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This is a list of characters that have appeared on the PBS Kids series Cyberchase.

  • For a list of Main Protagonists and Main Antagonists, as well as the For Real, see Cyberchase.

Secondary Antagonists[edit]


  • Baskerville is a hunchback wolf-like cyborg with a British accent who has often been called up by Hacker to assist in his evil schemes, because of him being more reliable than Buzz and Delete. Of course, because of that, Buzz and Delete don't like him very much, especially when he takes over their daily jobs such as: giving Hacker some tea, ironing his cape, etc. He is also known to work cheap. He's seen in episodes: 112, 407, 504, 704, 705, and 804. He is voiced by Juan Chioran. Baskerville may also be a possible reference to the British horror movie, "Werewolf of London".


  • Wicked (Linda Ballantyne) is a witch who lives in Happily Ever After and appears in many adventures. She has bright red hair, likes spending money, and has a quick temper. She wants to take over Cyberspace just as much as Hacker. She often tries to convince Hacker to become her partner. She and Hacker sometimes have a love for each other. Hacker has several times reluctantly hired or even courted her, but always jilts her and in his appearance on "Lucky Star", he called Wicked a sorry excuse for a sorceress. In return, Wicked either casts a spell on him or wrecks his evil-doing plans. She's seen in episodes: 108, 109, 122, 201, 203, 211, 309, 310, 311, 407, 409, 501, 503, 510, 603, 606, 608, and 707. A portrait of her is shown in episode 803 in Seeing Sam's office.

Minor Antagonists[edit]


  • Warren is a wayward genie who wants to rule Cyberspace. His full name is Warren Plotnick. His mother is a lunch lady from Nowhere who grounded him for twenty years after his last evil rampage. He's tough and intimidating when alone, but when his mother shows up, he's rather wimpy and overly-obedient. He also used to be Hacker's idol, but after their first encounter, they're never happy to see each other throughout the series. He was seen in episodes 120, 205, 302, 309 and 310. He lives in a bottle in Nowhere but shows up in other cybersites. Digit can imitate Warren's mother's voice. He is voiced by James Rankin.


  • Ledge is a villain who appears in episodes 804 and 805. In 804, he first appears in a door where he can't be Hackerized. He convinces the Cybersqaud to unplug the machine causing everyone to be like Hacker literally. At first, he seems like a nice guy, but then he reveals his true colors when he tells Inez that he created the machine that is causing everyone to be Hacker, as he actually tricked Inez's friends into being Hackerized, hoping that she will fall victim to it as well, revealing himself to be Hacker's greatest fan. Escaping with his plan being into fruition, he goes to Hacker's ship to tell Hacker of his succeeding plan, hoping to get a place on Hacker's side. This impresses Hacker once, but when he is about to bring Ledge into his inner circle, he finds out that the machine gets unplugged by Inez, who has actually avoided been Hackerized. Angered by Ledge's failure, Hacker orders Buzz and Delete to kick Ledge out of the ship. Returning in 805, an angry Ledge then becomes Hacker's dangerous rival, humiliating him several times for deeming him a failure. Using his wits, Ledge intends to steal one Hacker's previous inventions that can be used to help Motherboard, though this was backfired too, thanks to a temporary alliance between the Hacker and the Cybersquad. Despite appearing in two episodes and becoming Hacker's dangerous rival, Ledge can be implied to the Cybersquad's most dangerous enemy, as he plays more wisely to the Cybersquad's moves, unlike Hacker, who underestimates their intelligence all the time. And because of these facts, it's what made both Hacker and the Cybersquad develop a hateful grudge against Ledge, believing him to be a dirty rat. Voiced by Alex Karzis.

Ann Arki[edit]

  • Ann Arki,(Voiced by Annika Walter) whose name is a play on the word "Anarchy" is a villainous who is known as the Queen of Chaos. She is able to appear like a genie and gives out a villain award, called the Arki award. She appears in episode 609, where she wants Hacker to do something dastardly to win the arki, but when he fails to do so, she sends him a letter saying that he is no longer eligible for the arki.

She is voiced by Julie Lemieux.

