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This is a list of Ever After High webisodes/episodes.

Webisode Chapters
Chapters Episodes Released
First Last
Prologue 4 May 30, 2013 November 26, 2013
1 11 June 18, 2013 December 17, 2013
2 23 January 7, 2014 December 23, 2014
3 2 January 5, 2015 TBA, 2016

The Beginning (2013)[edit]

No. in series No. in chapter Title Release date
1 1 "The World of Ever After High" May 30, 2013
Once upon a High School, in a land beyond imagination, comes the tale of Ever After High™. A High School for the next generation of fairytales. Where spellbinding students are destined (or not) to follow in the footsteps of their fairytale parents. But one student, Raven Queen™, does not want to follow in her mother's villainous path. What if she wants to choose her own Happily Ever After, and how will it affect other students' destinies, like the Royal leader Apple White™? The End, is just the beginning.
2 2 "Apple's Tale: The Story of a Royal" May 30, 2013
Apple White™ is royally ready for Legacy Day! But her world -- and the entire world of Ever After High™ - will be flipped on its crown if Raven Queen™ questions her destiny instead of pledging it. Can Apple save her Happily Ever After from becoming a Happily NEVER After?
3 3 "Raven's Tale: The Story of a Rebel" May 30, 2013
The Royals and Rebels watch with spellbinding anticipation to see if Raven Queen™ will flip the script and question her destiny at this year's Legacy Day. Will she follow in her evil mother's footsteps, or will she write her own Once Upon a Time?
4 4 "The Tale of Legacy Day" November 26, 2013
Legacy Day is upon us, where the students of Ever After High sign the Storybook of Legends, pledging to follow the paths of their fairytale parents. Or do they?

Chapter 1 (2013)[edit]

No. in series No. in chapter Title Release date
5 1 "Stark Raven Mad" June 18, 2013
Apple White™ is royally ready for Legacy Day! But her world -- and the entire world of Ever After High™ - will be flipped on its crown if Raven Queen™ questions her destiny instead of pledging it. Can Apple save her Happily Ever After from becoming a Happily NEVER After?
6 2 "True Reflections" July 2, 2013
Mirror, mirror tell me true -- can Apple and Raven find another mirror like you? While Apple usually knows her mirror's answers, she's throne for a loop after Raven's magical aim interferes with her reflection.
7 3 "Maddie-in-Chief" July 16, 2013
Madeline Hatter™ decides to go off script and run against Apple White™ in the Royal Student Council Election. Will Maddie's riddlish-filled debate win over the other students, or is she putting the cup before the kettle?
8 4 "Briar's Study Party" July 30, 2013
Professor Rumplestilskin's plan of failing all the students may have worked in the past, but he may have met his match with Briar Beauty™. She HAS been studying Forever After, you know. Now, if she can only keep her eyes open long enough to help the other students...
10 5 "Here Comes Cupid" August 13, 2013
She may be the new girl at Ever After High, but C.A. Cupid™ could teach a class in helping people find love.Lucky for Hopper, she may have arrived just in time to help him find his Happily Ever After.
10 6 "The Shoe Must Go On" August 27, 2013
With less than an hour to set up the display for her new shoes in the Glass Slipper Shoe Store, Ashlynn Ella turns to her friends 'til THE END for help. But with Blondie trying to make everything 'just right', and Briar falling asleep, this display may turn out to be a total fairy fail.
11 7 "The Cat Who Cried Wolf" September 10, 2013
Cerise Hood has successfully kept her family secret hidden under lock and key. But when Kitty Cheshire catches her up to some unusual activity in the woods, she tries to unravel her secret like a ball of yarn in front of the school.
12 8 "Cedar Wood Would Love to Lie" September 25, 2013
When Professor Jack B. Nimble gives the class an assignment to create their own tall tales, Cedar Wood knows her curse of never being able to tell a lie could get in her way. Unfortunately for Huntlynn, Cedar comes across a secret picnic and finds the perfect story to tell her class.
13 9 "Catching Raven" October 29, 2013
C.A. Cupid's heart may be for Dexter Charming™, but she happily offers guidance when he needs help asking out Raven Queen™ to Briar's party. Can this shy prince find the courage to charm her?
14 10 "The Day Ever After" December 10, 2013
Legacy Day may have come and gone, but Raven's decision to choose her own destiny has throne the Royals for a wicked loop. Will the two groups ever see crown to crown?
15 11 "Replacing Raven" December 17, 2013
With the help of Maddie, Raven decides to go off script to find a new storybook nemesis for Apple. Her search is shorter than expected when an evil classmate steps up to blow the house down. Dun, dun, dun!

Chapter 2 (2014)[edit]

