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This list features the characters in the Dante's Inferno video game loosely based on the Inferno of Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy.[1][2] There was also a related animated film. The characters, some as fictional versions of real people, are described, below, using in-universe tone.


Main characters[edit]

  • Dante Alighieri (voiced by Graham McTavish) - The game's primary protagonist and a far cry from the actual figure, Dante is depicted as a Templar knight of the Third Crusade. Swearing a vow of faith to Beatrice, Dante broke it before slaughtering Muslim prisoners of war, seeing them as subhuman. After Francisco gave up his life, to save him from the king's retribution, Dante is killed during the siege on Acre, where he confronts Death and learns that he was not on a holy mission. Dante takes Death's Scythe as his own, enabling him to return to the land of the living. A disillusioned Dante leaves for Florence, while he had sewn a red tapestry, detailing the events of his sins, into his chest. After finding his father and Beatrice dead, Dante purses the latter to Hell, with the cross she gave him long ago. There, he faces his horrific past and manages to redeem himself before ending up in Purgatory where he rips the tapestry off of him and discards it as he begins a new journey.
  • Beatrice Portinari (voiced by Vanessa Branch) - Beatrice Portinari is Dante's now-deceased fiance. She serves as Dante's primary motivation as he goes deeper into Hell to rescue her from being used by Lucifer as a way for him to escape from Hell. She, along with Dante's father and servants, were killed prior to Dante's return to Florence after being stabbed to death by the assassin. Furthermore, betting her soul on Dante's faithfulness to her, Beatrice is kidnapped by Lucifer who later tempts her into giving herself to him after revealing how her brother died where she gains a demonic appearance. Though she despised Dante for his actions against her, she is restored to normal after seeing that he kept her cross before being spirited off into Heaven by an angel.
  • Publius Vergilius Maro (Virgil) (voiced by Bart McCarthy in the video game, Peter Jessop in the animated film) - One of Rome's greatest poets, now long deceased, Virgil acts as a guide to Dante (similar to his role in the original poem), explaining each of the circles of Hell and their purposes. As such, all of his dialogue comes from the poem. He is depicted as a tall, bald man dressed in a toga and a spiked crown. He is one of the virtuous souls inhabiting Limbo, punished only by knowing they will never see God.

Secondary characters[edit]

