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The list of Delta Kappa Epsilon brothers (commonly referred to as Dekes) includes initiated and honorary members of Delta Kappa Epsilon.

Delta Kappa Epsilon counts many political, business, sports, education, science, and arts leaders. Listed is a sample of some famous Dekes.

Presidents of the United States[edit]


Franklin D. Roosevelt was a member of the Alpha Chapter of DKE at Harvard and would be considered the sixth DKE brother to serve as President of the United States; however, the Harvard chapter was de-recognized by DKE International due to the chapter's stance on dual membership with other fraternities.

Vice Presidents of the United States[edit]

Justices of the United States Supreme Court[edit]

Newspaper publishers and editors[edit]

Agency heads[edit]


Political figures[edit]

Sports and entertainment[edit]

Other famous Dekes[edit]


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