No. in series No. in chapter Title Release date
16 1 "Blondie's Just Right" January 7, 2014
When Blondie Locks™ uses her MirrorCast to prove that Ever After High's legends are true, Headmaster Grimm goes to great lengths to make sure her show ends up being just right.
17 2 "True Hearts Day - Part 1" January 21, 2014
Spring is in the air at Ever After High™, and following their true heart's desires is the only thing on students' minds. Or it was, until C.A. Cupid™ came across The History of True Hearts Day book and rallied the students to spellebrate the long-lost True Hearts Day holiday.
18 3 "True Hearts Day - Part 2" February 4, 2014
With Duchess Swan™ about to flip the script on Ashlynn Ella™ and Hunter Huntsman's™ romance, Huntlynn decides to enlist the help of their friend 'til THE END Cedar Wood™ to see if they should take matters into their own hands.
19 4 "True Hearts Day - Part 3" February 18, 2014
All the students are getting fairest for the most hexcellent school dance, though Duchess Swan has a sneaky plan under her wing that could blow the house down on the big event.
20 5 "Class Confusion" March 4, 2014
When Raven Queen™ decides to sign up for Princessology, Apple White™ decides to flip the script and sign up for Home Evilnomics to spite her roomie. Though, she may get more than she bargained for...
21 6 "Apple's Birthday Bake-Off" March 18, 2014
Apple White™ is upset when Raven Queen™ wants to bake her a birthday cake that is NOT poisoned, so Briar Beauty™ steps up to make sure her BFFA has the best birthday ever after.
22 7 "The Beautiful Truth" April 1, 2014
When Cedar Wood™ enters the Royal beauty pageant, she inspires Apple White™ to spellabrate the true meaning of beauty.
23 8 "MirrorNet Down" April 15, 2014
The students panic when the MirrorNet goes down at school and rally together to find the unhexpected culprit behind the crash.
24 9 "Rebel's Got Talent" April 29, 2014
Raven Queen™ and Sparrow Hood™ go head-to-head in a wicked awesome guitar duel at the annual school talent show.
25 10 "Once Upon a Table" May 13, 2014
Maddie and her friends try to tone down the wonder of her family tea shop before Blondie Lockes™ arrives to film a review. They soon discover the shop is tea-riffic just the way it is.
26 11 "Blondie Branches Out" May 27, 2014
Blondie Lockes tries to uncover if she's really a Royal when the students are assigned to research their family trees.
27 12 "Poppy the Roybel" June 10, 2014
Poppy O'Hair™ tries to decide whether she's a Royal or Rebel—or a little of both.
28 13 "O'Hair's Split Ends" June 24, 2014
When Holly and Poppy O'Hair™ discover they were switched at birth, the fairy different twins decide to continue following the stories they always thought were their destinies.
29 14 "Maddie's Hat-Tastic Party" July 8, 2014
When Wonderland Grove needs a boost of wonder, Madeline Hatter decides to throws a tea-riffic tea party to recharge this magical spot.
30 15 "Lizzie Heart's Fairytale First Date" July 22, 2014
Daring Charming is challenged to go a date with Lizzie Hearts...and ends up being unhexpectedly charmed by her!
31 16 "Apple’s Princess Practice" August 8, 2014
Apple White may be the fairest of them all, but there are more than tiaras and tea parties in the typical day of this busy Royal.
32 17 "Lizzie Shuffles the Deck" August 19, 2014
Lizzie Hearts realizes that following her mother’s wicked advice may not be in the cards for her.
33 18 "Duchess Swan's Lake" September 2, 2014
Duchess Swan finds out that slime is being dumped into the Enchanted Lake. She then forms an unlikely alliance with Ashlynn and Hunter to put a stop to the slime.
34 19 "Cerise's Picnic Panic" September 16, 2014
Hunter Huntsman tries to save Cerise Hood and her Mother from the Big Bad Wolf when he unknowingly stumbles upon their family picnic in the Enchanted Forest.
35 20 "Kitty's Curious Tale" October 2, 2014
The narrators are fighting about which side are most of the Ever After High students on—Royal or Rebel. They were starting to compare one student to the other when Madeline Hatter had pointed that nobody knew which side Kitty Cheshire was on and the narrators were also stumped
36 21 "Cupid Comes Clean Kinda" October 16, 2014
When Cupid is made Dexter's lab partner but sees that both he and Raven like each other, she decides to tell them herself and make them lab partners.
37 22 "Throne Coming" November 2, 2014
When Apple votes Raven Queen for the end of the year party. she wants to sign the story book of legends. Only thanks to Cedar they discover it is not the real book. they turn to Maddie for help and find an old mirror portal in the headmaster's office. They will travel to a dangerous world and fight an old evil to get the real book back. Will they get their happily ever after. Who will be become the throne coming king and queen? This is the special one hour season finale.
38 23 "And The Throne Coming Queen Is" November 25, 2014

Dexter goes backstage and asks the girls what they would do as queen. The results for Throne Coming Queen are revealed and Raven is crowned Throne Coming Queen.

This episode was supposed to air right after throne-coming but the movie was dubbed early. The results for Throne Coming Queen were voted on by the audience and the results differed for each country.
39 24 "Best Feather Forward" December 23, 2014
Duchess Swan believes she's destined to fail her Muse-ic Class project—until Humphrey Dumpty lends a hand.

Chapter 3 (2015- present)[edit]

No. in series No. in chapter Title Release date
40 1 "Ginger in the BreadHOUSE" January 5, 2015
When no one wants to try treats baked by Ginger Breadhouse™ because of her story of Hansel & Gretel, Raven invites the famous cook to change their minds. Ginger gets a little help from Raven when she tries to prove everyone that she just wants to make spellbinding treats for everyone, not to follow her story.
41 2 "Spring Unsprung" February 6, 2015
The annual Spring Fairest event is in full swing. But when the wonder that follows to Ever After reveals the Storybook of Legends, Alistair Wonderland™ and Bunny Blanc™ decide to bring it back, only for Kitty's mother to switch it with a cursed riddle book. Once the riddle book opens and threats to turn the world upside down, it will take the Wonderlandians and Ginger (who accidentally got to Wonderland) to reverse the curse and save the Spring Fairest. At the end the students realize the Storybook of Legends is still trapped in Wonderland.