Hacker's other assistants[edit]

  • Olga was hired by Hacker to help drain the pond in EcoHaven in episode 504. She appears to be a mechanic. Olga also appeared in episode 804 when Hacker tried to find out who created the Hackerizer.
  • Scratch is a vulture that helped Hacker out.
  • Cyclops was first seen giving Hacker a massage in episode 409. He was later hired to help drain the pond in EcoHaven in episode 504.
  • Trashinator (voiced by Philip Williams) Another cyborg was seen helping Hacker in episode 504, also known as "Trash". This cyborg appears to enjoy doughnuts as much as Buzz and eats with a hole in his head covered by a lid. This cyborg was also seen in episodes 609, 704, and 804. He is known for having various skills in slugball.
  • Tonga is a red mechanical gorilla. He appeared in 609, 705 and 804.
  • Gigabyte, a monster created by Hacker to help him take over all of Cyberspace. He first appeared in episode 102, where he mistakenly got Delete's brain rather than Dr. Marbles', much to Hacker's frustration and embarrassment. He then appeared in the episode 307, where Hacker tried to use the sun to bring him back to life. His last (and most brief) appearance was in episode 501, where he is seen trick-or-treating with a mummy. He is voiced by Rob Tinkler.

Characters in other cybersites[edit]


  • Binary is the gatekeeper and mermaid of Aquari-Yum. She's green with long reddish, pinkish, purplish hair. She has a yellow shirt, a blue hat and purple lips. She's seen so far in episode 116.
  • Icky is a large gastropod resembling a slug. He absorbs energy directly from his surroundings, understands several languages, and communicates through patterns of electric buzzes. If he doesn't absorb the natural energy of Aquari-yum, the site boils over. Besides, he needs to feed on energy to survive, otherwise he'd shrivel up to nothing. He can also camouflage himself. He's seen in episodes 116, 123, and 402. In 123 he doesn't buzz.
  • The Crab Prince of the kingdom is a crab that helps people and begins to be a prince in episode 306. He helps Icky the slug keep his energy pod in episode 402. Also, since he's the prince, it's his job to keep Icky's secret hideaway a secret, but tells the Cybersquad about it. (Voiced by Jason Michas).
  • Manny the Medium is a lazy cyber-manatee that usually sleeps and knows all. He's seen in episode 402 and voiced by Harvey Atkin.
  • Stringie and Bow are the prince's friends. They are seen in episode 306.

Big Bay[edit]

  • Captain Skuttlebutt is the keeper of Mega Bays. He and his father both cared for the bays, while maintaining the wildlife that lives there. He forgets the last line to a song his father taught him about the otters eating the urchins to keep a balanced ecosystem. He is a pirate with one lost leg and keeps a little parrot called Ditto. Seen in episode(s) 901.
  • Ditto is a parrot that lives on Captain Skuttlebutt's shoulder, he has been around for two (or more) generations of Skuttlebutts and is the reason Digit did not return to Mega Bays. Ditto constantly repeats the sentences of other annoying Digit, but because they are both birds they eventually become friends. Ditto literally means to agree. Seen in episode(s) 901.


  • The Sams are a two-headed creature that often helped the Cybersquad. They appear in episodes 102, 114, 115, 121, 405 and 406. They appear in 102 as music players. They also appear in the "Lucky Star" game clip on the Cyberchase website.
  • Erica Ram is a pretty, friendly, and inquestive cyborg with pink hair and light blue skin from on a TV show and fell in love with Hacker during episode 501. Erica gives interviews to people because she is at the Cyberscoop. She almost always smiles, and doesn't like carolers (as seen in episode 312). She's seen in episodes 211, 310, 312, 407, 501, 601, 602, 701,804, and 902. In episode 602, she doesn't talk at all.
  • Gnome is in all kinds of castles. Sometimes, he won't let people pass without his permission. He is a mean little guy who prefers people keeping their speeches short. He's seen in episodes 102 and 114.
  • Mayor Wolfman is the mayor of Castleblanca. He doesn't like anybody to take over his castle, but Hacker has done it to him and he found the mayor's secrets (the Gargoyles of Grisli). He has a blue or black nose. In his castle, there's also a trap door in his study. He's seen in episode 501.
  • Dracula is seen in many episodes he has 2 spikes of hair and is mean and nasty. His clothes are a long torn cape. He is seen in episodes 115 and 501.

