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Logo and YouTube channel header of the series

Epic Meal Time is a Canadian YouTube cooking show known for creating extremely high-calorie meals, generally out of meat products (with particular emphasis on bacon) and including alcohol (especially Jack Daniel's). The series began in Montreal, Quebec, the group's place of origin, but recently, episodes have been filmed in California, where several guest stars, such as Tony Hawk and Smosh, made appearances. Since October 2010, new episodes have been released every Tuesday, with a few exceptions.

Starting on October 19, 2012 on different days, Epic Meal Time broadcasts "Throwback Thursday" or "Flashback Friday" episodes, which are previous episodes with Pop-Up Video-style facts added. In the earlier episodes before his Muscles Glasses persona was created, Alex Perrault's eyes are blocked by a bacon strip while his voice is distorted.

In December 2012, Epic Meal Time spawned a spin-off series titled Epic Chef, inspired by the Food Network series Chopped. In this series, two chefs battle the 45-minute clock to create a meal using three secret ingredients mixed with a briefcase full of bacon and the featured alcoholic drink of the day.[1][2] These episodes are not listed here, as they are not considered Epic Meal Time episodes.

In addition to Epic Chef, another series from Epic Meal Time is created called "Handle It". Started in March 22, 2013, "Handle It" is a cooking show showing step-by-step instruction on how to make various recipes using their cooking arsenals that Epic Meal Time used. Those episode are not part of Epic Meal Time and are not listed here.

In July 2014, Epic Meal Time debuted their TV series Epic Meal Empire on FYI.[3]

Food energy listings, such as calorie and fat content, are provided in most episodes; not all episodes have this information, due to either insufficient data or not being applicable (as is in the case of 'deleted scenes' episodes).

Seasons: 2010 2011 2012 2013


Epic Meal Time episodes released in 2010
No. Title Calories Fat (grams) Release date
1 "Fast Food Pizza" 5,210 286 November 28, 2010
2 "Angry French Canadian (The greasiest sandwich in Canada)" 5,343 207 November 28, 2010
3 "The Double Kill (The death of the double down)" 5,214 246 November 28, 2010
4 "Massive Meat Log a.k.a. The Triple Meat Log (The Chuck Norris of corndogs)" 5,826 747 December 11, 2010
5 "The TurBacon Epic Thanksgiving (A bird in a bird in a bird in a bird in a bird in a pig)" 79,046 3,855 December 11, 2010
6 "Breakfast of Booze a.k.a. Breakfast Fortress (It gets you drunk)" 18,531 1,005 December 11, 2010
7 "Fast Food Sushi (Fast food no sushi bukkake (ファストフードのお寿司ぶっかけ?))" 11,816 828 December 25, 2010
8 "Meatball Deathstar (There is no try, only do)" 14,262 1,063 December 25, 2010
9 "The Slaughterhouse (Merry Christmas to the Internets)" 86,997 5,581 December 25, 2010
10 "The Black Legend (Fully loaded crepe)" 19,177 684 December 25, 2010


Epic Meal Time episodes released in 2011
No. Title Calories Fat (grams) Release date
11 "Epic Eggroll (Chinese food in a big way)" 6,378 176 January 4, 2011
12 "Chili Four Loko (Tastes like crazy alcohol rainbow pig)" 46,255 3,178 January 4, 2011
13 "Meat Salad (Let's toss one)" 28,031 2,096 January 4, 2011
14 "The Sloppy Big Ben Roethlisberger (Breaking the 100,000 calorie barrier)" 138,226 8,452 January 11, 2011
15 "Tequila Taco Night (feat. El Gigante)" 98,824 9,082 January 11, 2011
16 "Chocolate and Hearts (Love Special)" 44,189 3,123 January 11, 2011
17 "Deleted Scenes (Stop hatin')" January 18, 2011
18 "Maximum Protein Experience (Getting Jacked... no Daniels)" 29,173 2,530 (Protein) January 18, 2011
19 "Meat Building 101 (Making dreams come true)" January 18, 2011
20 "Deleted Scenes 2 (Burgerness)" January 25, 2011
21 "Meat Cars (Miracle whips)" 23,266 1,119 January 25, 2011
