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Cyberchase is a math, environmental sciences, and meteorology cartoon on PBS Kids. Cyberchase features Jackie, Matt and Inez (earth children) who use math and problem solving skills in a quest to save Cyberspace from an evil villain named The Hacker. The three are zapped into Cyberspace by Motherboard, the ruler of Cyberspace. Together with Motherboard's helper, Digit (a cyberbird), the three new friends compose the Cybersquad.

Each episode ends with a live-action For Real segment, hosted by young, comedic actors who explore the show's math topic in the real world. Cyberchase is created by Thirteen Education for WNET aka Channel Thirteen.

After the 5th episode of Season 8, Cyberchase was put on hold, due to executive reasons. However, on April 3, 2013, it was announced on the official Facebook page that the show would return for a 9th season during the fall.[1]

In February 2015, the Cyberchase Facebook page announced that five new season 10 episodes were expected to air in mid-to-late 2015.[2] In April 2015, the Cyberchase Twitter account announced via retweet that the season would focus on health, math and the environment.[3]

Series overview[edit]

Season Episodes
First aired Last aired
1 26 January 21, 2002 July 10, 2002
2 14 February 14, 2003 October 31, 2003
3 12 May 3, 2004 December 31, 2004
4 10 April 15, 2005 October 7, 2005
5 10 October 31, 2006 September 3, 2007
6 10 November 7, 2007 October 27, 2008
7 7 April 21, 2009 October 6, 2009
8 5 June 25, 2010 July 23, 2010
9 5 November 4, 2013 April 15, 2014

Season 1: 2002[edit]

In the pilot episodes, "The Poddleville Case", and "Lost My Marbles", Hacker infects Motherboard with a computer virus. At a library on Earth, while looking at a computer, Jackie, Inez, and Matt (who accidentally let Hacker unleash the virus by touching the computer map at the same time) are sucked through an interdimensional portal into Cyberspace. In their first adventure, they go to an island to rescue Dr. Marbles. In subsequent adventures, they return to Cyberspace to thwart Hacker's evil plans, which vary from ruining Motherboard to trying to take over a Cybersite. Throughout the season, the Cybersquad searched for a new encryptor chip for Motherboard. In episode 109, Buzz and Delete nearly retrieved the encryptor chip, but lost it in a dust storm, much to Hacker's discomfort.

Ep. # Production Code Title Airdate Plot Topic
1 101 Lost My Marbles (Pilot Episode) March 18, 1999 (original), January 21, 2002 (remake) Jackie, Matt, and Inez are zapped into Cyberspace for the first time and learn that Hacker has kidnapped Dr. Marbles. Navigation – A map is a mathematical tool you can use to find your way from one place to another, anywhere in Cyberspace.
2 102 Castleblanca January 22, 2002 Dr. Marbles is captured by Hacker and taken to Castleblanca. Hacker's goal is to transfer Marbles' brain power into his newly built robot named Gigabyte. Summoned by Motherboard, the kids and Digit arrive with the knowledge that Hacker has taken Marbles to a castle, but which one? Using Data – Data is a lot more than a collection of numbers. When you gather it, organize and analyze it, you can discover useful information hidden in the numbers.
3 103 R-Fair City January 23, 2002 Hacker lures Digit to R-Fair City and holds him captive. When the kids arrive, they analyze the games of chance, figuring out which games are fair and which ones are not. Probability and Chance – Even though you cannot tell when you are going to win in a game of chance, you can still predict your chances of winning and tell if the game is fair or not.
4 104 Snow Day to be Exact January 24, 2002 Hacker steals the Sunisphere from Solaria, causing it to be covered in snow. Estimation – Sometimes using a close answer is good enough for the problem you are solving.
5 105 Sensible Flats January 25, 2002 Hacker is accused of taking too much land in Sensible Flats. Jackie, Matt, and Inez try to prove his innocence in exchange for the antidote to Motherboard's virus. Area – To find the area of an object, count how many squares fit on it. But there's an easier way! Measure an object's dimensions, and you can use mathematics to calculate its area.
6 106 Zeus on the Loose January 28, 2002 The kids must complete Zeus's challenge in order to get a second chance in getting Pandora's Box back from Hacker before he releases the chaos inside of it. Fractions – When you need to divide things up into parts and share them, fractions are the numbers to use.
7 107 The Poddleville Case (Pilot Episode) March 24, 2000 (original), January 29, 2002 (remake) The kids must prove without Digit's help that they are not responsible for the chaos occurring in Poddleville and stop Hacker from entering the vault which contains all the power.

Note: This was the first episode produced; the animation style, voice acting, musical score, and even the "For Real" segment is vastly different from any other episode, and this is the first episode that Digit does not appear in. This episode was the original pilot and was animated by Curious Pictures.