The Cybrary[edit]

  • Ms. Fileshare the head cybrarian of the Cybrary is voiced by Jasmine Guy. She has high standards and four arms, and once she makes a decision she is inflexible until she eventually learns to be open-minded. She's seen in episodes 210, 308, and 706.


  • Abby (Emilie Barlow) is the mother of Ollie and a ranger of the Ecotopian preserve. She has dedicated her life to save the animals and to keep everything in order. Once, she saved her son Ollie who was stuck in a tree. She knows everything about the preserve and owns a Preservepad to communicate with others on the preserve. She is in episode 904 and 905.
  • Ollie is the son of Abby and is seen in episodes 904 and 905. He was a junior ranger and became a full fledged ranger.


  • Shari Spotter is a responsible and nice young wizard/witch-like girl who uses her special powers to protect her school, Frogsnorts Sorcerer's Academy (a reference to Hogwarts from Harry Potter). Shari wears perfectly round and red specs for glasses but in most parts her red specs are purple. She appeared in episodes 311, 401, 601, 604, and 610. In 601, she doesn't talk. She has a crush on Matt, which annoys Inez. Reference of the male Harry Potter in the Harry Potter book series. She is voiced by Julie Lemieux.
  • Professor Stumblesnore is the firm headmaster of Frogsnorts who made Shari mind cosmic crumpets. He is seen in episodes: 311, 401, 604, and 610. Reference of Dumbledore from the Harry Potter book series (however, he seems to bear a resemblance to Gandalf from Lord of the Rings). He is voiced by Ivan Sherry.
  • Dody (Voiced by Annika Walter) is a dodo bird that often times speaks in rhymes. He is found in stumblesnore's office, and is seen in episodes 311 and 401.


  • Gimmy (Voiced by Sergio Mandez) is a friendly kilt-wearing Scotsman who is Digit's friend and runs a golf shop.


  • Mister Zero is the compassinate king of 0 in all of Cyberspace and he lives in Gollywood and leaves temporarily because Hacker was sending him hateful anonymous letters. He only appeared in episode 303.
  • Stormy Gale is a meteorologist and is voiced by Janice Huff, an actual meteorologist with New York's WNBC-TV. She appears in two episodes aired April 20–21, 2009. Janice Huff also did the some 'For Real' Segments.

Ground Hoggia[edit]

  • Punxie is a ground hoggian who helps the cybersquad, voiced by Julie Lemieux.
  • The Grand Ground Hoggian is a ground hoggian who wakes up on Grand Ground Hoggian Day to see his shadow to symbolize harvest time; if he doesn't see his shadow, that means the ground hoggians will wait for 6 more weeks. Before he took the torch, his grandpa was once Grand Ground Hoggian and is three times taller than he is. Voiced by Phillip Williams.
  • Mayor is voiced by Lisette St-Louis and she announces the Grand Groundhoggian day.

Happily Ever After[edit]

  • The King of Happily Ever After is a fictional fairy tale character. In some episodes, he cries when he hears something bad and doesn't appreciate anyone speaking to him rudely. Digit nicknames him Kingy. (voiced by Bruce Hunter)
  • The Town Crier is a sad man who worries a lot about Happily Ever After. He usually spreads the news so everyone in Happily Ever After knows. he appears in episodes 108, 122 and 603.
  • Spider is positive and hopeful who wears glasses, six boots and a green shirt. Jackie has a real fondness for him. He usually an outcast because everyone was afraid of him. However, everyone began to warm up to him when he helped count the golden eggs for the king's ransom. He appeared in 108 and 122.
  • Ziff is a green pig who lives with his two brothers. Previously, his is name was Pig 2 and he formerly made a deal with Hacker, who promised to protect him and his brothers from the big, bad wolf (who would not stop bothering them). He took a big part in season six, episode three where he helped the Cybersquad bring back the happy endings. He appeared in 108, 122, 203, 208, 406, 503, and 603. (voiced by Adrian Egan)
  • Wanda (voiced by mathematician Danica McKellar) is Wicked's magic wand who is very smart. Wicked says what to do and she does it. She can only do magic if Wicked gives her a command. She's seen in every episode Wicked appears in, but is only anthropomorphized in episode #503.