  • Death (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker and Richard Moll) - All are destined to face the ominous specter of Death. The harvester of souls severs the ties that bind the body and spirit, when the time arrives, and ushers the newly departed into the next realm. Dante ends up fighting Death after he was stabbed by an assassin. Dante ends up defeating Death and claimed his scythe as a weapon.
  • Charon (voiced by Bart McCarthy) - Whereas the Charon of Greek mythology was simply the ferryman who escorted damned souls, the Charon encountered by Dante is not a ferryman but rather a massive sentient prison barge made of dead wood that ferry's souls out of Limbo to meet King Minos. When Dante stows away in Charon's hold, he is discovered and attacked by demons. Charon is killed when Dante manipulates an Asterian Beast into ripping Charon's head off of his bow. Charon then crashes and sinks as Dante escapes. His severed head is later shown within the Citadel of Limbo, still repeating the inscription from the Gates of Hell. Once approached, the player is prompted with a quick time event to push Charon's back into the abyss. Doing so will unlock the Burning Eyes achievement. His head is later shown in the river Styx serving as a nest for Pests.
  • King Minos (voiced by Richard Moll in the video game, Kevin Michael Richardson in the animated movie) - The giant, blind, reptilian judge of Limbo. King Minos's job is to judge the souls sent to him by Charon and send them into the layer of hell he sees fit. Dante encounters King Minos outside of the Circle of Lust. King Minos judges Dante as a sinful man, and attacks after Dante ask him to reassess. Dante manages to kill King Minos by impaling his tongue on spiked wheel and using it to split his head apart by activating it. King Minos, limp and dead, falls off of his platform and clears the way for Dante to continue. In the animated film, Dante goads King Minos into fighting him which ends with King Minos ending up killed. Following King Minos' defeat, those in his palace flee in an attempted to escape their fate with Virgil commenting that Lucifer will not be pleased with this.
  • Cleopatra (voiced by Alison Lees-Taylor) - The only thing more compelling than her beauty was her lust for power. The Queen of the Nile is granted reign over the Circle of Lust, tormenting those who were unable to overcome their lewd desires. Her lover Marc Antony resides inside her as part of her deal with Lucifer. She can unleash him from inside her whenever she chooses. Dante encounters her at the top of the tower where she brings up Dante's involvement with a slave girl before unleashing Marc Antony. After Antony is defeated, she will appear in her normal size, crying for his death. If the button sequence is successfully completed, Dante will stab her in the heart ending her domain over the Circle of Lust. In the animated film, Cleopatra does not appear as a ruler, but as her regular self flying in the lust storm.
  • Mark Anthony (voiced by Lewis Macleod) - He is the mighty Roman general who watches over the realm of Cleopatra, his lover. His reputation as a formidable military leader is only foreshadowed by the stories of his vile and lecherous conduct. Corrupted by the powers of Hell, Mark Anthony is a towering humanoid armed with a great sword and a massive Roman shield, a hideously disfigured and oversized torso, a half-skinned statuesque head, and covered with groping hand-like wooden patterns on his body. He is defeated by Dante and dies while a mourning Cleopatra watches over him.
  • Cerberus - This three-headed monster stands guard before the Circle of Gluttony rending and flailing the sinners condemned to its post. No soul may pass without confronting this beast. When Dante sees Cerberus, it has three-headed worm-like heads and having numerous other small worms sticking out of each of its heads. The three heads also constantly fight over their meals and in some cases, they will vomit out anything that is consumed....even using these as projectiles against his prey. Despite having front legs, the demon is completely immobile due to being stuck in the ground from the midsection up. Dante succeeds in killing the demon by severing each of his heads before destroying the middle head in an explosion, after Cerberus tried to unsuccessfully devour Dante. Cerberus appears in the animated film much as he does in the game, but he is more active, marching across Gluttony and eating souls. In order to pass through Gluttony, Dante allows himself to be swallowed, where he then makes his way through the monster's bowls eventually destroying the beast's heart finally killing him for good.
