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This list of Florida Atlantic University people includes graduates, non-graduate former students, and current students of Florida Atlantic University and its graduate programs. Since its opening in 1964, Florida Atlantic has awarded over 100,000 degrees to more than 95,000 alumni worldwide.

The NW 20th St entrance sign on the Boca Raton campus.


Congresswoman Meek
Dr. McKay
Steven Swanson
Chris Carrabba
R. David Paulison



Athlete Notability
Yolanda Griffith professional basketball player in the WNBA[1]

Gridiron football[edit]

Athlete Notability
Rob Housler professional football player for the Arizona Cardinals
Lestar Jean professional football player for the Houston Texans
Mike Lockley professional football player for the Jacksonville Jaguars
Alfred Morris professional football player for the Washington Redskins
Charles Pierre professional football player for the BC Lions
Rusty Smith professional football player for the Tennessee Titans

Major League Baseball[edit]

Athlete Notability
Daniel Bomback[2] Professional MLB player
Anthony Bradley[2] Professional MLB player
Carmen Cali Professional MLB pitcher[3]
Brandon Cooney[2] Professional MLB player
Jeff Fiorentino Professional MLB outfielder[4]
Tim Harikkala Professional MLB pitcher[5]
Justin Martin[2] Professional MLB player
Tommy Murphy Professional MLB outfielder[6]
Justin Phillabaum[2] Professional MLB player
Robbie Widlansky[2] Professional MLB player


Athlete Notability
Mark Zupan Captain of the United States quadriplegic wheelchair rugby team[7]


Alumni Notability
Fern "Peachy" Kellymeyer
(M.A. 1974)
Professional tennis player, administrator, and 1999 ITA Hall of Fame inductee[8]


Alumni Notability
Richard DiMarchi
(B.S. 1974)
Former Vice President at Eli Lilly and Company, and current Chairman in Biomolecular Sciences and Professor of Chemistry at Indiana University[9]
Patricia McKay
(B.B.A. 1978)
Executive Vice President, and Chief Financial Officer of Office Depot[10]
Robert "Skip" Orr
(B.A. 1978)
Former President of Boeing Japan, and former Vice President of Motorola[11]
Maynard Webb
(B.A. 19??)
Member of the Board of Directors of, and former Chief Operating Officer, and President of Technologies for eBay[12]
Phil Zimmermann
(B.S. 1978)
Creator of Pretty Good Privacy[13]
George Zoley
(B.A. 1972, M.P.A. 1975)
Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer, & Founder of The GEO Group, Inc. a publicly traded company that became independent from The Wackenhut Corporation[14]
Ralph de la Vega
(B.S.M.E. 19??)
Chief Operating Officer of Cingular Wireless, and former President of BellSouth's Latin American operations[15]\
Daniel B. O'Connor
(B.S. 1998)
Project Director at Sprint Nextel, mobile advertising innovator and creator of first mobile advertising system in the world. Currently holds patent for mobile web log filtering - enabling behavioral profiling of mobile users.


Mark Dean
(M.S.E.E. 1982)
Vice President Technical Strategy and WorldWide Operations for IBM Research. Holds three of the original 9 patents on the IBM PC as well as developing the Industry Standard Architecture (ISA) "bus," which permitted add-on devices like the keyboard, disk drives and printers to be connected to the motherboard



Alumni Notability
Wilson G. Bradshaw
(B.S., 19??; M.S., 19??)
President of Florida Gulf Coast University[18]
Arthur C. Brooks
(M.A., 1995)
Social scientist, economist, professor, author, and professional musician
Alberto "Al" Cardenas
(B.A. 1969)
Attorney, Republican lobbyist, and trustee of Florida A&M[19]
Keith Hamm
(M.A., 1973)
Edwards Professor of Political Science at Rice University
George L. Hanbury
(Ph.D. 19??)
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Nova Southeastern University[20]


Lead singer of Rock Band Nonpoint

Alumni Notability
Kevin Allesee
(B.A. 2005)
Ana M. Azcuy
(B.A. 1976)
First Hispanic television anchor in South Florida, and three time Emmy Award winner[23]
Allen Berman
(B.A. 1977)
Former Senior Producer for CBS Evening News, and Executive Producer for Media Street Productions[23]
Don Brewer
(B.B.A. 1990)
Drummer and founding member of the band Grand Funk Railroad[23]
Mary Carey
(A.A. 2002)
Pornographic actress[24]
Chris Carrabba Singer-songwriter, Dashboard Confessional
Marc Kudisch
(B.F.A. 1988)
Broadway actor and two-time Tony Award nominee[25]
Mike Lawrence
(B.A. 2007)
Stand-up comedian
Lycia Naff
Actress who portrayed the three-breasted mutant prostitute in the original movie Total Recall[26]
Dean Peterson Internationally-known opera star[27]
Carrot Top
(B.B.A. 1989)
Prop comedian famous for his red hair and television commercials[28]


U.S. senators, governors, lt. governors[edit]

Alumni Notability
Frank Brogan
(M.Ed. 1981)
Chancellor of the State University System of Florida, Former Lieutenant Governor of Florida and President of Florida Atlantic University[29]

Cabinet members and federal officials[edit]

Alumni Notability
R. David Paulison
(B.A. 19??)
Current Under Secretary of the Federal Emergency Management Agency[30]

U.S. Congressmen[edit]

Alumni Notability
Carrie P. Meek
(Hon Ph.D. 19??)
Former U.S. Congresswoman from Florida's 17th district[31]
Daniel A. Mica
(B.A. 1966, Hon Ph.D. 19??)
Former U.S. Congressman, President and CEO of the Credit Union National Association.[32]

Judges, lawyers, state officials[edit]

Alumni Notability
Carol W. Hunstein
(B.S. 1972)
Presiding Justice of the Supreme Court of Georgia[33]
Scott Henderson
(B.A. 19??)
Famous Jazz/Blues/Fusion Guitarist [2] Tribal Tech[34][35]
Ken Jenne
(B.A. 1968)
Former Sheriff of Broward County, Florida and former state legislator[36]
Henry Latimer
(M.A. 19??)
First African American circuit court judge in Broward County, Florida[37]

Non-U.S. politicians[edit]

Alumni Country Notability
Alexis Jeffers Saint Kitts and Nevis Member of the Nevis Island Assembly, candidate for the National Assembly in the 2010 federal election.[38][39]


Alumni Notability
Kevin Crawford Shakespeare scholar[40]
Charles Ghigna Poet and children's author known as "Father Goose"[41]
Judith Ortiz Cofer
(M.A. 1977)
Puerto Rican author[42]

Medicine, science and technology[edit]

Alumni Notability
Steven Swanson
(M.A. 1986)
NASA astronaut[43]
Dr. Christopher McKay
Currently a planetary scientist at NASA Ames Research Center[44]


Alumni Notability
Theresa LePore Former Supervisor of Elections for Palm Beach County, Florida, most notable for her role in the 2000 Presidential Election controversy
Mirta Ojito Cuban-born Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist for the New York Times and professor of journalism at the University of Miami
Gerard John Schaefer Former Martin County sheriff's deputy and serial killer convicted of two murders in 1973 and believed responsible for over thirty others


Social Science Building, which houses the College Of Architecture, Urban and Public Affairs
  • Dr. Jie Wu, professor in the College of Engineering and Computer Science, Program Director for the Networking Technology and Systems (NeTS) program of the National Science Foundation.[48][49][50][51]


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