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This is a character list for the video game Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light (remake Shadow Dragon) and by extension, its sequel Mystery of the Emblem (remake Shin Monshō no Nazo: Hikari to Kage no Eiyū), a tactical role-playing game developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo. The original games are the first and third installments of the Fire Emblem series. For general information about the games see their respective main articles.

The list summarizes the roles of all playable characters (units that can be controlled by the player) and major non-player characters (units that can't be controlled by the player) that appear during the course of the story. Most of these characters appear in all four versions of the story with a few additions or omissions. The original story, featured in Ankoku Ryū to Hikari no Tsurugi and Shadow Dragon, is referred to as "Book One" in Monshō no Nazo. The sequel in Monshō no Nazo and Shin Monshō no Nazo ~Hikari to Kage no Eiyū~ following the same characters, is referred to as "Book Two". Shadow Dragon and Shin Monshō no Nazo ~Hikari to Kage no Eiyū~ also added short prologues and a few side quests. Shin Monshō no Nazo ~Hikari to Kage no Eiyū~ also brings back the BS Fire Emblem: Akaneia Senki games as extras.

Playable characters[edit]


These characters appear in Ankoku Ryū to Hikari no Tsurugi and Shadow Dragon. Although the majority also appear in Monshō no Nazo, a few were omitted. The characters are introduced in the order in which they are first introduced in Ankoku Ryū to Hikari no Tsurugi.



Marth (マルス, Marusu), the Prince of Altea, is the hero of the game. When the Dolhr Empire attacked his kingdom, he is sent to Talys by his sister Elice. Marth trained alongside Caeda and eventually gathered enough manpower to begin a journey to retake his homeland from the Dolhr Empire and rescue his sister from the evil priest Gharnef. His quest leads him to ally with the Kingdom of Archanea and eventually defeat the Dark Dragon, Medeus. In the conclusion of his quest, Marth prepares to rebuild his kingdom of Altea and takes Caeda as his fiancée. As his day of marriage with Caeda draws close, Marth was called by an old ally, Hardin, who is now the Emperor of Archanea, to quell a rebellion from Grust, which shocks Marth as General Lang kidnaps two innocent children, Yubello and Yumina, with the intention of executing them under the reasoning that they are descendants of the Grustian royal family. However, Ogma attacks Lang's castle and saves Yubello and Yumina before Lang can kill them. Lang then orders Marth to hunt down Ogma and bring back Yubello and Yumina, Marth disobeys, as a result, Lang informs Hardin and Altea was taken over by the Empire. Outmatched by Hardin's troops, Marth was informed that Gharnef and Medeus may be at work again and he undergoes a trial just as his ancestor Anri did and eventually retook his homeland and defeated Hardin, who turned out to be possessed. He later defeats Gharnef and Medeus again and saves the continent. Marth was later crowned the new Emperor of the United Archanea Kingdom. Marth never promotes throughout any games, but his skills are considered stellar even in his base class, making him a well rounded fighter. Since Super Smash Bros. Melee, Marth has been a regular participant of the series. He is voiced by Hikaru Midorikawa.


Caeda[1] (シーダ, Shiida, also used in the European version and Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Sheeda in the Japanese version) is the pure hearted princess of the Talys Kingdom. She is the childhood friend of Marth and they grew up together. She joins Marth in his quest, staying by his side most of the time and is also responsible of recruiting various people, including Castor, Navarre, Rodger, Jake, and Lorenz, to his cause. She is also the only character who can wield the Wing Spear, a lance with similar effects to the rapier. In the end of Marth's battle against Medeus, Caeda eventually becomes Marth's fiancee. Several years after the battle, Caeda moved to Altea and was welcomed warmly. Unfortunately, shortly after Marth left on request of Emperor Hardin, Altea was attacked and most of it was taken over. Marth's sister Elice surrendered herself so Caeda could escape and reunite with Marth. In the end she escaped capture and reunited with Marth. She later married Marth after he becomes Emperor. This means that Fire Emblem Awakening's Chrom, Lissa, Emmeryn and Lucina are her descendants as well as Marth's. In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Caeda (translated as Shiida[2]) appears as a sticker. In Shadow Dragon, her stat growths are mainly focused on her skill and speed, often allowing her to strike twice in battle. In the OVA, she is voiced by Sakura Tange.


Jagen[3] (ジェイガン, Jeigan) is an old Paladin of Altea, and implied to be the superior to Cain, Abel, and Frey. In the Shadow Dragon prologue, he manages to secure Marth's escape to Talys (though not without cost; Frey (or any character alive at the time in Shadow Dragon) died to ensure everyone else's safety). He serves as a mentor and protector of Marth throughout his quest despite his old age. In Book Two, Jagen grew older and thus was unable to participate in battle anymore. However, as the Altean tactician Malledus fell into sickness, Jagen took over his place as Marth's tactician and assists him throughout his new quest. According to Cain's ending, after the final quest, Jagen died of old age. Jagen started the trend of Fire Emblem characters that starts out extremely strong in the beginning, but suffers extremely low growth throughout the game, for the purpose of protecting weaker characters so they stand a chance in growing more powerful. Characters that function the same as him are often referred as the "Jagen archetype", such as Marcus in Fire Emblem and Sword of Seals, Seth from The Sacred Stones and Titania in Path of Radiance. Jagen is voiced by Seizō Katō in the Fire Emblem OVA.


Cain (カイン, Kain) is a loyal knight of Altea and is often seen with his fellow knight Abel. He has the nickname of Crimson Bull. In the Shadow Dragon prologue, he was originally assigned to the war with King Cornelius, but he witnessed Cornelius and his fellow soldiers die at the hands of soldiers from the allied nation of Gra. Cain was the sole survivor of this ordeal, and had managed to return to Altea to tell Jagen and Marth of what had transpired. From then, he loyally follows Marth in his quest and stays with him in the end of his quest. When Marth left to fulfill Hardin's request, Cain was left in charge of Altea. When the Empire invaded Altea Cain managed to escape and reunite with Marth, once again assisting his quest. In his ending, Cain continues to serve Altea and when Jagen died, he succeeded his position. Cain, along with Abel, started a trend of Fire Emblem characters consisting two Social Knights/Cavaliers that are often seen together as friends, one of them will specialize more on Strength and HP, and the other specializes on Skill and Speed, and their color scheme are usually red and green (in Cain's case, he wears red). The duo are succeeded by characters such as Kyle and Forde from the Sacred Stones and Oscar and Kieran from Path of Radiance. Cain's voice actor in the OVA is Nobuyuki Hiyama.


