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The following is a list of stories written by Stuart McLean featuring his popular fictional characters "Dave and Morley" from the radio program The Vinyl Cafe. First read on air in 1994, many of the stories were eventually compiled in book form, followed by audio recordings compilations from the program.

Note that this list features only the stories that have been published in book form and on audio. Numerous other stories have been written and read out loud on the radio show, but are not currently categorized. Additionally, several stories also feature alternate titles from those in the book than those on the audio versions.

The first collection of stories in book form, Stories from the Vinyl Cafe, features several stories that did not feature Dave and Morley, or any other characters acquainted with them. Subsequent collections of stories featured Dave and Morley-related content exclusively.

Collections of Stories in Book Form[edit]

Stories from the Vinyl Cafe (1995)[edit]

  • The Pig
  • Tunnel of Love
  • Rock of Ages (not about Dave and Morley)
  • The Jock Strap
  • New York City (not about Dave and Morley)
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner ("Late Date with the Zuckermans")
  • Stanley (not about Dave and Morley, but about Dorothy Capper, an acquaintance)
  • Driving Lessons ("Driving")
  • Fresh, Never Frozen (not about Dave and Morley)
  • Skunks
  • Sports Injuries (not about Dave and Morley)
  • Shirts
  • The Secret of Life (not about Dave and Morley)
  • Dorothy
  • A Ton of Fun (not about Dave and Morley)
  • Be-Bop-A-Lula ("Blood Pressure Chair")
  • Polaroids (not about Dave and Morley)
  • Make Money! Get Prizes!
  • Remembrance Day (found only on 10-year anniversary edition of the book)

Home from the Vinyl Cafe (1998)[edit]

  • Dave Cooks the Turkey
  • Holland
  • Valentine's Day
  • Sourdough
  • Music Lessons
  • Burd ("The Bird")
  • Emil
  • The Birthday Party ("Credit Card Birthday")
  • Summer Camp
  • The Cottage
  • Road Trip ("Cat in the Car")
  • Labour Days
  • School Days
  • A Day Off ("Day Off")
  • On the Roof ("Dave on the Roof")
  • Polly Anderson's Christmas Party

Vinyl Cafe Unplugged (2000)[edit]

  • Arthur ("Arthur the Dog")
  • Galway ("Toilet Training the Cat")
  • The Fly
  • Christmas Presents
  • Harrison Ford's Toes
  • Dorothy ("Cousin Dorothy")
  • The Last Kind Word Blues
  • The Bare Truth
  • Susan is Serious
  • Odd Jobs
  • The Razor's Edge
  • Morley's Christmas Pageant ("Morley's Christmas Concert")
  • Figs ("The Fig Tree")
  • Love Never Ends

Vinyl Cafe Diaries (2003)[edit]

  • Walking Man
  • Dave and the Duck ("Dave's Wedding Ring")
  • Tree of Heaven
  • Lazy Lips ("Dave Gives a Speech")
  • Labour Pains
  • Birthday Presents ("Morley's Birthday Bash")
  • Rashida, Amir and the Great Gift-Giving ("Christmas with Rasheeda and Ahmeer")
  • Book Club ("Morley's Book Club")
  • A Night to Remember ("Dave Goes Babysitting")
  • Dorm Days
  • Best Things
  • Christmas on the Road
  • Field Trip
  • No Tax on Truffles
  • Gifted
  • Planet Boy

Secrets from the Vinyl Cafe (2006)[edit]

  • Opera
  • Carl's Retirement
  • Tree Planting
  • Sam the Athlete
  • Rendi
  • Sam's Predictions
  • Kenny Wong's Practical Jokes
  • The Hairdresser
  • Dad is Dying
  • Teeth
  • Dave and the Dentist
  • The Laundry Chute ("Springhill")
  • The Phone Message
  • A Science Experiment
  • Christmas at the Turlingtons
  • The Family Business ("Sam Steals")

Extreme Vinyl Cafe (2009)[edit]

  • Sam Goes Green
  • The Birthday Cake
  • Spring in the Narrows
  • Wally
  • London
  • Dave's Funeral ("Dave Buys a Coffin")
  • Petit Lac Noir
  • Rat-a-tat-tat
  • A Trip to Quebec
  • Newsboy Dave
  • The Waterslide
  • Margaret Gets Married
  • The Cruise
  • The Lottery Ticket
  • Dave and the Roller Coaster

Revenge of the Vinyl Cafe (2012)[edit]

