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George Lopez is an American television sitcom that ran on the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) from March 27, 2002, to May 8, 2007, with a total of 120 episodes produced over the course of 6 seasons.

Series overview[edit]

Season Episodes Originally aired DVD release
Season premiere Season finale
1 4 March 27, 2002 (2002-03-27) April 17, 2002 (2002-04-17) April 17, 2007 (2007-04-17)
2 24 October 2, 2002 (2002-10-02) May 14, 2003 (2003-05-14)
3 28 September 26, 2003 (2003-09-26) May 21, 2004 (2004-05-21) July 16, 2013 (2013-07-16)[1]
4 24 September 28, 2004 (2004-09-28) May 17, 2005 (2005-05-17) TBA
5 22 October 5, 2005 (2005-10-05) April 12, 2006 (2006-04-12) N/A
6 18 January 24, 2007 (2007-01-24) May 8, 2007 (2007-05-08) N/A

Season 1: 2002[edit]

Production codes for this season are 1xx

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production
1 1 "Prototype" Barnet Kellman Bruce Helford & George Lopez & Robert Borden March 27, 2002 (2002-03-27) 104
When well-liked George (George Lopez) becomes the first guy to be promoted from the assembly line to plant manager at a Los Angeles airplane parts factory, his life becomes a little more complicated. His pal Ernie (Valente Rodriguez) and former compadres on the plant floor tease him about joining management. George's first test in the new position is to terminate one employee. He must choose either his acerbic line-inspector mother, Benny (Belita Moreno), or his best friend Ernie. George's hardworking and patient wife, Angie (Constance Marie), copes with Benny's constant wisecracks and cares for the couple's kids, precocious 9-year-old Max (Luis Armand Garcia) and 14-year-old Carmen (Masiela Lusha), who is dealing with the traumas of being a teenager. Carmen has what George calls "jungle pits" and hairy legs.
2 2 "Curious George" Andy Cadiff Dailyn Rodriguez April 3, 2002 (2002-04-03) 101
George worries about Carmen when she brings a boy home for the first time. He persuades Max to spy on them, but despite finding no impropriety, George threatens Duncan (Jonathon Jones), embarrassing Carmen. Later, George replies to instant messages on Carmen's computer, pretending to be her. Although this infuriates both Carmen and Angie when they find out, George goes to a party and further humiliates Carmen with his over-protectiveness. Finally, Carmen sadly ends the relationship with Duncan, not because of her father, but because Duncan tries to pressure her into having sex too soon. Carmen forgives George, who realizes that she is more responsible than he thought.
3 3 "Happy Birthdays" Philip Charles MacKenzie Lawrence Bloch April 10, 2002 (2002-04-10) 102
Much to George's unpleasant surprise, Angie and his family throw him a very belated surprise birthday party that he assumes is Max's upcoming birthday party while a new worker, accident-prone Amy (Sandra Bullock, one of the executive producers of the series), threatens the pride George takes in his workplace's safety record.
4 4 "Max's Big Adventure" Lee Shallat-Chemel George Lopez & Rick Nyholm April 17, 2002 (2002-04-17) 103
George and Benny find themselves holding open auditions for workers to replace Reggie's position in the factory's carpool after he gets arrested for fighting in a bar the night before. Meanwhile, George tries to prove to Angie that Max is not ready to walk to school on his own when Angie insists on George letting him do so.

Season 2: 2002–03[edit]

Production codes begin with 1 due to the season being split

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production
5 1 "Who's Your Daddy?" Lee Shallat-Chemel Rachel Sweet October 2, 2002 (2002-10-02) 109
Angie chastises George for telling Max fabricated stories about his deceased father, Manny (Esai Morales). Later, while shopping with Benny, George meets his aunt Cecelia (Olga Merediz) who tells him his father is in fact alive and living in northern California. When George attempts to find his father, Benny lies to him saying Manny never held him as a baby. Cecelia later visits the Lopez residence and gives George a picture of Manny holding him. Meanwhile, Angie buys a dog off a homeless man because the dog needs veterinary help.
