List of French films of the 1920s

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Films produced in France in the 1920s ordered by year of release on separate pages:

During World War I the French film production declined rapidly. Many of the French resources had been drained due to the war. French producers faced a huge uphill battle in trying to regain their prewar standing. Compared to the over 500 US films released during the 1920s, France released less than 100 films. American films started to take over the French market. French producers of film often called to the government to set limits on the number of imported films that could be released. This many of times didn't work. Another problem the French filmmakers faced was the fact that they had outdated production facilities. Between 1918 and 1929, a new generation of filmmakers sought to explore the cinema as an art. This was called The French Impressionist Movement.[1]










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