Patterns – Patterns are sequences that repeat or change in an orderly way. You can use patterns to predict the next step in solving a problem.
8 108 And They Counted Happily Ever After January 30, 2002 Hacker kidnaps the King of a fairy tale Cybersite called Happily Ever After, and demands a ransom of golden eggs. Wicked casts a spell, taking away everyone's ability to count and making it impossible for the fairy tale folk to gather the requisite eggs. Number & Operations – Let numbers stand for things in a regular pattern, and you have the power to keep track of anything and everything on Earth.
9 109 Clock Like An Egyptian January 31, 2002 Binky and Mumsy kidnap Dr. Marbles, who got captured in an attempt to locate the encryptor chip. When the kids try to rescue him, Binky traps them in her pyramid, so the kids must create a device that measures time to make sure they don't run out of it. Guest-starring Bebe Neuwirth as Binky. Time Keeping – To measure the passage of time, choose a starting point and count up the beats of something that repeats at steady, regular intervals.
10 110 Secrets of Symmetria February 1, 2002 Hacker steals the Symmetrizer and destroys all symmetry in Symmetria. So the kids conduct a plan to get the Symmetrizer back. Symmetry – Symmetries are secret patterns you can find hidden within many objects that create balance, order, and a pleasing regularity in the world around us.
11 111 A Day at the Spa February 4, 2002 The kids solve logic problems while trying to rescue the Crystal of Calamor. Combinations – Overwhelmed by choices? Lists, tables and tree diagrams help you master the combinations.
12 112 Of All The Luck February 5, 2002 Hacker collects the Ten Lucky Charms of Cyberspace. Hacker's luck changes, and good things begin happening to him. When Motherboard realizes what Hacker has done, she sends the Cybersquad to Hacker's hideout in the Northern Frontier to help the Lucky Charms escape. Logic – When you have to choose from a confusing mix of possibilities, you can use logic – a set of tools for thinking clearly – to picture and refine your choices so you can get exactly what you want.
13 113 Eureeka February 6, 2002 The kids must try to find Archimedes, so he can provide a backup Encryptor Chip. Meanwhile, Dr. Marbles tries to evade Hacker and crashlands on Mobius. 2D and 3D Geometry – When you follow simple rules to make flat geometrical shapes, and join them together, you can discover new shapes that, instead of staying flat, rise up to make three-dimensional objects!
14 114 Cool It February 7, 2002 When Hacker's plan involving Buzz and Delete to steal all of Motherboard's cryoxide succeeds, the Cybersquad uses their knowledge of volume to calculate the amount of cryoxide they need to purchase from Castleblanca before Motherboard overheats. Liquid Volume – Just because one container appears 'bigger' to the eye does not mean it holds more liquid than another. A container's volume depends on all its dimensions.
15 115 Find Those Gleamers! February 8, 2002 In order to retrieve Motherboard's Encryptor Chip from Hacker, they accept Hacker's challenge to catch power-up bugs called gleamers that Hacker released on Topsy Turvy Island. Using their knowledge of multiplication, they must collect enough gleamers to power up another version of the Grim Wreaker and escape with the Encryptor Chip before sunset when the island turns inside out. Algebra – When you use a letter to stand in for a number that repeats or changes in a problem, you can simplify the arithmetic and make the problem easier to solve. Note: This is the first time Matt calls Inez "Nezzie"
16 116 Codename: Icky February 11, 2002 With a plan to capture Aquari-yum's giant energy-feeding slug to drain Motherboard of her energy, Hacker heads off to Aquari-yum. To make matters worse, he has a secret device that can listen in on everybody's conversation. Using their ability to develop secret codes so that Hacker doesn't overhear, they must find Icky before Hacker does, or Aquari-yum will boil over without the slug, Icky feeding on its energy. Codes – You can use a code (a communication system that substitutes one thing for another) to send top secret messages as long as your code has an adjustable rule that can be reversed to read the message.
17 117 Return to Sensible Flats February 12, 2002 Hacker takes all of the water in Sensible Flats and the kids have to find the problem. Line Graphs – You can use a line graph to tell a story about how things change, and to make predictions.
18 118 Problem Solving in Shangri-La February 13, 2002 Hacker and the Cybersquad crash-land in an Asian-like Cybersite called Shangri-La. The Cybersquad must win a game to get out before Hacker. Guest-starring Geoffrey Holder as Master Pi. Working Backwards – When you tackle a tough math problem, treat it like a challenging game. Your chances of solving it will be better if you follow a game plan, and the more you play, the better you will be at problem solving next time.
19 119 Send in the Clones February 14, 2002 The kids persuade Cy Clone to capture the clones of Delete that are causing chaos in R-Fair City. Multiplication – Stuck on a multiplication problem? Relax! Remember that multiplication is just repeated addition, and you can use what you already know to find the answer.
20 120 Trading Places March 14, 2002 During an unexpected game of cat-and-mouse while trying to rescue Dr. Marbles, the Cybersquad crash into a cybersite along with Hacker. The cybersite is known to use trading as its currency. With both of their ships destroyed, the Cybersquad must trade items to get parts to fix their ship and get to Dr. Marbles. Monetary Systems – Instead of trading what you have for what you want, you can make it easier to buy and sell by creating a system of money where you exchange goods for tokens of different fixed values.
21 121 Less Than Zero July 3, 2002 During an important meeting with all the Cybersites' leaders at the Cyber Grand Tower, Hacker appears and threatens to freeze every Cybersite with his Freezerator if they don't surrender to him. Using their knowledge of number lines, the Cybersquad is sent to rescue the Cybersites' leaders and stop Hacker. Negative Numbers – Numbers don’t have to stop at zero! Negative numbers — numbers that are less than zero — can extend the range of what you can measure on a scale and give you the ability to compare numbers using direction as well as amount.
22 122 Model Behavior July 4, 2002 Hacker uses an inside man to make sure the celebration in Happily Ever After continues. This ensures that Wicked will sing and her voice will cause the Skywall to break. Using Models – Make a model – a simplified version of something complicated – and you can easily and safely understand how it works.
23 123 Fortress of Attitude July 5, 2002 Hacker has created a giant statue of himself in the Northern Frontier, with a voice recording of himself inside its mouth, broadcasting it to all of Cyberspace in a loud voice, with the help of large speakers. The Cybersites are required to surrender to Hacker if they want it to stop. Using their knowledge of measurement, the Cybersquad must enter Hacker's statue and turn off the voice recording before it's too late. Linear Measurements – To measure length and communicate your results easily and precisely, identify a system of units based on a single standard length that everyone using it agrees on.
24 124 Size Me Up July 8, 2002 After being tricked by Hacker, the Cybersquad end up on a Cybersite, where everything is ten times larger or smaller than them depending on where they are on the Cybersite. Using their knowledge of measurement and comparison, they must find a portal and warn Motherboard about a catastrophic virus being sent by Hacker. Scale and Size – You can create an exact likeness of something—though one that is a different size—by multiplying the size of every part of your original by the same number.
25 125 A Battle of Equals July 9, 2002 When Hacker releases Cyberspace's most horrible garbage called Cyberstatic all over Cyberspace, the Cybersquad are called in to help out. Using their knowledge of basic algebra and the ability to balance scales, they must reverse the four Cyberstatic-releasing machines before Cyberspace is polluted. Balancing Equations – Like a scale in balance, both sides of an equation must have the same value, and you can use this property of equality to find the value of an unknown.
26 126 Out of Sync July 10, 2002 Hacker lures away the beast causing the rhythm in Mt. Olympus to be out of sync. Patterns in Music – You can use mathematical patterns to create and understand memorable musical rhythms.