  • Jam Master, the guardian of the Jimayan pyramid and the symball. He is seen in 607. He is a large stone face styled similar to Aztec art and would tendency to blab. He is voiced by Jim Carrey.
  • Jules, who was first seen as a cave guard in episode 507, is a good friend of the Cybersquad, but is often timid, and was scared of the dark (which is why he sleeps with a night light). He appears again in episode 607, where Hacker tricks him into pressing the nose of the Jam Master, causing Matt, Jackie, Creech and himself to get sucked into the chamber of Jimaya. After that he appeared in 801 where he helped in Hacker's Challenge. He is often trying to find a job, but Hacker continuously tries to ruin it for him. He does not let Hacker (or anyone for that matter) push him around. He is voiced by Scott McCord.


  • Mayor of Memoryville is seen in 609 and promises that he will give the key to the town to whoever wins the slugball championship. But, he has one rule about the key: you can open any door, except for the door to the memory banks. He is voiced by James Rankin.
  • Stats is the commentator for the slugball games in 609. Nothing is really known about him. Voiced by Ian James Corlet.

Mount Olympus[edit]

  • Zeus is a stereotypic version of his mythological namesake and is ruler of Mount Olympus. He's seen in episodes 106, 121, 126, and 606. (voiced by Philip Bosco). He is also the ruler of the Gods and has a very boisterous laughter.
  • Poseidon is seen in 606 with Athena and Hermes atop Mt. Olympus when Zeus wants them to work as a team before calling Control Central. He would've done the swim. He is recognizable with his trident and merman-like features. He was a human/mermaid.
  • Hermes is based on Hermes, the real god. He has his caduceus, wing helmet, and winged sandals. He is seen in 606 and would've been in the race to the top of Mt. Olympus as he is the speedster of the gods. Seen in 606.
  • Artemis (voiced by Julie Lemix) is seen in episode 805 and helps the cybersquad find the Bluebird of Zappiness by shooting an arrow to the point of the next clue. She has a slight New York accent in the show.
  • The Beast (voiced by Cal Dodd) is the drummer for the band that plays the Music of the Spheres and is much more humble than the rest of the band. In episode 126, the rest of the band members used to treat him like a stray dog because they were tired of hearing his drumming. However, after realizing the importance of his drum part, they turned around.
  • Apollo (Voiced by Kim Mitchell) is the Greek god of music and also the gong player in the band that plays the music that keeps the site from being destroyed. He is slightly egotistical.
  • Himaropa (voiced by voiced by Nicky Gaudagny) is a siren, and a horn player of her band. She is very egotistic and is obsessed with her hair according to Apollo.
  • Calliope (voiced by Katie Griffin) is a muse, and a lyrist for the music of the spheres band. As well as being a poet she is a pationate musician.
  • Homer (voiced by John Stocker) is a poet that seems to have trouble coming up with what to write. He is seen in 126 where he asks Calliope for ideas.


  • Warren's mom is a lunch lady from nowhere, can be kind, but had to ground her son because of an evil rampage. She collects action figures and has a whole stash of them. She speaks with a southern accent. She is voiced by Kathleen Laskey.

Outta Site[edit]

  • Dj Groovy is the DJ that runs the farout radio. Seen in 803, he talks in hip-hop style with words like "groovy" or "far out". He is voiced by Rory O'Shea.
  • Hector is a bee seen in 803 that teams up with the Cybersquad. He can tell what the other bees want or how they feel. He is voiced by Carlos Diaz.

Parallel Land[edit]

  • TW (Teeny Weeny Parallini) is a small square girl Parallini. She is not scared of Hacker, and despite the fact that her mother wouldn't let her help the cybersquad, she does help them find Diamond Joe. She is seen in 506 and 801. In 801, she helps in the Hacker's challenge. Voiced by Isabel de Carteret.
  • Diamond Joe Parallini is an old parallini, who used to be a member of the flying parallinis, a group of parallelograms that would fly and make shapes in the air. He seems to be somewhat of a cowboy. Voiced by James Rankin
  • Mother Parallini is TW's mother, despite the fact she is strict about the 'no tilting, no leaning' rule, she is kind hearted and wants the best for her fellow Parallinis. She is voiced by Danielle Jonas