  • Alighiero (voiced by J.B. Blanc in the video game, Mark Hamill in the animated movie) - Dante's father, wholly unconcerned with the suffering of those around him, led a life of excess and greed. He spent his life hoarding his wealth, cheating those less fortunate, and abusing his family. Dante encountered his father in demonic form in the Circle of Greed. After Dante defeated his father, he ended up absolving him. In the animated film, Dante ends up fighting his father Alighiero in the Circle of Greed. When he first meets Dante in Hell, he reveals that Lucifer has promised him a thousand years free of torture, and all the gold he could ever want, if he kills his own son. After a long battle, Dante defeats his father and kicks him into a giant vat of boiling gold.
  • King Phlegyas (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson in the animated movie) - The mighty Phlegyas set fire to the Temple of Delphi in a fit of unholy rage and was killed by Apollo. The King of the Lapiths is forever condemned to ferry souls across the River Styx for his insolence against the divine. Dante unknowingly rides across the Styx on the wrathful demigod's crown. After fighting his way towards Dis and seeing Beatrice become Lucifer's bride, Dante takes control of Phlegyas and uses him to break into the City of Dis. When Dante reaches the circle of Heresy, Phlegyas breaks the ground he's standing on. Dante manages to jump off in time, but Phlegyas breaks through the floor and plummets into the abyss. In the animated film, Phlegyas's appearance is more toned down as he appears in the film as a green-skinned humanoid who willingly took Dante and Virgil through the fifth circle of Hell without incident. He was knocked out by Lucifer when Dante controlled Phlegyas to charge Lucifer.
  • Francesco (voiced by Tom Tate) - The brother of Beatrice left Florence with noble intent, only to be misled by his closest ally Dante. Dante stood silent as Francesco was condemned to death, although Dante had promised Beatrice he would protect him. When Dante was "comforted" by the slave girl, Francesco held back her husband from trying to kill Dante. He keeps arguing with Dante throughout the Crusades in what Dante is doing when it comes to preserving the slaves in order to make a truce by order of the King or slaughtering them. In an uncontrollable rage, Dante kills all of the slaves. When King Richard sees this, he demands the accused to step forward. Francesco takes the fall in order to save his "brother" and is sentenced to be hanged as Dante flees. Dante encountered Francesco in his demonic appearance on Geryon's Back near the Phlegathon River in the Abominable Sands within the Circle of Violence. Francesco ends up fighting Dante as Francesco summons some Damned Crusaders to help him only for Francesco and the Crusaders to be defeated by Dante. When Dante removes the sword from him, Francesco dies and is absolved by Dante. Francesco appears in the animated film, but his appearance is different from the game: while his body is deformed and plant-like, Francesco not only retains his human form (except he had lost his left eye), but had blond hair and beard (although some parts of the movie also depict him with brown hair and beard), although in the game, he was brown-headed. He is outfitted with a Templar robe and had no sword stuck in his heart. Dante meets him on Geryon's back and fights him. Upon defeat, Francesco dissolves into sand. Virgil says that he may rest, but that he is forever linked to the seventh circle. Dante prays to God for Francesco to be freed, but is interrupted by Lucifer who taunts Dante. It is unknown if Dante's prayers to God had any effect on Francesco.
  • Lucifer (voiced by John Vickery in the video game, Steven Blum in the animated film) - He is the Lord of the Inferno, Dis Himself, and Emperor of the Woeful Realm. The Dark Angel cast down from Heaven for his rebellion against God, lies imprisoned within a frozen pool of ice in the ninth circle, his throne room. It is here he conspires to overthrow Paradise and reclaim his former glory and divinity. Lucifer is the King of Hell, and indulges in all its infinite pleasures, via his "shadow self". His wings are torn off, his true form is trapped inside an enormous, monstrous body with three heads. His true form is a ruined vision of his former glory, an angel with broken wings, bestial features, glowing scars all over his body, and glowing tears. Beatrice made a bet with Lucifer where if Dante was enticed by another woman, Lucifer would take her to Hell to be his bride. Lucifer won the bet upon Beatrice's murder and takes her soul to Hell in the form of a black spectral shadow. During Dante's journey into Hell, Lucifer's shadow form makes Dante experience bad flashbacks in order to break his spirit. When Dante finally encountered Lucifer in the Circle of Treachery and fought him, Lucifer mentioned that Dante was the target as he had a black soul to free him where Ulysses, Attila the Hun, Alexander the Great, and Lancelot didn't have a black soul enough to free him. Upon enlisting the souls that he had absolved, Dante was able to trap Lucifer. As Dante enters Purgatory, he tears off his tapestry which then dissolves and transforms into a coiled serpent: the initial devilish form taken on by Lucifer in the Book of Genesis. During that point, Lucifer's laugh is heard indicating that he is not yet truly defeated.