6 2 "Token of Unappreciation" Lee Shallat-Chemel Rick Nyholm October 9, 2002 (2002-10-09) 112
The "cool" girls court Carmen, but not her best friend, Toby. Meanwhile, George is tempted to accept a job offer from another factory after he is disrespected by his bosses at Powers Aviation.
7 3 "Show Dyslexic The" Philip Charles MacKenzie Robert Borden October 16, 2002 (2002-10-16) 110
George goes into denial when Max is thought to have dyslexia, and Angie makes things worse when she suggests that George may have it, too, since it can be genetic. Max is told to take special education classes, but George refuses because he doesn't want Max to get beaten up or teased. In the end, Max goes to the special education classes, against his wishes. Meanwhile, Ernie has a girlfriend that forces him to watch her kids while she has to do "errands."
8 4 "Halloween Cheer" Philip Charles MacKenzie Jim Hope October 23, 2002 (2002-10-23) 117
Carmen becomes depressed after her best friend Toby moves away, and she becomes a troublemaker when George, Angie, and Benny catch her smoking a cigarette. Angie suggests Pep Squad, but when the cheerleaders tease her, she blames Angie by telling her to stay out of her life. Meanwhile, the Powers brothers want George to fire Reggie. But he has a hard time doing it.
9 5 "The Unnatural" Joe Regalbuto Frank Pace & Mike Upchurch October 30, 2002 (2002-10-30) 107
When Max's baseball coach asks George to have Max sit out the next game because he does not think Max is good enough for the team, George tries to help Max get better at baseball, but fails to as he is no better at baseball either. Then Max accidentally lets Mr. Needles get hold of George's autographed baseball and he chews it up. George gets really mad at Max for this, but Angie tells him he is being too hard on Max. George then has a dream that his bobbleheads tell him he is being too hard on Max and that Max might not like baseball. Then Max decides to quit baseball completely.
10 6 "No Free Launch" Gerry Cohen Luisa Leschin November 6, 2002 (2002-11-06) 108
At a PTA meeting, Accident Amy (Sandra Bullock) becomes secretary and is in charge of candy sales for a trip to the Space Shuttle launch, who reveals that her daughter is in Max's class. When George, Angie, and Max fail to make the quota of $480, the PTA moms demand that they write a check, but George refuses, partly because George doesn't believe they need to go to the Space Shuttle launch and partly because George has little spending money. In the end, Max doesn't go on the trip when George burns the check because the PTA called him poor. However, George and Max watch the launch at home on TV, but much to their joy the launch is canceled and they instead watch wrestling. Elsewhere, Benny seeks a makeover from Carmen because of a guy she has met, until she finds out he is married.
11 7 "The Wedding Dance" Lee Shallat-Chemel Dailyn Rodriguez November 13, 2002 (2002-11-13) 112
Angie does not mind when George offers their backyard for Frank's (Mel Rodridguez) wedding reception, but his refusal to dance causes problems, especially after Angie starts drinking. George continues the search for his father, as well.
12 8 "Love Bites" Gerry Cohen John R. Morey & Allen J. Zipper November 20, 2002 (2002-11-20) 111
After George's warning about how boys are evil, when Carmen comes home with a hickey given to her by her boyfriend, Angie and George go after him. After accidentally meeting a single mother who believes that Max is his son, Ernie decides to use Max to meet women.
13 9 "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, Honey" Barnet Kellman John R. Morey November 27, 2002 (2002-11-27) 113
After learning Benny had a one-night stand with a co-worker, Lalo (Cheech Marin), 35 years ago, George believes him to his real father. He meets the man (whose picture bears a striking resemblance to George) who turns out to be gay with his partner Charles (John Michael Higgins), and invites him over for Thanksgiving dinner. However, Benny tells George that they never had sex, and that he is not the real father. After questioning Lalo, he tells George that he only took care of Benny when she got drunk on tequila and passed out.