  • Fluff (Voiced by Austin Dilulio) is a penguin that plays hockey, which is hard in Cyberia. He is a kind logical penguin determined to follow in his father's footsteps and make him proud. Fluff got to lead the Starlight Night deliveries. He's seen in episodes: 403, 602, 702, 801, and 802. He helped the Cybersquad with the hacker's challenge. He is part of the Cybersquad's allies and is one of those that Hacker calls "Cyberbrats".
  • Coach (voiced by Roch Voisine) is a penguin who teaches the kids and penguins how to play ice hockey. He uses a monitor to track the puck and show the players what works and what doesn't. He's only seen in episode #403.
  • Ice is known as one of the best players of penguin hockey. She is able to hit the pole every time, by shooting at a special "aiming spot". She's seen in episode 403 (doesn't talk) and 802 where she is the captain of the Penguin Village Voyagers, where she gets fooled by the ads for Cyberblades. She is sister of Emma Penguin and is voiced by Lisette St. Louis.
  • Fergie is known for her inventions. Her inventions include: The Polar Engine, the Ice-O-Nart, and the Meltmeister. She is seen in episode 702 and is voiced by Julie Lemieux.
  • PJ is Fluff's dad, and is seen in episodes 602 and 802. Despite the fact he never met them, he proves to be an ally to the cyber squad, as he is against the Hacker, and is determined to stop him, having several times in his appearances told him to give up, and that he was wasting his time trying to ruin starlight night. He participated in the snowflake ceremonies and the Starlight Night Penguin March, then passed his place down to Fluff. He also scored the winning goal to get the Penguia Cup when he played the Titans when he was younger. He's very proud of his son. He is voiced by James Rankin.
  • Rusty is the leader of the penguin march, and apparently Fluff's aunt. She is seen in 602 and is voiced by Stacey DePass.
  • Berny is Fluff's best friend and a fellow member of the penguin village voyagers. He cares about Fluff and appears to have Fluff's best interests at heart. Voiced by Adam Levine.
  • Walter is a crafty cyber walrus who guards the bridge that leads to the Ice Palace. Every year on Starlight Night, he pulls the same old prank by stalling the penguin march (or least he tries to) for the fun of it. He lets the marchers pass only if they correctly answer a question. Rusty doesn't like him very much. Voiced by Kim Mitchell.


  • Razz is a Perfectamundian who is famous for inventing the Digifizz toy. He is partners with Digit and appears in episodes 703 and 903.Voiced by Helen King.
  • Mayor, the leader of Perfectamundo. Appears in episode 703. Voiced by Julie Lemieux.
  • Waldo, the Mayors assistant. Appears in episode 703. Voiced by Rob Tinkler.


  • The Grand Pasha is the ruler of Pompadouria. Briefly made a pawn of by the Hacker, who tried to exchange the Wicked Witch for the Shah's absent daughter. Voiced by Len Carlson (season 2) and Brad Adamson (season 7.)
  • Petra Petra is a Hedgehopper who appears in episode #707. She helps the group to break the love spell that the Wicked put. Voiced by Bryn McAuley.
  • Keesha is a green Hedgehopper that was only mention by Petra. She got mad when Mikey was supposed to be in another spot.
  • Mikey is a blue Hedgehopper that was only mention by Jackie. He went to A10 where Keesha was supposed to be.


  • Annie is a young poddle seen in episode 107. She helped the kids escape from jail in Poddleville after they were arrested by mistake. She is apparently good friends with Jackie. She is voiced by Elizabeth Jones.
  • The Mayor is the mayor of Poddleville and has a 1 on his chest. He is a caring poddle who at first thinks the cybersquad is ruining their town in 107, but then warms up to them when he sees them save poddleville. He appears in 121 where he tries to stop Hacker from freezing his sight, and where he appears to be good at saving Dr. Marbles. He appears again in 212 where he gives a party to Hacker for making peace for Poddleville, although it turns out to be a diversion Hacker's doing to steal Poddleville's energy. (voiced by Len Carlson)
  • Irma is a poddle who is seen in episode 212, and helps with the crime scene investigation. She takes out the trash once in a while and in the episode, she saw what appeared to be a square coming towards her, which lead to everyone believing it was Sleight O. Hand that stole Hacker's recharger Key. She is the mayor's daughter. Voiced by Denise Oliver.
  • Sleight O. Hand is a poddle with an Irish accent that acts as a magician. He has been nicknamed the "best pickpocket in all of cyberspace." He appears in episode 212 where Hacker accuses him of stealing his recharger key, using his nickname to frame him for the crime. He has a dog named Presto (A commonly used magic word) whom he gets to do tricks for his acts. Also, he is Dr. Marbles's nephew. He is voiced by James Rankin.
  • Chief, the police chief in Poddleville is seen in episode 212 where the cybersquad assists him in solving the case of the missing recharger key. He like the other citizens of Poddleville is tricked by Hacker until the squad shows him that the triangle in the blimp photo was actually a view of the perk from the top, not the front. He is voiced by singer Kim Mitchell.
  • Lily is a poddle seen in 805, where the poddles and cybersquad are throwing a birthday party for her. When the poddles are showing how long their shadows are, Lilly gets upset that her shadow isn't long, and Jackie explains to her about how your height determines the length of your shadow. She is voiced by Katie Griffin.