22 "Epic Indian Experience (Curry bacon, hater)" January 25, 2011
23 "Sugar Shack (The birthplace of MusclesGlasses)" 19,950 1,157 February 1, 2011
24 "Puzzle of the Lambs (lamb chops slay-a-long)" February 1, 2011
25 "Maximum Mac & Cheese (Player please)" 10,565 630 February 1, 2011
26 "Fast Food Lasagna (Next level fast food usage)" 71,488 5,463 February 8, 2011
27 "Cheesy Grilled Cheese Tower (We're with Deadmau5 hater)" 7,700 241 February 8, 2011
28 "Special Delivery (Happy Mother's Day)" 33,303 2,435 February 8, 2011
29 "Candy BBQ (Drip-drop-drippin)" 49,885 1,018 February 15, 2011
30 "Ninja Turtle Soup (I love eating a turtle)" 21,336 431 February 15, 2011
31 "84 Egg Sandwich (And a blueberry muffin)" 48,138 3,048 February 15, 2011
32 "Epic Hors D'Oeuvres (Epic meals in bite-sized form)" 5,119 318 April 5, 2011
33 "The Masta Pasta (With liquor mixture)" April 5, 2011
34 "Drunken Mess Meal (We ain't even cooking)" 15,514 630 April 5, 2011
35 "Fast Food Meatloaf (And LIGHTS is here too)" 34,065 1,824 April 12, 2011
36 "Candy Pizza (Drip drop drippin)" April 12, 2011
37 "Epic Stockyard Burger (Want some liquor or lunch?)" 35,400 2,364 April 12, 2011
38 "Russian Meal Time (Bacon and bullets collabo)" 42,259 2,270 April 19, 2011
39 "Pigs N' Poultry (Lots of sauce)" 4,290 240 April 19, 2011
40 "EpicMealTime at Comic Con (MusclesGlasses vs. Everyone) / EpicMealTime (F**k it! We'll do it LIVE)" April 19, 2011
41 "Bacon Bacon Truck (We add MORE bacon)" April 26, 2011
42 "The Ostrich Nest (Jack and yolk)" April 26, 2011
43 "Meat Shield (Protect yo self)" 8,218 765 April 26, 2011
44 "Sausage Fest (No dudes allowed)" 18,600 1,086 May 2, 2011
45 "Epic Chicken Burger Combo (Chicken burger merger burger)" 81,310 5,050 May 2, 2011
46 "West Coast Burger Pile (Now with more magic)" May 2, 2011
47 "Double-Barrel 12-Gauge Hot Dog (Hot dog)" May 9, 2011
48 "Zombie Meal Time (Brrrraaaaaaaiiinnsss)" May 9, 2011
49 "Big Stupid S'more (Little Debbie's a big slut)" 73,590 6,736 May 9, 2011
50 "French Fry Pizza Salad (F**k salad)" 6,850 505 May 16, 2011
51 "Spam Fries Four Loko (Black-out in a can)" May 16, 2011
52 "Candy Poutine (Awhatup ganache?!)" May 16, 2011
53 "Deep Fried Waffle Fries (Chocolate chipped and candied)" May 23, 2011
54 "The Leftovers (The end of French Fry Week)" May 23, 2011
55 "Meat Cthulhu (Meatmare5)" May 23, 2011
56 "Fast Food Pizza Cake (Happy 1 Year Birthday EpicMealTime)" May 30, 2011
57 "Meat Mummy (In a steak sarcophagus)" May 30, 2011
58 "Zombie Meal Time (Director's Cut)" May 30, 2011
59 "Gentleman's Episode (At Privilege gentleman's club)" 37,020 3,327 June 6, 2011
60 "Fast Food Chinese Food (Next level take-out maneuver)" 80,966 3,657 June 6, 2011
61 "Super Pastry Cake (Big pile of smosh)" 60,121 3,376 June 6, 2011
62 "Turbaconepicentipede (802,420 calories)" 802,420 68,920 June 13, 2011
63 "Meat Garden (I'm 'bout it)" 81,170 4,591 June 13, 2011
64 "Candy Sushi (A fancy taste-bud treat)" 26,185 2,814 June 13, 2011
65 "Happy Meal Time (Epic Grilled Cheese Sandwich)" 14,280 679 June 20, 2011
66 "Bacon Tree (Over two-thousand strips)" 216,960 40350 June 20, 2011
67 "Brunch of Booze (For you're [sic] stupid hungover brain)" 43,256 4,287 June 20, 2011


Epic Meal Time episodes released in 2012
No. Title Calories Fat (grams) Release date
68 "Meatzza (For all the Marks)" 65,312 4,847 January 3, 2012
Epic Meal Time makes an all-meat pizza with liquor infused meat sauce, flank steak, pepperoni, bacon and cheese, substituting the dough with a ground beef base and a chorizo crust. In this episode, Harley is seen holding a bottle of Evan Williams instead of the usual Jack Daniel's.
69 "Fast Food Shepherd's Pie (McGangbang included)" 13,318 912 January 10, 2012
Harley and the gang make a giant shepherd's pie using McDonald's hamburger and McChicken patties, French fry potato mash and a bacon cheese mix, all seasoned with bacon salt.