14 10 "Charity" Barnet Kellman Jim Hope & Dailyn Rodriguez December 4, 2002 (2002-12-04) 114
When Angie finds she has more free time around the house, she volunteers for a variety of charities. Feeling invincible, she soon finds herself joining more organizations than she can handle, and George and the family must help her to keep her from being overwhelmed. She also brings a worker named Marisol to Power Brothers, and her disrespectful, slacking attitude provides hard work for everyone. Angie's charity work proves to be too much when Max fakes vomit in school to not do his Special Ed test. Max felt that he wasn't ready because Angie couldn't help him study. In the end, Angie drops her charity work.
15 11 "Meet the Cuban Parents" Lee Shallat-Chemel Michele Serros December 11, 2002 (2002-12-11) 115
When Angie's parents, Victor Palmero (Emiliano Diez) and Emilina (Sonia Braga), come to visit the family for Christmas, George thinks they still believe that he is not good enough for their daughter, so he decides to show that he can take care of his family without their help and challenges Victor to a contest to see who can have the best Christmas.
16 12 "This Old Casa" Lee Shallat-Chemel Rick Nyholm January 8, 2003 (2003-01-08) 122
George is tired of being unappreciated by Benny, so with the urging of Angie, he decides to remodel his mother's badly deteriorated bathroom. Hoping for a simple thank you, George's plan backfires, and Benny continues to be entirely ungrateful. After a talk, George and Benny realize their significance in each other's life and in turn express their gratitude.
17 13 "Super Bowl" Amanda Bearse George Lopez & Bruce Helford January 15, 2003 (2003-01-15) 117
The Lopez family finds out that Benny's estranged older brother, Joe, is dying. However, Benny refuses to speak to him due to to her losing a bet with him. However, George and Angie convince Benny to reconcile with Joe, and Benny agrees to, but to try and get his Super Bowl tickets. However, she changes her mind when she sees him. Meanwhile, because Benny never taught George how to cope with death when he was younger, he has difficulty attending the funeral.
18 14 "The Valentine's Day Massacre" John Pasquin Robert Borden February 5, 2003 (2003-02-05) 118
When George gives Angie a hat as a disappointing gift for Valentine's Day, Angie has a flashback to high school in the 1980s when George painted a great mural of her for the holiday. When Angie takes the entire family to look at the mural, only to find out it will soon be torn down, its true origin becomes known. It is revealed that the construction worker told Angie that the mural was actually painted by an artist named Chanto Perez, not George. George wrote his signature on the mural using spray paint as graffiti to make Angie believe he painted it. After finding out the truth Angie feels disappointed and starts arguing with George, which makes her think that George has been lying to her since then. The next day, Angie still feels disappointed with George. Next, Ernie arrives at the Lopez house and shows them another mural on the garage. Ernie tells Angie that George painted it and George wants Angie to forgive him; however, Marisol shows up and tells Ernie about the deal they'd made. Angie then realizes that Marisol painted the mural on the garage and not George again. This makes George lie to Angie again. While Angie is in the house, George feels terrible that he's been lying, but he is not the only one. It turns out that Angie told a lie way back before when she and a friend went out with George and Ernie as a joke, and the lie caused their marriage. In the end, all is forgiven.
19 15 "Girl Fight" Gerry Cohen Luisa Leschin & Michele Serros February 12, 2003 (2003-02-12) 119
After Carmen ends her relationship with her classmate Adam, he tries to ruin her reputation at school out of spite by saying that she had sex with him, leading her to be known as the school whore. This is only made worse when Carmen's enemy (and former friend) Piper Morey (Autumn Reeser), writes "Carmen Hopez" on the back sliding door of the Lopez house. George and Angie want to repair the damage, but school counselor Tommy "Rango" Durango (Steve Schirripa), who had known George when they were kids, refuses to right the wrong (until they convince him), prompting Carmen to take action in her own defense-by fighting, but ends up getting suspended. In the end, after Carmen reveals that a boy snuck up on her in the girl's bathroom that he wanted to have sex, and another boy pulling up her shirt, George and Angie agree to withdraw her from public school.