  • King Dudicus is the fictional head of Radopolis, an extreme sports cybersite and often uses slang. In the episode Totally Rad, The Hacker attempts to dethrone the King. The king decides to resolve the problem as is customary in Radopolis: by a skate-off contest. (voiced by Peter Cugno)
  • Slider is a serious and James Dean-style 13-year-old skateboarder in Radopolis who builds and repairs skateboards and bikes. Since season three, he has been a recurring character in the series. According to Slider, his father Coop had abandoned him when he was younger because The Hacker had hunted Coop for many years. However, in the episode "Measure for Measure" he finds out that his father abandoned him to protect him. He can be somewhat touchy about the subject of his father, to the extent that he raised his voice at Jackie in the episode Past Perfect Prediction for trying to give him unwanted comfort. Throughout the remainder of the series, Jackie and Inez seem to have a crush on him (shown in the first time he is shown in the series Jackie calls him the "Quiet sensitive type" much to Matt's dismay), which at some times embarrasses him. When Matt asked Inez why she wasn't offended when Slider called her "Nezzie", and she replied, "Because he's different". Matt became very jealous. Slider is voiced by Tim Hamaguchi and was in: 302, 309, 310, 404, 405, 408, 502, 601, 606, 704, 801,and 902. But in 601, he doesn't talk. His name is probably due to the fact that he is a skateboarder, although it could also be one of the many references to other science fiction television shows on the show. It could also be a spoof of Strider from the Lord of the Rings, or a reference to the sci-fi drama series, Sliders. He has about neck-long brown hair with originally large black eyes which were changed in the later seasons to be smaller. He wears a red short-sleeved sweat-shirt with a yellow spot on it with a long-sleeved white shirt underneath with light brown shorts and orange and blue sneakers with white socks. Voiced by Tim Hamaguchi.
  • Coop (voiced by legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk) is the father of Slider. For several years, The Hacker has hunted Coop in order to find his transformation machine. Although Coop refused to hand it over, The Hacker, in revenge, infected him with a dose of magnetite which prematurely aged him. Since then, he hid from Hacker, leaving Slider to fend on his own. Then Coop was reunited with Slider in episode #405. He was also found episode 502 but he does not look like he was in episode 405 (probably because he made a cure for the magnetite, hence the line, "Slider and I are going home to whip up another cure") and does not talk in the later episode.

R-Fair City[edit]

  • Lucky is the manager of R-Fair City and speaks with a Brooklyn accent. She often gives offers to visitors a fair game of chance. She is found in episode #'s 103, 119, 121 and 208 but in 208 she doesn't talk. She helps the Cybersquad when Hacker poses a threat to her amusement park. Lucky is voiced by Linda Kash.
  • Grubby is a guy who lives in R-Fair-City. He's very funny but does not seem to like to bathe and wears a garbage can for clothing. He runs a game stand at R-Fair City called "Grubby's Whacky Worms". It's a game with four different chances of winning; you pick a worm, you win a hat, but you have to close your eyes while pulling out a worm from the sack. Each worm has four different colors: brown, orange, chartreuse, and puce. Grubby also appears in the episode "A Fraction of a Chance" to tell Digit and Wicked the final clue to locating the UVO.
  • Cy Clone is a cowboy-looking "clone" catcher who catches clones wreaking havoc. He appeared only in episode #119, when he was asked by Lucky and the Cybersquad to capture a handful of "Delete" clones bumbling around in R-Fair City. His name is known as the word cyclone.
  • Glowla is a bird who looks similar to Digit and is only seen in episode #208. She's a famous performer who loves animals so made Spout and is voiced by Stephanie Morgenstern.
  • Spout is Glowla's whale helper for performance. Made by Glowla herself, he is a cyberwhale who does not talk. Spout debuts in episode #208.