Denizens of Hell[edit]

  • Hell Minions - Hell Minions are the foot soldiers of Lucifer and one of the common enemies in the game. They are divided into variations depending on which Circle of Hell they occupy. The generic Hell Minions are the souls of the damned that have become corrupted by Lucifer's influence. They now serve him and are commanded by the higher-ranked demons of Hell. The generic Hell Minions can either be absolved or punished upon their defeat.
    • Anger Minions - Their frail bodies are unable to control their rage that burns inside them. Their anger lights to fire because it burns so hot, culminating in a sudden burst of fury.
    • Fire Minions - Small vicious Hell Minions that are engulfed in flames. They can only be defeated by attacks from the Cross.
    • Gluttony Minions - These bloated miscreants, full of muck and filth, leave a mess of nauseating waste in their wake.
    • Greed Minions - These creatures, possessed by an insufferable greed, blindly pursue anything that glitters with a kind of ferocity unmatched by their accursed brethren.
  • Arch Demons - The first and highest ranking choir of fallen angels. These demons are the lieutenants of Hell's Army and are among the original Fallen. They resemble winged Guardian Demons, but have antler-like horns and wields a sword in battle.
  • Asterian Beasts - Tamed long ago by the Fallen, these mindless creatures serve as beasts of burden. Steered by their masters, they labor away, ensuring everlasting pain and suffering throughout the Inferno. Dante must kill the Beast Tamers in order to control the Asterian Beasts.
  • Beast Tamers - These demons rule over the Asterian Beasts of Hell, taming them to do their bidding, and inflicting torture among Hell's residents.
  • Damned Crusaders - These warriors, promised salvation for their sacrifice, followed Dante only to be led astray by the Bishop of Florence. They rise again, seeking vengeance against the soul responsible for their damnation. Dante encounters them at the Abominable Sands.
  • Damned Captains - Dante's betrayal stung the deepest for the boldest and closest of his allies. These warriors, forever doomed to walk the Abominable Sands, are now the most fervent in his pursuit. The Damned Captains are often seen in the presence of the Damned Crusaders which they lead.
  • Fire Guardians - These wily beings springing suddenly from the darkness lash out with fire and flame before returning to their shadowy forms. They are the stronger version of the Fire Minions and are often seen in the presence of the Heretics. They can only be defeated by attacks from the Cross.
  • Fire Sprite - Small creatures that reside in the lower parts of the Church at Florence.
  • Gluttons - Damned souls who have been transforms into lumbering obese versions of themselves with voracious and indiscriminate appetites, jaws for hands, sagging mouths for ears, and ape-like minds. The Gluttons devours everything in their path in a vain attempt to satisfy their unyielding hunger.
  • Gorger Worms - These horrid creatures lie below burrowed beneath the surface within the Circle of Gluttony. It waits patiently for unsuspecting souls to wander by before snatching them up in its massive, crushing jaws.
  • Guardian Demons - The third choir of fallen angels who are among the weakest minions of Hell. The Guardian Demons are black demons with long curved horns. These elite soldiers of Hell's Army oversee the punishment of the damned.
    • Death Knights - The Death Knights are variants of the Guardian Demons that appear in the "Dark Forest" and the "Trials of St. Lucia" downloadable content. They wear dark metallic armor with a hood covering their face.
  • Heretics - The Heretics are gray-skinned demons that are dressed as priests. They were the worst of heretics in life, pagans who sometimes practiced the dark arts. The Heretics have been utilized by the Ruling Class within Hell as guardians and protectors of Hell. The Heretics are immune to Cross attacks and can only be defeated with the Scythe or Magic Attacks.
  • Hoarders/Wasters - Creatures that thrive within the Circle of Greed that are each actually created from two damned souls, one who hoarded wealth in life and the other squandering it, fused from the waist down.
  • Ice Giants - The Ice Giants are shown to be half-frozen within the Circle of Treachery. Although the Giants can't be attacked, they can hinder Dante's advances towards Lucifer by blowing their icy breath at him. During Dante's question to Virgil about the Giants, Virgil lists Nimrod, Ephialtes, and Antaeus as the known Giants that are imprisoned at the borders of the Circle of Treachery.
  • Malacoda - The fiery and elusive master of the Malebranche and guardians of the Circle of Fraud. These demonic wardens allow no soul entry or escape lest it be ordained by on high. They resemble wingless Arch Demons, but with a shield of fire surrounding them. Only the attacks from the Cross can extinguish the flames surrounding the Malacodas so that Dante can use his scythe on them.
  • Pagans - The Pagans are vile-looking priests that wield a goat-headed staff that can be used to fire magical energy balls as their attack. These priests once practiced the forbidden dark arts. The Pagans have been granted the powers they desperately sought in life and are forced into Hell's service acting as keepers of the flaming tombs in the Circle of Heresy.
  • Pests - Small wasp-like creatures that reside near the River Styx.
    • Fiends - These stronger versions of the Pests were twisted by Hell's minions into flying instruments of capture. They patrol the rings of Hell trapping wayward shades attempting to flee their eternal abode.
  • Summoner - The Summoner is a monster that appears in "The Trial of St. Lucia" downloadable content. They will summon the other creatures in this game until the players can kill the Summoner.
  • Temptresses - Damned souls of women driven mad and disfigured by the winds of the Circle of Lust. They can attack with their claw with a long, retractable, scorpion-like tendril protruding from a blood-spewing opening from the navel down to the vagina. The Temptresses' lasciviousness has become an insatiable, sexual only pacified by feasting on the blood and sperm of male fornicators.
    • Forest Sirens - The Forest Sirens are variants of the Temptresses that appear in the "Dark Forest" downloadable content.
  • Throne Demons - The second choir of fallen angels who are the sergeants of Hell's Army. The Throne Demons wear glided armor, wields a massive axe in one hand, and a shield in another. Found within the Circle of Greed, they keep the order. Once the Throne Demons are weakened, Dante can either absolve or punish them.
  • Unbaptized Baby - Babies who were not shown the portal of faith before they died, becoming feral imps that lash out violently against anyone they cross. Dante can either absolve or punish them upon defeat.
  • Undead Minions - Skeletal beings that serve Lucifer. They almost resemble the shades used for the damned souls found in Hell.