Abel (アベル, Aberu) is a friend of Cain and a loyal knight of Altea, nicknamed Black Panther. In the Shadow Dragon prologue, he, along with Frey assists with Marth in escaping out of their home. He helps Marth in his entourage. However, unlike Cain, Abel retired after the quest and opens a shop. Though in his Shadow Dragon ending it is implied that he was about to be married but had cold feet at the last minute, he eventually marries Est, the youngest of Macedon's Pegasus Sisters. In Book Two, the attack from the Empire forces Abel to return to the military. However, Est was taken hostage and Abel was forced to fight against Altea. When confronted by Marth, Abel regretfully choose to side with Marth again, knowing the consequence that Est will be executed, although she can be saved if the player brings Yumina and the Rescue Staff. In the end of the battle, Abel vanishes, probably over the guilty feeling that he tried to raise his spear against his lord. Abel is the 'green' counterpart of Cain, as stated above. He specializes more on Strength and HP, compared with Cain in Skill and Speed. His voice actor in the OVA is Ryotaro Okiayu.


Frey (フレイ, Furei) is another loyal knight of Altea. Very little is mentioned about him in Book One, other than that he is a loyal knight of Altea and that after Marth defeats Medeus for the first time he works hard to help rebuild Altea. Frey is the canonical sacrifice in the Prologue should the player play Hard Mode in Shadow Dragon. It is shown that he survived, but with heavy injuries in Shin Monsho no Nazo.


Gordin (ゴードン, Gohdon) is a friend of Marth and also joins him in the start of his quest to rescue his sister. He loyally serves Marth and possibly forms friendship with the Archanean sniper Jeorge. He continues to serve Marth after the end of his quest (though in Shadow Dragon, he was said to have been squired to an Archanean knight). In Shadow Dragon, Gordin was originally captured by Gra soldiers, who had set him up to be killed by Marth in order to turn the Altean populace against Marth; however, Marth manages to rescue him. In Book Two, Gordin brought his younger brother Ryan to battle and guided him throughout the battle. He also convinces Jeorge to eventually fight against the now-corrupt Archanean Empire. He still serves Marth after the end of the quest. Gordin is voiced by Akira Ishida in the OVA.


Draug (ドーガ, Dohga) is a big armored knight in service of Altea. He joins Marth during the start of both of his quests. He is shown to be a good friend to Gordin and the lover of Norne the archer it says that he eventually gets the nerve to ask Norne out with the support of Marth and Gordin in artwork and the anime. He is voiced by Yasuhiko Kawazu in the OVA.


Darros (ダロス, Darosu) is a pirate, tired of his job, who persuades Marth to let him join his entourage. At the end of Shadow Dragon, Darros leaves Archanea, never to return. As such, he was omitted in Monshō no Nazo.


Ogma (オグマ, Oguma) is a hard-edged mercenary. He was a gladiator at first and was drafted to the Talysian army when Caeda stopped several people attempting to punish him. Ogma dedicates his life to be the bodyguard of the princess and was eventually handpicked as the guard of both her and Marth during the latter's quest. In Book Two, Ogma allied with General Lorenz in protecting two Grustian noble children: Yubello and Yumina. He caught up with them and protected them throughout a valley full of Vikings, with the help of a mysterious knight named Sirius. Later, he joins up with Marth once more, but vanishes once the whole battle is over. Ogma is the first character of his namesake archetype, starting with good stats and having good growth rates, making him a fan favorite. There is a possible successor to this trend in Fire Emblem Awakening's Miriel. He is voiced by Jurouta Kosugi in the OVA.


Barst (バーツ, Baatsu) is an axe fighter working under Ogma. He is usually accompanied by his companions: Bord and Cord. In the ending to Shadow Dragon, he briefly enlists in the Archanean army, but deserts, presumably becoming a pirate. As such, he does not appear in Book Two but comes back however in Shin Monshou no Nazo. He is voiced by Wataru Takagi in the OVA.


Bord (サジ, Saji) is an axe fighter, and is friends with Barst and Cord. In the ending to Shadow Dragon, he becomes a woodcutter renowned for craftsmanship. He does not appear in Book Two but returns in Shin Monshou no Nazo.


Cord (マジ, Maji) is an axe fighter, and is friends with Barst and Bord. In the ending to Shadow Dragon, he also becomes a woodcutter, renowned for his efficiency. He does not appear in Book Two but returns in Shin Monshou no Nazo.


Castor (カシム, Kashimu) is a poor hunter working to help his sick mother. To that end, he would do mercenary works here and there, including working with bandits. He is given the money by Caeda (in Book One) and Marth (in Book Two), and Castor assists them in return. At the end of both quests, he continues to work to help his mother, though at the end of Book Two he encounters fewer difficulties in doing so.


Julian (ジュリアン, Jurian) is a former thief of the Soothsire Bandits who fell in love with the priestess Lena,abandoning his thieving ways and rescues her from bandits. Now calling himself the "Ally of Justice", he joins up with Marth and helps him out. In Book Two, Julian reunites with Marth and eventually becomes vital in the final battle as he wakes Lena up from Medeus' mind control. Later, he and Lena stay at Macedon, taking care of orphans. He is voiced by Kappei Yamaguchi in the OVA.


Lena (レナ, Rena) is a cleric who was captured by the Soothsire bandits, and rescued by Julian. She helps out Marth and comes with a rare Warp staff. In the end of the journey, she moved to Macedon. She also seemed to have trained another sister in Grust named Maliessa. She and Maliessa are the only characters able to use the Hammerene staff. In Book Two, Lena was kidnapped by Gharnef to be the sacrifice to revive Medeus. However, Julian returns her to her senses and she professes her love for him. She then travels to Macedon and starts an orphanage (Julian will follow if he's not dead). It is most likely they probably got married as the years passed. She is voiced by Michiko Neya in the OVA.


