List of Dutch football transfers summer 2012

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This is a list of transfers in Dutch football for the 2012 Summer transfer window. Only moves featuring an Eredivisie side are listed.

The summer transfer window will open on July 1, 2012, and will close on August 31. Deals may be signed at any given moment in the season, but the actual transfer may only take place during the transfer window. Unattached players may sign at any moment.

Date Name Moving from Moving to Fee
3 August 20111 Netherlands Metaj, ShkodranShkodran Metaj Netherlands FC Groningen Netherlands FC Emmen Free[1]
6 November 20111 Denmark Bjelland, AndreasAndreas Bjelland Denmark FC Nordsjaelland Netherlands FC Twente €3M[2]
19 December 20111 Netherlands Höcher, MarcMarc Höcher Netherlands ADO Den Haag Netherlands Willem II Tilburg Free[3]
7 January 20121 Netherlands Vormer, RuudRuud Vormer Netherlands Roda JC Netherlands Feyenoord Free[4]
14 January 20121 Netherlands van Moorsel, PacoPaco van Moorsel Netherlands FC Den Bosch Netherlands FC Groningen Free[5]
16 January 20121 Netherlands Goossens, JohnJohn Goossens Netherlands NEC Nijmegen Netherlands Feyenoord Free[6]
18 January 20121 Netherlands Reniers, RonnieRonnie Reniers Netherlands FC Den Bosch Netherlands PEC Zwolle Free[7]
18 January 20121 Poland Tytoń, PrzemysławPrzemysław Tytoń Netherlands Roda JC Netherlands PSV Eindhoven €2.7M[8]
1 February 20121 Netherlands Janmaat, DarylDaryl Janmaat Netherlands SC Heerenveen Netherlands Feyenoord Free[9]
12 February 20121 Netherlands Meijers, AaronAaron Meijers Netherlands RKC Waalwijk Netherlands ADO Den Haag Free[10]
22 February 20121 Denmark , ZankaZanka Denmark FC Copenhagen Netherlands PSV Eindhoven Free[11]
22 February 2012 Norway Pedersen, MarcusMarcus Pedersen Netherlands Vitesse Norway Vålerenga IF Loan[12]
23 February 20121 Brazil , LeonardoLeonardo Netherlands NAC Breda Austria FC Red Bull Salzburg Free[13]
27 February 20121 Netherlands Pot, JoranJoran Pot Netherlands PEC Zwolle Netherlands Go Ahead Eagles Free[14]
6 March 2012 Sweden Nordfeldt, KristofferKristoffer Nordfeldt Unattached Netherlands SC Heerenveen Free[15]
14 March 20121 Australia Holman, BrettBrett Holman Netherlands AZ Alkmaar England Aston Villa Free[16]
26 March 20121 Netherlands Wormgoor, VitoVito Wormgoor Netherlands De Graafschap Netherlands ADO Den Haag Undisclosed[17]
2 April 20121 Netherlands te Vrede, MitchellMitchell te Vrede Netherlands SBV Excelsior Netherlands Feyenoord Free[18]
5 April 20121 Netherlands Gyasi, EdwinEdwin Gyasi Netherlands De Graafschap Netherlands FC Twente Free[19]
10 April 20121 Serbia Tadić, DušanDušan Tadić Netherlands FC Groningen Netherlands FC Twente €7.7M[20]
10 April 20121 Netherlands Joppen, GuusGuus Joppen Netherlands Helmond Sport Netherlands VVV-Venlo Free[21]
10 April 20121 Serbia Kostic, FilipFilip Kostic Serbia Radnički 1923 Netherlands FC Groningen €1.25M[22]
11 April 20121 Netherlands de Roon, MartenMarten de Roon Netherlands Sparta Rotterdam Netherlands SC Heerenveen Free[23]