70 "Candy Taco Night (with a box of gay baconstrips, dawg)" January 17, 2012
Epic Meal Time once again gets creative with candy by making tacos, burritos and nachos out of candied bacon weaves, white chocolate guacamole, chocolate coated potato chips, crepe, cherries, sour gum drops, green liquorice, cotton candy, "gay bacon strips" and whipped cream. Instead of the usual calorie and fat counters, a special counter is introduced to measure how many times the word "dawg" is used; the word is said 12 times in the episode.
71 "Meat Ice Cream Party (Russian Meal Time 2)" 43,830 3155 January 24, 2012
Epic Meal Time once again teams up with FPSRussia to make a sausage meatball chili banana split with chili made of bacon strips, sausages, ground beef, ketchup, Jack Daniel's barbecue sauce, Grey Goose vodka, Four Loko and 5-hour Energy. Also on the menu is a meat sundae made of ground beef, caramel, mashed potatoes, marshmallows and candy sprinkles. In addition, extra meatballs stuffed with random fillings such as M&M's, marshmallows, jelly beans, sausage bites, beef jerky, candied bacon and maple syrup are served on ice cream cones. The episode ends with a group of friends wolfing down a meat sled of steak, bacon strips and ground beef.
72 "Big Dirty Manningwich (Smothered in Brady gravy)" 34,780 2,700 January 31, 2012
To celebrate Super Bowl XLVI, Epic Meal Time makes a colossal 35 lb. sandwich made of barbecued steaks, Sloppy Joe sauce, bacon strips, pulled pork and clam chowder gravy in a custom-sized bun.
73 "Next Level Pies (We take pie and get dumb SMART with it)" 40,150 2,308 February 7, 2012
Epic Meal Time makes various types of pies, such as the Appleton Apple Pie (mixed with Appleton Estate rum), a chicken pie (with a whole chicken in it), Pad Pai (stuffed with Pad Thai), Kraft Dinner Cheese Pie (stuffed with macaroni and cheese), a Pizza Pie (stuffed with several slices of pizza), a poutine pie and a Baconator Pie (topped with a bacon weave).
74 "Super Sloppy Sundae (What you know about love?)" 190,400 10,080 February 14, 2012
For Valentine's Day, Epic Meal Time returns to Jukebox Burgers & Bar Laitier to create a 35 gallon ice cream sundae loaded with various candies, chocolate and caramel syrups, donuts and pastries, candied bacon and "gay bacon strips".
75 "Angry French Onion Soup (The greasiest soup)" 23,915 986 February 21, 2012
Epic Meal Time cooks a massive French onion soup with bacon strips, French fries, French toast, onion rings, sausage bacon and cheese curds topped with melted cheese, accompanied by various bread sticks.
76 "Meat Farm (Old McDonald's Dirty Grease Farm)" 48,642 3,735 February 27, 2012
Epic Meal Time creates an all-meat farm with a ground beef foundation, steak walls, fences of sausages and ribs and floors of bacon weaves, all decorated with ham sculptures of pigs feeding on pork stew, slices of horse meat, a chicken coop of eggs and Chicken McNuggets, and a barn filled with double cheeseburgers.
77 "Discount Meal Time (Put your bacon where your mouth is)" March 6, 2012
King of the Dot contestants attempt to break down Muscles Glasses with their rap battles, only to receive the finger from him in response. Later that day, the contestants join Epic Meal Time as they come up with a CDN$147.39 budget meal that consists of the "Ghetto Dawg" (sandwiches made of discounted hot dogs, microwaveable bacon, cheese slices and Wonder Bread; rated at 450 calories with 24 grams of fat per sandwich), a necklace of Pizza Pockets (560 calories and 40 grams of fat, plus "infinite coolness"), Hungry Man quesadillas (1,450 calories with 360 grams of fat), "Fishy Bacon Mac" (a mixture of microwaveable mac & cheese, fish sticks and bacon; 12,600 calories with 182 grams of fat) and "Pizzception" (pita, ketchup, cheese, microwaveable mini pizza and pizza bites; 6,520 calories with 103 grams of fat).
78 "Green Pancake Potato Stack (The Gary Busey of EpicMealTime episodes)" March 13, 2012
In celebration of St. Patrick's Day, Epic Meal Time gets drunk before the episode and prepares an Irish-themed pancake stack that consists of bacon strips, green mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, corned beef and pastrami marinated in Guinness, Lucky Charms marshmallows and "gay bacon strips" connected to a pot of chocolate gold coins.
79 "Extra Footage Green Pancake Potato Stack (ONLY bad drunken footage)" March 17, 2012
A collection of outtakes from the "Green Pancake Potato Stack" episode.