Season 2: 2003[edit]

There are 14 episodes in this season. This season is a continuation of the same basic plot of season one. However, the focus on the search for the Encryptor Chip is shown less as the season deals more with a new scenario; each episode involving Hacker seeking to take over a cybersite or all of Cyberspace, or plot a nefarious scheme in which he is wreaking chaos and havoc somewhere. In addition, a continued appearance of Wicked, a witch from the cybersite Happily-Ever-After occurred, revealing her strong feeling towards Hacker, while Hacker only used her abilities as a witch to further his own evil tactics as seen in Episode #211, although he did show mutual feelings towards her in Episode #203, but once again, he became self-centered and cared less about her. In a way, the occurrences of Episode #211 are the only of Wicked's evenings where she is successful with her affections. The character of Sam Vander Rom (Al Roker) is introduced in 204 and 208 and Erica Ram is introduced in 211, where she hosts Cyberscoop alongside him. In this second season, Hacker continues to run rampad, causing more chaos, and thus the cybersquad returns to almost every cybersite. We also see more of the Wicked Witch. From this season on, Motherboard is more three-dimensional.

Ep. # Production Code Title Airdate Plot Topic
27 201 Hugs & Witches February 14, 2003 It's Valentine's Day and Hacker traps Dr. Marbles and Lady Ada Lovelace in a time machine and it's all up to the kids and Digit to get them out. Meanwhile, Hacker plans his celebration event with Wicked. Median of Data (Average) – When you have different numbers that describe members of a group, you can often find one number to fairly represent the group as a whole. This episode contains a small math error. (average is used incorrectly for one situation)
28 202 Totally Rad March 31, 2003 Hacker and the kids are challenged to a skateboard contest, and soon learn that if they lose, they're not only being suspended from returning to Cyberspace, but Inez has to become one of Team Hacker's cheerleaders. Perimeter/Area Relationship – Different shapes bounded by the same perimeter can enclose very different areas.
29 203 Harriet Hippo & the Mean Green April 1, 2003 Thanks to Hacker, Wicked puts a spell on Motherboard to turn all the Cybersites mean and green. The kids gather ingredients to break Wicked's spell and prevent Motherboard from doing this. Equivalent Fractions – Fractions that look different can represent the same portion of a whole.
30 204 True Colors April 2, 2003 The kids try to prove that Hacker does not deserve to be ruler of Cyberspace. Counter Examples – When people use words like always, never, all or none to claim that something is true, be suspicious! Such claims are often false, and you need only a single counterexample to disprove them.
31 205 All the Right Angles April 3, 2003 The kids use their knowledge of angles to find Ivanca the Invincible's treasure before Hacker does. Angle Measurement – To turn something so it points in just the right direction, use an angle to measure the size of the turn.
32 206 Mother's Day May 7, 2003 Hacker tries to derail the train that will deliver the Madre Bonitas to mothers, thus causing Mother's Day to be ruined. Decimals – Use a decimal point to join tenths with whole numbers and you have a decimal system you can use to easily record, compare and combine whole numbers with fractions.
33 207 The Eye of Rom May 14, 2003 Hacker steals the Eye of Rom from Binky's tomb and creates a monster. The kids will help Binky get the eye back if she helps them find the missing encryptor chip. Inverse Operations – Find the inverse of an action and you can undo it, putting things back the way they were.
34 208 A Whale of a Tale May 21, 2003 Hacker kidnaps Glowla, but without her, R-Fair City is in danger of her whale. Ballpark Estimation – To be confident about your solution to a problem, make sure the answer is reasonable — that it's "in the ballpark."
35 209 Double Trouble May 28, 2003 Hacker kidnaps Master Pi and tries to get rid of the Good Vibration of Shangri-La. Growth by Doubling – When something grows by doubling, it gets large surprisingly fast, growing ever faster the longer the doubling continues.
36 210 Raising The Bar September 15, 2003 Hacker plants a bug in the Cybrary that replaces Motherboard with himself. In the process, he gets amnesia, which Buzz takes advantage of. Bar Graphs – Represent numbers of different things in a bar graph and you can compare values at a glance, communicate with others and even persuade them.
37 211 The Wedding Scammer September 16, 2003 Hacker plans to marry Wicked, because he thinks her father is the powerful king of Pompadoria. Problem Solving – If you can spot an easy problem inside a hard one, the simpler solution can help you solve the harder problem.
38 212 The Guilty Party September 17, 2003 The kids solve the mystery of Hacker's missing recharger key. Point of View – Because what you see depends on your point of view, different people looking at the same objects can see them differently and disagree about what they are seeing.
39 213 A Time To Cook September 18, 2003 Hacker kidnaps his opposition to a cooking TV Show. Matt and Digit go in his place, while Jackie and Inez find the opposition, the Fearless Chef. Elapsed Time – When you need to know how much time has gone by during an event, note the starting and ending times with a clock and find the difference.
40 214 Trick or Treat October 31, 2003 Hacker pretends to be good, so he can plant a frog to destroy Motherboard. Functions – When changing one quantity determines the value of another, they are connected by a rule you may not see. Find the rule and you can predict any outcome.


  • Characters Sam Vander Rom (Al Roker) introduced
  • Erica Ram (Carla Collins) introduced
  • There are 14 episodes this season.

Season 3: 2004[edit]

In the third season, the kids met Slider, a rebel-style skateboarder who lives in the cybersite Radopolis. He first appears in the episode The Borg of the Ring where he retrieved the Totally Rad Ring of Radopolis from Hacker. Once again and then a third time Hacker tries to take control of Radopolis, first by almost winning a competition, then by putting everyone except Digit, Slider, and the Cybersquad asleep so he fails. The kids are told his father, Coop, had abandoned him. Coop was on a distant cyber-planet, but the kids didn't know that yet. The most dramatic event in the season occurred in a two-part miniseries called The Snelfu Snafu. While Slider was searching for his father, he stumbled across the location of the elusive encryptor chip. When he alerted the cybersquad, they soon discovered it was in the hands of an auctioneer. The kids eventually earned enough snelfus (the cyberspace term for dollars) to win it, but they discovered the chip was infected to drain Motherboard (which might be the reason that this one is orange and yellow, rather than dark pink and chrome as the old one had been), replacing her with Hacker. The kids were then placed in the dungeon at the new Hacker Control Central; when they escaped, they searched for the encryptor chip (because Motherboard was trapped in it). Upon finding it, they also rescued Dr. Marbles. However, when they attempted to put the chip in the circuits, the hardware rejected it because Hacker has corrupted it. Dr. Marbles was forced to reboot Motherboard destroying the chip in the process. This concludes the Encryptor Chip story-arc. Also, Hacker rejects Wicked, setting the stage for some of the future episodes.