16 April 20121 Netherlands Breukers, TimTim Breukers Netherlands Heracles Almelo Netherlands FC Twente Free[24]
17 April 20121 Belgium Ojo, FunsoFunso Ojo Netherlands PSV Eindhoven Belgium Germinal Beerschot Free[25]
18 April 20121 Netherlands Ruiter, RobbinRobbin Ruiter Netherlands FC Volendam Netherlands FC Utrecht Free[26]
18 April 20121 Morocco Labyad, ZakariaZakaria Labyad Netherlands PSV Eindhoven Portugal Sporting CP Free[27]
18 April 20121 Denmark Schøne, LasseLasse Schøne Netherlands NEC Nijmegen Netherlands AFC Ajax Free[28]
24 April 20121 Netherlands Telgenkamp, DennisDennis Telgenkamp Netherlands Heracles Almelo Netherlands SC Cambuur Loan[29]
26 April 20121 Netherlands Roorda, Geert ArendGeert Arend Roorda Netherlands SC Heerenveen Netherlands NEC Nijmegen Free[30]
26 April 20121 Netherlands de Looijer, StijnStijn de Looijer Netherlands FC Den Bosch Netherlands NEC Nijmegen Free[31]
30 April 20121 Netherlands van den Meiracker, DannyDanny van den Meiracker Netherlands SV Spakenburg Netherlands NEC Nijmegen Undisclosed[32]
30 April 20121 Netherlands Swinkels, ArjanArjan Swinkels Netherlands Willem II Tilburg Belgium Lierse SK Free[33]
1 May 20121 Finland Kolkka, JoonasJoonas Kolkka Netherlands Willem II Tilburg United States Dayton Dutch Lions FC Free[34]
3 May 20121 Netherlands Malone, DionDion Malone Netherlands Almere City FC Netherlands ADO Den Haag Free[35]
8 May 20121 Netherlands Slager, DenzelDenzel Slager Netherlands Jong FC Utrecht Netherlands RKC Waalwijk Free[36]
10 May 20121 Germany Uth, MarkMark Uth Germany 1. FC Köln Netherlands SC Heerenveen Free[37]
11 May 20121 Netherlands Altheer, JeffreyJeffrey Altheer Netherlands Helmond Sport Netherlands VVV-Venlo Undisclosed[38]
14 May 20121 Netherlands van Bommel, MarkMark van Bommel Italy AC Milan Netherlands PSV Eindhoven Free[39]
15 May 20121 Netherlands van Buuren, KeesKees van Buuren Netherlands FC Den Bosch Netherlands Willem II Tilburg Free[40]
15 May 20121 Netherlands Peters, JordensJordens Peters Netherlands FC Den Bosch Netherlands Willem II Tilburg Free[40]
17 May 20121 Turkey Bayram, ÖmerÖmer Bayram Netherlands NAC Breda Turkey Kayserispor €500K[41]
20 May 20121 Netherlands Jallo, GabyGaby Jallo Netherlands Heracles Almelo Netherlands Willem II Tilburg Free[42]
20 May 20121 Germany Haastrup, PhilippPhilipp Haastrup Netherlands Helmond Sport Netherlands Willem II Tilburg Free[42]
21 May 20121 Netherlands Gravenbeek, GiovanniGiovanni Gravenbeek Netherlands Willem II Tilburg Netherlands PEC Zwolle Free[43]
21 May 20121 Netherlands Marsman, NickNick Marsman Netherlands FC Twente Netherlands Go Ahead Eagles Loan[44]
22 May 20121 Netherlands de Leeuw, MichaelMichael de Leeuw Netherlands De Graafschap Netherlands FC Groningen Free[45]
22 May 20121 Netherlands Schet, MitchellMitchell Schet Netherlands RKC Waalwijk Netherlands FC Groningen Free[45]
22 May 20121 Netherlands Zeefuik, GéneroGénero Zeefuik Netherlands PSV Eindhoven Netherlands FC Groningen €550K[45]