Minor characters[edit]

  • Bella Alighieri (voiced by Pollyana McIntosh in the video game, Victoria Tennant in the animated movie) - Dante's pious mother, who was regularly beaten and abused by her husband and ultimately hanged herself in despair. Dante was told she died of a fever, and only learns the truth when he encounters her in the Wood of Suicide. She tells Dante that despite having been raised by an evil man, he is righteous at heart and has a chance at salvation. Dante uses the cross to absolve her, freeing her from her torment.
  • The Avenger (voiced by Daniel Curshen in the video game, John Paul Karliak in the animated movie) - An unknown assassin who attacked Dante after the massacre in Acre. After finding out Dante survived, he rode ahead to Florence and murdered Alighiero and Beatrice. He is eventually revealed to be the cuckolded husband of a Muslim captive whom Dante slept with while abroad in the Holy Land. The woman claimed the Avenger was her brother, and offered herself to Dante in exchange for his freedom. He was based upon the hashashin, whom the original Dante mentioned in the 19th canto of the Inferno named "lo perfido assassin" (the treachorous assassin).
  • The Bishop of Florence (voiced by Peter Egan) - A minor character who deceives Dante and the other Crusaders into thinking they will be forgiven for all their sins for taking part in the Crusades. However, both Dante and Francesco learned too late of the bishop's false promise of salvation after their encounters with the supernatural and soon realize that their cause is not holy.
  • King Richard I (voiced by Peter Egan in the video game, H. Richard Greene in the animated film) - Also known as King Richard the Lionheart, he led his men during the Third Crusade. Prior to the siege of Acre, he kept 3,000 Muslim prisoners hostage as a way to negotiate with Saladin. But Dante slaughters them in his fanaticism. Francesco took the blame on Dante's behalf. Enraged, the King ordered Beatrice's brother to be executed before declaring a siege on Acre in fear of Saladin's retaliation for the horrific act.

Damned souls[edit]

In the game, Dante encounters several souls that are consigned to Hell (most are based on those encountered in the poem). The player has the option of absolving the souls (which leads to a button-pressing game before their ascension to Heaven) or punishing the souls (which has Dante gut-punching them and driving the scythe blade through their heads where they turn to ashes) to boost their Holy or Unholy meters. Doing either one to the Damned Souls gets "The Damned" achievement. The following are listed in order of appearance:

  • Pontius Pilate (voiced by Tom Tate) - The first soul Dante encounters in the game dwelling on the shores of the River Acheron. Pilate is punished for his cowardice and sending a righteous soul to the cross. He now bears the weight of all sin.
  • Orpheus (voiced by Daniel Curshen) - A soul Dante encounters on Charon's vessel. Orpheus is punished for attempting to defy the will of God by attempting to retrieve the soul of his wife Eurydice from the clutches of death.
  • Francesca da Polenta and Paolo Malatesta (voiced by Rosalind Drury and Michael Legge) - Two lovers that were cast into Hell. Francesca was originally betrothed to Paolo's older and deformed brother Giovanni Malatesta, but secretly loved Paolo and the two committed adultery (inspired by the stories of Lancelot and Guinevere). The two had a child together and vowed to raise it in secret. But when Giovanni found out their affair, he murdered them both. Dante encounters both of them in the Circle of Lust. Absolving them gets the "Forbidden Love" achievement.
  • Semiramis (voiced by Adjoa Andoh) - The Queen of Assyria who was so consumed with lechery that she made lustful desires lawful to erase the blame placed on her, she now suffers in the Circle of Lust. Semiramis makes a brief appearance in the animated film as well among the souls tossed about by the Winds of Lust with her lover.
  • Ciacco (voiced by Giancarlo Cicconi in the video game, J. Grant Albrecht in the animated movie) - An anonymous Florentine man who was infamous for his gluttonous ways but also renowned for his kindness and polite demeanor. He is the first soul Dante encounters in the Circle of Gluttony. Ciacco also appears in the animated film whom Dante encounters inside Cerberus' stomach. Ciacco claimed to have known Dante in life before his death and pleads for Dante to free him from his torment. Dante is moved by his plea and absolves him of his sins and therefore frees him from Hell.
  • Clodia (voiced by Ève Karpf) - A soul filled with grim and smut. This notorious gambler, seducer, and drunkard of Rome left a repulsive trail of rot in her wake. Dante encounters her soul in the Circle of Gluttony.
  • Tarpeia (voiced by Harriet Carmichael) - Insouciant with those around her, the Vestal Virgin of Rome opened the city gates to allow the Sabines to attack Rome in exchange for Gold. Dante encounters her soul in the Circle of Greed.
  • Gessius Florus (voiced by Timothy Watson) - The Roman Procurator of Judea who was infamous for his greed, splitting and paring innocent men for his own personal gain. Dante encounters his soul in the Circle of Greed.
  • Fulvia (voiced by Beth Cordingly) - One time wife of Marc Anthony. Possessed by an unbearable greed, she was known as the Greediest Woman in all of Rome who pursued any opportunity to seize power. Dante encounters her soul in the Circle of Greed.
  • Boudica (voiced by Alison-Lees Taylor) - The Queen of the Iceni Tribe. After she was flogged and her children raped, Boudica tried to set fire to the city of Rome with a bloody revolt. Dante encounters her soul in the Circle of Anger.
  • Hecuba (voiced by Tina Gray) - The Queen of Troy who watched as her city fell in battle during the Trojan War. Her hapless wretched soul lies in the darkness of Hell, besieged by the condemned who flogged her at every turn. Dante encounters her soul in the Circle of Anger.
  • Filippo Argenti (voiced by Giancarlo Cicconi in the video game, Bart McCarthy in the animated movie) - Filippo was a man Dante knew in life, partially responsible for Dante's exile and who confiscated his possessions out of spite. Filippo now dwells in the Circle of Anger. Filippo also makes an appearance in the animated film among the souls in the River Styx who yells and taunts at Dante before being dragged back down into the muck by the other souls.
  • Emperor Frederick II (voiced by Lewis Macleod) - The King of the Romans with a never-ending thirst for war. His soul dwells in the Circle of Heresy as punishment for his constant war with the pope and church. Dante encounters his soul in the Circle of Heresy.
  • Cavalcante de' Cavalcanti (voiced by Massimo Marinoni) - Cavalcante defended his son who was judged as a heretic for his poems that questions church doctrine. In death, he ponders the fate of his son. Dante encounters his soul in the Circle of Heresy.