Navarre[3] (ナバール,Nabaaru, Nabarl used in the Japanese and the European version) is a stoic mercenary known as the Crimson Swordsman and infamous for his Killing Edge, often working for banditry for unknown reasons. He was first assigned to chase after Lena and Julian, but changed his mind when Caeda asks him to join, which he did. Navarre also holds a policy not to harm women he encounters. In Book Two, he returns to banditry again and encounters the dancer Fina. After hearing that the Altean army approaches him, Navarre once again defects and protected Fina along the way. He helps Marth out of respect from the last quest, but once again vanishes once the quest is over. Navarre also started a trend of Fire Emblem characters as a dangerous but recruitable enemy who comes with something that increases Critical rate, such as the Killing Edge. His character archetype later evolves into the Myrmidon class in latter Fire Emblem games (accordingly, he himself was changed to a Myrmidon in Shadow Dragon). In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Navarre (translated as Nabaaru[2]) appears as a sticker. He is voiced by Takehito Koyasu in the OVA and Drama CD.


Hardin (ハーディン, Haadin) is the younger brother of the King of Aurelis. He is the leader of the rebellion army protecting Aurelis from Dolhr and was assigned to guard Princess Nyna of Archanea. A just and honorable man, he also helps out Marth in his quest. In the end of Shadow Dragon, Nyna proposes to Hardin, and Hardin ascends to the Archanean throne following their marriage. However, she did not love him the way he loved her. When he found out, he was struck with grief and locked himself in a room. Gharnef posed as a merchant and offered him the Dark Orb, which consumed Hardin's soul and transformed him into a twisted man. He changes the Empire from a just one into an iron-fisted one, spreading terror throughout the land. Marth eventually defeats him, but was unable to save his life in the process. In his dying breath, Hardin thanks Marth for freeing his soul and asks him to watch over Nyna. As an Emperor, Hardin has maxed stats and wields the Gradius. The Emperor class makes a reappearance in Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu. Hardin gets mentioned, albeit without his name being said, in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, when Solid Snake initiates a Codec conversation regarding Marth.


Nyna (ニーナ, Niina) is the Princess of Archanea. She was the only member of the royal family of Archanea left when the Dolhr Empire invaded, having witness the heads of her close family mounted upon pikes before the castle gates as a sign of Dolhr's victory ( in Shadow Dragon, it was said that their bodies were hung.) Fortunately, she was protected by the Grustian Black Knight Camus, who eventually hands her over to the Kingdom of Aurelis, which is much safer at that time. Assisted by Hardin, she joins up with Marth and eventually accompanies him in his quest, handing over the Archanean royal treasure, the Fire Emblem, to Marth. Unfortunately, Marth's quest led him to fight against Camus, in which he was defeated. Nyna was struck with grief when she thought Camus died, but she held up and accompanies Marth to the end of his quest. In her grief, she tells Marth the story of Artemis' Curse, a hex on the Fire Emblem that makes it both the end of war and the end of love. In Book Two, Nyna was forced to make a choice on who is to be the new emperor of Archanea. One of the choices is Marth, but as she is also a good friend of Caeda (having managed to convince Marth to profess his love for her) and did not want to break her heart, she picked Hardin instead. Due to this, she could only show platonic love to Hardin, which in turn shatters his heart and later turned over the dark side, therefore she blamed herself for Hardin's fall to darkness. Before she was taken by Gharnef to be sacrificed for Medeus' revival, she managed to entrust the Fire Emblem to her apprentice Linde and orders her to give it to Marth. In the end, Camus, having survived and taking the identity of the masked knight Sirius, wakes her up from Medeus' mind control. Afterwards, she abandoned the kingdom and vanished, presumably following Sirius. Nyna appears in both books, but is only playable in Book Two.


Wolf (ウルフ, Urufu) is the head of the Wolfguard, Hardin's loyal elite force. He serves Hardin loyally without question, even when he had gone mad. As such, he is a playable character only in Book One, and is an unrecruitable enemy in Book Two. He returns to the playable scene in Shin Monshou no Nazo, possibly this is due to Roshea being able to recruit him by convincing him of Gharnef's hand in what had become of Hardin.


Sedgar[3] (ザガロ, Zagaro) is the second-in-command of the Wolfguard. Like Wolf and Vyland, he is not recruitable in Book Two. Sedgar is known for his extremely high growths in Shadow Dragon, and is basically the key to easily beat the hardest mode in-game.


Vyland (ビラク, Biraku) is also a member of the Wolfguard, loyally serving Hardin. In Book Two, he is not a recruitable foe, as, unlike Roshea, he does not realize that Gharnef is treating Hardin's soul like a toy.


Roshea (ロシェ, Roshe) is a member of the Wolfguard. Unlike Wolf, Sedgar and Vyland, Roshea was doubtful whether Hardin was himself or not after his fall to madness, but sticks with his friends. Afterwards, however, Roshea once again joins Marth in trying to wake Hardin up, though he fails. In the end, he settled in a town and often offers a prayer for Hardin's soul.


Matthis (マチス, Machisu) is the lazy big brother of Lena, who abhorred fighting but somehow just had to, to make a living. He is persuaded by Lena to join Marth. He somehow has a certain dislike towards the idea of Lena dating with a thief like Julian, thus he did not get along with him at first. By the second book, however, he puts aside his dislike towards Julian and they work together to rescue Lena. Once again he is working for the enemy, in this case Ryuke and needs Julian to convince him to help.


Merric (マリク, Mariku) is an Altean noble. He held a crush towards Marth's sister Elice, and in order to protect her, he studied magic in Khadein under Wendel. He inherits the magic Excalibur and returns just in time to help Marth save Elice. He later returns to Khadein. In the second book, Merric was caught in a fight against his rival Ellerean and was almost killed, until he was saved. He later wakes Elice up from Medeus' mind control. Later, he moves to the capital of Archanea, with Elice, and teaches magic there. The Excalibur spell can only be wielded by male magic users, but Merric can use it at a lower tome skill level. This spell is highly effective against flying enemies but still causes a lot of damage to ground based enemies, doing the same base damage as Thoron. It also raises the user's critical hit rate by a long way, but is still ineffective against Gharnef.


