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This is a list of proposed and deployed WiMAX networks by country.

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Albania (Shqiperia)
  • Alb Universe Network is deploying the WiMAX network since 2005. The company is present over the major cities in Albania.[1]
  • Smart Link Communication SPA, deployed and operated a fixed WiMAX network since 2005. The company is present over the major cities in Algeria.[2]
  • Net One (Angola) (subsidiary of MSTelcom) is deploying a nationwide project at 2.5 GHz; currently available in Luanda, Malanje, Lobito and Lubango. Data and voice over IP are among the services to be supplied to the end-users.[3]
  • Startel (Angola) is another company providing Wimax in Angola (Mundo Startel with a short-lived participation of Namibia Telecom). Startel also offers voice over IP. No information about coverage.[4]
  • Zielo Internet operates a mobile WiMAX network in the Metropolitan area of Viedma, Río Negro in the 2.4 GHz band. Speeds up to 1.5 Mbit/s are achievable.
  • In the Buenos Aires city the mayor surveillance networks operates through WiMAX protocol suspected in the 3.5 GHz band. The connection is suspected to be encrypted between the nodes.
  • Adam Internet operates a fixed WiMAX network in the Metropolitan area of Adelaide, South Australia in the 5.0 GHz band. Speeds up to 12 Mbit/s are achievable.
  • Agile Communications operates Fixed WiMAX networks in the Coorong, Yorke Peninsula, and Riverlands areas of South Australia, retailed by partner ISP.
  • Aussie Broadband operates a fixed Wimax network in Gippsland, Western Victoria, South Australia, at Speeds up to 12 Mbits.
  • BigAir owns and operates Australia's largest metropolitan fixed WiMAX broadband network providing near-blanket coverage across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Adelaide and Perth. This network provides Australian businesses with symmetric broadband services at speeds up to 1000Mbit/s and distances up to 30 km from its base stations.[5]
  • Vivid Wireless owned by Optus. Operates a metro-wide network in Perth and small "CBD only" networks in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide. Mobile WiMAX with three devices: home-gateway, personal hotspot, and USB.
  • Sazz Internet is one of the first networks of high-speed wireless Internet access on Mobile WiMAX technology in Azerbaijan. This technology should ensure high-speed Internet access - up to 10 Mbit/s, at any time anywhere in the coverage area and maintains the connection even during move at speed up to 120 km/h. The network operates on standard IEEE 802.16e-2005 in the frequency range 3.5-3.6 GHz.are achievable.


  • MenaTelecom is a licensed telecommunications operator based in the Kingdom of Bahrain. In January 2007 Mena secured a nationwide Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) licence in Bahrain to provide fixed and nomadic telecommunications services throughout the Kingdom. In partnership with Motorola, Mena deployed WiMAX technology. The objective is to provide customers, both business and mass-market consumer, with innovative products and services based on quality, reliability and exceptional value for money.
  • Zain BH was launched the nationwide WiMAX service in Bahrain in 2008 branded as Zain At Home
  • AlwaysOn AlwaysOn Network Bangladesh Ltd., is a leading provider of high speed broadband wireless Internet services in Bangladesh. AlwaysOn focuses on three broadband Internet segments: Tier 1 Direct Internet Access, Urban wireless, and Rural wireless Internet technology.
  • BanglaLion BanglaLion Communications Ltd using WiMAX standard 802.16e and onward revisions only. It has the largest coverage in Bangladesh.
  • Ollo has started to provide internet services for both residential and business purposes in Bangladesh since February 2012.
  • Qubee Launched wireless broadband In ternet services for residential and business customers in Dhaka in October 2009.
  • TeleBarbados uses WiMAX to cover most of the island of Barbados in partnership with its subsidiary Freemotion.
  • Beltelecom has developed WiMAX network under the ByFly brand.
  • Max Telecom holds a class A license in the 3.5 GHz band (2 x 21 MHz) and deployed a network with mobile WiMAX technology in 48 cities and several resorts so far.
  • Nexcom Bulgaria has deployed a WiMAX network in Bulgaria that has coverage in the biggest cities.[6]
  • Trans Telecom (4ever) deployed a network with mobile WiMAX technology in several cities. As of beginning of 2011 they are in financial difficulties.


