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Game of the Year (abbreviated GotY) is a title awarded by various magazines, websites, and shows to a deserving game. Many publications award a single "Game of the Year" to a single title that they feel represents the pinnacle of gaming achievement that year.


Organizations and publications who award board Game of the Years include:


Games magazine[edit]

The winners of the Games (magazine) Game of the Year are chosen by Games editors:[1] See Games 100.

Year Game of the Year Designer(s) Publisher
2014 Garden Dice/The Card Expansion Doug Bass Meridae Games
2013 Trajan Stefan Feld Ammonit Spiele
2012 Tikal II: The Lost Temple Wolfgang Kramer and Michael Kiesling Asmodée Editions
2011 Jump Gate Matt Worden Matt Worden Games
2010 Small World Philippe Keyaerts Days of Wonder
2009 Tzaar Kris Burm Rio Grande Games
2008 Pillars of the Earth Michael Rieneck and Stefan Stadler Mayfair Games
2007[2] Vegas Showdown Henry Stern Avalon Hill
2006[3] Australia Wolfgang Kramer and Michael Kiesling Rio Grande Games
2005[4] BuyWord Sid Sackson Face2Face Games
2004[5] New England Alan Moon and Aaron Weissblum Überplay
2003[6] DVONN Kris Burm Rio Grande
2002 Evo Philippe Keyaerts Eurogames-Descartes USA
2001 Aladdin's Dragons Richard Breese Rio Grande
2000[7] Torres Wolfgang Kramer and Michael Kiesling Rio Grande
1999[8] Fossil Klaus Palesch Rio Grande
1998[8] Quoridor Mirko Marchesi Great American Trading Co.
1997[9] 25 Words or Less Winning Moves
1995[10] Sharp Shooters Milton Bradley
1994[10] Myst Robyn Miller and Rand Miller Broderbund
1993[10] Inklings Mattel
1992[10] Pipeline Playco Hawaii
1991[10] Trumpet International Games

Spiel des Jahres[edit]

These are winners of Spiel des Jahres, the German board game award.

Year Winner Designer Publisher
2013 Hanabi Antoine Bauza Asmodée Éditions
2012 Kingdom Builder Donald X. Vaccarino Queen Games
2011 Qwirkle Susan McKinley Ross Mindware
2010 Dixit Jean-Louis Roubira Libellud
2009 Dominion Donald X. Vaccarino Rio Grande Games
2008 Keltis Reiner Knizia Kosmos
2007 Zooloretto Michael Schacht Abacus Spiele
2006 Thurn and Taxis Andreas Seyfarth and Karen Seyfarth Hans im Glück
2005 Niagara Thomas Liesching Zoch Verlag
2004 Ticket to Ride Alan R. Moon Days of Wonder
2003 Alhambra Dirk Henn Queen Games
2002 Villa Paletti Bill Payne Zoch Verlag
2001 Carcassonne Klaus-Jürgen Wrede Hans im Glück
2000 Torres Wolfgang Kramer and Michael Kiesling Ravensburger
1999 Tikal Wolfgang Kramer and Michael Kiesling Ravensburger
1998 Elfenland Alan R. Moon Amigo Spiele
1997 Mississippi Queen Werner Hodel Goldsieber
1996 El Grande Wolfgang Kramer and Richard Ulrich Hans im Glück
1995 The Settlers of Catan Klaus Teuber Kosmos
1994 Manhattan Andreas Seyfarth Hans im Glück
1993 Call My Bluff Richard Borg F.X. Schmid
1992 Um Reifenbreite Rob Bontenbal Jumbo
1991 Drunter und Drüber Klaus Teuber Hans im Glück
1990 Hoity Toity Klaus Teuber F.X. Schmid
1989 Café International Rudi Hoffmann Mattel
1988 Barbarossa Klaus Teuber Altenburger und Stralsunder
1987 Auf Achse Wolfgang Kramer F.X. Schmid
1986 Top Secret Spies Wolfgang Kramer Ravensburger
1985 Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective Raymond Edwards, Suzanne Goldberg and Gary Grady Kosmos
1984 Railway Rivals David Watts Schmidt Spiele
1983 Scotland Yard Werner Schlegel, Dorothy Garrels, Fritz Ifland, Manfred Burggraf, Werner Scheerer and Wolf Hoermann Ravensburger
1982 Enchanted Forest Alex Randolph and Michel Matschoss Ravensburger
1981 Focus Sid Sackson Parker
1980 Rummikub Ephraim Hertzano Intelli
1979 Hare and Tortoise David Parlett Ravensburger

Mensa Select[edit]

These are winners of Mensa Select Award, for the five best board games of the year submitted to Mensa Mind Games