Rickard (リカード, Rikaado) is a little thief who is rather impressed with Julian, his "god-brother". He follows him everywhere, causing him troubles, and also joining Marth in the way. In the end of every quest, however, he returns to the life of thievery.


Wendell (ウェンデル, Wenderu) is a wise sage from Khadein. He taught both Merric and Ellerean, but while he picks Ellerean as his successor, he gave Excalibur to Merric, which causes Ellerean to resent Merric. Wendell was caught by the Empire but was rescued by Marth. In the second book, Wendell was sent by Gotoh to inform Marth about the Zodiac stones, but was caught in Grust. He was freed by Marth and joins him in his quest again.


Bantu (バヌトゥ, Banutu) is an elderly Manakete who took pity on the Divine Dragon Tiki, who is forced to constantly sleep lest she'd go insane, who freed her and traveled with her, keeping her sanity intact. He was separated from her, and joined up with Marth to save her. In Book Two, he is once again separated from Tiki upon Gotoh's orders and he eventually meets up with Marth to help him again.


Caesar (シーザー, Shiizaa) is a mercenary residing in the port town of Warren. He joins Marth and helps him getting over the ambush of the Dolhr Empire from there. In his Shadow Dragon ending, he mysteriously disppears, and is absent for Book Two.


Radd (ラディ, Radi) is Caesar's companion. He was changed from a mercenary to a myrmidon for Shadow Dragon, similar to Navarre. In his Shadow Dragon ending, he is said to have fallen in love — he is absent from Book Two, ostensibly to pursue love.


Roger (ロジャー, Rojaa) is a knight from Grust. He falls for Caeda and decides to fight with her. He was omitted in Monshō no Nazo.


Minerva (ミネルバ, Mineruba) is the Princess of Macedon, and leads the Pegasus Whitewing Sisters Palla, Catria and Est. She resents the idea of allying with the Dolhr Empire, but since her little sister Maria was held hostage, she had no choice but to do their bidding. When Marth rescued Maria, Minerva abandons Macedon and joins Marth. She flirts with him in the first game. She eventually encountered her brother Michalis in battle, and defeated him, putting him in near death state. Though her Shadow Dragon ending suggests that she did not desire the throne despite the Macedonian populace wanting her to be queen, in Book Two Minerva took over Macedon's throne and tried to rebuild it. However, she lacked Michalis' leadership and it spurred a rebellion that got her caught. She was rescued by Michalis and taken to Khadein, so she could reunite with Marth and help him in his quest. Minerva proves vital in waking Maria from Medeus' mind control. After the battle, Minerva once again leads Macedon, this time with better success.


Maria (マリア, Maria) is the younger sister of Minerva and Michalis of Macedon. She is a cleric, and became one to serve her people. When Michalis becomes King of Macedon, he asks Maria to become Dolhr's hostage so that Dolhr won't invade Macedon and kill many citizens. Maria agrees to protect her people, but she was really taken as a hostage so that Minerva wouldn't rebel against Michalis and Macedon, because if she does, Maria will be killed. Maria realizes that she has been lied to, and Marth rescues her and Minerva is able to join Marth as well. Maria then assists Marth for the rest of his quest and helps defeat her older brother Michalis. In Shadow Dragon she is capable of using the Aum Staff, since she is a princess. After the war, Maria tremendously helped Michalis to recover from his wounds. However, she is soon after captured by Gharnef, hypnotized, and was to be sacrificed to Medeus, until Minerva wakes her from Gharnef's hypnotism. Maria then assists in the defeat of Medeus again, and after the wars she cares for orphans at a monastery.


Jeorge (ジョルジュ, Joruju) is an archer from Archanea. He later helps out Marth in his quest, and possibly forms a friendship with the archer Gordin. When Hardin takes the throne in Book Two, Jeorge was promoted and given the Parthia Bow. However, he is put on the same group with General Lang, whom he despised for treating people like slaves. He also somehow realizes that Hardin was acting abnormally. Gordin later convinces him to abandon Archanea and join Marth's group. Unable to stand the atrocities any longer, Jeorge does so. In the end of the quest, he founds the 'Archanean Free Knights' to protect the land.


Linde (リンダ, Rinda) is the daughter of Miloah, one of Gotoh's best students along with Gharnef, thus enabling her to use the powerful Aura spell. She is targeted by Gharnef's men, so she disguised herself as a boy, but in turn, she is kidnapped. Marth freed her and Linde decided to join him to fight and avenge her father. She later moves to Archanea and becomes Nyna's most trusted advisor. When Hardin fell into madness in Book Two, Nyna entrusted the Fire Emblem to Linde and she joins up with Marth and helped him out. She later returned to Archanea, and seems to have found an idol, in which her ending hints that she tries to make herself more beautiful possibly for the said idol.


Jake (ジェイク, Jeiku) is a ballistician for Grust, who is in love with Anna. Marth manages to convince him to defect and join his cause. In his ending in Shadow Dragon, Jake helps rebuild the continent, though he expresses interest in travelling to far-off continents with Anna. He does not appear in Book Two, though he appears in Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu and Fire Emblem as a non-playable character, ostensibly representing his travels.


Midia (ミディア, Midia) is a Paladin of Archanea, lover of the swordsman Astram. She is first held prisoner by Dolhr's forces in the castle, but was rescued by Marth and joins him. In Book Two, after Astram joins Marth, it is said that Midia leads a rebellion against Hardin. Her rebellion was crushed and she was about to be executed until Marth once again rescues her. This concept of a blue haired female Paladin (Midia) paired with the blond haired male Hero (Astram) later gets revisited in Blazing Sword, in form of Isadora and Harken.


Tomas (トーマス, Tohmasu) is an archer serving under Midia and Sedgar's younger brother. He is imprisoned together with her and joins Marth with her as well. He vanishes after the battle ends.


Dolph (トムス, Tomusu), a knight, is also Midia's subordinate. He also joins after being freed. He retires after the battle ends.


Macellan (ミシェラン, Misheran), another knight, is also Midia's subordinate. He looked very similar to Dolph, and also tags along with Midia. After the end of the battle, he retires as well.


