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The list of Dreamcast network games consists of games for the Sega Dreamcast that had some form of Internet connectivity. Most games were hosted by SegaNet and GameSpy networks in the United States. The Europe online service was called Dreamarena and ran in a partnership between Sega Europe and BT. In Japan, the service was managed by Isao.Net. When support for the Dreamcast ended in 2001, Internet connectivity ended soon afterwards with most games losing online multiplayer, access to downloads that unlock additional features, and leaderboards. As of the end of 2013, the only games playable are:

Planet Ring and Phantasy Star Online/Ver. 2 are cases in which both games had their online multiplayer restored by homebrew developers and require additional software to be played online.

Most of the games offering online capabilities also included a simple web browser or more elaborate webrowsers created by PlanetWeb that offered e-mail access, chat rooms, and voice chat via the Dreamcast Microphone. While Sega pushed its Internet service, planetweb browsers permitted the user to configure the Dreamcast to connect to most dial-up ISPs and with the Dreamcast Broadband Adapter (BBA), some broadband ISPs. By the end of 2013, the dramatic drop of dial-up ISPs has made access difficult for most users and the Dreamcast BBA has become a rare and costly peripheral for the Dreamcast console. Compounding both is the difficulty to configure the Dreamcast to access the internet.

Dreamcast network games[edit]

Vs Link Cable games[edit]

Online content[edit]

Internet Services[edit]

Web browsers[edit]

  • DreamKey - Versions from 1.0 to 3.1 (Europe only).
  • Dream Passport - Various versions mouse keyboard and broadband support (Japan only).
  • PlanetWeb - Unofficial version 3.0 is keyboard, mouse, flash and broadband compatible (North America only).
  • Sega Web Browser - Official web browser licensed by Sega with revisions from 1.0-2.6 (mouse, voicechat, broadband support).
  • XDP - Unofficial web browser with a high number of features.
  • WebTV - Microsoft Web TV for Dreamcast built with Windows CE.

Broadband adapter[edit]

The late introduction and adoption of the Dreamcast BBA resulted in the unique problem that while some network games could be played via the dial-up modem they may not have been able to use the BBA. Games with explicit support for the are Bomberman Online, Phantasy Star Online Ver. 2, POD, Quake III Arena, the 2k2 sports series, and Unreal Tournament. Not included are all of the Dreamcast games that only allow homepage internet access.