Ep. # Production Code Title Airdate[4] Plot Topic
41 301 EcoHaven CSE May 3, 2004 A beast named Chewcrocca (or Chewy for short) escapes, so the kids try to figure out which of three possible people is Hacker's inside man and stole the beast. Body Math – Some parts of a body are proportional to others – the length of one part is always the same multiple of another – so by measuring one part, you can predict the lengths of others, or even the size of the whole creature!
42 302 The Borg of the Ring May 4, 2004 Hacker uses a long-lost ring that will grant his heart's desires to dismantle Motherboard's memory shields, as well as get his own head of hair. He uses the ring to stop the Cybersquad in their tracks as they race to take the ring from him, but are saved by a cyborg named Slider, who Matt does not really like or trusts. Slider provides them with information and helps them get the ring back from Hacker.

Note: First appearance of Slider.

Circles – You can use a circle to find all the points that are exactly the same distance from a particular spot.
43 303 A World Without Zero May 5, 2004 Mr. Zero leaves Gollywood forever, because he feels he is unimportant. However, when he leaves, so do all of the 0s in Gollywood. Zero – Zero is a number just like any other, but use it with care. When you calculate with it, the results can be surprising!
44 304 A Piece of the Action May 6, 2004 Digit and some Scritters are trapped, so the kids have to free them and stop Hacker from using magnetite to destroy Motherboard. Percent – When you have fractions with different denominators, you can compare them easily if you represent them as percents – parts of a hundred.
45 305 The Creech Who Would Be Crowned May 7, 2004 In the beginning, Matt and Jackie were being mean to Inez by making fun of her very good vocabulary. Then she goes with Creech and then they help her win Tikiville's race. Direction and Distance – Measure both distance and direction to a given spot and you have the information you need to get there again and again.
46 306 The Grapes of Plath September 16, 2004 The Crab Prince of Aquari-yum needs the Grapes of Plath to cure him of a glitch. High-Low Estimation – A careful estimate can often give you a useful answer to a problem.
47 307 A Perfect Fit September 23, 2004 Hacker tries to reactivate Gigabyte–this time, at Jimaya rather than Castleblanca, because according to Hacker, a full moon comes around once almost every month. Tessellations – If you pick the right shape, you can use it again and again to tessellate – cover an area of any size you need without gaps or overlaps.
48 308 Be Reasonable September 30, 2004 Hacker gets control of the Cybrary's main computer and the Cybersquad and Ms. Fileshare try to stop him. Process of Elimination – By enumerating possible combinations and eliminating choices you know are wrong, you can determine the correct assignment.
49 309 The Snelfu Snafu-Part 1 October 7, 2004 The Cybersquad and Slider get jobs, so they can earn enough snelfus to buy the Encryptor Chip currently being auctioned at U-Want U-Bid. Hacker also tries to buy the Encryptor Chip, but the kids eventually succeed. However, in the absence of Dr. Marbles, Digit places the chip in Motherboard and finds out that Hacker reprogrammed it. Hacker traps Motherboard in the Encryptor Chip and becomes ruler of Cyberspace! Saving Money – When you save small amounts of money at a steady rate, your savings will grow larger and you can predict when you will have the amount you need to buy what you want.
50 310 The Snelfu Snafu-Part 2 October 14, 2004 The Cybersquad and Slider use their extra snelfus to buy the parts needed to fix the syncalator, which they need so they can locate the Encryptor Chip and defeat Hacker. Meanwhile, Hacker, who is now the ruler of Cyberspace, prepares to get rid of Motherboard forever by throwing her into a black hole. Though the kids succeed, it comes at a great cost for Slider. Spending Money – To spend money wisely, compare the amount of money you have with the cost of the things you need to be sure you can afford your purchases.
51 311 Shari Spotter and the Cosmic Crumpets October 28, 2004 Wicked teaches Hacker witchcraft and wizardry while the Cybersquad meets a female wizard in training, Sharri Spotter. Mixed-Number Fractions – A fraction can represent parts that are more than a whole.
52 312 Starlight Night December 31, 2004 Hacker tries to darken the skies on Starlight Night.

Note: Last appearance of Dr. Archimedes

Finding a Simpler Case – If you can spot an easy problem inside a hard one, the simpler solution can help you solve the harder problem.


  • There are 12 episodes in this season.
  • This season contains the first two part episode of Cyberchase.
  • This season introduces Slider.

Season 4: 2005[edit]

The Cybersquad is at it again, and meets even more new allies like Fluff the Penguin (Austin Dilulio) (but still working with the old ones very closely). However, situations become more complicated now that Hacker is no longer the only villain attempting to rule Cyberspace! Now the Wicked Witch has been planning schemes of her own. On top of that, Hacker is now travelling all over Cyberspace to achieve missing pieces – and the Cybersquad soon learns that this may tie in with the disappearance of Slider's Dad He steals the Electric Eel of Aquari-yum as a power source, and the Pedestal of Penguia as a relay for the power-flow, and combines these items with other gizmos and gadgets to form the Transformitron, a device with the capability of transforming anyone into anything. After taking the NIC (Network Interface Card) from Slider's dad, Coop (Tony Hawk) and kidnapping Slider, the device was complete. However, the CyberSquad was able to thwart Hacker's plans again by dismantling the device so it could not be used again and allowing the effects of the Transformatron to wear off.