Boah (ボア, Boa) is an Archanean advisor. He is imprisoned alongside Midia and joins Marth in his quest. In Book Two, Boah plays a part in Hardin's ascension. However, as he is too concentrated on Archanea's reconstruction, he failed to notice Hardin's feelings about Nyna, thus he admitted to Marth that it was also his fault that Hardin fell into madness. He is presumed to have died after telling Marth what happens.


Beck (ベック, Bekku) is another Ballastician from Grust, who joins with Marth to defeat the legendary Wooden Cavalry. He eventually retires to a frontier town, where he single-handedly defeated a group of rebels when the rebels surrendered at the sight of his ballista.


Palla[3] (パオラ, Paora) is the eldest of the Pegasus Sisters of Macedon under Minerva. She loyally serves her, and eventually joins Marth. She has a crush on the knight Abel (though Abel would end up marrying her sister, Est). Burying her unrequited feelings, she later continues to rebuild Macedon. When Macedon fell, Palla once again joins Marth, also protecting Julian who went to search for Lena in the time being (the search ends in failure). She still held feelings towards Abel on that time. However, when the battle ends, she once again buried her feelings to work on restoring Macedon. Palla also appears in Fire Emblem Gaiden.


Catria[3] (カチュア, Kachua) is the second of the Pegasus Sisters of Macedon, and is the one who often converses with Marth during her missions, and helps him out in his quest. She is also said to have known the hunter Warren. After the war, she rebuilds Macedon with Minerva and Palla. When the rebellion occurs, Catria escaped and met up with Marth, informing him about the rebellion. She also convinces Warren to join Marth. Catria also appears in Fire Emblem Gaiden.


Astram[3] (アストリア, Asutoria) is a knight of Archanea, the lover of Midia. He was forced to join the Dolhr forces under his ruler's orders. However, Midia managed to convince him to join Marth. On Hardin's ascension, Astram was promoted and rewarded with the sword Mercurius. Despite Hardin's fall to madness, Astram continued to serve him, on the basis of serving Archanea. He somehow resents Jeorge after he betrayed Archanea, but Jeorge managed to convince him to abandon Archanea. Astram complied, but swore to make Jeorge pay if he turns out to be lying, though it turns out that he was telling the truth.


Arran[3] (アラン, Aran) (not to be confused with Alan from Fūin no Tsurugi or Aran from Radiant Dawn) is an elite knight from Altea who went into hiding after Dolhr's take over. He can join Marth, but recruiting him bars the option of recruiting Samson, since he hides in a village which is constantly conflicting with its neighboring village in which Samson is located. Nevertheless, even though he's not recruited, in the end of Marth's first quest, Arran was able to return to the ranks of the Altean Knights. In Book Two, Arran took over Jagen's position as the protector of the new recruits in battle. However, he was struck with sickness, which makes his prowess not as good as his previous one (thus making him the Jagen archetype for Book Two). After the end of the war, he finally succumbed to the illness and died.


Samson (サムソン, Samuson) is an ex-gladiator, now working as a mercenary. Marth may opt to recruit him in the first book, but it bars the recruitment of Arran, due to the reasons stated above. Samson later returns as a mercenary for hire after the war ends. In Book Two, Samson was hired by the Princess of Gra, Sheema. He grew attached to the Princess and accompanies her most of the time, not caring about money like usual. When Sheema decided to join Marth, Samson declared that his role as protector is over and he will leave, but Sheema pleaded him not to go and he decided to stay and protect her. In the end of the war, instead of going back to the mercenary work, Samson settled in Archanea, possibly with Sheema.


Xane[3] (チェイニー, Cheinii) is a rare Manakete individual. His personality is effeminate and he likes to play jokes. He lost his power to morph into Dragons, but instead was able transform into a copy of another person (although he can't transform into manaketes). He is a carefree person and has a dislike towards humans, but after being rescued by and travelling with Marth, he considered him different and worth trusting. In Book Two, he works under Gotoh and acts as a guide for Marth in his quest to reach Gotoh and follow his ancestor Anri. In the end, though, he once again vanishes.


Tiki (チキ, Chiki) is the Princess of Manakete, daughter of the Divine Dragon Narga. Her power is so tremendous that if she goes wild, the world will be destroyed. For that, Gotoh put her to an eternal sleep. A Manakete named Bantu took pity on her and awakened her, taking her to the human world and she was happy with them, until they were separated and eventually Tiki was hypnotized by Gharnef to fight against Marth (making her a sort of recruitable boss). Bantu snapped her back to senses and she joins Marth, possibly growing to be infatuated with him. She can also battle and defeat Medeus if she is trained well enough. After the battle, Tiki went to the Ice Dragon temple with Gotoh, who puts her to sleep again, as he feared that more and more Manakete slowly fall into madness and she could go wild and destroy the world. However, she suffered due to constant nightmares about her going wild. Eventually, Gotoh entrusted her safety to Marth after he acquired the Light Orb, which eventually enables Tiki to live freely with humans. After the battle, she takes residence in Archanea. Tiki has a very childlike personality, often referring others by nicknames such as Ban-Ban for Bantu and Mar-Mar for Marth. She returns in Fire Emblem Awakening.


Est (エスト, Esuto) is the youngest of the Pegasus Sisters of Macedon, under Minerva. Unlike Palla and Catria, she was late to join, having managed to recover the sword Mercurius in the meantime. In her ending in Shadow Dragon, she falls in love with a knight of Altea; in Book Two it is revealed to be Abel. In Book Two, after settling in Altea, Est was captured by the Archanean forces to force Abel to fight against Marth. She can be rescued and once again fights alongside Marth. She vanishes after the war, however, possibly following Abel. Est also appears in Fire Emblem: Gaiden. Est jump started another trend of Fire Emblem character archetype, as a character who joins rather late in the game and with low initial stats, but should the player give the character enough attention and experience points, the character will turn out very powerful as they have very good growth rates; essentially the reverse of the Jagen archetype. She has possible successors in this regard in Myrrh from the Sacred Stones and Astrid in Path of Radiance.


Lorenz (ロレンス, Rorensu) is a great general of Grust. He is also an acquaintance of Caeda's father. The King of Grust, however, was a weak man and sided with Dolhr out of fear, which infuriated Lorenz. Caeda managed to persuade him to join Marth and his army on the claim that it would be the best move for his country to betray his king and end Grust's involvement with the war. In Book Two, Lorenz protected the King's children, Yumina and Yubello, from the Archanean Empire. He was severely wounded, and when Marth reached him, he eventually succumbed to his wounds and died.