  • Hello, Monster
  • Annie's Turn
  • Macaulay's Mountain
  • Tour de Dave ("Dave and the Bike")
  • The House Next Door
  • Summer of Stars
  • Rhoda's Revenge
  • Fish Head
  • Rosemary Honey
  • The Haunted House of Cupcakes
  • Midnight in the Garden of Envy
  • The Black Beast of Margaree
  • Curse of the Crayfish
  • Whatever Happened to Johnny Flowers?
  • Attack of the Treadmill ("Dave's Shoelace")
  • Gabriel Dubois
  • Code Yellow
  • Le Morte d'Arthur

Collections of Stories in Audio Form[edit]

The Vinyl Cafe: The Christmas Concert (1997)[edit]

The 1996 Christmas special of the Vinyl Cafe was released on audio and features two stories:

  • Dave on the Roof ("On the Roof")
  • Dave Cooks the Turkey

Vinyl Cafe Stories (1998)[edit]

  • The Jock Strap
  • Holland
  • Driving Lessons
  • School Days
  • The Bird
  • Cat in the Car
  • Emil
  • A Day Off
  • Polly Anderson's Christmas Party

The Vinyl Cafe On Tour (1999)[edit]

  • Late Date
  • Morley's Christmas Concert
  • School Lunch
  • The Fly
  • Harrison Ford's Toes
  • Blood Pressure Chair
  • Sam's Birthday
  • Cousin Dorothy

Vinyl Cafe Odd Jobs (2001)[edit]

  • Toilet Training the Cat
  • Music Lessons
  • Arthur the Dog
  • Love Never Ends
  • Odd Jobs
  • The Fig Tree
  • No Tax on Truffles
  • The Bare Truth

A Story-Gram From Vinyl Cafe Inc. (2002)[edit]

  • Dad is Dying
  • Gifted
  • Tree of Heaven
  • The Phone Message
  • Labour Pains
  • Morley's Book Club
  • Bonus Video: "I Need to Pee"

Vinyl Cafe Inc. Coast to Coast Story Service (2004)[edit]

  • Dave Goes Babysitting
  • Morley's Birthday Bash
  • Dave Gives A Speech
  • Kenny Wong's Practical Jokes
  • Dave's Wedding Ring
  • Christmas With Rasheeda And Ahmeer

Vinyl Cafe: A Christmas Collection (2005)[edit]

  • Dave Cooks the Turkey
  • Ferrets for Christmas
  • Christmas on the Road
  • Christmas at the Turlington's
  • Polly Anderson's Christmas Party
  • Christmas Presents
  • On the Roof ("Dave on the Roof")

An Important Message From The Vinyl Cafe (2007)[edit]

  • The Hairdresser
  • Sam the Athlete
  • Tree Planting
  • Dream Bunnies
  • Teeth
  • Sam Goes Green
  • Carl's Retirement

Vinyl Cafe Storyland (2008)[edit]

  • Dave Goes to the Dentist
  • Springhill ("The Laundry Chute")
  • Sam Steals ("The Family Business")
  • Dave's Shoelace ("Attack of the Treadmill")
  • Remembrance Day
  • Dave Buys a Coffin ("Dave's Funeral")
  • Jim and Molly the Cat

Vinyl Cafe Planet Boy (2009)[edit]

  • Planet Boy
  • The Science Experiment
  • A Trip to Quebec
  • The Waterslide
  • Sam's Predictions
  • Wally
  • Planet Stuart

Vinyl Cafe: Out and About (2010)[edit]

  • Petit Lac Noir (26:18)
  • The Cruise (25:00)
  • Rendi (21:34)
  • The Birthday Cake (21:15)
  • Opera (23:45)
  • The Canoe Trip (19:32)
  • Dave and the Bike (15:24)

Vinyl Cafe Family Pack (2011)[edit]

  • Dave goes to the Dentist (20:26)
  • Odd Jobs (18:14)
  • Dave and the Bike (15:18)
  • Dave Cooks the Turkey (26:02)
  • Holland (18:22)
  • The Hairdresser (20:15)
  • Labour Pains (18:25)
  • Morley's Book Club (19:56)
  • The Waterslide (22:35)
  • Tree Planting (17:52)
  • Sam the Athlete (20:19)
  • Dream Bunnies (19:09)
  • Cat in the Car (18:12)
  • Arthur the Dog (14:33)
  • Dave and the Duck (20:00)
  • Toilet Training the Cat (20:41)

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