  • 4G Africa operates a Mobile WiMAX (802.16e-2005) network using Alvarion Technologies equipment covering Douala, Yaounde and soon others cities.
  • ABC Communications[7] offers 3.5 GHz WiMAX service in a number of communities in the interior of BC.
  • Bell Canada, and Rogers Communications formerly offered a shared WiMAX-like network in partnership with Inukshuk Wireless (although Inukshuk uses mostly pre-WiMAX for its own network). Bell Canada offers their Portable and Rural Bell WiMAX Internet services in many cities in Alberta, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, and Quebec.[8] Rogers offers their Portable Internet (WiMAX like) service in over 150 communities across Canada.[9] Rogers appears to have discontinued its "Portable Internet" (WiMAX-like) solution, in favor of 4G HSPA since 2012.
  • CCI Wireless operates a 3.5 GHz WiMAX network throughout several communities in rural Alberta which provides internet and VoIP services.[10]
  • Craig Wireless is planning on offering commercial 2.5 GHz WiMAX service to Vancouver, British Columbia and Winnipeg, Manitoba.
  • EvoShift Communications Launched its WiMAX network in Victoria, BC on January 19, 2011. Using Purewave 802.16e 3.65 GHz WiMAX equipment they can provide competitive Internet and VoIP solutions.[11]
  • Husky Energy operates a WiMAX network that covers 8000+ km2 between two provinces (Alberta & Saskatchewan) in the Lloydminister area.
  • Primus Canada and Mipps Inc. are now (May '07) jointly conducting WiMAX IEEE 802.16e-2005 (3.5 GHz) trials in Hamilton, Ontario, using Alcatel-Lucent's new WiMAX equipment[citation needed]
  • Sogetel offers WiMAX service for Nicolet-Yamaska and Bécancour in Quebec.[12]
Cayman Islands
Central African Republic
  • MILLENIUM TELECOM - BLA@CK deployed 802.16e technology to provide mobile internet and VoIP in Bangui. The deployment has been done by EPICENTRE GROUP, an Network integrator in Central Africa which has a high expertise in Wireless network (Wimax, McWILL, WIFI...)
Congo, D.R.
  • Elix has deployed a citywide WiMAX network in the city of Kinshasa, using licensed spectrum at 3.5 GHz.[citation needed]
Costa Rica
  • IDNET S.A. (100% costarrican company) first WiMAX network in Costa Rica, begin network operation in mid-2007 (private project), started offering commercial services in 2008. Launch 4G services in Palmares area on 2012[13]
  • Radiografica Costarricense S.A. (RACSA, a part of the state owned Grupo ICE) started offering the service on the second week of 2008.[14]
Côte d'Ivoire
  • MTN Côte d'Ivoire has deployed a live WIMAX network since 2010
  • Novi-net offers WiMAX in Međimurje county, Dubrovnik telekom in Dubrovnik[citation needed]
  • OiV just get licences.
  • Optima Telekom have operating WiMAX with Siemens equipment in Osijek, Rijeka, Split, Cakovec, Opatija, Valpovo and Djakovo but getting out of business.
  • WiMAX Telecom started to build network with Alcatel-Lucent equipment.3.5 GHz frequencies .
  • KeterAir offers WiMAX from 2012.


Dominican Republic
  • Since October 2007, Onemax delivered both telephony and internet access, using licenced spectrum at 3.5 GHz, to both home and business customers in Santo Domingo. Also, Tricom[15][16] it offered WiMAX services to its business customers, on a first implementation phase (town Bavaro; also the municipalities of Haina, Santo Domingo Oeste, Santo Domingo Norte and Greater Santo Domingo). A third WiMAX provider, Wind Telecom, offers not only telephony and data, but also subscription-based digital television broadcasting.


  • The National Telecom Regulatory Authority (NTRA) issues WiMAX licensed bands to companies requiring license for using the technology for data transfer.
  • A total of 4 licenses in the 3.5-3.6 GHz range have been issued to 5 companies. Three of them (Norby Telecom, Baltic Broadband and Tele2) have national-wide licenses and two companies (Levira and Elion) share the same frequency, but Elion can use it only in Tallinn and Harjumaa region and Levira in the whole country except of Tallinn and Harjumaa.
  • The incumbent operator (and state-owned monopoly) ETC has deployed a fixed WiMAX network in the capital city of Addis Ababa using the 3.5 GHz band.


  • There are 15 WiMAX operators in Finland spread throughout the country. The coverage is mainly concentrated on the rural areas and Lapland.
  • There are 2 WiMAX operators in Fiji which are Kidanet which is a subsidiary company of Fiji International Telecommunication Limited (FINTEL) and Unwired Fiji which is owned by Digicel Fiji.
  • HDRR, a subsidiary of TDF[17] announced the deployment of mobile WiMAX in the Loiret region of France. It was bought by Bolloré Telecom in 2008.