Ep. # Production Code Title Airdate Plot Topic
53 401 Balancing Act April 15, 2005 Headmaster Stumblesnore gives Shari Spotter 600 snelfus to create a movie about Frogsnorts. Budgeting Money – Use a budget to plan future expenses and you can control your spending so you do not run out of money.
54 402 The Icky Factor July 25, 2005 Hacker tries to steal Icky's back-up power sorce, the electric eel of Aquari-Yum. Factoring – You can use rectangular patterns to find or test the factors of a number.
55 403 Penguin Tears July 26, 2005 While on a "good pals" trip, Hacker has Buzz and Delete find the long-lost Prism of Penguia. However, is it really the Prism he is after?
Note: First appearance of Fluff.
Angles in Bouncing – Balls that bounce all follow a simple rule – 'angle in equals angle out' – that you can master to make balls go just where you want, bounce after bounce.
56 404 Past Perfect Prediction July 27, 2005 Hacker decides to collect on money that Slider's father owes him. If Slider cannot come up with the money within a week, Hacker will get his garage; but it's not the garage that Hacker wants. Predicting From Data – Spot a pattern in data from the past and you can predict the future.
57 405 Measure For Measure July 28, 2005 The kids and Coop try to rescue Slider from Hacker, who is using his new invention called the Transformatron to cause chaos all over Cyberspace. Choosing Units of Measure – When you need to measure a certain volume, choose the tool that comes closest to measuring that amount.
58 406 A Change of Art October 3, 2005 Hacker has turn to art, but something unusual happens with his art. Interpreting Change in Line Graphs – Use a line graph to picture change and your eyes can quickly tell you when and how things are changing.
59 407 The Case of the Missing Memory October 4, 2005 Motherboard invites several evil people in Cyberspace to Control Central in hopes of inspiring peace. However, her memory integrator goes missing, which is the fault of one of these evil people. Missing Information – When faced with a problem, make sure you have all the information you need to solve it.
60 408 A Crinkle In Time October 5, 2005 Hacker kidnaps Slider and tricks the kids into thinking that he needs rescuing from Tick-Tockia. Note: This episode actually takes place before Past Perfect Prediction and Measure For Measure. Gears – Watch carefully how two gears mesh and you can discover how their size and number of teeth affects the speed at which each turns.
61 409 A Broom Of One's Own October 6, 2005 Wicked sells broomsticks with the intention of using it to create an army that will help her take over Motherboard Control Central. Time/Distance/Speed – You can use speed – the distance you travel in a unit of time – to tell how far you will go in any amount of time.
62 410 A Tikiville Turkey Day October 7, 2005 Hacker steals the legendary Egg of Benedicta, causing Tikiville to turn brown. Patterns in Nature – Find the rule for a pattern you observe in the natural world and you can use what you have learned to make similar patterns of your own.


  • There are 10 episodes in this season.
  • This would be the last season directed by Larry Jacobs, who had directed every episode up to this point.
  • Fluff is introduced in this season

Season 5: 2006–07[edit]

At long last, Slider's dad comes home. However, simply because many of the parts used on the Transformatron before disappear does not mean Hacker has given up on it, so now the Cybersquad will find themselves building, fixing, and inventing devices to stop Hacker from taking over. With the Transformatron still on the loose, meanwhile, Digit and the kids must dispose of the NIC card, the only power source to Hacker's machine. New villains Olga (Annika Walter) and the Trashinator (Phill Collins)

Ep. # Production Code Title Airdate Plot Topic
63 501 The Halloween Howl October 31, 2006 Hacker kidnaps Castleblanca's mayor and controls its gargoyles. He is also dating Erica Ram in order to make Wicked jealous. Division – To divide some items equally among a number of people, you can skip-count to discover how many each person gets.
64 502 A Clean Sweep November 27, 2006 The kids return to Radopolis for a celebration on Coop's return home. But Hacker dumps confetti made of magnetite on all the Radsters, with the exception of Slider who was hiding under the stage at the time, putting them all to sleep. So the kids must find a way to clean up all the confetti. Inventions: Persistence – When you need something that does not exist, invent it! You can use what you know about problem solving to overcome hurdles along the way.
65 503 Designing Mr. Perfect November 28, 2006 Hacker steals Wicked's invention of a Mr. Perfect, who is really Digit. Inventions: Design for Function – Make a design – a plan for your invention – before you start building so you can make sure that it will function the way that you want it to.
66 504 EcoHaven Ooze November 29, 2006 Minions of Hacker are draining cybersite EcoHaven's ponds of ooze, so Hacker can get recharged.

Note: Last appearance of Widget.

Inventions: Testing with Models – Build a working model of your invention to communicate and test your ideas, and make necessary improvements so the invention works the way you want it to.
67 505 The Fairy Borg Father November 30, 2006 Delete gets a fairy borg father who will grant him nine wishes. When Hacker tries to use the father, Delete wishes everyone except for the kids to be bunnies. Inventions: Refine and Optimize – When you have an invention that needs an improvement, identify the key feature that needs changing and vary it until the invention is as good as it can be.
68 506 The Flying Parallinis April 16, 2007 Matt, Inez and Digit try to find Diamond Joe, so he can help rescue Jackie from Mt. Wayupthere. However, the poddles of Poddleville are reluctant to help the kids and Diamond Joe. Parallelograms – You can stretch or collapse the shape of a parallelogram without changing the length of its sides.
69 507 Crystal Clear April 17, 2007 Digit gets stuck in a cave and cannot get out because he accidentally lost his Synchronizer. Crystals – When materials form crystals, you can use their regular and unique geometric shapes to tell them apart and even identify them.
70 508 Inside Hacker April 18, 2007 Matt shrinks so he can fit inside Hacker to insert a device that will turn him good. Robotic Reasoning – To get a robot to do a job, break the job into a sequence of simple steps – a program – the robot can obey.
71 509 On the Line April 19, 2007 A vulture, that works for Hacker, steals the Network Interface Chip from Digit, who is trying to dispose it. Hacker plans to use it to reactivate the Transformatron. Properties of a Line – You can use where two straight lines cross to locate an object.
72 510 A Fraction of a Chance September 3, 2007 A sudden move by Wicked causes the portals to be closed, but the kids are stuck in the vortex! It's all up to Digit and Wicked to find the UVO that can help the kids before they get dematerialized. Fractions 101 – When you share parts of a whole, it takes two numbers to tell the story – the top and bottom numbers of a fraction.


  • There are 10 episodes in this season.
  • During this season, they had a special two-hour program called Cyberchase: My Big Idea! This program dealt entirely around the theme of inventions. Four back to back episodes (episodes #502-#505) were shown, each dealing with a different topic about inventions. The program was hosted by Bianca and Harry from Cyberchase For Real! and in between episodes, they talked about inventions that were made by kids, and showed clips of kids who had made inventions of their own.
  • This was also the first series without the late actor Len Carlson voicing Buzz. The episode "EcoHaven Ooze" is dedicated to him.
  • This is the last season that is animated by Nelvana in 2007. The rest of the series uses Flash animation by Title Entertainment, starting with season six.

Season 6: 2007–08[edit]

Finally the NIC card had been disposed of, which means that there are no more episodes involving the Transformatron. Unfortunately, Hacker hopes to expand his group of evil doers, now including Baskerville, Trashinator, and a gorilla named Tonga. With new allies for Hacker, the Cybersquad once again attempts to stop him. Meanwhile, love chaos ensues between Hacker and Wicked when Hacker starts to want Wicked back, but the Wicked Witch could want nothing more than to spit on him. Season 6 begins with two episodes such as, "Digit's B-Day Surprise" & "When Pengins Fly" and the kids have an idea to celebrate: a surprise party, but they pretend to forget all about his b-day (the day he was "booted" up). A disappointed Digit then runs into Hacker, who wants to reprogram him to gain access to Motherboard. Meanwhile the kids have a chocolate Digit sculpture, and they need to cross the desert in order to get it to the party. Soon, they discover that dressing it with a wet cloth can get it there without melting it.

