List of Florida state prisons

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The Florida Department of Corrections[1] is divided into three regions, each representing a specific geographical area of the State. Region I[2] is the panhandle area, Region II[3] is the north-east and north-central area and Region III[4] is the central and southern area of the State.

There are several types of facilities in Florida, ranging from community work release centers to maximum security institutions.

The State of Florida operates almost all of its major institutions and most of its lesser facilities. Privately operated prisons in Florida are called "Correctional Facilities" (for example, Lake City Correctional Facility) while state operated facilities are called "Correctional Institutions"(i.e. Union Correctional Institution) Florida State Prison is the only facility in the state known as a "Prison".[citation needed]

This is a list of major Institutions and their attached minor units in Florida.[citation needed] It does not include federal prisons or county jails located in the state of Florida.