Sensible Flats[edit]

  • Judge Trudy (voiced by Carolyn Scott) and Sheriff Judy (also voiced by Scott) are the leaders of the Sensible Flats. They are often seen together, usually investigating criminals, the most noteworthy being Hacker. They are seen in episodes: 105, 117, 123, 206, 305, 309, 406, 601, and 804. In some of the episodes, they don't talk. Their names parody Judge Judy.
  • Rudy is the cousin of Trudy and Judy who manages the Sensible Flats reservoir. He plays the harmonica, and keeps records of the water supply in town. He's seen in episode #117. (voiced by Dwayne Hill)
  • Deke is an old hermit who lives by Lost Lake that feeds the Sensible Flats reservoir and plays the banjo. Of course, neither Trudy, Judy nor Rudy have heard of him. During especially dry times, he and the fish will do a rain dance in attempt to bring the rain and is seen in episode #117 and #804. He even uses a line graph to keep track how the water level of the lake changes over time, can predict the future of the water level, and knows climbing tips. Voice credit TBA (please add immediately)


  • Master Pi (voiced by Geoffrey Holder) is the reigning leader of Shangri-La, an Asian like cybersite, and is dressed in a blue robe and holds a rod with a ball with the symbol Pi. Master Pi can move around by simply appearing and disappearing. He often gives words of wisdom and prosperity. Also, he only provides hospitality to those who understand the rules of politeness. Hacker sometimes calls him Pi-Face and Buzz sometimes calls him Pi-Man. He appears in episodes 118, 209, 302 and 309.


  • Olli is the head manager who gives visitors tours of his cybersite, Solaria. He drives a mobile all around Solaria. He's a wild and crazy sports nut, but also gets very nervous. He's found in episodes 104, 121, and 202. In episode 202, he is the host of the skate-off The Hacker challenged to the Radopolis. (voiced by Robert Smith)
  • The Sedimentary Sentry is a talking face made out of stone. Inez, Jules, and Creech encountered him during their challenge. The Sedimentary Sentry is also the Jam Master's cousin. He is seen in 801. He loves telling jokes, especially if they have to do with rock. Voiced by Phill Collins.


  • AVA is in charge of cybersite Symmetria and knows all secrets of symmetry. She gets help from Dr. Marbles and thanks him by making miniature robots that resemble him. When Hacker attempts to destroy Symmetria, Motherboard sends the Cyber Squad to stop him and help AVA. At first, AVA does not trust the children, but becomes friendly with them after seeing that Mother board created a half of AVA's name on a piece of paper, leading the kids to realize the properties of reflection symmetry. (voiced by Jasmine Guy)

Tomb of Rom[edit]

  • Binky is a smart-mouthed, anthropomorphic cat who attends the Mummy's Tomb. She's often impatient, but proves an ally to the Cybersquad. She is also very aggravating to Hacker. Binky is voiced by Bebe Neuwirth. She's seen in episodes 109, 207, 306, and 309. In 306 and 309, she doesn't talk.
  • Mummsy is the leader of this cybersite and seen in episodes 109, 207, 309, and 407. In 309, he doesn't talk.


  • Creech is the young princess-like ruler in the Cybersite, Tikiville. She became the apparent Big Kahuna (the term for their rulers in Tikiville) after competing in a race with other Tikiville-inhabitants as well as Hacker. Creech had mentioned that her first run for the crown was disastrous since she failed to go to the correct direction. Creech is in some ways similar to Inez, and those ways helped the two to become friends easily. Both have a fairly similar outlook, which is optimistic until something goes completely wrong, and they both have a large vocabulary, which, in Inez's case, causes her to be made fun of. She also is the person in charge of Tikiville's Egg of Benedicta. She's found in episodes 305, 410, 505, 601, 607, 705, and 801. In 505 and 601 she does not talk. She's voiced by Stephanie Beard.
  • Max is Creech's father and cyber dad of the year. He makes amazing banana pancakes and loves his daughter very much. In school, he always beat Hacker at everything (i.e., track, slugball, debates, their dance contest, etc.) and Hacker hated him for that. He only appeared once in episode 705 and was voiced by Matthew Broderick.
  • Big Kahuna is the Big Kahuna in Tikiville in episode 305. At the end of that episode he is no longer Kahuna because Creech is and never appears again.


