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This is a list of Daredevil enemies.


  • Alexander Bont - First Hell's Kitchen's Kingpin, who returns from prison and claims revenge against Daredevil for sending him to prison and to Matt Murdock for not helping him as an attorney.
  • Angar the Screamer - An assassin whose screams create hallucinations.
  • Ani-Men - A group of men equipped with animal-themed costumes by the Organizer. Most of the group would return to form the Unholy Three under the Exterminator (later called Death-Stalker). Death-Stalker would later make a second incarnation of the group.


  • Beetle is an armored criminal that often fought Spider-Man.
  • Black Tarantula is shrouded in mystery and misinformation and usually serves as an occasional adversary of Spider-Man.
  • Blackwing is the son of Silvermane who employs trained bats.
  • Blue Talon - A highly trained martial arts master from Japan with metal gauntlets on his wrists that make his hands stronger when fighting
  • Bruiser - A mercenary for hire, he has the ability to his barycentre to certain parts of his body, allowing him to become a human bulldozer, able to hit from a certain point with all his weight in a burst of amazing strength.
  • Bullet is a mercenary who serves as an agent of the United States Government.
  • Bushwacker is a mutant-killer with a cybernetic gun-arm.
  • Bullseye is a psychotic assassin and an archenemy of Daredevil.


  • Chance - a gambling themed hitman in a battlesuit.
  • Cobra - A snake themed supervillain.
  • Copperhead - Murderous vigilante that died and returned as an agent for a demon.
  • Crime-Wave - A criminal mastermind that sought to take over organized crime in New York.
  • Crossbow - A British assassin that employs a crossbow.
  • Crusher - A villain with super strength.




  • Gladiator - An armored thug who eventually would reform and become an ally of Daredevil.


  • Hand - A group of super powered ninjas.


  • Impossible Man - Even though he has been an enemy of the Fantastic 4 and the Silver Surfer, Impossible Man has also battled Daredevil many times.
  • Indestructible Man - A munitions seller that became nigh-indestructible and a menace.
  • Ikari - Ikari (Japanese for fury) is a costumed martial artist who is hired by Lady Bullseye to help her kill Daredevil. Ikari wears a Japanese version of Daredevil's original costume and claims to have a radar sense just like him. He also carries Kama weapons, like Daredevil carries his Billy Clubs. His true identity is unknown, but there's info that he's a proficient combatant given enhanced senses in an accident identical to Daredevil's. When they fought, Ikari almost killed Daredevil; but he let him live as a reminder of the next time when they meet.



  • Kingpin - A ruthless crime lord and archenemy of Daredevil, Punisher and Spider-Man .
  • Kirigi is a ninja assassin after being resurrected by The Hand.



  • Man-Bull - A man with the appearance of a humanoid Bull.
  • Machinesmith - A villain who specializes in robotics.
  • Masked Marauder - A costumed criminal scientist whose helmet projects "optiblasts" which can temporarily or permanently blind a victim.
  • Matador - A criminal who once was a famous bull fighter.
  • Mr. Fear - A villain who uses a hallucinogenic gas to inspire fear into opponents much like the DC Comics character Scarecrow.
  • Mr. Hyde - A villain whose name and likeness are taken from the book character Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
  • Mysterio is a villain who uses special effects and holograms to disorient his enemies. Though he is primarily an Spider-Man villain, he has fought Daredevil several times and even affected him emotionally. He has figured out that Daredevil was blind and then masterminded the death of his girlfriend Karen Page.



  • The Owl - An owl themed crime lord.
  • Ox - Mostly one of the Enforcers but has established himself as a Daredevil villain on his own sometimes by occasionally working with Kingpin or Mister Fear.


  • Paladin - An active and often violent mercenary who is sometimes in conflict with other superheroes.
  • Plastoid - A robot assassin.
  • Purple Man - A psychotic supervillain who can hypnotically control and manipulates people of his choice.



  • Shock - Daughter of the 4th Mr. Fear (Alan Fagan), she has the power to induce fear, hatred and rage in others
  • Stunt-Master - A motorcycle themed villain who's clashed with on more than one occasion
  • Silvermane - Crime boss in the Maggia that took over HYDRA and tried to take over organized crime in New York.
  • Stilt-Man - A thief that employs a suit of power armor.
  • Micah Synn - Kinjorge chief that ran afoul of Daredevil and Kingpin.
  • The Spot - Low-level villain that can manipulate spatial portals. Originally a Spider-Man villain. Typically a gun-for-hire by larger rogues and crime organizations.


  • Tombstone - One of Kingpin's goons, capable of withstanding high caliber bullets and toxic gases because of his skin that is as strong as solid concrete.
  • Tribune - A mad zealot that led a group to execute who he perceived as enemies of America's way of life.
  • Typhoid Mary - Typhoid Mary is an enemy and former lover of Daredevil with low level psionic powers.
  • Thanos


  • Ultron - An insane android created by Henry Pym / Ant-Man. Constant enemy of the Avengers.


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