Ep. # Production Code Title Airdate Plot Topic
73 601 Digit's B-Day Surprise November 7, 2007 The kids pretend to forget Digit's birthday, so they can surprise him with a surprise party. When Hacker finds out it was Digit's birthday, he convinces Digit that the Cybersquad does not care about him, so he could be on his side and give him information about Motherboard. Reading a Thermometer – You can use the evaporation of water to cool an object on a hot day.
74 602 When Penguins Fly December 12, 2007 Hacker tries to stop the penguins in Penguia from flying and delivering the presents on Starlight Night. Population Sampling – When something is too large to count, you can use a sample to make a close estimate of how much is there.
75 603 Unhappily Ever After February 19, 2008 Hacker steals the Book of Unhappy Endings to cause chaos on Happily Ever After, in an attempt to impress Wicked. Builders' Math: Measurement, Geometry – When you need to copy and cut a simple shape to fit something you are building, you can use that shape's dimensions and other properties to copy and cut a new shape that matches your shape exactly
76 604 Escape From Merlin's Maze February 20, 2008 Hacker traps Shari Spotter inside Merlin's Maze and steals Stumblesnore's wand. Builders' Math: Algebraic Thinking – When you need to lift a weight too heavy to lift by yourself, use a lever and follow a surprising rule: Multiply the length of your lever and you will similarly multiply the weight you can lift!
77 605 Step By Step February 21, 2008 Hacker tries to stop Dr. Marbles from using magmaluxes which will cure Motherboard of her virus. Builders' Math: Multi-Step Problem Solving – When you cannot solve a problem in a single step, tackle its parts one step at a time. Finding the answer to each step gives you new information you can build on to solve the problem.
78 606 Team Spirit April 8, 2008 Slider and the kids create a chart that will help them determine who will participate in which of the three sports that are part of the Triathlon on Mt. Olympus. Wicked has a similar plan to help Hacker win, but he is unwilling to listen to her. Math in Sports: Number and Operation – Use individual past performance scores and you can choose the strongest lineup of players for a team competition, and predict how your team will do.
79 607 Jimaya Jam April 9, 2008 Jules, Creech, Matt, and Jackie try to escape from the Jam Master, while Inez and Digit try to rescue them and stop Hacker from stealing the Symball. Math in Sports: Representation – Use diagrams as tools to communicate how the players and ball move in a sports play and you can improve your game and plan winning team strategies.
80 608 A Perfect Score April 10, 2008 Jackie must be Hacker's dance partner to save Inez. In order for Inez to be saved, Hacker and Jackie must beat Wicked and her dance partner, Tank, in the do-over dance competition. Math in Sports: Scoring Performance – When players in a sports event are judged by the quality of their performance, using numbers gives you a fair way to choose the winner.
81 609 Chaos as Usual April 11, 2008 The kids play Slugball, a game where there are 3 innings. The kids team, The All-Stars, were playing against the Bunnies, who are owned by, you-know-who Hacker! The players in the bunnies were Cyclops, the Trashinator and the Mighty Tonga. They played all innings until the score was tied at 7. Then, Hacker called in someone to pinch hit Trash, That someone was none other than El Slam Bino! Jackie dropped the ball and Hacker was mayor, or was he? The kids set to thwart Hacker, then Jackie caught the key and gave it to the Mayor. Every kid has their day. Math in Sports: Data Collection – Spot a pattern in a player's performances and you can predict what that player will do in a game
82 610 Spheres of Fears October 27, 2008 Hacker traps Digit and the kids in a scary mini-galaxy filled with eerie creatures called Creepers. Circle Diameter and Circumference – The circumference of every circle, no matter how big or small, is always a little more than three times its diameter.


  • There are 10 episodes in this season
  • This is also the first season to use flash animation.

Season 7: 2009[edit]

A lot may be going on in Cyberspace, but the Cybersquad shall continue to stop Hacker – even if it means dealing with terrible weather and using math knowledge to combat it. Season 7 startes with "Weather Watchers". It was launched April 21, 2009. There were four episodes about it. In the first two episodes, "For Real" segments included Janice Huff, a meteorologist with New York's WNBC-TV who played "Stormy Gale" in episodes 701–702. This also included Episode Gone With The Fog The Emperor Has Snow Clothes Digit in the vent the fog Snow Clothes.

Ep. # Production Code Title Airdate Plot Topic
83 701 Gone With The Fog April 21, 2009 Hacker kidnaps stylists from Gollywood, and the Cybersquad has to make a rescue using fog and the dew point. New York weather reporter Janice Huff guest stars as Stormy Gale. Math in Weather: Fog – Keep track of both air temperature and humidity and you can predict when fog will appear as the temperature drops.
84 702 The Emperor Has Snow Clothes April 22, 2009 Hacker freezes Emperor Penguia and crowns himself. The Cybersquad must defreeze the Emperor but also dodge a storm along the way. Last appearance of Stormy Gale.
Note: This episode's title is a play on the story The Emperor's New Clothes.

Guest Starring: Janice Huff as Stormy Gale.

Math in Weather: Tracking Storms – If you know the speed and direction of a storm, you can predict its storm track, and estimate when the storm will reach you.
85 703 The X-Factor April 23, 2009 When orange globs appear on the dome of Perfectomundo, the Cybersquad has to figure out what's causing it before there's no more sunlight for the site. Math in Weather: Multiplication Power – When many people contribute to a small problem, what they do just does not add up, it multiplies into a big problem. To solve it, look for a small solution that can be multiplied the same way.
86 704 Blowin' in the Wind April 24, 2009 When Hacker goes on vacation, he leaves the cure to Motherboard's virus at the windiest place in the Northern Frontier. The Cybersquad and Slider must retrieve it before Buzz and Delete do. Math in Weather: Measuring Wind Speed – To pick the best place to get power from the wind, measure the speed of the wind in different places over time and choose the spot whose wind speeds are typically the fastest.
87 705 Father's Day June 18, 2009 Creech's father, Max, is CyberDad of the year, but Hacker tries to ruin his moment, because he embarrassed him in the past. Guest Starring: Matthew Broderick as Max. Patterns in Codes – Use clues to find the hidden rule behind one secret message and you can decode every message made with that rule.
88 706 The Deedle Beast October 5, 2009 When the kids chart the bizarre behavior of a pet Deedle Beast, they uncover a bigger mystery than they bargained for.

