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This is a list of products that are based on the fictional world of Eberron.

3.5 Edition[edit]

Core Products[edit]

  • Eberron Campaign Setting (June 2004, ISBN 0-7869-3276-7) is the core campaign setting, providing the campaign specific rules and details on the continent of Khorvaire. It is a basic requirement to use other Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 Eberron products. It includes the introductory adventure "The Forgotten Forge."


  • Sharn: City of Towers (November 2004, ISBN 0-7869-3434-4) provides additional campaign setting details for the city of Sharn.
  • Races of Eberron (April 2005, ISBN 0-7869-3658-4) provides additional campaign setting details for the core races found in Eberron, including more information on the unique races of the setting.
  • Five Nations (July 2005, ISBN 0-7869-3690-8) details the people and landmarks of the Five Nations that make up the former Kingdom of Galifar: Aundair, Breland, Karrnath, Thrane, and the Mournland (the former nation of Cyre).
  • Explorer's Handbook (August 2005, ISBN 0-7869-3691-6) provides additional campaign setting details for the continents of Eberron and describes the major modes of travel in and between them.
  • Magic of Eberron (October 2005, ISBN 0-7869-3696-7) details the many kinds of magic found in Eberron.
  • Deluxe Eberron Dungeon Master’s Screen (July 2005, ISBN 0-7869-3850-1) include information from the standard Deluxe D&D Dungeon Master's Screen, with modifications and additional material appropriate for game elements unique to the Eberron setting. Also includes a poster map of Khorvaire.
  • Deluxe Eberron Player Character Sheets (August 2005, ISBN 0-7869-3849-8) are based on the D&D Deluxe Player Character Sheets and also include a sheet for the new class introduced in the setting.
  • Player's Guide to Eberron (January 2006, ISBN 0-7869-3912-5),covers key topics a character should know about, from Aerenal to Zilargo, house politics to the Last War, dragons to the Lords of Dust, without revealing information meant for Dungeon Masters only.
  • Secrets of Xen'drik (July 2006, ISBN 0-7869-3916-8) offers the first in-depth look at the lost continent of Xen’drik, the adventure-rich, ruin-laden, unknown land to the south of Khorvaire.
  • Faiths of Eberron (September 2006, ISBN 0-7869-3934-6) presents detailed descriptions of the major religions of Eberron, including the rival pantheons of the Sovereign Host and the Dark Six, the young faith of the Silver Flame, and the shadowed Blood of Vol.
  • Dragonmarked (November 2006, ISBN 0-7869-3933-8) offers an in-depth look at the power of dragonmarks and the thirteen dragonmarked houses of the Eberron world.
  • Secrets of Sarlona (February 2007, ISBN 0-7869-4037-9) explores the continent of Sarlona for the first time. It gives players and Dungeon Masters their first real glimpse inside the empire of Riedra, home of the Inspired and the kalashtar.
  • The Forge of War (June 2007, ISBN 0-7869-4153-7) Secrets of the Last War revealed, plus new character options for war-torn heroes.
  • Dragons of Eberron (October 2007, ISBN 978-0-7869-4154-4) delves into the mysterious Draconic Prophecy and various draconic organizations. It introduces the continent of Argonnessen, homeland of the dragons, and describes various adventure sites and other places of interest that have never before been presented.
  • City of Stormreach (February 2008, ISBN 978-0-7869-4803-1) describes the shadowy ruins, sinister organizations, and treasure-laden dungeons that make Stormreach such an appealing destination for player characters. In addition to providing Dungeon Masters with a richly detailed city for their Xen’drik based campaigns, this supplement presents information on the movers and shakers of Stormreach, ready-to-use adversaries, adventure hooks, and location maps.
  • An Adventurer's Guide to Eberron(March 2008, ISBN 978-0-7869-4855-0) is an illustrated 64-page visual guide to the world of Eberron.


4th Edition[edit]

Core Products[edit]

  • Eberron Player's Guide (June 2009, ISBN 978-0-7869-5100-0) is core D&D game supplement, providing campaign rules and details for player characters in Eberron using 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons. It provides rules for 3 player races - Changelings, Kalashtar and Warforged; and a new class - the artificer. The book is designed to be useful for using the game mechanics outside of the world of Eberron.
  • Eberron Campaign Guide (July 2009, ISBN 978-0-7869-5099-7) is the guide for a dungeon master to run the Eberron setting under the 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons rules, providing the campaign specific rules and details on the continent of Khorvaire and the rest of the world of Eberron. It is designed to be used with other Eberron products, but is not required. It includes the introductory adventure "The Mark of Prophecy."


  • Seekers of the Ashen Crown (July 2009 ISBN 978-0-7869-5017-1). Levels 2-5, involves finding an ancient goblin artifact. It is a 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons Adventure placed within the Eberron Setting.



Standalone novels[edit]

  • The Shard Axe (Marsheila Rockwell, September 2011) (Released as Dungeons & Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited)

The Dreaming Dark[edit]

The Lost Mark[edit]

The War-Torn[edit]

The Dragon Below[edit]

The Blade of the Flame[edit]

Heirs of Ash[edit]

The Inquisitives[edit]

The Lanternlight Files[edit]

  • The Left Hand of Death (Parker De Wolf, July 2007, ISBN 978-87-86947-13-3)
  • When Night Falls (Parker De Wolf, October 2008)

The Draconic Prophecies[edit]

The Legacy of Dhakaan[edit]

  • The Doom of Kings (Don Bassingthwaite, August 2008)
  • Word of Traitors (Don Bassingthwaite, September 2009)
  • The Tyranny of Ghosts (Don Bassingthwaite, June 2010)

Thorn of Breland[edit]

  • The Queen of Stone (Keith Baker, November 2008)
  • Son of Khyber (Keith Baker, November 2009)
  • The Fading Dream (Keith Baker, October 2010)

The Abraxis Wren Chronicles[edit]

  • Night of the Long Shadows (Paul Crilley, May 2007, ISBN 978-0-7869-4270-1)
  • Taint of the Black Brigade (Paul Crilley, August 2010)

Lady Ruin[edit]

  • Lady Ruin (Tim Waggoner, December 2010)


Video games[edit]