feels pity on them and accepts them like her own adopted children.[39] At the end of the episode, Muriel's place has been taken over by Eustace as a new parent.[39]

They appear again in "Farmer Hunter, Farmer Hunted" as audiences in the Hunt for Knowledge game show, however their names are "Hugo & Herman".[39]


Duncan is the storm-goddess's pet dog who looks similar to Courage who gets lost.[40] The storm-goddess mistakes Courage for Duncan and tries to take him, but Muriel argues with her (as such, the storm-goddess angrily destroys the farmhouse with a storm). Mr. (Charlie) Rat tells Courage where Duncan is.[40] Courage looks for Duncan and finally finds him in a sewer licking the God-Bone, a bone that no dog can ever stop licking once licked.[40] Courage convinces Duncan to return to his owner by making him jealous of all the affection the storm-goddess gives him.[40]

The Librarian[edit]

The Librarian appears only in the episode "Wrath of the librarian". She never speaks, she just says "Shhh" while the lion statues in front of the library do the talking.

Clyde the Fog Spirit[edit]

"Clyde the Fog Spirit " appears in the computer animated special "The Fog of Courage" who comes to the farm to get the amulet that apparently belongs to the Fog Ghost's long lost love.


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