80 "TexMex Lasagna (¿donde en el hater?)" 30,573 2,230 March 20, 2012
Epic Meal Time prepares a Tex-Mex lasagna with burritos, enchiladas, taco ground beef, jalapeño bacon strips, taquitos, cheese sauce, nachos and salsa, topped with melted cheese and sour cream. After the episode, Harley introduces his invention: the "PlateTopper", a suction lid that sticks to plates to keep leftover food fresh.
81 "BBQ Pie (American Reunion. Of Meat)" 32,588 1,865 March 27, 2012
To promote the release of the film American Reunion, Epic Meal Time bakes an all-meat barbecue pie.
82 "Fast Food Fluffy Cake (and a fish filet)" April 3, 2012
Epic Meal Time and comedian Gabriel Iglesias (a.k.a. "The Fluffy Comedian") create a three-tier cake with six pounds of bacon, 200 Chicken McNuggets, various McDonald's sauces, Nutella and a Filet-O-Fish.
83 "Epic Breakfast Egg Rolls (Chinese omelette)" 23,478 1,089 April 10, 2012
Tyler is found sleeping on a park bench, having missed four episodes, and Muscles Glasses is working out at the gym. Harley and company prepare two breakfast versions of Chinese egg rolls – one filled with hash browns, scrambled eggs, cheese, ham, bacon, and sausage links/patties; the other with waffles, pancakes, French toast, and bacon. They are topped with a mix of Jack Daniel's and maple syrup.
84 "Best Invention Ever" April 11, 2012
Harley gives an update on his invention, the PlateTopper, and demonstrates how to keep fast food warm by placing them on the hood of his car and using PlateToppers to secure them while he drives around the block.
85 "BBQ Coliseum (Battle to the death)" 75,396 3,206 April 17, 2012
While looking at the shapes of clouds, Harley and Tyler come up with an idea to build a food coliseum, using slabs of ribs, bacon cheeseburgers, bacon dogs, bacon mac & cheese and corn dogs.
86 "Deleted Scenes 4/20 (This is a gift, don't do drugs)" April 24, 2012
A collection of outtakes from the previous episode.
87 "Bacon Alaska (The future)" 29,113 1,509 April 24, 2012
Epic Meal Time prepares a dessert made of candied bacon, blondies, ganache and a whipped cream mixture that contains crushed chocolate chip cookies and Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey, all topped with a layer of marshmallow fluff.
88 "Meat Sub (No bread, only business)" 27,970 1,354 May 1, 2012
Epic Meal Time prepares a massive submarine sandwich with pulled pork, bacon strips, meatballs, onion flakes, marinara sauce and provolone cheese, using marinated steak filets instead of bread.
89 "Fastfood Sacrifice (An offering to the return of MusclesGlasses)" 51,400 3,870 May 7, 2012
To prepare for the return of Muscles Glasses after a nearly two-month absence, Epic Meal Time stuffs a barbecued lamb with 40 pieces of KFC chicken, marinated in a dry rub of bacon salt, Doritos and Miss Vickie's potato chips plus a cream soda/Bacardi/butter/Red Bull baste and decorated with bacon strips and Sriracha sauce that form pentagrams.
90 "Zombie Vegan Attack! (The Return of MusclesGlasses Part 1)" May 14, 2012
Harley, Tyler, David, and Ameer are fleeing from a group of Vegan zombies, who surround them in their attempt to convert them. However, Muscles Glasses returns and rips a zombie's heart out. The group then realizes that vegans are just weak humans and maul them while Harley and Muscles Glasses convert the women into meat-eaters. The video ends with the gang – along with the women – walking home with Harley telling Muscles Glasses what he missed over the past two months.
91 "Boss Bacon Burger (Next level)" 109,165 9,381 May 15, 2012
To celebrate the return of Muscles Glasses, Epic Meal Time uses over 500 strips of bacon to prepare for him a giant burger, in which the bun is filled with bacon bits, the bacon/ground beef patty is stuffed with bacon strips, the cheese spread is mixed with more bacon bits, and the remaining 400 strips form a mountain above the patty topped with a special Jack Daniel's/root beer barbecue sauce.
92 "Peanut Butter & Jelly Archetype (Cut your own crust)" 21,717 1,322 May 22, 2012
Harley claims that his grandfather invented the peanut butter and jelly sandwich at a strip club he owned many years ago. As a tribute to his grandfather (and the strip club), he and the gang go crazy with various peanut butter and jelly sandwich recipes. PB&J sandwiches are stuffed in larger Nutella sandwiches before being French toasted. A whole loaf of bread is stuffed with PB&J and bacon strips before it is deep fried. PB&J dumplings are coated in Nutella batter and also deep fried. Sticks of butter are coated in peanut butter before they are deep fried and topped with Nutella and bacon bits. This is also the first episode to introduce factoids displayed on the bottom of the screen.