  • VTEL-Georgia utilizes a spectrum in the 2.3 GHz band to operate a WiMAX network in 802.16e standard. Commercial operation in cities of Tbilisi, Batumi, Poti and Rustavi has been started in December, 2008.
  • In December 2006, 3.4–3.6 GHz band broadband wireless access (BWA) licenses were issued through an auction by the federal regulator Bundesnetzagentur. Clearwire, Inquam and DBD now hold licences for the entire country, two smaller companies hold regional licenses. These licenses are designed for the use with WiMAX technology.
  • U2 Online Communications Limited was issued a 2.3 GHz band Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) licence by the National Communication Authority of Ghana to operate a Wireless ISP in 2006. U2 Online has set up the largest 4G WiMAX network in Ghana. Among its services, U2 Online provides high speed Internet connectivity to residential and corporate clients. In addition, U2 Online is the first mobile WiMAX service provider in Ghana.

DiscoveryTel Ghana is authorised and regulated by NCA, and Ghana' first 4G fixed wireless broadband provider.with flexible converged Internet and network solutions,

  • OTE claims to have set up two large pilot WiMAX networks in operation in Attiki and one in Mount Athos and to be planning nationwide deployment.[18] As of now,[when?] no availability, pricing, or expected dates of commercial deployment have been announced.
  • Within Le Ressouvenir (ECD) and Agricola (EBD), Diamond, E-Networks offers WiMax internet service. They also offer IPTV and VoIP services over their network.

Ghana: DiscoveryTel Ghana limited in 2010 operated the first wimax 4G Broadband Internet Service in Ghana. DiscoveryTel offers both Internet and VPN solutions to a host of blue chip companies across the west African coast. The company is currently owned by CCA group. The company is deploying its latest 4G Wimax on a nationwide scale by June 2013.


  • The Indonesian government announced on January 22, 2009, two ministry decrees and three regulations releasing spectrum at 2.3 GHz and 3.3 GHz for wireless broadband access across all regions of Indonesia. This means Indonesia will using 2.3 GHz band for the Wimax 16.e standard while 3.3 GHz will be used for the 16.d standard.[19]
  • Indonesia already able to build their own total solution for Wimax including chips[20] and equipment[21][22]
  • Wimax trial had been held by Indonesian government in mid-October 2008 to provide internet broadband in the Bandung area.[23]
  • Based on trial and local content requisites, two vendors (TRG & HARIFF) were approved by Indonesian government to sell Wimax 16.d equipment to the operators who won wimax 16.d license.
  • XIRKA is focusing their business in Wimax chipset.
  • TRG, HARIFF & LEN are preparing their product for Wimax 16.e Auction.
  • Commercial deployment planned in 2009.[24]
  • In July 2009, Indonesian government had announcement the winner of Wimax 16.d license in 15 zones.[25] The winner for each region are:
    • Zone 1 covering North Sumatera region, won by PT First Media Tbk.
    • Zone 2 covering Center Sumatera region, won by PT Berca Hardaya Perkasa.
    • Zone 3 covering South Sumatera region, won by PT Berca Hardaya Perkasa.
    • Zone 4 covering Banten, Jakarta, Bogor, Tanggerang & Bekasi, won by PT First Media.
    • Zone 5 covering west Java, won by PT Comtronic System and PT Adiwarta Perdana.
    • Zone 6 covering center Java, won by PT Telkom.
    • Zone 7 covering east Java, won by PT Comtronic System dan PT Adiwarta Perdana.
    • Zone 8 covering Bali and NTB, won by PT Berca Hardaya Perkasa.
    • Zone 9 covering Papua, won by APJII' Consortium & PT Telkom.
    • Zone 10 covering Maluku won by APJII' consortium & PT Telkom.
    • Zone 11 covering south Sulawesi, won by PT Berca Hardaya Perkasa.
    • Zone 12 covering North Sulawesi, won by PT Telkom.
    • Zone 13 covering west Kalimantan, won by PT Berca Hardaya Perkasa.
    • Zone 14 covering east Kalimantan, won by PT Berca Hardaya Perkasa.
    • Zone 15 covering Riau, won by APJII' Consortium & PT Berca Hardaya Perkasa.
  • Wimax 16.e auction will be start in 2010 and announced in 2011.[26]
  • Datak Telecom[27]
  • Irancell, first Wimax operator in Iran. Wimax network coverage only in seven provinces (Tehran, Alborz, Khorasan Razavi, East Azarbaijan, Isfahan, Fars and Khuzestan).
  • Laser Telecom
  • Mobinnet The first and the only Countywide Wimax Operator. It has the fastest growth rate in the country broadband market.
  • Rayaneh Danesh
  • Spadan
  • TarinMax[28] 802.16e Wimax network in Erbil.
  • Alpha[29] 802.16e Wimax network in Erbil, Massif, developing to all Kurdistan/Iraq cities.
  • BruskNet[30] WiMAX network in the city of Sulaymaniyah.
  • Tishknet[31] WiMAX network in Sulaymaniyah.
  • Italian Ministry of Defense currently holds the 3.5 GHz band, and is about to free the band through auctions in order to let the government sell licences. Bloggers and members of consumers associations have started protests against this way of assigning the frequencies.[32] The members of the unofficial Italian Pirate Party are currently organizing a Googlebombing.[33] The Ministry of Defense released the band and recently Ministry of Communications has announced that WiMAX licences contest will be in September 2007 or nearly. All licenses available were awarded to different operators in an auction ended on 27 February 2008. Public services should start soon.[when?]