20 16 "George vs. George" John Pasquin Jim Hope & John R. Morey February 26, 2003 (2003-02-26) 120
George and Angie apply for a loan for Carmen's private school, they discover that they have bad credit. George believes this is a mistake, but finds out that it actually is another George Lopez (Lou Diamond Phillips) who owns a skateboard shop. When he finds him, he is shocked to find they have the same birthday, social security number, and father. He then realizes that they are half brothers. He says that he came from a poor family, has no money, and had dropped out of high school. The bank calls and says Arizona State University needs him to pay back his student loan. When he confronts the other George, he finds that his father, Manny, is actually rich and that he just needed money, causing George to disown him and kick him out of his house.
21 17 "A Kiss is Just a Kiss" Barnet Kellman Jay Kogen & Ann Serano Lopez March 5, 2003 (2003-03-05) 121
As a birthday surprise for Angie, George arranges for her father Vic and sister Gloria (Jacqueline Obradors) to visit for the celebration. Upset about her upcoming divorce and jealous of her sister's marriage to a good man, Gloria makes an inappropriate advance towards George - which Max witnesses.
22 18 "Profiles in Courage" Andrew Tsao George Lopez March 12, 2003 (2003-03-12) 116
Powers Bros. Aviation is under consideration by the federal government for more business. Worried that an employee named Hosni (Jason Antoon) with a Middle Eastern ethnic background will hinder the company's chances of getting the contract, George's boss orders him to demote Hosni, which leaves George to decide whether or not to jeopardize his career by being ethical. Max "marries" a classmate, but soon divorces her After she gets mad about Max giving her gum as an Anniversary Present.
23 19 "Secrets and Lies" Joe Regalbuto David Grubstick March 26, 2003 (2003-03-26) 123
When Benny learns that George's father, who left her years ago to care for George alone, is now wealthy, she decides that she deserves to get rich herself. After she gets drunk on her lunch hour, she falls down on work premises, pretends to be hurt and plans to get a huge workman's compensation. When she finds out she will get a mere $375, she plans to sue for one million dollars.
24 20 "Girls Night Out" Barnet Kellman Luisa Leschin & Dailyn Rodriguez & Allen J. Zipper April 2, 2003 (2003-04-02) 124
After giving a young ex-gang member, Marisol, a job at the factory and a chance for a new life, George is shocked when Angie takes further pity on Marisol and allows her to live in the Lopez home instead of with her abusive boyfriend. After impressionable Carmen becomes intrigued with Marisol's lifestyle, Angie admits that she may have made a mistake. Meanwhile, Max joins a scouting troop and develops some disturbing new habits from a conservative counselor.
25 21 "I Only Have Eyes on You" Joe Regalbuto Jim Hope & Rick Nyholm April 23, 2003 (2003-04-23) 125
When Max is caught peeking on Carmen's friend Olivia (Ashley Tisdale) changing from a hole between his and Carmen's room, Carmen sprays him in the eye with perfume. Instead of George punishing Max for peeking, he punishes Carmen for spraying Max's eye. Carmen decides to get revenge on Max by taking a picture of him sleeping in his underwear while hugging a stuffed pink rabbit and posting the photo around his school. Max is then beaten up and Carmen is punished again, making George realize that he is showing preference for one child over the other. George then feels bad and in the end gets Carmen a cell phone.
26 22 "Team Leader" Joe Regalbuto Spiro Skentzos April 30, 2003 (2003-04-30) 127
George has to fill out employee evaluations, but does not know what to put for Ernie. He puts all 9's when his mom tells him it is because they are trying to figure out who to lay off. It turns out they were making the top 4 team leaders, which includes Ernie. George wants to take the job because he knows Ernie cannot handle it, but does not know if he can do it, but Ernie tells him how much he really wants the job, ends up finishing early, to take his team out to go to the zoo. Meanwhile, Angie learns how to sell make-up products.