93 "Bakery Burger Combo (Brownies, churros and liquor)" 50,746 1,610 May 29, 2012
While having hallucinations after drinking some McDonald's soft drinks, Harley and the gang drop by Patisserie Baking Sweet and make a bakery burger combo. A giant Big Mac cake is constructed using bacon-filled brownie patties, blondie buns, cheese fondant and Jack Daniel's icing for the special sauce. Small burger brownie cupcakes are filled with icing and bacon strips. Accompanying the burgers are churro fries, doughnut hole nuggets, a bacon Bailey's milkshake and a couple of Jack Daniel's dipping sauces.
94 "Ultimate Pizza Sandwich (Why didn't you think of that?)" 45,133 3,262 June 5, 2012
Epic Meal Time constructs a massive sandwich using fillings of pizza sauce, cheese, bacon, sausage, pancetta, and pepperoni, with each bun stuffed with two all-meat pizzas and dozens of Pizza Pockets.
95 "Meat Swiss Rolls (And we don't know a thing about cooking)" 50,430 988 June 11, 2012
Harley and the gang make three different meat-based Swiss rolls using ground beef and bacon strips in place of the sponge cake. The Tex-Mex Swiss roll uses taco marinated ground beef and is filled with jalapeño peppers, bell peppers and shredded cheese, topped with tequila guacamole, sour cream and bacon bits. The Meat Lovers Swiss roll is stuffed with strips of flank steak, mozzarella cheese slices, pepperoni and a hot dog, topped with bacon bits over melted cheese. The Mac & Cheese Swiss roll is topped with barbecue sauce and crushed sour cream & bacon Ruffles chips.
96 "Squeaky Grease Sandwiches (We'll trade you a poutine for your dog)" 25,036 920 June 19, 2012
The gang takes over the kitchen at the local Smoke's Poutinerie and builds eight poutine sandwiches, using French fries, cheese curds, and Maker's Mark gravy as fillings for each along with various meats. Among their creations are a "Canadian Cheesesteak" (steak, sauteed onions/peppers, nacho cheese sauce), a "Tex-Mex" (chili, salsa, guacamole, jalapeño peppers, Harley's own special sauce), and a "Bacon Cheeseburger" (ground beef, bacon, nacho cheese sauce).
97 "Crispy Tauntaun (Main course of the force)" 43,135 1,584 June 26, 2012
Epic Meal Time, FPSRussia and Chris Hardwick of The Nerdist Channel prepare a Star Wars-themed meal that consists of a whole "Tauntaun" (lamb) wrapped in bacon weaves. It is stuffed with "entrails" of sausages and Fettuccine Alfredo, with bacon bits mixed into the sauce. As they cook, Harley mixes up a batch of "Yoda Soda": equal parts Hennessy cognac and Hpnotiq liqueur, mixed with Mountain Dew and served over Darth Vader-shaped ice cubes.
98 "Meat America (Happy 4th of July)" 73,559 2,021 July 3, 2012
To celebrate Independence Day and to promote Assassin's Creed III, Epic Meal Time does an 18th century-style barbecue at Muscles Glasses' father's farm. The meal is a meat flag made of bison meat, bacon/mashed potato "stars" and "stripes" of bacon strips and mashed potatoes, coupled with a rabbit sandwich wrapped in bacon and stuffed with deer meat.
99 "Meat Cereal (Unbalance your breakfast)" 34,553 549 July 10, 2012
Harley and the gang prepare breakfast with their all-meat cereals such as "Candy Bacon Crunch" (candied bacon strips), "Meaty Puffs" (small meatballs), "Chicken Pops" (bits of fried chicken), "Sausage-O's" (sausage slices) and "Frosted Mini Steaks" (coated steak cubes), served with bacon gravy in place of milk and accompanied by bacon weave pancakes with Jack Daniel's syrup and a Bailey's mashed potato shake.