  • Digicel has deployed an 802.16d network.
  • UQ Communications is a telecommunications company in Japan that provides nationwide WiMAX service, and claimed over a million subscribers as of June 2011.[34] UQ started its mobile WiMAX service in Tokyo, Yokohama, and Kawasaki on Feb. 26, 2009. The highest speed its WiMAX can currently provide is 40 Mbit/s down and 7.2 Mbit/s up. UQ investors include Intel Capital Corporation, East Japan Railway Company, Kyocera Corporation, The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd. and others.[35]
  • ytel has deployed an 802.16e WiMAX network in 2012.[36]

Six companies offer WiMAX services in the Kingdom:


  • AccessKenya used WiMAX for its broadband residential service, Access@Home in the cities of Nairobi and Mombasa. AccessKenya has currently deployed one of the largest WiMAX Network in East Africa.[45]
  • Safaricom WiMAX Internet services for SOHO & residential customers[46]
  • Tangerine Limited providing Wi-Max Internet service for SOHO business and residential customers.
Korea (South)
  • The local brand name is WiBro. KT (olleh WiBro 4G) and SK Telecom (T Login) both operate WiMAX in major metropolitan areas, while KT also operates in minor cities and along major expressways.
  • One company that offers WiMAX in Kuwait is Mada[47]


  • Most internet providers provide WiMAX under the trademark name "i-Fly". It is the best available wireless internet offered in the country.
  • Libya Telecom & Technology, the national Internet service provider, deployed the first commercial WiMAX network based on the 802.16e-2005 WiMAX standard in Libya. LTT launched the commercial service on the network in January 2008.
  • AB Lietuvos radijo ir televizijos centras deployed the first commercial WiMAX network MEZON based on the 802.16 WiMAX standard in Lithuania. LRTC launched the commercial service on the network in March 2009.