  • Deci helps around in Thornia and loves decimals so much that he lives by them. He wears an outfit resembling that of a military officer's and is very efficient at his job. He is voiced by Eli Jones.

Topsy-Turvy Island[edit]

  • Zanko is Delete's fairy borg father and was seen in episode #505. Zanko appears to Delete when he is having a bad day and grants him nine wishes. He chews bubble gum and keeps a stash of it in his chest compartment, can fly, and grants wishes using his magic ladle. Hacker attempts to kidnap Zanko to make his wish of taking over Cyberspace come true, but Delete refuses to let him do so, saying that he himself do the wishes and no else, to which Zanko agrees, much to Hacker's anger.
  • Rourke is a fairy borg agent from the Fairy Borg Father Eligibility Department in episode 505. It's his job to pay an applicant a visit and inform them if they are qualified for the Fairy Borg Father program or not. He pays up a visit to Hacker only to explain to him that he cannot qualify for the Fairy Borg Father Program, meaning that he will never get any wishes ever, much to Hacker's anger.

The Black Hole[edit]

  • Bernie owns his own black hole and he is only seen in episode 310. He always maintains the first rule of business: no money, no disposal. Hacker intends to dispose the Encrpytor Chip with Motherboard into the black hole, but Bernie requires 10 million sneflus for the disposal, to which Hacker doesn't have after Wicked spent all of his money on decorations at Control Central. Angered, Hacker tries to throw the chip into the hole, but it bounces back. In 503, we see the cybersite but not him.

Other Minor Recurring Characters[edit]

Sam Vander Rom[edit]

Sam Vander Rom is a robotic reporter featured in the show's second season, voiced by The Today Show weatherman, Al Roker. In his first appearance in the episode "True Colors", Sam acts as a moderator during an election between Motherboard and Hacker. Sam is seen in episodes: 204, 208, and 211.

Erika Ram[edit]

Erika Ram is a robotic reporter that works on various television channels throughout cyberspace.

Other "Cyberchase For Real" Characters[edit]

Harley Wilson[edit]

Harley Wilson is the cousin of Harry Wilson. He is known to try to pester and annoy Harry and mess with his ideas. He used to work in Hollywood until he lost his wallet with all his money during an airplane flight, which cost him his job. He was also seen at Times Square on New Year's Eve with Harry's girlfriend. He is shown in episodes 401, 403, 509, 510, 601, 602, 605, 606, 705, 706, 801, 804, 805, 901, 902, and 903. In 403 he is raquetballing and in 705 he is spying. (played by Michael R. Buckley) Harley is sort of rude and immature to Harry. in one episode, Harry wanted to go to the carnival, but Harley called him and said he needed to build a fence but when he got there Harely stayed for a little while and said he would be right back and secretly left to the carnival.

Kareem Blackwell[edit]

Kareem Blackwell was seen only once, as the protagonist for the For Real segment of the pilot episode "The Poddleville Case," where he met with the New York cast of Stomp. Unlike in most future "For Real" segments, Kareem's one-time skit did not use the episode's theme (patterns) as a problem-solving device. Instead, the segment revolved around Stomp explaining how to use patterns in music to create enjoyable songs.

Mr. Sleazé[edit]

Mr. Sleazé is usually seen cheating in some way or another, such as when he sold Harry Sleazy-Off cream to clean a stain on his shirt, but actually ruined it, when Bianca explained that his wheel game was not fair, as the other kid kept winning again and again, and when Bianca tried to win a prize by shooting a basketball into an oval hoop. (She claimed it was impossible and demanded for her money back. Sleazé answered with his almost usual phrase; No refunds.) He is a liar and a cheater and is too interested in money to make games fair. (played by Matthew A. Wilson)

Note: Matthew A. Wilson who plays Mr. Sleazé also plays Harry Wilson and he appears in episodes 204, 212 and 302.


Kelly is Bianca's friend, who often leads her in the right direction. She helps Bianca get out of her many problems. Kelly appears occasionally.

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