100 "Fast Food Fondue Mixology (That's a greasy kabab)" July 17, 2012
To celebrate their 100th episode, Epic Meal Time goes to the Baxo bar to introduce their cocktail menu, which consists of "The Deathwish" (Jack Daniel's, rum, tequila, Absinthe and pre-ban Four Loko mixed in a gasoline container), the "Business Plan" (Bailey's, Jack, vodka, and optional coffee poured over a boxed shirt and tie, then wrung out into a coffee cup), "The Dark Knight" (Guinness, Jack, McDonald's cola, and any random dark liquor poured into a Batman goblet), "The Fancy Bastard" (brandy, gin and champagne served in a Martini glass and drunk from a spoon), the "Anusol" (Tequila, Frank's RedHot sauce and chili peppers mixed in a small bottle), the "Hillbilly Boot" (Jack, vodka, Pabst Blue Ribbon and Minute Maid grape juice poured in a rain boot), "Papa's Jar" (Jack, tequila, dark rum, vodka, spiced rum, white rum and Big Mac sauce mixed in a jar), "The Drugstore" (dark rum, white rum, NOS Energy Drink, Monster Energy, Red Bull and Four Loko mixed in a pill container), and "The Lunchbox Surprise" (milk, beer and bacon strips in an ice-filled Superman lunchbox). In addition, they skewer up some McDonald's burgers and apple pies, Chicken McNuggets, steaks and bacon strips into kababs to dip into Big Mac sauce and barbecue sauce fondues.
101 "Steampunk Meal Time (Disregard those who dislike)" July 24, 2012
Epic Meal Time teams up with the League of STEAM to make some Steampunk-themed meals to ward off paranormal threats. A dog bowl filled with rum and bacon is used to calm down werewolves. To knock out zombies, there is the "Brain Hemorrhage", a cocktail of two parts peach schnapps, a dollop of Bailey's (which congeals to form the "brain"), and a drop of grenadine. Vampires get a cocktail consisting of equal parts absinthe and holy water poured over a sugar cube into a flask, with the cube itself and some of Muscles Glasses' blood added to top it off. To finish off the werewolves and vampires, the group cooks a garlic bacon and steak sandwich, blessed with holy water, and a beef-and-bacon-filled silver bullet.
102 "Pig Face Stew (Next level pork maneuvers)" 70,110 1,690 July 31, 2012
Epic Meal Time and Furious Pete go to Lou Dawg's and prepare a 60 lb. stew of steak, pulled chicken and pork, chili, pork and beans, and chopped bacon, seasoned with hot sauce and different variants of Jack Daniel's, garnished with deep fried pickles, pork knuckle bits and chipotle mayonnaise, and served with a smoked pig's head.
103 "Breakfast Lasagna (And a large coffee)" 108,950 1,965 August 7, 2012
Harley and the gang build a 65-lb breakfast lasagna with layers of McDonald's breakfast sandwiches and hash browns, bacon strips, ham slices, sausage patties, baked beans mixed with maple syrup and bacon bits, scrambled eggs, cheese, and Hollandaise sauce. As Harley cooks, he mixes up drinks consisting of Cristal champagne, orange Crush soda, and SunnyD ("Crushtal"); and Cristal and Jack Daniel's ("Cristagnels").
104 "Indian Tex-Mex (Shart Week Day 1)" 38,760 1,830 August 13, 2012
On day one of "Shart Week", Epic Meal Time creates a fusion of Indian and Tex-Mex cuisine. The meal consists of tandoori chicken quesadillas, butter chicken bacon weave tacos and butter bean and beef chili.
105 "Tex-Mex Indian (Shart Week Day 2)" 33,230 1,760 August 14, 2012
For day two of "Shart Week", Epic Meal Time does a second serving of Indian and Tex-Mex fusion. The meal consists of steak taco samosas and burrito bhajjis.
106 "11-Layer Megaton Dip (Shart Week Day 3)" 53,690 1,295 August 15, 2012
For day three of "Shart Week", Epic Meal Time creates an epic dip with 20 lbs. of taco ground beef, mac & cheese with pancetta, baked beans, pulled pork, sausages, prosciutto mixed with cheese salsa, ground pork mixed with guacamole, sour cream, salsa and shredded cheese. The dip is accompanied by KFC fried chicken and Taco Bell quesadillas.
107 "Filthy Reuben (Shart Week Day 4)" 35,790 2,460 August 16, 2012
For day four of "Shart Week", Epic Meal Time prepares a Reuben sandwich with bacon strips, ground beef, jalapeño and cheese sausages, tomato sauce, onions, various processed meats, Swiss cheese slices, sauerkraut and Russian dressing - all in a custom-baked bun.
108 "The Leftovers 2 (Shart Week Day 5)/Nacho Taco Pile (Lost footage)" August 17, 2012
Day five of "Shart Week" features bloopers and outtakes from the past four episodes, as well as a previously unaired meal that was filmed 10 months earlier. In this segment, Harley orders the entire menu of a Taco Bell restaurant and the gang create a giant pile of tacos for everyone to eat.