Year Winner Designer Publisher
2013 Forbidden Desert Matt Leacock Gamewright
2013 Ghooost! Richard Garfield Iello
2013 Kerflip Damon Tabb Creative Foundry Games
2013 Kulami Andreas Kuhnekath Foxmind Games
2013 Suburbia Ted Alspach Bezier Games
2012 Coerceo Erik Gortzen Coerceo Company
2012 Iota Gene Mackles Iota
2012 Mine Shift John Forte, Jr Mindware
2012 Snake Oil Jeff Ochs Snake Oil, LLC
2012 Tetris Link (Uncredited) TechnoSource
2011 Instructures Jane Mathews Jane's Games
2011 Pastiche Sean D MacDonald Gryphon Games
2011 Pirate vs Pirate Max Winter Osterhaus Out of the Box
2011 Stomple Greg Zima GaZima Games
2011 Uncle Chestnut's Table Gype Paul E Nowak and Christopher Nowak Eternal Revolution
2010 Anomia Andrew Innes Anomia Press
2010 Dizios Nicholas Cravotta MindWare
2010 Forbidden Island Matt Leacock Gamewright
2010 Word on the Street Jack Degnan Out of the Box
2010 Yikerz! (Uncredited) Wiggles 3D Incorporated
2009 Cornerstone Matt Mette Good Company Games
2009 Dominion Donald X Vaccarino Rio Grande Games
2009 Marrakech Dominique Ehrhard Fundex
2009 Stratum Jose' L Navas Family Games America, Inc
2009 Tic-Tac-Ku Mark Asperheim and Cris Van Oosterum Mad Cave Bird Games
2008 AmuseAmaze Ethan Goffman HL Games
2008 Eye Know Paul Berton and George Sinclair Wiggles 3D Inc
2008 Jumbulaya Julie Archer and Karl Archer Platypus Games
2008 Pixel Ariel Laden Educational Insights
2008 Tiki Topple Keith Meyers Gamewright
2007 Gemlok Donald Meyer Pywacket Games
2007 Gheos Rene' Wiersma Z-Man Games
2007 Hit or Miss Garrett J Donner, Brian S Spence, and Michael S Steer Gamewright
2007 Qwirkle Susan McKinley Ross MindWare
2007 Skullduggery K Allegra Vernon Outset Media Games
2006 Deflexion (aka Khet) Luke Hooper, Michael Larson, and Del Segura Deflexion
2006 Hive John Yianni Smart Zone Games
2006 Keesdrow Donald Meyer Pywacket
2006 Pentago Tomas Floden Mindtwister USA
2006 Wits & Wagers Dominic Crapuchettes North Star Games
2005 DaVinci's Challenge Paul Micarelli Briarpatch
2005 Ingenious Reiner Knizia Fantasy Flight Games
2005 Loot Reiner Knizia Gamewright
2005 Niagara Thomas Liesching Rio Grande Games
2005 Zendo Kory Heath Looney Labs
2004 10 Days in Africa/USA Alan Moon and Aaron Weissblum Out of the Box
2004 Basari Reinhard Staupe Out of the Box
2004 The Bridges of Shangri-La Leo Colovini Uberplay Entertainment
2004 Rumis Stefan Kogl Educational Insights
2004 Yinsh Kris Burm Rio Grande Games
2003 Blokus Bernard Tavitian Educational Insights
2003 Cityscape Sjaak Griffioen Out of the Box
2003 Fire & Ice Jens-Peter Schliemann Out of the Box
2003 Octiles Dale Walton Out of the Box
2003 Transamerica Franz-Benno Delonge Rio Grande Games
2002 Curses! Brian Tinsman Play All Day Games
2002 Dvonn Kris Burm Rio Grande Games
2002 The Legend of Landlock Edith Schlichting Gamewright
2002 Muggins! (Uncredited) Muggins Math
2002 Smart Mouth Theo Coster, Ora Coster, and Theora Design Binary Arts
2001 Brainstrain DJ Calhoun Chuckle Games Company
2001 Dao Jeff Pickering and Ben VanBuskirk
2001 Metro Dirk Henn Queen Games
2001 Shapes Up! (Uncredited) Educational Insights
2001 The Poll Game Eric Martin and Jeff Snow Thepollgame, LLC
2000 3 Stones Andy Daniel Enginuity Games
2000 Finish Lines Joan Moravick Games For All Reasons
2000 Imaginiff Jack Lawson and Andrew Lawson Buffalo Games
2000 Time's Up! Peter Sarrett R&R Games
2000 Zertz Kris Burm Schmidt International/Rio Grande Games


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