Guest Starring: Andy Biamchi as Gimme and Deann Degruter as Mrs. Bogey.

Observing and Tracking Animal Behavior – To understand why an animal does something again and again, keep track of both its behavior and any events that might cause it, then look for a pattern that connects one with the other.
89 707 Spellbound October 6, 2009 The Cybersquad must discover how to use a grid to communicate what a spell-breaking symbol looks like and save Pompadoria from Wicked's adoration spell. Grids – Use a grid to divide a picture into pixels – same-size squares of different colors – and you can use the orderly properties of the grid to reproduce the picture anywhere at any size, no matter how large or small.


  • There are seven episodes in this season.
  • The first four have to do with math in weather.

Season 8: 2010[edit]

The Cybersquad now may face a huge challenge! Now Hacker may no longer be the only villain in Cyberspace. With a rejected ally of Hacker named Ledge (Alex Karzis) on the loose, things may not be as easy anymore. Season 8 premiered on June 25, 2010, with the Summer Challenge. Episode 804 introduced Ledge, the newest villain of Cyberspace. Ledge was originally a fan of Hacker and was to get himself a place on Hacker's side to help take over Cyberspace. He tries to do so by making a machine that can turn everyone in Sensible Flats into 'Hackerized' versions of themselves. Though this seems to impress Hacker initially, the machine eventually gets unplugged by Inez, resulting an angry Hacker to cast Ledge away for his failure. This results with Ledge becoming Hacker's most dangerous rival. Aside from Ledge's failure, Hacker does not like Ledge because he heavily insults him and the possible fact that Ledge is less arrogant but more intelligent than Hacker, even though he is equally evil. The Cybersquad also does not like Ledge because of his deception that led almost all of them into danger in Sensible Flats he had caused by pretending to help them, as he thinks more wisely of his plans. It was then in episode 805, that Hacker and the Cybersquad were forced to work together to stop Ledge from stealing one of Hacker's previous inventions that can be used to help Motherboard, though the invention ends up being destroyed.

Ep. # Production
Title Airdate
90 801 "The Hacker's Challenge" June 25,

Hacker challenges the Cybersquad and their allies (including Slider, Creech, Jules, Fluff the Penguin, and Teeny Weeny "T.W." Parallini) as a way to prove his superiority by having them try to solve a series of puzzles in three hours to save Solaria from his Reconfiguratron.

Topic: Solution by Trying Numbers – When you are stuck on a numbers problem and do not know where to start, experiment with different numbers and use the results to adjust your next choices until you find the numbers that work.
91 802 "Face-Off" July 6,

When Fluff's team wants to wear new Cyberblades advertised on TV, the kids work together with him to try to prove that they are not as good as they seem.

Topic: Analyzing Ads (reasoning) – When an ad tries to make you buy a product, use reasoning to analyze its claims so you can make an informed choice about what to do.
92 803 " Peace, Love, and Hackerness" July 9,

Hacker destroys a radio station's antenna in order to boost his fear rating. The kids must figure out how long it was and order a new one that's the same length or it's the end of Cyberspace!

Topic: Measuring with Mixed Number Fractions – When you need to find a total length from several measurements, and your measurements are mixed numbers, first add the whole numbers, then add the fractions to get the total length. Also, different types of fractions have different rules for combining them. The ruler you used to get your measurements can help you combine them.
93 804 "Hackerized" July 16, 2010

The kids must climb to the top of Climber's Rock to shut down a machine that is on top and causing all the citizens of Sensible Flats to look and act like Hacker.

Note: First appearance of Ledge.

Guest Starring: Alex Karzis as Ledge.

Topic: Analyzing data – When you have a goal you want to achieve, measure your performance with numbers and keep track of it over time to help you reach it.
94 805 "The Bluebird of Zappiness" July 23, 2010

Hacker fires Buzz and Delete again. But when they go to Ledge in order find the Bluebird of Zappiness, Hacker and the Cybersquad must work together in order to settle the score with his new nemesis Ledge.

Note: Latest appearance of Ledge.

Guest Starring: Alex Karzis as Ledge, Kristina Nicoll as Motherboard, Julie Lemieux as Artemis and Punxie, Katie Griffin as Lily, and Philip Williams as Grand Groundhoggian.

Topic: Proportional reasoning – When you know the height of an object, you can use the length of its shadow to figure out the height of something else.


  • There are only 5 episodes in this season.
  • Despite the listing of 5 further episodes, they were cancelled and Season 9 was announced for Fall of 2013.
  • The five episodes were to be titled in order as follows: The Dangerous CyberSpider, DrainDroppers, An Amazing Flying Shrew, Hacker's Coin, and Snowing in a winter.
  • As of Monday September 6, 2010, some PBS stations such as WMHT-TV in Albany, New York are no longer airing the show because it would be streaming online through the PBS KIDS GO! website.

Season 9: 2013–14[edit]

On April 3, 2013, it was announced on the official Facebook page that the show would return for a 9th season. The season premiered November 4, 2013, after being on hiatus since 2010.

Ep. # Production
Title Airdate
95 901 "An Urchin Matter" November 4,

The Cybersquad must figure out what is causing kelp from Mega Bay to rise to the top. Meanwhile, Hacker looks make some profit by putting on a show for Cyberspace to see, after watching a viral video on CyberTube.

Cybersites: Pefectomundo, Big Bay (on unknown Cybersite), Little Bay (on unknown Cybersite), The Northern Frontier

For Real: "Harry Restores Balance" Harry helps Harley become a better camp director, by teaching him and the kids about balance in the ecosystem.

Topic: Keystone Species and Kelp-Bed Ecosystem – Measuring and recording an ecosystem's wildlife. As well as understanding how the kelp-bed ecosystem works. Food chains and ecological balance.
96 902 "Going Solar" November 5,

Hacker has challenged Slider to a skate-off. But suddenly, the power to the brand new stadium goes out. The Cybersquad must find a way to harness solar energy, store it, and makes sure it lasts through the game. However, someone keeps sabotaging their plans. The show must go on!

Cybersites: Radopolis

For Real: "Harry's Got The Power" Alicia, Harry's camp coworker devises a game about Solar energy. Meanwhile, Harry is waiting by his phone to win a jet ski.