24 May 20121 Netherlands John, OlaOla John Netherlands FC Twente Portugal Benfica €9M[46]
25 May 20121 Netherlands Jozefzoon, FlorianFlorian Jozefzoon Netherlands AFC Ajax Netherlands RKC Waalwijk Free[47]
26 May 20121 Netherlands Waterman, BoyBoy Waterman Germany Alemannia Aachen Netherlands PSV Eindhoven Free[48]
29 May 20121 Finland Mäenpää, NikiNiki Mäenpää Netherlands AZ Alkmaar Netherlands VVV-Venlo Free[49]
29 May 20121 Netherlands Janga, RangeloRangelo Janga Netherlands Willem II Tilburg Netherlands SBV Excelsior Free[50]
29 May 20121 Nigeria Uchebo, MichaelMichael Uchebo Netherlands VVV-Venlo Belgium Cercle Brugge Free[51]
30 May 20121 Poland Kurto, FilipFilip Kurto Poland Wisla Krakow Netherlands Roda JC Free[52]
30 May 20121 Netherlands Bakkati, SaidSaid Bakkati Netherlands PEC Zwolle Netherlands FC Emmen Free[53]
1 June 20121 Belgium Leemans, KenKen Leemans Netherlands VVV-Venlo Germany Hansa Rostock Free[54]
1 June 20121 Netherlands Benson, FredFred Benson Unattached Netherlands PEC Zwolle Free[55]
1 June 20121 Netherlands Dost, BasBas Dost Netherlands SC Heerenveen Germany VfL Wolfsburg €9M[56]
1 June 20121 Netherlands Vorstermans, IsmoIsmo Vorstermans Netherlands FC Utrecht Netherlands VVV-Venlo Loan[57]
2 June 20121 Netherlands Swinkels, RuudRuud Swinkels Netherlands FC Eindhoven Netherlands PSV Eindhoven Free[58]
4 June 20121 Netherlands Rosheuvel, MikhailMikhail Rosheuvel Netherlands Almere City FC Netherlands AZ Alkmaar Free[59]
5 June 20121 Netherlands Martinus, QuentenQuenten Martinus Netherlands SC Heerenveen Netherlands Sparta Rotterdam Loan[60]
6 June 20121 Netherlands van der Linden, AntoineAntoine van der Linden Netherlands Heracles Almelo Netherlands FC Emmen Free[61]
6 June 20121 Iraq Almubaraki, AnmarAnmar Almubaraki Netherlands Heracles Almelo Netherlands FC Emmen Free[61]
6 June 20121 Sweden Elm, ViktorViktor Elm Netherlands SC Heerenveen Netherlands AZ Alkmaar Free[62]
6 June 20121 Netherlands Immers, LexLex Immers Netherlands ADO Den Haag Netherlands Feyenoord €900K[63]
6 June 20121 Netherlands Jansen, KevinKevin Jansen Netherlands Feyenoord Netherlands ADO Den Haag Player exchange[63]
6 June 20121 Finland Raitala, JukkaJukka Raitala Germany TSG 1899 Hoffenheim Netherlands SC Heerenveen €800K[64]
6 June 20121 Netherlands Sno, EvanderEvander Sno Netherlands RKC Waalwijk Netherlands NEC Nijmegen Free[65]
7 June 20121 Netherlands van Loo, BrianBrian van Loo Netherlands FC Groningen Netherlands Heracles Almelo Free[66]
7 June 20121 Netherlands Fij, RenzeRenze Fij Netherlands FC Groningen Netherlands Heracles Almelo Free[66]
7 June 20121 Netherlands van Hout, RoaldRoald van Hout Netherlands RKC Waalwijk Netherlands Sparta Rotterdam Free[67]
7 June 20121 Czech Republic Svec, MichalMichal Svec Netherlands SC Heerenveen Slovakia ŠK Slovan Bratislava Free[68]
8 June 20121 Netherlands ter Horst, OlivierOlivier ter Horst Netherlands Heracles Almelo Netherlands Helmond Sport Free[69]