  • Licences have been awarded to Green Packet Bhd, REDtone International Bhd, YTL e-Solutions Bhd and Asiaspace Dotcom Sdn Bhd to provide WiMAX services, service rollout began with P1's network in August 2008.
  • Packet One Networks has deployed WiMAX in the 2.3 GHz band in Peninsular Malaysia with coverage in most major city areas under the brand P1. It was launched in August 2008. P1 initially offered an up-to-10 Mbit/s "Wiggy" package (the fastest offered speed for wireless Internet at the time it was introduced), but the package was discontinued for sometime as the system was found to be unable to achieve or sustain the speed in real-world conditions and the company received criticisms as a result. It has since been reintroduced after the company improved their network coverage and backbone. A no-fuss prepaid 800 kpbs package is also available. Packet One Networks' parent company, Green Packet, builds the transceivers for Packet One Networks.
  • Asiaspace Dotcom announced that its WiMAX network will be called AMAX. Currently the service only covers certain parts of the Klang Valley as a market test. No definite launch date is provided. The maximum speed available is 1.5 Mbit/s to consumers and 2 Mbit/s to businesses in the trial markets.[48] However, unlike YES and P1, AMAX's service appears to be available on a monthly flat fee with no quota.
  • YTL e-Solutions Bhd launched its WIMAX service under the brand YES on 19 November 2010. Like P1's solution, it uses the 2.3 GHz band. It's flagship packages are no-fuss prepaid Internet service with voice and Text Messaging as value added services, although postpaid packages are also offered on a monthly fixed quota with the ability to buy in additional quota as required, although optional as the speed of the connection is merely throttled (albeit to a paltry 64kbit/s) once the quota is reached. There is no official announcement on the speed of the connection of the service, but speeds of up to 12 Mbit/s have been recorded in metropolitan areas, with speeds of up to 2 Mbit/s being recorded in rural areas. Coverage is said to be most major city and rural areas in Malaysia, however there are many areas that still lack service coverage. YTL sources its transceivers from Infomark Korea.
  • Acting on YTL's deployment of YES, REDtone has since deployed its WiMAX infrastructure under the name of REDtone Broadband WiMAX.[49] Like AMAX, the packages are offered is a flat-rate monthly service, although unlike AMAX there is a quota depending on the package chosen. REDtone's fastest speed offered is 2 Mbit/s to both home and office. Currently the service only covers the major cities in the East Malaysia.
  • National licences have been awarded to two operators, Cosmoline Greece and Nexcom Macedonia to provide fixed WiMAX services, service roll out targeted by end of 2007.
  • Regional licences have been awarded to Neotel, Cosmofon and Istel in 2007. Neotel implements and operates mobile WiMAX 3.5 GHz network and provides services in the whole country.[50]
  • Three licences in 3.5 GHz band were awarded by the Malta Communications Authority to Vodafone, Go Mobile, Cellcom in October 2005. Only Vodafone has commercially launched a broadband and VOIP service over WiMAX in July 2007 and will have country wide coverage by end November 2007.
  • In October 2005 Axtel commercialized WiMAX for Monterrey city.
  • Ultranet2go provides WiMAX services in four states: Veracruz, Puebla, Tamaulipas and Aguascalientes.
  • The University of Guadalajara, in collaboration with the Government of Jalisco, has begun the development of a WiMAX network in the state of Jalisco, which will provide free Internet access to the population, as well as a better communications infrastructure for the government through a new intranet system.
  • Since March 2005 company Ulusnet is providing WiMAX solution for Ulaanbaatar city.
  • Licences have been awarded to four operators: T-Mobile, Broadband Montenegro, m:tel and Telenor Montenegro to provide WiMAX services; service rollout began in October 2007 (m:tel).
  • The University of Fes in collaboration with the "ICT4D" lab of the Al Akhawayn University, the Canadian center for researches for international development [CRDI] and the agence national de réglementation des télécommunications ANRT have launched in 2010 the first Moroccan Wimax Network called "WmanàFez" benefiting 33 of the city prefectural offices.


The Netherlands
  • On June 17, 2008 Worldmax launched its WiMAX service in Amsterdam on the 3.5 GHz band, the first commercial WiMAX network in Europe. The network was available anywhere inside the A10 motorway, a ringroad around Amsterdam and promised speeds up to 8 Mbit/s.[51] The service closed down in July 2010 after Worldmax was informed by the Dutch Ministry of Defense that they were causing radio interference with a satellite station owned by the Ministry of Defense. For reasons of national security, they were forced to restrict Worldmax' frequency license. This caused Worldmax to cease their operations in the Amsterdam area[52] IP Specials has since then acquired Worldmax and is offering business to business high speed Wimax connectivity as well as complete wimax IP camera solutions. There also has been a large test rollout for wimax to wifi in city centers for 3G offloading.
New Zealand
  • CallPlus purchased 3.5 GHz WiMAX spectrum and are deploying Alvarion from Auckland North. This is run under the wholesale brand Blue Reach.
  • NetSmart New Zealand telecommunication service provider operating on the North island providing voice and data services over fixed WiMAX (2.5 GHz and 3.5 GHz).
  • MTN Group MTN Nigeria biggest Nigerian GSM operator purchased XS Broadband a privately owned Pre-Wimax company and inherited a 3.5GhZ wimax licence in 24 states.The Nigerian Operations has deployed wimax network in 6 cities targeting the low income masses in a joint project with the telco regulator (NCC) called the SABI PROJECT.
  • Other Licencees include Mobitel, Swift Networks, IpNX etc.
  • Network operated by NextGenTel.
  • NextNet is the leading WIMAX provider in Norway with about 8500 customers.
  • Nepal Telecom is the sole provider of WiMAX in the country. A free WiMAX for general public from 27-03-2013 was a beginning. Initially it was lunched for corporate customers only since November 12, 2012. Now, Nepal Telecom offers both volume based and unlimited data service to its WiMAX subscriber in the country with free nationwide roaming.[54] User can get the speed from 256 kbit/s (unlimited plan only) to up to 1 Mbit/s (for volume based individual user) and 2 Mbit/s (for corporate users).[55]


  • Nawras (Omani Qatari Telecommunication Company) one of the two MNO present in the Sultanate. The home broadband and voice service is powered by WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) technology. Nawras is the only operator to deploy WiMAX commercially in Oman. The company also offers WiFi solutions for cafés, restaurants, hotels and schools. Nawras has set up the largest public WiFi zone in Oman, in the Muscat Grand Mall.


