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The following is a list of notable people associated with Davidson College, located in the American city of Davidson, North Carolina.

Notable alumni[edit]

Arts, film, theatre, and broadcasting[edit]







Politics (elected office)[edit]

Public and Private service[edit]


Writers, journalists, & publishers[edit]


Presidents of the university[edit]

  • Robert Hall Morrison (1837–1841), father of Mary Anna Morrison Jackson (Mrs. Thomas Jonathan)
  • Samuel Williamson (1841–1855)
  • Drury Lacy (1855–1860)
  • John Lycan Kirkpatrick (1860–1866)
  • George Wilson McPhail (1866–1871)
  • John Rennie Blake (1871–1877), served as Chief Administrative Official for 6 years after President McPhail died in 1871, during which period there was no official president of the college
  • Andrew Dousa Hepburn (1877–1885)
  • Luthar McKinnon (1885–1888), The first alumnus to serve as president
  • John Bunyon Shearer (1888–1901)
  • Henry Louis Smith (1901–1912), Henry Smith and his students at Davidson are credited with producing one of the first (if not the first) X-ray photographs in the United States on January 12 and 13 1896[7]
  • William Joseph Martin, Jr. (1912–1929)
  • Walter Lee Lingle (1929–1941)
  • John Rood Cunningham (1941–1958)
  • David Grier Martin (1958–1968)
  • Frontis W. Johnston (acting; 1968)[8]
  • Samuel Reid Spencer, Jr. (1968–1983)
  • Frontis W. Johnston (acting; 1983–1984)[8]
  • John Wells Kuykendall (1984–1997)
  • Robert Fredrick Vagt (1997–2007)
  • Thomas W. Ross (2007–2010)
  • John Wells Kuykendall (interim; 2010–2011)[9]
  • Carol E. Quillen (2011–present)[10]