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This is a list of applications that use GTK+ and/or Clutter for their GUI widgets. Such applications blend well with desktop environments that are GTK+-based as well, such as GNOME, Cinnamon, LXDE, MATE, Pantheon, Sugar, Xfce or ROX Desktop.

In contrast to Qt, GTK+ relies on additional libraries, such as GLib, Cairo, Pango, GtkSourceView, or GStreamer. There are no unnecessary abstraction layers and occurring problems are solved at the root, not somewhere above the abstraction layer. And of course, there are the language bindings for GTK+.

Official GNOME applications[edit]

The GNOME Project, i.e. all the people involved with the development of the GNOME desktop environment, is the biggest contributor to GTK+, and the GNOME Core Applications as well as the GNOME Games employ the newest GUI widgets from the cutting-edge version of GTK+ and demonstrates their capabilities. The following table lists applications supplied as part of a GNOME release:[1]

"Official" GNOME applications can be found

  1. in the GNOME Wiki at
  2. in the navigation bar {{GNOME}}
  3. somewhere under the Category:GNOME

there should be no good reason to create another list or amalgamation of "GNOME software", this page comprises GTK+ software and arranges it by its scope.

Shells, user interfaces, application launchers[edit]

Education software[edit]

Utility software[edit]

Operating system administration[edit]

End-user utilities[edit]

  • Orca – Scriptable screen-reader
  • Rygel – Home media solution
  • Seahorse – PGP and SSH key-manager


Abstract strategy games[edit]

Puzzle games[edit]

Card games[edit]


Graphics editors[edit]

Image viewers[edit]

Internet software[edit]

Web browsers[edit]

  • Web – default GNOME web-browser
  • Midori – default Xfce web-browser
  • GPE-Mini-Browser – compact web-browser[12]
  • Uzbl – minimalist web-browser
  • xombrero – minimalist web-browser

Email clients[edit]

Software for inter-person communication[edit]

  • Empathy – instant-messaging client, VoIP and videoconferencing
  • Emesene – Instant messenger
  • Gabber – Instant messenger
  • Galaxium – Instant messenger
  • Pidgin – Instant messenger
  • Smuxi – User-friendly IRC Client
  • XChat – IRC client
  • Gajim – Instant messenger

File sharing[edit]

Office software[edit]

Tools for programming and development[edit]

Optical disc software[edit]

Optical disc authoring software[edit]

Optical disc ripping software[edit]



Video players[edit]

Video editors[edit]

GPE Palmtop Environment[edit]

  • GPE-Contacts - A contacts manager
  • GPE-Calendar - The calendar application
  • GPE-Edit - A simple text editor
  • GPE-Filemanager - A file manager with MIME type and remote access support
  • GPE-Gallery - Small and easy to use image viewer
  • GPE-Games - A small collection of tiny games
  • GPE-Sketchbook - Create notes and sketches
  • GPE-Soundbite - A voice memo tool
  • GPE-ToDo - A task list manager
  • GPE-Timesheet - Track time spend on tasks

Tablet applications[edit]

  • Gournal – Pen notetaking application
  • Xournal – Pen notetaking application
  • Jarnal – Pen notetaking application

Science software[edit]


Despite the immense popularity of Qt, there continues to be science software using the GUI widgets of version 2 of GTK+ toolkit. Whether this is going to remain that way, or whether the software will be ported to some current version of GTK+ (maybe GTK+ 4) remains to be seen. A list:

  • GNOME Chemistry Utils
    • GChemPaint, a 2D chemical editor
    • GChemCalc, a chemical calculator
    • GChem3D, a molecular structure viewer
    • GCrystal, a crystal structure viewer and editor
    • GSpectrum, a simple spectrum viewer
    • GChemTable, a periodic table of the elements
  • Ghemical, a computational chemistry software package
  • gcrystal – a crystal structures visualizer
  • Chemtool – for drawing chemical structural formulas
  • gdis[13] – molecular and crystal model viewer
  • EasyChem[14] – draws high-quality molecules and 2D chemical formulas and diagrams and exports to PDF, PS, LaTeX and fig.
  • gperiodic[15]Periodic table
  • gpdftext – GTK+ text editor for ebook PDF files

Engineering software[edit]

  • GLogic[16] – gLogic is an educational graphical logic circuit simulator developed with PyGObject


  • G3DViewer[17] – G3DViewer is a 3D file viewer that uses the LibG3D plugin facility supporting a variety of file types, such as: 3D Studio (.3ds, .prj) LightWave (.lw, .lwb, .lwo) Alias Wavefront (.obj) Impulse TurboSilver / Imagine (.iob) AutoCAD (.dxf) Quake II Models (.md2) Quake III Models (.md3) Neutral File Format (.nff) 3D Metafile (.3dmf, .3mf, .b3d) Caligari TrueSpace Objects (.cob) Quick3D Objects & Scenes (.q3o, q3s) VRML 1.0 files (.wrl, .vrml) AC3D objects (.ac, .acc) LeoCAD Models (.lcd) Racer car models (.ar, .dof) Ultimate Stunts car models (.glb) VDrift car models (.joe, .car) COLLADA & G**gle Earth (.dae, .kmz) (new in libg3d 0.0.7) LDraw (.dat, .mpd) (new in libg3d 0.0.7) ASCII Scene Exporter (.ase) (new in libg3d 0.0.7)
  • gambit[18] – a set of software tools for doing computation on finite, noncooperative games
  • GAMGI (General Atomistic Modelling Graphic Interface) [19] – provides a graphical interface to build, view and analyze atomic structures
  • gaupol[20] – subtitle editor for text-based subtitle files: Advanced Sub Station Alpha (.ssa) MicroDVD (.sub) MPL2 (.txt) MPsub (.sub) SubRip (.srt) Sub Station Alpha (.ssa) SubViewer2 (.sub) and TMPlayer (.txt)
  • gdevilspie – creates and manages Devil's Pie rules; Devil's Pie finds windows as they are created and perform actions on them, such as resizing, moving to another workspace, or pinning them to all workspaces
  • Devilspie2 – uses Lua scripts
  • gigolo [21] – frontend to manage connections to remote file systems using GIO/GVFS
  • GImageView – image viewer
  • GHex – a hex editor,
  • gigedit[22] – stand alone instrument editor for Gigasampler files, but also a front-end LinuxSampler
  • glabels[23] – label, business card and media cover creation program
  • Alexandria – Book collection manager
  • AutoScan-Network – Network discovery and management application
  • Banter – real-time collaboration client focused on the big three: text, voice and video (no updates since 2007)
  • Beagle – search tool
  • GNOME Split – file splitter
  • GCstar – Personal collections manager
  • GRAMPSGenealogy software
  • PSPPIRE – the Gnome front end to PSPP


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