8 June 20121 Netherlands Broerse, JoostJoost Broerse Netherlands SBV Excelsior Netherlands PEC Zwolle Free[70]
11 June 20121 Netherlands Türk, OğuzhanOğuzhan Türk Netherlands SC Cambuur Netherlands VVV-Venlo Free[71]
11 June 20121 Belgium Wuytens, StijnStijn Wuytens Netherlands PSV Eindhoven Belgium Germinal Beerschot Free[72]
12 June 20121 Belgium Buysse, BartBart Buysse Netherlands FC Twente Belgium Club Brugge Free[73]
13 June 20121 Netherlands van Haaren, RickyRicky van Haaren Netherlands Feyenoord Netherlands VVV-Venlo Free[74]
13 June 20121 Chile Gutiérrez, FelipeFelipe Gutiérrez Chile Universidad Catolica Netherlands FC Twente €2.8M[75]
13 June 20121 Ghana Amoah, MatthewMatthew Amoah Turkey Mersin Idman Yurdu Netherlands SC Heerenveen Free[76]
14 June 20121 Chile Magnasco, StefanoStefano Magnasco Chile Universidad Catolica Netherlands FC Groningen €480K[77]
14 June 20121 Netherlands Bizot, MarcoMarco Bizot Netherlands AFC Ajax Netherlands FC Groningen Free[77]
15 June 20121 Netherlands van de Laak, KoenKoen van de Laak Netherlands FC Groningen South Africa Ajax Cape Town Free[78]
15 June 20121 Netherlands Tissingh, GieljanGieljan Tissingh Netherlands PEC Zwolle Netherlands AGOVV Free[79]
15 June 20121 Netherlands Fachtali, KarimKarim Fachtali Netherlands RKC Waalwijk Kazakhstan FC Kaisar Free[80]
16 June 20121 Norway Elabdellaoui, OmarOmar Elabdellaoui England Manchester City Netherlands Feyenoord Loan[81]
16 June 20121 Netherlands Brouwers, EvertEvert Brouwers Netherlands FC Utrecht Netherlands AGOVV Free[82]
17 June 20121 Netherlands Schilder, RobbertRobbert Schilder Netherlands NAC Breda Netherlands FC Twente €1.5M[83]
18 June 20121 Netherlands de Regt, FerryFerry de Regt Netherlands VVV-Venlo Netherlands Helmond Sport Loan[84]
18 June 20121 Netherlands Holla, DannyDanny Holla Netherlands FC Groningen Netherlands ADO Den Haag €167.5K[85]
18 June 20121 Netherlands Poepon, RydellRydell Poepon Netherlands De Graafschap Netherlands ADO Den Haag €300K[85]
18 June 20121 Denmark Junker, MadsMads Junker Netherlands Roda JC Belgium KV Mechelen Free[86]
18 June 20121 Netherlands Krul, AndréAndré Krul Netherlands FC Utrecht Malta Valletta FC Free[87]
18 June 20121 Netherlands Kaak, LionLion Kaak Netherlands De Graafschap Netherlands AGOVV Free[88]
19 June 20121 Netherlands van Duin, MarcoMarco van Duin Netherlands NEC Nijmegen Netherlands Sparta Rotterdam Free[89]
19 June 20121 Netherlands Latupeirissa, CayfanoCayfano Latupeirissa Netherlands NEC Nijmegen Netherlands FC Oss Loan[90]
20 June 20121 Netherlands Demouge, FrankFrank Demouge Netherlands FC Utrecht England Bournemouth AFC Free[91]
21 June 20121 Denmark Enevoldsen, ThomasThomas Enevoldsen Netherlands FC Groningen Belgium KV Mechelen €275K[92]
24 June 2012 Netherlands Veldmate, JeroenJeroen Veldmate Netherlands Sparta Rotterdam Netherlands Heracles Almelo €220K[93]
26 June 2012 Netherlands Berghuis, StevenSteven Berghuis Netherlands FC Twente Netherlands AZ Alkmaar €500K [94]
26 June 2012 Netherlands De Winter, YvesYves De Winter Netherlands De Graafschap Netherlands AZ Alkmaar €200K [95]