Elice (エリス, Erisu) is Marth's older sister. When the Dolhr Empire attacked Altea, she teleported Marth away (in Shadow Dragon, she convinces Marth to escape when their castle is under attack) and was taken by Gharnef, who wants her to revive Medeus using her resurrection power, the Aum Staff. Marth eventually frees her and she joins Marth in defeating Medeus. In Book Two, she offers herself as a hostage so Caeda could escape and rejoin Marth. She is later taken to Gharnef and was almost sacrificed to revive Medeus, but she regained her own self by Merric, who is in love with her. Later, she moved to Archanea with Merric.


Gotoh[3] (ガトー, Gatoh) is a famous archsage. He has two pupils: Miloah and Gharnef, both two students striving for justice. But since Miloah is more caring towards people, Gotoh picked him as the successor and gave him the Aura spell. Out of jealousy, Gharnef created the Imhullu spell and it twisted his soul. Ever since then, Gotoh keeps watching over his actions and hopes someone would stop him. That someone happens to be Marth, descendant of the hero Anri. Gotoh then assists Marth in his quest, giving him advices from time to time. Gotoh appears in both books, but is playable only in Book One. Gotoh is the founder of his own Fire Emblem character archetype, as someone who joins very late and is very powerful, possibly so that unprepared players may stand a chance in finishing the game. He is succeeded in this archetype by characters such as Athos in Fire Emblem, Giffca from Path of Radiance and Caineghis in Radiant Dawn.

In Monshō no Nazo[edit]

The following list of characters only appear in the Super Famicom game, Fire Emblem: Monshō no Nazo.


Rodie (ロディ, Rodi) is a new Altean Knight. He accompanies Marth in the beginning of his second quest. He has feelings for Cecile.


Cecile (セシル, Seshiru) is a female Knight from Altea, also a new recruit. She is also one of Marth's early followers. Luke and Rodie both like her.


Luke (ルーク, Ruuku) is the third of the Altean new recruits. Like Rodie, he has a crush for Cecile.


Ryan (ライアン, Raian) is Gordin's little brother. He follows his brother accompanying and helping Marth in his quest.


Maliessa (マリーシア, Mariishia) is a priestess in training under Lena. She lived near Grust with an old woman, and when Marth approached her village, the old woman hid her true age so she wouldn't be captured. After learning that Marth comes in good terms, she comes out from hiding and helps Marth out. Unfortunately, she did not finish her training and vanishes after the war ends. She is the only character besides Lena able to use the Hammerene staff.


Warren (ウォレン, Woren) is an ex-knight from Macedon, a close friend of Catria. Due to Minerva's new reformation of retiring the Knights, Warren became a hunter. He is hired by the rebellion, but Catria convinced him to join Marth. In the end, he returns as a hunter, not as a Knight anymore.


Sirius (シリウス, Shiriusu) is a mysterious knight who seems to be only wandering, lending his help to those who needs it. He always wears a mask to cover his face. It is later revealed that he is actually the Grustian Black Knight Camus (though he denies this to anyone who asks); it is due to this reason that he managed to snap Nyna out of her mind control from Medeus. After the war, he vanishes.


Yubello (ユベロ, Yubero) is the son of the King of Grust. He is timid and easily scared, but tries his best to protect his sister Yumina. He is under the care of Lorenz after the death of the King. However, he and Yumina was taken by General Lang, until Ogma rescued them. He later joins up with Marth. In the end, he studies in Altea.


Yumina (ユミナ, Yumina) is the daughter of the King of Grust and is the only person to be able to use the Rescue Staff. Unlike her brother, she is more impulsive and hotheaded. After seeing Lorenz's sacrifice, she refused Marth's company, accusing him as Lorenz's murderer, which in turn made her and Yubello taken by Lang. However, they were rescued by Ogma and eventually Yumina accepts Marth's company. In the end, she studies in Archanea.


Samuto (サムトー, Samutoh) is a gladiator who was an acquaintance of Ogma. His look resembles Navarre and he often impersonates him. Lang fell for his impersonation skill and hired him. Samuto is later recruited to Marth's ranks. After the war, he vanishes, still fooling other people to think he is Navarre.


Fina (フィーナ, Fiina) is a stray dancer and Navarre's fiance. She was accosted with thieves when she met Navarre, who in turn protects her. Despite her dancing skills, however, her personality somehow irritated Navarre. She vanished after the war with him.


Ellerean (エルレーン, Erurein) is a pupil of Wendell and classmate to Merric. When Wendell handed Excalibur to Merric, Ellerean was infuriated, thinking that his master choose a successor from a foreign country, one that betrayed the Empire as well. For that, Ellerean challenged Merric to a duel over the right of being the successor of Wendell's teaching. Wendell managed to stop him, telling him that he's walking the same path of Gharnef, and that even though he handed Excalibur to Merric, he still considers Ellerean as his successor. Realizing his mistake, Ellerean makes amends with Merric and joins Marth in his quest. He later succeeds Wendell in the end of the war.


Sheema (シーマ, Shiima) is the daughter of the King of Gra, Jiol (a minor boss in Book One). Unlike her father, however, Sheema is a woman of honor. Due to that, she disliked her father about siding with the Dolhr Empire and instead went to hiding in Archanea. After Jiol's death and Hardin's ascension, the Emperor instated Sheema back to Gra, which garnered the support of her people. She also hired the mercenary Samson, and somehow grew attached with him. When Marth approached her, she noticed that he did not harm her soldiers, who were running away from them and decided to join him. She also convinced Samson to stay with her. However, if you kill a Gra soldier while Sheema and Samson(if he's alive) are recruited and alive, then Sheema and Samson (if he's alive) will revert into enemy units and attack your units, also any Gra Soldiers who are alive when this happens, will also attack your units, too. In the end of the war, she abdicates Gra to Altea and settles in Archanea, possibly with Samson.