  • Farinata degli Uberti (voiced by Peter Egan in the video game, J. Grant Albrecht in the animated movie) - Farinata is a Tuscan aristocrat and military leader who believed that the soul dies in the body denying life after death. He was condemned as a Heretic for his beliefs. Dante encounters his soul in the Circle of Heresy. He makes a brief appearance in the animated film as another man that Dante hated in life. Farinata taunts Dante, explaining Lucifer's plan to wed Beatrice and that Dante will be trapped in Hell with the rest of the souls. In response, Dante angrily stabs Farinata in the eye with his cross killing him, and then commenting that he never liked him.
  • Atilla the Hun (voiced by Daniel Curshen) - Attila is the feared Emperor of the Huns who is known as the "Scourge of the Earth" for the plundering and murders he committed. Dante encounters the soul of Attila in the Circle of Violence. When Dante battles Lucifer in the Circle of Treachery, Lucifer openly acclaims that Attila had a truly black and evil soul, although commenting that he was not enough to free him. Attila was mentioned in the original Inferno, but was confused with the Ostrogoth king Totila.
  • Pietro della Vigna (voiced by Giancarlo Cicconi) - Pietro was once a trusted advisor for Emperor Frederick II, but failed to defend his lord's honor and was accused of conspiracy against him. Pietro was imprisoned for it and committed suicide while in prison out of despair. Dante encounters his soul in the Woods of Suicide which is located in the Circle of Violence.
  • Brunetto Latini (voiced by Stuart Organ) - Brunetto was once Dante's mentor. He is sentenced to Hell for his sinful pleasure of sodomy. Dante encounters his soul in the Abominable Sands which is located in the Circle of Violence. Absolving him gets the "Old Friend" achievement.
  • Guido Guerra (voiced by Massimo Marinoni) - The wise warrior and leader of the Guelphs who took pleasure in sodomy and the blood of men. Dante encounters his soul in the Abominable Sands which is located in the Circle of Violence.
  • Thaïs (voiced by Beth Cordingly) - A once beauty once stricken and broke, she relished watching men kill one another over the chance to sleep with her. Dante encounters her soul in the Circle of Fraud for her crimes of flattery.
  • Tiresias (voiced by Beth Cordingly) - The blind prophet of Thebes. He changed himself from a man to a woman indulging in the pleasures of both. Dante encounters her soul in the Circle of Fraud.
  • Myrrha (voiced by Karina Fernandez) - Myrrah is the daughter of King Theias of Assyria. She disguised herself in order to seduce her father. Dante encounters her soul in the Circle of Fraud.
  • Fra Alberigo (voiced by Stuart Organ) - Fra Alberigo is a traitor to his family and country. He murdered his own brother and nephew for the sake of revenge. Dante encounters his soul in the Circle of Treachery.
  • Count Ugolino (voiced by Stuart Organ) - Count Ugolino is an Italian nobleman and naval commander. He aligned himself with Guelphs and Ghibellines alike often switching sides until his ultimate imprisonment and death from starvation. Dante encounters his soul in the Circle of Treachery.

Further reading[edit]

  • The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri
  • For a detailed section on “Characters” of the video game, which is subdivided into “Main Characters” (with multi-sentence paragraphs on Dante Alighieri, Virgil, Beatrice, Francesco, Alighiero, and Bella), “Secondary Characters” (featuring again, more than just a sentence or two on Death, Charon, Cleopatra, Marc Antony, Cerberus, Phlegyas, King Minos, and Lucifer), and “The Damned” (the book tends to have more than a one sentence description as well for Attila, Boudica, Brunetto Latini, Cavalcante de ‘ Cavalanti, Ciacco, Clodia, Count Ugolino, Electra, Emperor Frederick II, Farinata, Filippo Argenti, Fra Alberigo, Francesca da Polenta, Fulvia, Gessius Florus, Guido Guerra, Hecuba, Mordred, Myrrha, Orpheus, Paolo Malatesta, Pietro della Vigna, Pontius Pilate, Semiaramis, Tarpeia, Thais the Harlot, and Tiresias) see Bryan Dawson, Dante’s Inferno: Prima Official Game Guide (Roseville, CA: Prima Games, 2010), 50–54.


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