27 June 2012 Netherlands Gorter, DonnyDonny Gorter Netherlands NAC Breda Netherlands AZ Alkmaar €350K [96]
27 June 2012 Germany Leugers, ThiloThilo Leugers Netherlands FC Twente Netherlands NAC Breda Loan [97]
27 June 2012 Sweden Andersson, PetterPetter Andersson Netherlands FC Groningen Denmark FC Midtjylland Free[98]
27 June 2012 Netherlands de Vogel, WouterWouter de Vogel Netherlands ADO Den Haag Netherlands FC Den Bosch Loan[99]
27 June 2012 Netherlands Jungschläger, PeterPeter Jungschläger Australia Gold Coast United Netherlands RKC Waalwijk Free [100]
29 June 2012 Netherlands Kum, ChristianChristian Kum Netherlands ADO Den Haag Netherlands SC Heerenveen Free [101]
29 June 2012 Netherlands Looms, MarkMark Looms Netherlands Heracles Almelo Netherlands NAC Breda Free [102]
29 June 2012 Portugal Pereira, DaniloDanilo Pereira Italy Parma Netherlands Roda JC Loan [103]
29 June 2012 Netherlands Pluim, WiljanWiljan Pluim Netherlands Vitesse Arnhem Netherlands PEC Zwolle Loan [104]
1 July 2012 Slovakia Luksik, FilipFilip Luksik Netherlands ADO Den Haag Slovakia Slovan Bratislava Loan [105]
2 July 2012 Morocco El Ahmadi, KarimKarim El Ahmadi Netherlands Feyenoord England Aston Villa €2.8M [106]
2 July 2012 Estonia Klavan, RagnarRagnar Klavan Netherlands AZ Alkmaar Germany Augsburg €250K [107]
2 July 2012 Denmark Pedersen, NicklasNicklas Pedersen Netherlands FC Groningen Belgium KV Mechelen €350K [108]
2 July 2012 Netherlands Schut, AljeAlje Schut Netherlands FC Utrecht South Africa Mamelodi Sundowns Free [109]
3 July 2012 Netherlands Benschop, CharlisonCharlison Benschop Netherlands AZ Alkmaar France Brest €1.3M [110]
5 July 2012 Germany Paljić, DraganDragan Paljić Poland Wisła Kraków Netherlands Heracles Almelo Free [111]
5 July 2012 Norway Singh, HarmeetHarmeet Singh Norway Vålerenga IF Netherlands Feyenoord €600K [112]
5 July 2012 Croatia Vujicevic, DarioDario Vujicevic Unattached Netherlands Heracles Almelo Free [113]
6 July 2012 Morocco Hadouir, AnouarAnouar Hadouir Germany Alemannia Aachen Netherlands NAC Breda Free [114]
6 July 2012 Netherlands Koenders, MilanoMilano Koenders Netherlands AZ Alkmaar Netherlands Heracles Almelo Free [115]
6 July 2012 Netherlands Broekhof, LeonLeon Broekhof Netherlands Roda JC Netherlands SC Cambuur Free [116]
6 July 2012 Netherlands Breuer, MichelMichel Breuer Netherlands SC Heerenveen Netherlands NEC Nijmegen Free [117]
7 July 2012 Netherlands Tamata, AbelAbel Tamata Netherlands PSV Eindhoven Netherlands Roda JC Loan [118]
9 July 2012 Sweden Isaksson, AndreasAndreas Isaksson Netherlands PSV Eindhoven Turkey Kasımpaşa Free [119]
10 July 2012 Netherlands Bakkal, OtmanOtman Bakkal Netherlands PSV Eindhoven Russia Dynamo Moscow Free [120]
10 July 2012 Sweden Bajrami, EmirEmir Bajrami Netherlands FC Twente France AS Monaco Loan [121]
10 July 2012 Germany Dorda, ChristianChristian Dorda Germany spVgg Greuther Fürth Netherlands Heracles Almelo Free [122]