  • OLO Del Peru S.A.C.
  • Globe WiMAX
  • Smart WiMAX
  • Wi-Tribe
  • Crowley Data Poland
  • eWi - zachodniopomorskie province[59]
  • INEA
  • NASK ~5 Cities
  • Netia networks in about 50 Cities
  • SferaNET
  • Gliwice - Silesian Metropolitan Network
  • ZAPP.PT[60] is a group of telecommunications companies in Portugal trading under the ZAPP brand name, lead by mobiZAPP, that since November 2010 offer WiMAX in major metropolitan areas. ZTE WiMAX/CDMA products are based on its leading edge SDR platform and are a major part of the Uni-RAN solution, Uni-Core core network equipment, and services to support the launch of the WiMAX 4G network over 3.5 GHz frequencies


  • In April 2010, Canadian company Redline Communications announced they had signed a contract with the National Society of Radiocommunications - Radiocom[61] - to deliver equipment required for the implementation of the WiMax Network. Redline will deliver the equipment for Radiocom through its Romanian partner, Omnilogic. In order to provide broadband connectivity to authorities, schools and companies in Romania, Redline Communications will deliver its 3.6-3Ghz RedMax UX, according to Agerpress.[62]
In November 2010, with a delay of a few months, Radiocom officially launched a part of their WiMax network, covering 17 major cities and 7 other cities. The connection fee was set at 7 Eur/month (1Mbit/s speed limit, unlimited traffic), 9 Eur/month (2Mbit/s), 14 Eur/month (4Mbit/s). The provider estimates 2-3000 users connected by the end of 2010 and about 10.000 users by the end of 2011. The company is focused on providing internet access to rural areas or smaller cities.[63]

WiMAX operators are allowed to use 2.3 GHz, 2.5 GHz and 3.5 GHz frequency bands; since outdoor UMTS-2100 is not allowed in Moscow,[citation needed] WiMAX is gaining widespread adoption for wireless broadband access in that region.

  • Comstar-WiMAX (Comstar-OTS) (ru) IEEE 802.16e-2005, 2.5 GHz,[64][65] is the second commercial operator in Russia to begin operations; currently offers WiMAX services in Moscow only and does not plan any extension of coverage.
  • Yota (Scartel) (ru) IEEE 802.16e-2005, 2.5-2.7 GHz,[66][67] was the first commercial Mobile WiMAX operator in Russia.[68] On 10 May 2012 Yota has completely migrated to LTE, ceasing operation of its WiMAX network.[69]


Saudi Arabia
  • GO Etihad Atheeb Telecom Co. "GO" is the key Brand of Etihad Atheeb Telecom Company, the leading Cloud Telecommunications Operator in the Middle East. On 5 April 2009, GO received a license officially from the Communication and Information Technology Commission (CITC) after completing all the license issuance requirements. GO Telecom also acquired 2 x 28 MHz of spectrum in the 3.5 GHz frequency band across 13 regional divisions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in addition to a license for advanced fixed telephone lines.
  • ITC, Integrated Telecom Company is a DSP (Data Service Provider) who provides internet services to Corporate & Residential Clients and sell bandwidth to ISPs. They have also deployed more than 13,000 km Fiber Optic in the Kingdom. ITC provides WiMAX internet services via its subsidiary Zooom Broadband to its residential customer. ITC was awarded a licence by CITC (Regulatory body of Telecommunication in Saudi Arabia) to provide fixed telephone line services in the Kingdom.
  • Mobily is a mobile phone operator that also provides WiMAX internet services via its subsidiary Bayanat Bayanat Al Oula for Network Services.
  • aLÓ offered WiMAX to corporate customers in the past.
  • Clearwire is now offering WiMAX service under the name Instanet to Málaga and will also be available to Seville soon.
  • Eurona is a small operator in Catalunya and with deployments all over the country. Eurona deploys WiMAX 802.16d equipment giving services to rural areas and small cities with services from 18 euros for residential users to simetric services of over 20 Mbit/s for companies. Eurona is also completing its offer with phone lines and VOIP services.
  • Euskaltel is the cable operator from the Basque Country. The initial project includes broadband to rural areas with prices between 22 euros a month for 300 kbit/s and 39 euros for 1 Mbit/s. A phone line costs additional 13.75 euros.[70]
  • Iberbanda bought by Telefónica in 2006, has the largest number of customers. Iberbanda offers 1 Mbit/s 12 month home contract options Avi (only internet for 29.90 euro/month), or AviPack (internet and phone line for 35.90 euro/month). There are also more expensive 2Mbit/s contracts.[71][72]
Sri Lanka
  • Dialog Axiata began commercial operations in late 2006 and offers speeds of up to 4 Mbit/s. Sri Lanka Telecom has also launched test transmission in certain areas. However there are problems as the local pay television operator Comet Cable uses some of the WiMAX bandwidths.
  • Lanka Bell launched commercial operations in early 2008.
  • Lanka Bell and Suntel, are already offering WiMAX services on the 3.5G spectrum in 375 base stations throughout the country
  • Sky Network (Pvt.) Ltd, (subsidiary of Sri Lanka Telecom) also going to launch the WiMAX network by March 2010.[dated info] Huawei technologies is providing the equipment for the network implementation. They are going to use 30 bandwidth, 10M per each sector.
  • Suntel has started the Wi-Max Broadband.
South Africa
  • Easttel operates a WiMax network in the Eastern Cape. Preparations underway to upgrade to 16e.
  • Neotel is working on WiMAXtecnology.
St. Maarten (Dutch Caribbean)
  • CaribServe.NET, a subsidiary of United Telecommunication Services (UTS), is a Wireless Broadband Service Provider based on the Dutch/French island-nation of St. Maarten/St. Martin in the Northeastern Caribbean. CaribServe.NET currently offers 4G WiMAX (802.16E) services via 30 base stations on the Dutch-side of the island with expansion to the French-side of the island slated for completion by the third quarter of 2011.