27 23 "George Has Two Mommies" Joe Regalbuto Robert Borden & Rachel Sweet May 7, 2003 (2003-05-07) 128
After seeing all of the bills from Allendale Prep, George and Angie believe that all of the problems will be solved by Angie's new cosmetics. But when Max's troublemaking friend Ricky (J. B. Gaynor) gives Max a bottle rocket that lands on the garage, that causes it to catch on fire. George and Angie fall into some serious burden when the LaMarie cosmetics are destroyed. Now, when George and Angie are seeking $17,000, Benny goes to Phoenix to meet Manny's new wife and George II's mother, Lydia (Christine Saralegui), to help George.
28 24 "Long Time No See" John Pasquin Teleplay: Luisa Leschin & John R. Morey
Story by: Dailyn Rodriguez
May 14, 2003 (2003-05-14) 129
After George's estranged father give him a check for $20,000 to save the family from financial ruin, George vows to visit him in Phoenix. George's difficult personal journey becomes a family vacation when Angie, Benny and Max all decide to go. Along the way, George reminisces about his upbringing. When he meets Manny (William Marquez), George gives him back the check. When Manny makes an insulting comment Benny, George Angrily punches him in the face (which the police arrest him for in the next episode). Back at home, Ernie is starting to get more success with meeting women.

Season 3: 2003–04[edit]

Production codes for this season are 2xx

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production
29 1 "Dubya, Dad and Dating" (Part 1) John Pasquin Rick Nyholm September 26, 2003 201
President George W. Bush comes to speak at Powers Brothers Aviation and everything becomes a mess. Jack wants George to cut his hair but George likes his hair the way it is. Benny has started dating a 42-year-old man named Randy (Nick Offerman) without telling George. During the president's speech, Carmen comes to the factory and disrupts it. After the speech, George steals it from his desk. This results in the Secret Service coming to George's house to ask about the President's speech, but George doesn't admit to stealing it, but Jack forces George to cut his hair or he will show the camera footage of George taking the speech. George then returns to the factory, and the police arrest him for punching Manny.
30 2 "Dubya, Dad and Dating" (Part 2) John Pasquin Rick Nyholm September 26, 2003 202
George is in jail for punching Manny. Manny comes to visit him and talk to him about why he left. He drops the charges and then George invites him for dinner so he can meet Angie and his grandchildren. Benny and Randy also go over to George's house that night to tell him that they are seeing each other. Benny is not happy to find out that he invited Manny to dinner because she doesn't want to see him again. George is not happy to find out that Benny and Randy are seeing each other.
31 3 "The Cuban Missus Crisis" John Pasquin John R. Morey October 3, 2003 203
Angie's social life is starting to improve and she goes out with her friend. While she is gone, George finds out that Angie's mother had an affair and that Angie's parents are getting a divorce. Angie comes home late and George goes crazy because he thought she was cheating on him. Angie then finds out about her parents' divorce and she starts to understand why George was acting crazy.
32 4 "Feel the Burn" John Pasquin Luisa Leschin October 10, 2003 204
Benny feels sick, so George takes her to the hospital, and they find out she has the clap. George then finds out he has a sister that his mom gave away at birth. George then wants to meet the sister but Benny doesn't want him to. He ends up meeting her, but does not tell her she is adopted.
33 5 "Carmen's Dating" John Pasquin Rachel Sweet October 17, 2003 205
Carmen brings home a boy named Jason (Bryan Fisher) for the first time and George and Angie don't want her to date. They then give Jason an interview and decide to let Carmen and Jason date. Then Carmen and Jason go to homecoming and George finds out that Jason will not be seen in public with her. George will not let Jason see Carmen anymore. After a week, Jason comes back and the two are back together.