10 July 2012 Netherlands Sneijder, RodneyRodney Sneijder Netherlands AFC Ajax Netherlands RKC Waalwijk Free [123]
11 July 2012 Morocco El Hamdaoui, MounirMounir El Hamdaoui Netherlands AFC Ajax Italy Fiorentina €800K [124]
12 July 2012 Belgium Vertonghen, JanJan Vertonghen Netherlands AFC Ajax England Tottenham Hotspur €12.5M [125]
12 July 2012 Netherlands Reimerink, JulesJules Reimerink Germany Energie Cottbus Netherlands VVV-Venlo Free[126]
13 July 2012 Netherlands Zuiverloon, GianniGianni Zuiverloon Spain Mallorca Netherlands SC Heerenveen Loan [127]
14 July 2012 Netherlands van Diermen, KevinKevin van Diermen Netherlands Vitesse Arnhem Netherlands Excelsior Rotterdam Free[128]
15 July 2012 Netherlands Narsingh, LucianoLuciano Narsingh Netherlands SC Heerenveen Netherlands PSV Eindhoven €4.1M[129]
16 July 2012 Netherlands Castillion, GeoffreyGeoffrey Castillion Netherlands AFC Ajax Netherlands SC Heracles Loan [130]
16 July 2012 Germany Heimann, NiclasNiclas Heimann Austria Red Bull Salzburg Netherlands VVV-Venlo Free[131]
17 July 2012 Netherlands Schilder, RobbertRobbert Schilder Netherlands NAC Breda Netherlands FC Twente €900K[132]
18 July 2012 Netherlands de Jong, LuukLuuk de Jong Netherlands FC Twente Germany Borussia Mönchengladbach €15M[133]
18 July 2012 Hungary Németh, KrisztiánKrisztián Németh Greece Olympiakos Netherlands Roda JC Free[134]
20 July 2012 Russia Bulykin, DmitriDmitri Bulykin Netherlands AFC Ajax Netherlands FC Twente Free[135]
25 July 2012 Argentina Cvitanich, DaríoDarío Cvitanich Netherlands AFC Ajax France OGC Nice €1.5M [136]
25 July 2012 Denmark Rieks, SørenSøren Rieks Denmark Esbjerg fB Netherlands NEC Nijmegen Free[137]
25 July 2012 France Chevalier, TeddyTeddy Chevalier Belgium SV Zulte-Waregem Netherlands RKC Waalwijk €100K[138]
27 July 2012 Netherlands Nieveld, NorichioNorichio Nieveld Netherlands Excelsior Rotterdam Netherlands PEC Zwolle Free[139]
27 July 2012 Spain Daniel Fernandez Artola, DaniDani Daniel Fernandez Artola Netherlands Feyenoord Rotterdam Belgium KRC Genk Free[140]
30 July 2012 Netherlands Castaignos, LucLuc Castaignos Italy Internazionale Netherlands FC Twente €6M[141]
30 July 2012 Sweden Elm, RasmusRasmus Elm Netherlands AZ Alkmaar Russia CSKA Moscow €6.5M[142]
31 July 2012 Sweden Fejzullahu, ErtonErton Fejzullahu Netherlands NEC Nijmegen Sweden Djurgårdens IF €200K[143]
31 July 2012 Germany Cziommer, SimonSimon Cziommer Austria Red Bull Salzburg Netherlands Vitesse Arnhem Free[144]
1 August 2012 Netherlands Vlaar, RonRon Vlaar Netherlands Feyenoord England Aston Villa €3.8M[145]
1 August 2012 Sweden Sana, TobiasTobias Sana Sweden IFK Göteborg Netherlands AFC Ajax €400K[146]
2 August 2012 Netherlands John, JoshuaJoshua John Netherlands FC Twente Denmark FC Nordsjaelland Loan[147]
4 August 2012 Netherlands Bannink, AlexanderAlexander Bannink Netherlands FC Twente Netherlands FC Emmen Free[148]
5 August 2012 Belgium De Roover, SeppSepp De Roover Belgium SC Lokeren Netherlands NAC Breda Loan[149]