  • Babilon-T[79] has launched Mobile WiMax at 2.3 GHz in Dec. 2010, covering all major cities. Speeds up to 18Mbit/s are achievable. NGN telephony is provided for WiMax customers under WiPhone brand.
  • Startel also known as,[80] operates a WiMAX network in the Dar es Salaam city using Airspan. Speeds up to 12Mbit/s are achievable.


  • FreshTel - wireless internet provider[81]
  • Giraffe - wireless internet provider[82]
United Kingdom
  • Attend 2 Ltd,[83] a WiMax service that covers the South East of England.
  • Bluewave, a WiMax provider in the Isle of Man[84]
  • ConnectMK,[85] a company owned by Milton Keynes Council, successfully operated a WiMAX network in the town of Milton Keynes until 29 February 2012 when it was forced to terminate the service due to a dispute with the licensed radio spectrum holder. Milton Keynes was the first town in the UK to have a WIMAX service.
  • Digital Teesdale,[86] a WiMax network that has started operating in the Teesdale area in the North of England.
  • LiveWave,[87] a wireless service offered by Wildcard Networks[88] with speeds of up to 40Mb throughout Newcastle upon Tyne, Tynedale, Northumberland and the surrounding areas.
  • Metroid 2247, a WiMax start up looking to operate in Yorkshire and Scotland,[89]
  • Netvigator was a WiMAX deployment in London and Thames Valley. Eventually rebranded Now Broadband, its parent is PCCW. It operated from 2004 using WiMAX. It ceased operating in some geographies in 2007, with termination letters to customers citing "limitations not apparent when we launched the service in your area". It still operates in very limited geographies: Southwark in London and Reading.[90] but using LTE rather than WiMAX.
  • Redraw Internet Ltd. A WiMax provider covering East Anglia, London, Devon, Lancashire, Oxfordshire, Warrington and Wigan.
  • Urban WiMax,[91] a WiMax service that covers central London (travelcard Zone 1 and some of Zone 2).
  • VFast,[92] a WiMax service that covers Kent.
United States
  • 123Net Provides fixed WiMAX to primarily business customers in the Greater Detroit and Ann Arbor Areas of Michigan.[93]
  • Altazip, Inc. WiMAX in 3.65Ghz and 5.7Ghz Throughout a large area in Central Utah (Sevier, Wayne, Piute, Millard and Sanpete counties).
  • Antelecom, Inc. Broadband provides WiMAX service using the 3.65Ghz range in Southern California (North Los Angeles and Southern Kern counties).
  • AT&T Alaska offered WiMAX technology in the 2.3 GHz band in the Anchorage and Juneau areas. AT&T had multiple WiMAX trials in other areas in 2006.[94] AT&T owns additional 2.3 GHz spectrum in some Southern states.[citation needed]
  • Carrier Services Group holds licenses for 2.5&3.6 in several regions in Ohio Cleveland, Youngstown and Warren.
  • Commspeed LLC[95] Offers WiMax as well as pre-WiMax and Line-of-sight services in Arizona.
  • Data Truck LLC[96] offers WiMax internet service to business and residential customers in and around Watertown, South Dakota.
  • Northern Michigan University, working with Intel, Lenovo, Motorola and Cisco, deployed a WiMAX network covering the City of Marquette, Michigan. Most of the City of Marquette has access to the WiMAX network, as well as some points as far south as Chocolay Township and west as Marquette Township. Currently,[when?] students and faculty of NMU have access to the network; along with certain city personnel.[97][98][99]
  • Polytechnic Institute of NYU has an experimental WiMAX network installed at their Brooklyn, New York campus.[citation needed]
  • Pulsestream Internet Services, LLC holds license for 3.65 GHz in US for its back hauls and some PTMP in Texas. They also run 5.2, 5.8 Wi-Fi networks in North Texas for Business VOIP and Broadband Services.[citation needed]