34 6 "Split Decision" John Pasquin Paul A. Kaplan & Mark Torgrove October 24, 2003 206
Everyone at Powers Brothers aviation goes to Thirsties to celebrate a new contract. George lets it slip that Mel went to Vegas with Jack's ex-wife when they were together. Jack and Mel get into a fight that results in them splitting up the company. Each of them want George to be a part of their company, and George has a hard time choosing between them. In the end, they make it up and stay together. Meanwhile, Carmen gets invited to go on a ski trip and George and Angie won't let her go, but they change their minds and she ends up going. They then find out about a plane crash, which resulted in two deaths, and that the factory's landing gear might be responsible.
35 7 "No One Gets Out Alive" John Pasquin Richard Goodman October 31, 2003 207
It is Halloween, and all of the workers are worried about the plane crash. An inspector from the NTSB comes to the factory, interviews George and Benny, and then shuts down the factory while they inspect the landing gear. All of the workers are worried about losing their jobs, so George turns his house into a haunted tomb of terror to help raise money for the inspection, while Benny feels responsible for the plane crash.
36 8 "Bringing Home The Bacon" John Pasquin Dailyn Rodriguez November 7, 2003 208
Carmen is turning 15 and she wants to have a quinceañera. George wants to cancel the quinceañera because money is tight since he is not working, but Angie says it's her money and starts to make money decisions without George's consent. Meanwhile, Carmen is debating about what to say to Jason in her speech. Carmen ends up having her quinceañera, but Jason breaks up with her for saying how much he means to her. In the end, they find out that the factory's landing gear is not responsible for the crash, and the factory is re-opened.
37 9 "Fishing Cubans" John Pasquin John R. Morey November 14, 2003 209
Vic's brother Octavio was supposed to leave Cuba, but Castro decided not to let him go. George, Ernie and, Vic and go to pull Octavio out of the ocean as a surprise present for Angie's Anniversary present. At first, George doesn't want to do it but Vic talks him into it. Once they find Octavio, they have to outrun the Coast Guard, but they make it. Meanwhile, Benny throws Max a fake birthday party so he can get presents, but Angie comes home and forces Max to give back his presents and one toy of his for one present he got.
38 10 "Would You Like a Drumstick or a Kidney?" John Pasquin Luisa Leschin November 21, 2003 210
George II tells George that Manny is in need of a kidney. George then invites Manny, Lydia, and George II for Thanksgiving. George II was going to donate a kidney, but they found out that his kidney doesn't match so now it is up to George to donate the kidney. Manny and Lydia both want him to donate the kidney, but Angie, Benny, and Max don't, and George doesn't know what to do.
39 11 "Mementos" John Pasquin Dailyn Rodriguez November 28, 2003 211
George throws out a box of Angie's grandmother's mementos because he thought it was just a box of trash. Angie gets mad at him because it was all she had left to remember her grandmother by. George is about to donate a kidney to Manny, but then Manny dies before he can donate the kidney. Manny sends George a letter telling him not to go to the funeral, as it would destroy his reputation if it were discovered he abandoned George and Benny. But with the letter, he sends George a gold watch that was handed down from Manny's father. George then smashes the watch, and then Benny tells him it was worth a lot. Meanwhile, Carmen gets a job working at the restaurant that George worked at as a teenager.
40 12 "Christmas Punch" John Pasquin Jim Hope December 12, 2003 212
Max is eaves dropping on a phone call where George and Angie were discussing what to get Max for Christmas. At this point he starts to doubt Santa's existence, but George tries to get him to continue believing in Santa because Benny ruined Santa for George. Then one kid starts beating up Max for believing in Santa. At this point, Angie wants to tell Max the truth about Santa so he won't get beaten up, but still George wants Max to believe in Santa. In the end, Max still believes in Santa. Meanwhile, Carmen and Jason get back together and they start kissing but George doesn't approve.