6 August 2012 Morocco Sinouh, KhalidKhalid Sinouh Netherlands PSV Eindhoven Netherlands NEC Nijmegen Free[150]
8 August 2012 Netherlands Drost, JeroenJeroen Drost Netherlands Vitesse Arnhem Netherlands De Graafschap Free[151]
9 August 2012 Armenia Özbiliz, ArasAras Özbiliz Netherlands AFC Ajax Russia Kuban Krasnodar €1M[152]
10 August 2012 Netherlands Mathijsen, JorisJoris Mathijsen Spain CD Málaga Netherlands Feyenoord Free[153]
16 August 2012 Netherlands Anita, VurnonVurnon Anita Netherlands AFC Ajax England Newcastle United €8.5M[154]
16 August 2012 Iceland Finnbogason, AlfredAlfred Finnbogason Belgium SC Lokeren Netherlands SC Heerenveen €500K[155]
17 August 2012 Netherlands Schenkeveld, BartBart Schenkeveld Netherlands Feyenoord Netherlands SC Heracles Free[156]
17 August 2012 Netherlands Verbeek, DannyDanny Verbeek Belgium Standard Liège Netherlands NAC Breda Loan[157]
17 August 2012 Morocco Assaidi, OussamaOussama Assaidi Netherlands SC Heerenveen England Liverpool FC €4M[158]
17 August 2012 Morocco Aissati, IsmailIsmail Aissati Netherlands AFC Ajax Turkey Medical Park Antalyaspor Free[159]
21 August 2012 Finland Moisander, NiklasNiklas Moisander Netherlands AZ Alkmaar Netherlands AFC Ajax €3.2M[160]
21 August 2012 Netherlands Büttner, AlexanderAlexander Büttner Netherlands Vitesse Arnhem England Manchester United €5M[161]
21 August 2012 Netherlands Lucius, TheoTheo Lucius Netherlands FC Eindhoven Netherlands RKC Waalwijk Free[162]
22 August 2012 Israel Mori, DanDan Mori Israel Bnei Yehuda Tel Aviv Netherlands Vitesse Arnhem Free[163]
23 August 2012 Denmark Poulsen, ChristianChristian Poulsen France Evian Thonon Gaillard F.C. Netherlands AFC Ajax Free[164]
23 August 2012 Netherlands de Ridder, DanielDaniel de Ridder Switzerland Grasshopper Club Zürich Netherlands SC Heerenveen Free[165]
25 August 2012 Denmark Poulsen, SimonSimon Poulsen Netherlands AZ Alkmaar Italy Sampdoria Free[166]
28 August 2012 Netherlands Lieder, MartMart Lieder Netherlands Vitesse Arnhem Netherlands RKC Waalwijk Free[167]
28 August 2012 Netherlands Janssen, TheoTheo Janssen Netherlands AFC Ajax Netherlands Vitesse Arnhem €550K[168]
29 August 2012 Netherlands Hoesen, DannyDanny Hoesen England Fulham F.C. Netherlands AFC Ajax €500K[169]
29 August 2012 Netherlands Alakmak, FurkanFurkan Alakmak Netherlands RKC Waalwijk Netherlands FC Eindhoven Loan[170]
29 August 2012 Czech Republic Marecek, LukasLukas Marecek Belgium RSC Anderlecht Netherlands SC Heerenveen Loan[171]
29 August 2012 Sweden Avdic, DenniDenni Avdic Germany Werder Bremen Netherlands PEC Zwolle Loan[172]
29 August 2012 Luxembourg Joachim, AurélienAurélien Joachim Luxembourg F91 Dudelange Netherlands Willem II Tilburg Loan[173]
30 August 2012 Netherlands Bergkamp, RolandRoland Bergkamp England Brighton & Hove Albion F.C. Netherlands VVV-Venlo Loan[174]
30 August 2012 Guatemala Pappa, MarcoMarco Pappa United States Chicago Fire Netherlands SC Heerenveen Free[175]
30 August 2012 Japan Yoshida, MayaMaya Yoshida Netherlands VVV-Venlo England Southampton FC €2.5M[176]
