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This article is about the bands and songs in the original series. For the current series, see List of Degrassi: The Next Generation bands.

Listed here are the fictional bands featured in the teen drama series Degrassi Junior High and Degrassi High.

Zit Remedy[edit]

The Zit Remedy
Also known as The Zits
Genres Pop/Rock
Years active 1987–1991
Members Joey Jeremiah keyboard, vocals
Snake Simpson lead guitar, vocals
Derek Wheeler bass, vocals

The Zit Remedy, later known simply as The Zits, was a band created by Joey Jeremiah, Snake Simpson, and Derek Wheeler. Joey played keyboard, Snake played guitar, and Wheels played bass; they all sang vocals. They only had one song, "Everybody Wants Something".

The boys' interest and availability to rehearse their music wanes, but Joey keeps bringing them back ("Sealed With a Kiss", DJH ep. 208; "Pass Tense", DJH ep. 213; "He Ain't Heavy", DJH ep. 306, "The Whole Truth", DJH ep. 307; "A New Start Part 1", DH ep. 101; "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do", DH ep. 103). The Zits convince their budding filmmaker classmate Lucy Fernandez (portrayed by Anais Granofsky) to shoot a music video for their only song, "Everybody Wants Something" ("Breaking Up Is Hard To Do", DH ep. 103; "Everybody wants Something", DH ep. 105) and they also convince Clutch to let them use his car as a prop (Id). In return, they appear in Lucy's feminist horror film, It Creeps ("It Creeps", DH ep. 114).


  • "Everybody Wants Something"


The absolute Holy Grail of music is being in a band that is so SOLID, the requirements for any other bands is nil.

The Zit Remedy managed to not only accomplish this historical achievement, they did it in a single hit song.