Topic: Solar Panels – Understanding the use of solar panels and how to position them in relation to the sun. Rate of battery depletion and the type to charge.
97 903 "Trash Creep" November 6,

The team battles a giant garbage heap in Perfectomundo, which threatens to break through the cybersite dome; Hacker seeks to grow an army of monster plants.

Cybersites: Perfectomundo

For Real: "Harley's Trash Is Harry's Treasure" Harry creates the game Trash Dash to deal with the camp's garbage issue, while Harley tries to get out of doing his work.

Topic: Fractions, Effects of Trash, and Recycling – Understanding how important recycling is for the environment and how and when you should do it. Shows the effects of not recycling by explaining that a trash heap may cause issues.
98–99 904/905 "The Cyberchase Movie" April 15, 2014

Hacker wishes to build Hackerspace by drilling on Ecotopia. He captured an aged Doctor Marbles and stole his journal to help him locate the Reformat Button. In searching for the button, Buzz and Delete capture Ollie's mom Abby, and accidentally drill into the inner slime core. Hacker locks Doctor Marbles and Abby away while he recalculates the location of the button. Motherboard sends the Cybersquad into Ecotopia to investigate where the slime came from, and what they can do to help. They soon realize that many of the animals of the Cybersite have lost their homes due to the slime destroying 2/3rds of the Preserve. In order to fix this, they must install a new preserve and format it in a way that the animals can live comfortably, plus they need to relocate the animals. Using an ark they are able to bring the animals to the new preserve, but by just narrowly escaping a whirlpool. Soon after, the Cybersquad and Ollie notice that the orangutans are in the wrong portion of the preserve. In order to figure out why, Inez and Ollie return to the old preserve and examine the wildlife. But in order to do so, Inez must overcome her fear of bats, and Ollie must overcome his fear of heights. If that wasn't enough, they overhear Hacker looking for the button and realize he has caused the inner slime core to erupt. Ollie spots his mother with Hacker, so he desperately wants to save her. The Cybersquad and Ollie formulate a plan that succeeds in rescuing Dr. Marbles and Abby, while installing a lock on the Reformat Button, thus ejecting Hacker into Cyberspace. The movie finishes with Inez and Ollie enjoying a sandwich high up in a tree.

For Real: Harry shows 100 favorite moments of the series of an honor of the 100th Episode of Cyberchase.

Cybersites: Ecotopia, Control Central, and unknown frozen Cybersite.

Note: This is a two-part hour long special.

Guest Starring: Emilie Barlow as Abby, Rico Rodriguez as Ollie, Richard Binsley as Dr. Marbles, and Kristina Nicoll as Motherboard.[5]

Topic: Living Space – Understanding how much living space and habitats are important for animals. Keeping track of the amount left of living space.


  • Issues in development for Episode 901 caused some versions of the aired episode to air with the title "placeholder" cards in place. e.g. act 1, act 2, and act 3.
  • Harley, Alicia, and Harry (from For Real) now work at Camp Henry teaching 8-year old kids about the environment.

On two recent Q&A videos on Cyberchase's Official Facebook Page, certain facts were announced, such as:


Buzz and Delete

  • Buzz and Delete do not necessarily stand up to Hacker
  • Delete won't double-cross Hacker
  • Hacker won't replace Buzz and Delete after what happened in Season 8
  • They will star in a mobile game for tablet devices (Shape Quest)[6]
  • There will be a lot of great Buzz moments in this season.


  • Will NOT die
  • Won't get cured; quote: "what fun would that be?"


  • Won't be permanently defeated
  • Will be the main villain this season
  • Will not become good this season
  • Will skateoff against Slider (Ep. 96)
  • Will get more costumes this season and a hint for the next costume is in the background of the first video[7] (904)
  • Hacker's Costume may be a monkey/ape (Ep. 98)

Dr. Marbles

  • Will be kidnapped this season (Ep. 98)
  • Will appear in the season (Ep. 98)


  • Evade getting kidnapped this season
  • Will be involved with the skateoff between Slider and Hacker (Ep. 96)
  • The new love interest is not for Digit
  • Digit makes a new bird friend (Ep. 95)
  • The new love interest is a boy, Ollie, and he wears glasses; given that Inez wears glasses, she could be the love interest. (Ep. 98)
  • Will team up with a new friend (Ep. 98)
  • Digit will have new hero moments in Season 9, including a daring underwater rescue (Ep. 95)


  • Will skateoff against Hacker (Ep. 96)

For Real

  • Mr. Sleeze will not appear this season
  • Harley and Harry are not related in real life
  • Harley and Harry will both return in Cyberchase for Real this Season[9] (Eps. 95, 96, 97)


  • Season 9 will be animated in Flash by Pip Animation in Ottawa
  • This season is about solving environmental problems using Math (Eps. 95, 96, 97, 98–99)
  • There won't be an episode on Algebra this season
  • In the background of the videos, a document with the words "Cyberchase Movie" is shown hinting to a film (Eps. 98–99)
  • Ledge will not be in Season 9[10]
  • Cyberchase Season 9 began airing on November 2013 with a batch of new episodes.
  • The Cyberchase Movie aired as an hour-long special on Tuesday, April 15, 2014.
  • A little Wicked will be shown in this season (Ep. 96)
  • Harry (from Cyberchase For Real) will have awesome hair styles
  • There are no voice casting changes
  • Action, Romance, and a guest star will appear this season[11] (Eps. 98–99)
  • Razz (from season 7) will appear this season (Ep. 97)

VHS/DVD Releases[edit]

Between 2002 and 2005, five Cyberchase DVDs and VHSs were released, with three episodes each, but on the VHS, people can only get the first two of the three episodes.[12]

Codename Icky Features the following episodes:[13]

  • 116 Codename Icky
  • 203 Harriet Hippo & the Mean Green
  • 112 Of All The Luck

Totally Rad! Features the following episodes:[14]

  • 202 Totally Rad!
  • 302 The Borg of the Ring
  • 123 Fortress of Attitude

Starlight Night Features the following episodes:[15]

  • 312 Starlight Night
  • 104 Snow Day to Be Exact
  • 213 A Time To Cook

The Snelfu Snafu Features the following episodes:[16]

  • 309 The Snelfu Snafu Part 1
  • 310 The Snelfu Snafu Part 2
  • 211 The Wedding Scammer

EcoHaven CSE Features the following episodes:[17]

  • 301 EcoHaven CSE
  • 408 A Crinkle in Time
  • 305 The Creech Who Would be Crowned