Michalis (ミシェイル, Misheiru) is the ambitious leader of Macedon. He is eager to prove that Macedon is the strongest nation in Archanea and have the right to conquer the land, thus he agreed to ally with the Dolhr's Empire. His father protested and in retaliation, Michalis killed him. He originally planned to fight Dolhr once Macedon was the most powerful nation but he lost sight of the goal the longer he worked with them. He is, however, tolerant with Gotoh, who keeps warning him that he is walking to the path of destruction. He finally faces his sister Minerva in battle and was badly wounded. His other sister Maria tended him with utmost care and it healed his soul. When he heard Maria has vanished, he works alone to try to search her, also rescuing Minerva and sending her to join Marth. In the end, he managed to steal the Starlight Explosion spell from Gharnef, but was badly wounded. He managed to give the spell book to Marth before finally succumbing to his wounds and dying or if playing Fire Emblem: Shin Monshō no Nazo: Hikari to Kage no Eiyū he can possibly survive and join you at the chapter's end.

In BS Fire Emblem: Archanea Senki[edit]

These characters were introduced in the game BS Fire Emblem: Archanea Senki.


Malice is a tomboyish mercenary who is travelling with her father, Dice.[4] She joins Rikard in his respective chapter, but for a fee.


Dice is Malice's father and an axe fighter. He wishes to see his daughter married one day, much to Malice's annoyance.


Frost is a Bishop from Medon, where he lives with his loving family.

Belf, Leiden and Robert[edit]

Camus's loyal followers in the Sable Order. They join Marth's cause in Shin Monshou no Nazo.

In Shadow Dragon[edit]

These characters were introduced in the second remake, Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon. All of these characters except for Norne are introduced in secret side-story missions, which are only accessible if enough characters are killed permanently or in the case of Nagi Tiki must be killed and the Falchion must be lost.


Norne (ノルン, Norun) is an archer in the Altean army who has some connection to Draug. She only appears if the player has lost two or more characters in the prologue, possibly to keep the player's early character count from dipping too low and having a disadvantage early on. In fact, the minimum number of characters a player will have after finishing the prologue is four: herself, Marth, Draug and Caeda.


Athena (アテナ, Atena) is a swordswoman protecting a town from bandits' assault, until Marth arrived and she decided to join him. The villagers found her unconscious, adrift at sea. They rescued her and took her to the village, where she was nurse back to health. She tends to speak in third person, as well as in a thick French accent, a combination which results in such phrases as the following: "Ve are a voman. Vun Voman!" [which, with a proper accent, reads, "I am woman. One Woman!"(she said this because she offered to join Marth, but because she speaks in the third person, she said "we" instead of "I." This lead Marth to believe she was in a group of warriors rather than just one person.)]


Horace (ホルス, Horusu) is a general of Archanea who was forced by the Dolhr army to betray Archeanea, lest they harm the Archeanean people; he would not let the people he cared about he harmed, even if it meant he would be a traitor. When Marth arrives to stop him, the locals plea to Marth to spare Horace, as he was only trying to protect them. When the Archeanean League kills the man controlling Horace, Horace surrenders and tells Marth to kill him as punishment for his treason. However, Nyna instead orders Horace to fight with them as an act of redemption. After the war, Nyna gives Horace a full pardon and he resumes his service to House Archeanea.


Etzel (エッツェル, Ettseru) is a bespectacled sorcerer that eventually joins Marth in his entourage in the hopes of ending the war. He had been married to a woman named Ursula; she had been killed in an attack by Dolhr, and all that remained of her was their wedding ring. When he meets Marth, he is a prisoner of war, who was made to fight against Marth because the warden had his ring. After Marth's group kills the commander, they notice the ring and Etzel appears, explaining about the ring and why he fought against them. He then accompanies Marth. After the war, he disappears, travelling the world.


Ymir (ユミル, Yumiru) is an ogre warrior from Grust. Because of his inhuman size, he was outcast from society everywhere he went. However, he eventually found a village where he was accepted and he decided to fight to protect its people. After Marth defeated Grust, a rebellion of Grustian soldiers fooled Ymir into thinking they were on his side in protecting the villagers, although their real intention was to use the surrounding area as a battlefield to stop Marth. They then attack Ymir and the villagers and he is forced to hide the villagers in a cave and guard the entrance from the rebellion. When Marth arrives to stop the rebellion he meets Ymir and tells him the same story the Grustian soldiers told him: they are attempting to protect the villagers. Ymir believes that they are attempting to fool him into falling for the same trick twice, so he does not trust Marth. However, when Marth puts an end to the Grustian rebellion, Ymir aplogizes for not believing him and joins him.


Nagi (ナギ, Nagi) is a female Manakete that was put to sleep due to her extreme power. It is suggested that she is a reincarnation of Naga, the father of Tiki. Nagi will join if Tiki had died earlier (or was never recruited) and the Falchion is not in Marth's possession, as a weaker version of the Falchion is given to Marth by Nagi (however a workaround exists for reviving Tiki and keeping the stronger version of the Falchion while recruiting Nagi). Mentioned in the Shadow Dragon guide book however is a method that allows the player to have both Tiki and Nagi, even if they had gotten the strong version of the Falchion. The player simply hands Tiki the Falchion and allows her to fall in battle before chapter 24 ends. The Falchion wil reappear in the player's inventory and they will be sent to chapter 24x to recruit Nagi. Afterwards, the player uses the Aum staff to revive Tiki. However, if Nagi is recruited, Gotoh will not join the fight against Medeus. Interestingly, if Nagi is recruited before this battle begins, she senses an evil will at work in Doluna Keep. The precise identity of this evil will is currently ambiguous: it could be Medeus himself, but it could also be the Fell Dragon Grima, the primary villain of Fire Emblem Awakening, which would imply that Nagi has a connection to him. After the war, she mysteriously disappears.

In Hikari to Kage no Eiyū[edit]

These characters were introduced in the remake, Fire Emblem: Shin Monshō no Nazo ~Hikari to Kage no Eiyū~.

Avatar/My Unit[edit]

A youth of Altea who volunteers to join the Altean Knights. My Unit is a customizable character known as the Hero of Shadow, and is the main character alongside Marth. The Avatar's default name is Kris.[4]


Katarina is a purple haired girl. She joins the Altean Knights along with My Unit and aspires to be a Tactician.[4] She is in actuality a traitor and her true name is Eine, and she has been sent by Eremiya to assassinate Marth. Her attempt is easily thwarted.