109 "Country Fried Meal Time (The south in the north)" 53,850 1,580 August 21, 2012
Epic Meal Time pays tribute to Southern-style breakfast with chicken fried bacon steaks, bacon mac & cheese balls deep fried in Doritos batter, Jack and bacon grits, ghost pepper fried corn cobs, and Honey Jack biscuits – all topped with a special sausage gravy, cheesy bacon Southwest sauce.
110 "The Unbalanced Breakfast (Rise and shine)" 46,280 595 August 28, 2012
Harley and the gang prepare a meaty breakfast with meat waffles, pizza pancakes, double bacon cheeseburger pancakes, chocolate chip bacon weave sandwich waffle pancakes, bacon weave pancakes and a "Croque Ma'damn Son" (a meat lovers' grilled cheese sandwich). Harley also makes a smoothie containing ice cream, orange juice, bacon, and raw eggs for Muscles Glasses.
111 "Chinese Pizza (Bringing back rice)" September 4, 2012
Epic Meal Time prepares three Chinese-style pizzas with the crusts stuffed with egg rolls and the centers filled with plum sauce and bacon fried rice. The first pizza has General Tao chicken, the second has bacon chow mein with peanut sauce, and the third has oyster beef, curry noodles and bacon.
112 "Epic Meal Sticks (Everything is better on a stick)" 38,805 565 September 11, 2012
Harley and the gang prepare three colossal rolls skewered on wooden spoons, along with liquor Popsicles. The first two consist of ground beef stuffed with various toppings and wrapped in puff pastry: a double bacon cheeseburger roll (bacon, cheese, caramelized onions) and pizza (bacon, cheese, pepperoni, pizza sauce). The third uses a crust of canned cinnamon roll dough, stuffed with Oreos and Nutella and topped with glaze.
113 "Jamaican Bacon Experience (Pon di kitchen)" 16,770 715 September 18, 2012
Epic Meal Time gets creative with Jamaican cuisine, featuring a giant Jamaican patty stuffed with Jerk beef seasoned with Appleton rum, smaller Jamaican patties and a Jerk chicken stuffed with Jerk bacon strips.
114 "FastFood Wellington (Making burgers fancy again)" September 25, 2012
Epic Meal Time combines 40 Big Macs with prosciutto, bacon strips and foie gras in puff pastry to create a giant Beef Wellington.
115 "Meat Dragon Egg (Birthing a baby through bacon)" 45,115 465 October 2, 2012
To celebrate the Year of the Dragon, Harley and the gang create a dragon named "Jonathan Stein" by sewing turkey wings on a rabbit and baking it before stuffing it in a meatball "egg" of ground beef, veal and pork with bacon strips and cheese.
116 "Delicious Autopsy (No probing... ok maybe a little)" October 9, 2012
To promote the video game XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Epic Meal Time performs an autopsy on an alien organism made of barbecued ribs, turkey legs, honey glazed ham, ground beef stuffed with bacon strips and cheese before feasting on it.
117 "Deep Dish Fastfood Pizza (Happy Birthday EpicMealTime)" October 16, 2012
Epic Meal Time celebrates its second anniversary with yet another colossal pizza, using Crunchwrap Supremes, Big Macs, A&W Chubby Chicken Burgers, Baconators, Chicken McNuggets, KFC popcorn chicken, onion rings and loads of bacon strips with a special bacon Jack Daniel's pizza sauce and a bacon-filled crust.
118 "Epic Enchiladas (Patrony Montana)" 57,832 1,135 October 23, 2012
Harley and the gang cook up three massive enchiladas with taco beef, steak, chicken, bacon strips, bacon Spanish rice, refried beans, Doritos, Cheetos, Cheez Whiz, jalapeños and lots of Patrón in custom baked tortillas and topped with tequila salsa, guacamole and sour cream.
119 "Frankenpig (Happy Halloween)" October 30, 2012
To celebrate Halloween, Harley and the gang create a "Frankenpig", consisting of a pig covered in bacon and stuffed with bacon pasta. They also attached chicken's feet to make the pig look like a monster. In a subplot, the gang is at a campfire and Harley tells a horror story of how MusclesGlasses murdered three people with workout equipment in a similar style to a horror movie.
120 "BBQ Eggrolls (We're doing this until we die)" 69,000 3,375 November 6, 2012
Harley and the gang prepare four colossal egg rolls made of barbecue ribs, pulled pork, chicken, steak and sausages – each wrapped with bacon strips. In addition, Harley introduces his own "Sauce Boss" cocktail, which is a mixture of Maker's Mark, bacon strips and barbecue sauce.
121 "After-school Special (That happens to be a casserole)" November 13, 2012
Epic Meal Time bakes a giant casserole of common after-school snacks such as bagel bites, taquitos, mozzarella sticks, a mixture of ground beef, hot dog slices and beans, and a foundation of grilled cheese bacon weave sandwiches – all topped with bacon strips and Cheez Whiz.
