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This is a list of Filipino Americans who have made significant contributions to the American culture, politics, or society. It also includes those with notable mentions in the American media.

To be included in this list, the person must have a Wikipedia article showing they are Filipino American or must have references showing they are Filipino American and are notable.


Arts and letters[edit]



  • Jose B. Cruz, Jr., Ph.D. – Distinguished Professor of Engineering, The Ohio State University
  • Ruth Elynia S. Mabanglo, Ph.D. – Professor of Philippine Literature, University of Hawaii at Manoa; Presidential Citation for Meritorious Teaching, 1996[2]
  • Kevin Nadal, Ph.D. – Associate Professor of Psychology, John Jay College of Criminal Justice; author, Filipino American Psychology: A Handbook of Theory, Research, and Clinical Practice[3]
  • Baldomero Olivera, Ph.D. – Distinguished Professor of Biology, University of Utah in Salt Lake City, Utah; first Fil-Am member of the United States National Academy of Sciences; 2007 Harvard University Scientist of the Year.[4]
  • Rhacel Parrenas, Ph.D. – Professor of American Studies and Sociology at Brown University. World-renowned academic, has delivered lectures at over 100 colleges and universities in Asia, Europe, and the Americas.
  • E. San Juan, Jr., Ph.D. - Fellow, W.E.B. Du Bois Institute, Harvard University

Graphic arts[edit]

Visual art[edit]

  • Alfonso Ossorio
  • Paul Pfeiffer – (born in Hawaii, spent most of his childhood in the Philippines) Inaugural recipient, The Bucksbaum Award given by the Whitney Museum of American Art (2000).[8]
  • Leo Valledor(1936–1989) – Painter who pioneered the Hard-edge painting style.
  • Joseph Santos (1/4th Filipino)- Award Winning Painter/Watercolorist


  • Dorothy Cordova – Activist, professor, Co-founder of the Filipino American National Historical Society.
  • Fred Cordova – Author, Filipinos: Forgotten Asian Americans; co-founder, Filipino American National Historical Society.
  • Alex S. Fabros, Jr. – Historian, professor, retired U.S. Army officer; Documentaries: “Filipino Americans: Discovering their Past for the Future”,[9] "Unsung Heroes"; historian, "Filipinas Magazine";[10] Historian and Guest Curator, National Steinbeck Center's "Filipino Voices: Past and Present.";[11][12][13] and winner of New American Media's "Ethnic Pulitzer Prize".[14][15]






Culinary arts[edit]

Engineering and technology[edit]

Fashion and pageantry[edit]



Health science[edit]




  • Peter Mendonez, Jr. - Youngest Filipino American elected to office in the United States, at 29 years old. Councilman (R), West Windsor, NJ (2013). Both his mother and father are from the Philippines.[64]
  • Peter Aduja – State Legislature, Hawaii.
  • Larry Asera - First Filipino American elected to a city council in the continental United States (1973)[65]
  • Steve Austria - Republican congressman from Beavercreek, Ohio.[66]
  • Rob Bonta - First Filipino American California State Legislator
  • Thelma Buchholdt - First female Filipino American state legislator (1974); first Asian American to be elected President of the National Order of Women Legislators (1987).
  • Christopher Cabaldon – Mayor of West Sacramento, California, born in 1965.
  • Benjamin J. Cayetano – First Filipino American governor in the U.S., for the state of Hawaii.
  • John Ensign – U.S. Senator from Nevada; his great grandmother is from the Philippines[67]
  • Jose Esteves – Current Mayor of Milpitas, California. Assumed office in 2002; served as a member of the City Council from 1998 to 2002.
  • Tony Fulton; member of Nebraska State Legislature.
  • Mike Guingona – Council Member and Former Mayor of Daly City, California.
  • John W. Marshall, Virginia Secretary of Public Safety and Director of the U.S. Marshals Service, his mother is of Filipino descent.
  • Thurgood Marshall, Jr., White House senior staff member during the Clinton Administration, his mother is of Filipino descent.
  • Benjamin Menor – First Filipino American State Legislator, Hawaii, 1962.[68]
  • Mona Pasquil - in November 2009, became the first woman to serve as acting lieutenant governor of California[69][70]
  • David Pendleton - former Minority Floor Leader, Hawaii House of Representatives
  • Bobby Scott – U.S. Congressman (D. Va.), maternal grandmother is Filipina.
  • Michele J. Sison – US ambassador to the United Arab Emirates.
  • Kris Valderrama – Member of the Maryland House of Delegates, representing the 26th District.
  • Ron Villanueva – Member of the Virginia House of Delegates, representing the 21st District. A former member of the Coast Guard Reserves, he is also an alumnus of Old Dominion University.



Television and film[edit]

Disc jockeys[edit]


  • Robert Lopez – composer, first Filipino American Oscar recipient.[78] Recipient of a Grammy, Emmy, and a Tony awards; twelfth individual to achieve an EGOT.[79]
Musical groups[edit]
  • One Vo1ce – All-Filipina girl R&B/OPM singing group from the San Francisco Bay Area
  • Blue Scholars – Geo aka. Prometheus Brown, MC of the duo, is Filipino-American
  • Death Angel – Thrash Metal band.
  • Kai – San Francisco Bay Area boy band
  • Moonpools & Caterpillars – Filipino American rock band based in California in the 1990s
  • My American Heart – Rock band.
  • The Rocky Fellers – A group was composed of four Filipino brothers and their father. Their hit song: "Killer Joe" reached No. 16 on the Billboard Hot 100 in April 1963.
  • Native Guns – Bambu and Kiwi of the LA hip hop group.
  • Legaci – Filipino-American R&B band from the San Francisco Bay Area, California, formed in 1997. They are currently the backup singers for Canadian Pop-R&B singer Justin Bieber on the My World Tour.
  • Q-York – a Filipino-American hip hop record production duo composed of Flava Matikz (DJ/producer) and Knowa Lazarus (songwriter/MC).
  • The Dandelion War – 3 of the 5 members of The Dandelion War are of Filipino decent, with their drummer hailing from the Philippines.

Reality show[edit]


  • Chester See – YouTube personality, musician, and Broadway actor.
  • Christine Gambito – an American Internet personality, actress, and comedian; she maintains one of the most-subscribed-to channels on YouTube. Also appointed Ambassador of Philippine tourism
  • Anthony Padilla – a famous YouTube celebrity; he is one half of the comedy duo Smosh and is one of the most subscribed Youtubers on YouTube



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