A member of Eremiya's assassins. She uses a bow.


A member of Eremiya's assassins. His speech belies his true intentions.


The leader of assassins who is following Gharnef. She hands out cruel orders, despite her gentle appearance.

Non-playable characters[edit]

Major characters appearing in all three games, but cannot be controlled by the player.

King Cornelius[edit]

King Cornelius (コーネリウス, Kouneriusu) is the father to Marth and Elice, and the ruler of Altea. He wielded the sword Falchion against Dolhr, but is betrayed and killed by King Jiol of Gra. After which, Gharnef steals the Falchion. Cain is witness to this, and returns to tell Marth as he flees Altea for the safety of Talys. He is married to Liza, who was killed by the Manakete Morzas as Marth flees the castle.


Malledus (モロドフ, Morodofu) is the confident to Cornelius, who takes Marth under his wing. Though he wanted to stay with Elice, he is convinced to remain at Marth's side. Over time, Malledus becomes Marth's trusted tacticians.


Anna (アンナ, Anna) is the lover of Jake. She is the only character to appear in every game in the Fire Emblem series, with the exception of Fire Emblem Gaiden, though she is never playable in any of them. Anna operates the secret shops in Ankoku Ryū to Hikari no Tsurugi, Shadow Dragon, and Monshō no Nazo, and has a speaking role in Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu. In Fire Emblem, she appears in the multiplayer portions of the game and gives the player advice in one of the chapters. In both Fire Emblem and Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones, she appears in the menus in mutliplayer mode and the Suspend menu. In Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, she hosts the in-game tutorial. She also appears in Fire Emblem Awakening: this game marks her first playable appearance in the series.


Camus (カミュ, Kamyu) is the leader of the Sable Order[3] from Grust. Despite his liege's decision to ally with Dolhr, he obeyed his country and fought for its honor. He also protected Nyna from Archanea and sent her to Aurelis, also falling in love with her. Unfortunately, he eventually encountered Marth in battle and was thought to be dead in the ensuing battle. In reality, however, he survived and assumed the identity of the masked knight, Sirius. Camus is playable in BS Fire Emblem: Akaneia Senki, in a mission where he must protect Nyna with help from Grust's Sable Order. He wields the legendary lance Gradivus.


Miloah is the influential leader of Khadein and a student of Gotoh. He was chosen over Gharnef by Gotoh to receive the Aura spell. Aura can only be used by Miloah, Linde, Gotoh, and female magic users. This spell cannot damage Gharnef, but is nonetheless intensely powerful, doing even more damage than Excalibur, though it also has a much lower chance of scoring a critical hit and has no bonus effects. He is murdered and overthrown by Gharnef. His daughter Linde manages to survive. Miloah is never seen ingame-only mentioned, though he and the Aura spell are clearly famous.

King Jiol[edit]

King Jiol (ジオル, Jioru) is the corrupt and cowardly king of Gra. Though he and his country of Gra are allies of Altea, he betrays them and sides with Medeus out of cowardice. Jiol dies at the hands of Altea. He is succeeded by Sheema, the daughter of his second wife.


Lang is a corrupt general of the Akanian empire who oppresses Grust and Macedon. He was known for kidnapping young girls, putting children into slavery and being cruel to the elderly. He planned to execute Yumina and Yubello, the heirs of Grust, but they were thankfully saved by Ogma. He is eventually slain by Marth. He uses a modified portrait of Jiol.


Ryuke is a rebellious General from Macedon who overthrew and captured Minerva in Book Two. Before he combated Marth, Michalis requested he give Minerva to him, he complied only because Michalis threatened him. Afterwards he was defeated by the Altean army.


Gharnef (ガーネフ, Gaanefu) was once a star pupil of Gotoh. He was once a man of justice, but lacks a caring heart, which caused him to be disqualified to become the inheritor of the Aura spell. Out of jealousy, Gharnef stole the spell Imhullu and it twisted his soul, trying to destroy the world with the help of the Dolhr Empire. He attacked Altea to kidnap Elice, so he can use her resurrection spell to revive Medeus. However, Marth defeated him and slays Medeus, but Gharnef wasn't quite dead yet as he hid his soul in the Dark orb. When he heard about Hardin's sorrow, Gharnef disguised himself as a merchant and offered him the Dark Orb, which corrupted him. He then gathered four noble sisters, Lena, Maria, Nyna and Elice, to be sacrificed for Medeus' revival, and brainwashed them. A member of Marth's army eventually killed him for good once again with the Starlight spell and thwarted his plan. Gharnef's Imhullu spell makes him invincible to attacks and deals a rather large amount of damage, though it can be nullified with a high enough resistance stat, normally seen with bishops. Only a magician using the spell Starlight (ironically created by his former master) can kill him.


Medeus (メディウス, Mediusu) was once a normal Manakete. Furious on how humans looked down upon his race, he founded the Dolhr Empire and enslaved humanity. He was eventually killed by the hero Anri, and his kingdom was destroyed. Centuries later, the dark pontifex Gharnef brought his forces back and worked to resurrect him through the power of Aum Staff. Medeus was revived, but he was quickly slain by Anri's descendant Marth. Later, Gharnef tried to revive him again using the noble sisters Lena, Maria, Nyna, and Elice. This time Medeus metamorphized into a dark dragon. However, Marth and co. once again kill him before he can do anything further. If at least one of noble sisters (Lena, Maria, Nyna, and Elice) is still an enemy unit after you defeated Medeus, then Medeus will say that they will be sacrificed to restore his HP, and proceeds to kill and sap HP from ALL of the Noble Sisters who weren't recruited or killed prior to defeating him. If he is defeated again after this event or if the Noble Sisters are either recruited or dead by the time you kill Medeus, he then dies and claims that he can always return as long as there is evil in human's heart. As stated in Nagi's entry, it is currently unknown if Medeus' actions were entirely his own due to the evil will at work in his keep. Therefore, Medeus, like Nagi, could have a connection to Grima: one that is allowing his repeated resurrections but is also corrupting his actions and thoughts: if this is indeed the case, then he could be seen as nothing more than a pawn of the Fell Dragon. However, this is merely speculation.


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