41 13 "Why You Crying?" John Pasquin Jim Hope January 9, 2004 213
George and Angie get an email from Max's teacher saying she wants to come to the house. Meanwhile, Max mouths off to Benny and she hits him for it. George and Angie get really mad at Benny for it and Angie tries to get Benny to apologize to Max, but she ends up paying him instead, which he finds to be much better than an apology. Max's teacher comes to the house to tell George and Angie that Max is about to fail the 5th grade, and they find out that Max forged Angie's signature to cover up his failing and get mad at him for it. George tries to get Max interested in school, but Max doesn't care, and insults George by saying, "I can get some loser job in a factory like you?" George gives up on Max, but later takes it back. Max is tempted to try harder in school.
42 14 "The Trouble with Ricky" Joe Regalbuto Allen J. Zipper January 23, 2004 214
Max tries to sneak Ricky into the house, but George and Angie find out. Angie calls his mother to tell her to pick him up, but she finds out Ricky's mother is going through a tough time and she decides to let him stay for a few days but George doesn't like the idea. Ricky and Max skip school, and drive the car through the fence. Then Angie changes her mind about letting him stay, and George takes Ricky back to his apartment, but he finds out about Ricky's crappy childhood and he decides to let him stay. Angie talks him out of it and Ricky ends up staying with Ernie and his parents.
43 15 "God Needles George" John Pasquin Paul A. Kaplan & Mark Torgrove February 6, 2004 215
The family dog Mr. Needles is sick, so the family takes him to the vet, and they find out he has a tumor. The family plans to put him to sleep but George promises God he would crawl on his knees up the cobblestone path to the Church of the Virgin of Guadalupe in Mexico, if Mr. Needles gets better. Surprisingly, Mr. Needles' tumor disappears. George then tries to get out of going to Mexico by talking to the pastor, but he ends up going anyway.
44 16 "Benny and Randy" Joe Regalbuto Robert Borden February 13, 2004 216
Benny and Randy have been together for six months and Angie is planning a big night for them. Randy comes and tells Benny that they should take it to the next level, but Benny is not ready so she leaves. Then George tells Randy to accept Benny the way she is and he dumps her. Benny gets very mad at George. George Tells Benny that he is going out with another woman. Benny gets even madder and starts to beat up Randy's Truck. They end up getting back together.
45 17 "Weekend at Benny's" Joe Regalbuto David Grubstick February 20, 2004 217
Angie has to fill in for the La Marie sales manager in a conference in Vegas so George has to watch the kids. The kids are misbehaving so George sends them to Benny's house for a while so they can get a taste of his childhood. Angie returns home and doesn't like the idea. When the kids return from Benny's they serve George and Angie dinner and Angie admits that sending the kids to Benny's was a good idea until they start to exhibit Benny's behavior.
46 18 "Jason Tutors Max" Stacey Pulwer Stacey Pulwer & Victor Gonzalez February 27, 2004 218
Max has a state test in three weeks and he is struggling with algebra. George and Angie couldn't help him, so they decided to get him a tutor. They try a few tutors including a very hot one named Ashley (Paris Hilton) and none of them work out. Then Jason decides to tutor him and Max starts to understand algebra, but Carmen doesn't like this because he already has too many extracurricular activities. Jason and Carmen then break up because of that. George and Angie want Jason to continue tutoring Max but Carmen doesn't want him around. In the end, Carmen and Jason get back together, and Max barely passes the state test.
47 19 "Angie Gets Tanked" Joe Regalbuto Richard Goodman March 19, 2004 219
There is a fair at Carmen's school to raise money for people in wheel chairs, such as Jason's little brother. George and Angie go to this fair and they volunteer to work at the dunk tank. George is the one everyone is trying to dunk, but Angie fills in for George and she get tanked. Then someone takes a picture of her getting out, with one being able to see though her wet shirt, and the person posts it on the internet. Then, everyone starts to make fun of Carmen. It turns out to be Jason's wheelchair-bound brother. Angie tries to call him out, but can't bring herself to yell at a handicapped child, and decides to just let it go. Meanwhile, George teases a kid named Lawrence about his weight and the Principal asks George to leave and write an apology letter to Lawrence.