30 August 2012 Slovenia Kirm, AndrazAndraz Kirm Poland Wisla Krakow Netherlands FC Groningen €300K[177]
30 August 2012 Netherlands van Nuland, JeffreyJeffrey van Nuland Netherlands Willem II Tilburg Netherlands Helmond Sport Loan[178]
31 August 2012 Norway Pedersen, MarcusMarcus Pedersen Netherlands Vitesse Arnhem Denmark Odense Boldklub Loan[179]
31 August 2012 Morocco Boukhari, NourdinNourdin Boukhari Netherlands NAC Breda Netherlands RKC Waalwijk Non-contract[180]
31 August 2012 Slovakia Radosavljevic, AleksandarAleksandar Radosavljevic Netherlands ADO Den Haag Netherlands VVV-Venlo Loan[181]
31 August 2012 Netherlands Ammi, AhmedAhmed Ammi Netherlands ADO Den Haag Netherlands VVV-Venlo Loan[182]
31 August 2012 Germany Röseler, NilsNils Röseler Netherlands FC Twente Netherlands VVV-Venlo Loan[183]
31 August 2012 Japan Otsu, YukiYuki Otsu Germany Borussia Mönchengladbach Netherlands VVV-Venlo Free[184]
31 August 2012 Netherlands Nuytinck, BramBram Nuytinck Netherlands NEC Nijmegen Belgium RSC Anderlecht €3M[185]
31 August 2012 Netherlands Kruijsen, QuinQuin Kruijsen Netherlands VVV-Venlo Netherlands Fortuna Sittard Loan[186]
31 August 2012 Netherlands Babel, RyanRyan Babel Germany 1899 Hoffenheim Netherlands AFC Ajax Free[187]
31 August 2012 Denmark Andersen, LucasLucas Andersen Denmark Aalborg BK Netherlands AFC Ajax €1.5M[188]
31 August 2012 Italy Pellè, GrazianoGraziano Pellè Italy Parma F.C. Netherlands Feyenoord Loan[189]
31 August 2012 Netherlands Verhoek, WesleyWesley Verhoek Netherlands FC Twente Netherlands Feyenoord Player exchange[190]
31 August 2012 Netherlands Cabral, JersonJerson Cabral Netherlands Feyenoord Netherlands FC Twente Player exchange[191]
31 August 2012 Serbia Aksentijevic, NikolaNikola Aksentijevic Serbia FK Partizan Netherlands Vitesse Arnhem €2M[192]
31 August 2012 France Kakuta, GaëlGaël Kakuta England Chelsea FC Netherlands Vitesse Arnhem Loan[192]
31 August 2012 Netherlands de Vogt, WilkoWilko de Vogt Netherlands VVV-Venlo Netherlands NAC Breda Non-contract[193]
31 August 2012 Norway Henriksen, MarkusMarkus Henriksen Norway Rosenborg BK Netherlands AZ Alkmaar €2M[194]
31 August 2012 Netherlands Plet, GlynorGlynor Plet Netherlands FC Twente Belgium KRC Genk Loan[195]
31 August 2012 Belgium Boyata, DedryckDedryck Boyata England Manchester City Netherlands FC Twente Loan[196]
3 September 2012 Netherlands van der Wiel, GregoryGregory van der Wiel Netherlands AFC Ajax France Paris Saint-Germain FC €6M[197]
5 September 2012 Netherlands Nijholt, GianlucaGianluca Nijholt Netherlands FC Utrecht Russia Amkar Perm Free[198]
28 September 2012 Netherlands Verhoeven, JeroenJeroen Verhoeven Unattached Netherlands FC Utrecht Free[199]
20 October 2012 Netherlands Lamey, MichaelMichael Lamey Unattached Netherlands RKC Waalwijk Free[200]
21 November 2012 Netherlands Wattamaleo, KevinKevin Wattamaleo Unattached Netherlands NEC Nijmegen Free[201]


  1. Transfer will take place on 1 July 2012.


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