122 "Thanksgiving Care Package (Everyone eats)" 203,994 10,482 November 20, 2012
For Thanksgiving 2012, local chef Zadi cooks his gourmet version of the TurBaconEpic, which weighs in at 70,750 calories with 3,260 grams of fat. Meanwhile, at Someone Cares Soup Kitchen, Epic Meal Time and friends volunteer to prepare a Thanksgiving feast that consists of a TurBaconEpic, a Fast Food Lasagna and some Angry French Canadian sandwiches.
123 "Cinnaburger Supreme (Made of sweat and tears... but mostly sweat)" 57,114 3,375 November 27, 2012
Epic Meal Time and Three Loco introduce a giant dessert burger that consists of two chocolate Rice Krispies patties, marshmallow "mayonnaise", pecan candied bacon, peanut butter bacon and sugary glaze, all sandwiched in two custom cinnamon roll buns.
124 "Fast Food Ravioli (Ain't nobody putting burgers in ravioli)" 17,260 795 December 4, 2012
Harley and the gang stuff double cheeseburgers and Chicken McNuggets in custom pasta dough to create giant pieces of ravioli served with a custom bacon whiskey marinara sauce. The episode also introduces Epic Meal Time's first cookbook.
125 "Epic Meal Time Arsenal" December 8, 2012
A short video promoting Epic Meal Time's new line of cookware.
126 "Strength Ultra Man Enhancing Workout Omelette Waffle" 2,635 December 11, 2012
Epic Meal Time prepares a power-packed breakfast omelet/waffle combo using egg mixed with various protein powders, a protein shake made of chicken breasts, double cheeseburgers and energy drinks, bacon strips, energy bars and cheese. The breakfast weighs in at 2,635 grams of protein before Muscles Glasses devours it. This episode features a sneak preview of the spin-off series Epic Chef.
127 "Breakfast Pizza (Another good idea)" 42,620 2,950 December 18, 2012
Harley comes up with the idea of a pizza loaded with bacon strips, breakfast sausage links and patties, hash browns, scrambled eggs, Hollandaise sauce, cheese and Jack Daniel's maple syrup on a French toasted pizza dough with bagel stuffed crust.
128 "Epic Christmas Carol (Who's Carol?)" December 24, 2012

The gang creates a Rice Krispies Treats snowman covered with white chocolate and filled with bacon, with Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and M&M's for eyes, a mini Jack Daniel's bottle nose, a Red Vine mouth, Oreo cookie buttons and a bacon weave scarf. In a subplot of the episode, a parody of A Christmas Carol, Harley drunkenly falls asleep and is visited by his friends, who have become the Ghosts of Bacon (Mook), Booze (Tyler), and Bitches (Muscles Glasses). The "ghosts" teach Harley a lesson about sharing, and together they eat the snowman before Muscles Glasses crushes it with an elbow drop.

This episode was released on December 24, a Monday, in order to avoid uploading on Christmas.


Epic Meal Time episodes released in 2013
No. Title Calories Fat (grams) Release date
129 "New Years Hangover Cure a.k.a. Triple Pancake Fat Stack (To fix your brain)" 77,250 3,560 January 31, 2013
130 "Friedgooter and Meatburgers (And some animal-style garlic bread)" 87,840 3,090 January 31, 2013
131 "Hotdog Casserole (Or is it a meat loaf?)" 65,275 2,635 January 31, 2013
132 "Fish and Chips Filet (We kidnapped Jamie Oliver)" 59,144 2,840 February 14, 2013
133 "Flacco Taco (60 lbs Super Bowl taco)" 60,795 2,935 February 14, 2013
134 "New Delhi Experience (We're back to bhaji)" 60,320 1,580 February 14, 2013
135 "A Date With Bacon (Bacon's my bottom bitch)" 52,151 4,419 March 4, 2013
136 "The Burly Beaver Sandwich (A remedy for homesickness)" 21,430 2,540 March 4, 2013
137 "The Luther Lasagna (fat on top of fat on top of fat)" 64,388 4,649 March 4, 2013
138 "Mega Rib Sandwich (For a limited time only)" 37,948 1,695 March 11, 2013
139 "Hulk Turds (Happy Saint Patrick's Day)" 10,660 1,567 March 11, 2013
140 "Chocolate Breakfast (Go balance yourself)" 8,724 380 March 11, 2013
141 "Bacon Beer Can Chicken (Tell your dad to cut back on the booze)" April 1, 2013
142 "Meat Tank" 22,024 1,505 April 1, 2013
143-144 "100-Pound Chocolate Bar" 167,087 9,270 April 1, 2013