  • NetX Internet serves businesses in the Cleveland, Ohio area.[100]
  • Nexogy serves businesses in the Dade County area. Their wireless network uses 900Mhz/2.4/5GHZ frequency, protocol 802.11 b/g/ac. The service offers up to 500Mbit/s at 15+ miles, featuring MIMO Airmax, GPS Sync, AC Links to provide the maximum QoS in the industry. Full mesh backbone to provide full network redundancy.[101]
  • Rainbow Broadband serves New York City businesses with WiMAX-based internet at speeds exceeding 100Mbit/s in Manhattan and surrounding boroughs (subject to line-of-sight limitations).[citation needed]
  • River Canyon Wireless Provides up to 8 Mbit/s point to multipoint with (up to) 20 Mbit/s burst Motorola Canopy internet service in Moab & Green River, Utah. Also has Redline based systems in Monticello, and Blanding, Utah, however, these systems do not support the 20 Mbit/s burst. Main service area is Moab, Utah.
  • Sioux Valley WiMAX[102] serves WiMAX to the Southeastern South Dakota communities of Brookings, Dell Rapids, Hartford, and Madison
  • Sling broadband offers WiMAX-based internet service to businesses in 6 US cities, including Miami, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, and Seattle.
  • Spectral Networks is deploying a WiMAX network in Northern Missouri and Southern Iowa.
  • SpeedConnect LLC[103] SpeedConnect offers FCC-licensed WiMax, Expedience, and Line-of-Sight services in Michigan, Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska, South Dakota, Idaho, Montana, and Texas.
  • Sprint Corporation (previously Clearwire), held 2.5 GHz licenses in several regions, and announced a nationwide network. WiMAX deployments in 71 U.S. markets covering 110 million people were marketed under the brand CLEAR. At the end of 2008, Sprint Nextel merged their WiMAX operations (under the Xohm brand), with additional investment from five other technology companies to create a "new" Clearwire. Comcast, Sprint, and Time Warner Cable acting as wholesale providers provided access to the same underlying WiMAX network.[104] Sprint eventually decided to shift to using LTE technology for their 4G services, and is planning to shut down its WiMAX network by the end of 2015.[105]
  • Towerstream offers WiMAX-based internet service to businesses in 9 US cities, including Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Providence, San Francisco and Seattle.[citation needed]
  • University of Colorado at Boulder is working on providing WiMAX to a small area near campus.
  • University of Massachusetts Dartmouth is providing WiMAX service to student community within two-mile radius beyond the campus. In addition, the service has been expanded to the Woods Hole Marine Biological Laboratory(MBL) and in a two-mile radius beyond MBL’s campus.
  • Mobilcomm Offers WiMAX for residential and business class internet service to the greater Cincinnati, southwest Ohio and Indiana regions. Mobilcomm is a premiere partner with Motorola. Their WiMAX service is called Heavenwire, and can be accessed at
  • Xanadoo operates WiMAX networks in Texas, Oklahoma, and Illinois. They also run Navini Networks-based pre-WiMAX networks & have holdings in the 2.5 GHz spectrum in multiple markets in the midwest.[citation needed]
  • EVO (Super iMAX) is a broadband Wimax operator in Uzbekistan founded in 2008. As of today, EVO (Super iMAX) is the first and the sole provider of broadband wireless network in Uzbekistan.


  • Broadlands Networks operates a Mobile WiMAX (802.16e-2005) network using Huawei Technologies equipment covering Harare, Bulawayo and Gweru. Broadlands has also acquired pre-802.16m WiMAX equipment which is being tried in Harare. Bulawayo & Gweru already have the service up and running.

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