48 20 "The Art of Boxing" Joe Regalbuto Jim Hope March 26, 2004 220
Max is having trouble sleeping because he is worried about failing the 5th grade. Vic suggests that Max takes boxing lessons to take his mind off school, but George knows that Angie won't like the idea so they decide not to tell her until they are sure Max decides he likes it. Max then gets a black eye, from accidentally hitting himself in the face, while taking his boxing gloves off, and Angie finds out that Max has been boxing and gets mad. Then Max goes to a tournament and gets a concussion. They all decide boxing is over.
49 21 "George's House of Cards" Joe Regalbuto Paul A. Kaplan & Mark Torgrove April 2, 2004 221
Angie convinces George to let Vic in on his poker game. Vic loses poker and owes George 50 dollars, but Vic decides to take it off George's debt for the garage instead of paying it. George and Vic get into a fight over the 50 dollars which results in Vic putting a lock on the garage and not telling George the combination, however, he does tell Max who doesn't remember it because he is dyslexic. In the end, he takes the lock off the garage, and pays George his 50 dollars.
50 22 "Dance Fever" Joe Regalbuto John R. Morey April 9, 2004 222
George wins an award at work for being the rising star in LA among all the minorities. Everyone is proud of him except his own mother Benny. He then goes to Thirsties with everyone to celebrate his award. While he is at Thirsties he humiliates himself by dancing, and gets mad at Benny for not appreciating his award.
51 23 "She Drives Me Crazy" Mark Cendrowski Valentina Garza & Rachel Sweet April 16, 2004 223
Carmen gets her learner's permit and she wants to learn how to drive. She drives with Benny, and Benny gets caught drinking with Carmen driving, and Benny has to go to court. Benny then has to wear an embarrassing sign. Then George drives with Carmen and he yells at her making her nervous and she goes up a curb. Angie tells George he needs to be more patient and not yell. George tries driving with Carmen again, this time with more patience, but Carmen drives recklessly because Jason left her for another girl.
52 24 "George Goes to Disneyland" Joe Regalbuto George Lopez April 30, 2004 224
Max wins an award at school for being the most improved special ed kid. Angie rewards him by taking him to Disneyland. George doesn't want to go because he doesn't want to see what he missed as a child. Then he changes his mind and he goes with Benny and looks for the rest of the group. They meet at the tea cup ride. Meanwhile, Mel's son Zack (Trevor Wright) falls for Carmen and follows her to Disneyland. George doesn't want the two to see each other. At first, Carmen doesn't like Zack because of what George said about him, but he buys her jewelry and she falls for him. At the end of the episode George goes to Disneyland again by himself.
53 25 "Bachelor Party" Joe Regalbuto Rick Nyholm May 7, 2004 225
Benny and Randy are about to get married, they are planning their wedding and bachelor party. Accident Amy returns from the hospital and tries to win Randy back. George then catches them kissing and gets mad at Randy, but he refuses to tell Benny. Benny finds out about the kiss through Angie. Randy then has to choose between Benny and Amy and Benny and Randy break up.
54 26 "Wrecking Ball" Don Scardino Richard Goodman & Spiro Skentzos May 14, 2004 226
Benny is still furious about her breakup with Randy, so she and Gina goes to Thirsties and talk about how they both think that all men are bad. The next day, the factory was trashed, and everyone blames it on Benny because she was so mad about what Randy did. In the end, they find out that Benny is innocent and Zack did it. Meanwhile, Carmen is dating Zack behind George and Angie's back.
55 27 "What George Doesn't Noah..." Joe Regalbuto Robert Borden May 21, 2004 227
Carmen pretends to break up with Zack and start dating a new boy named Noah, to cover up her relationship with Zack. George and Benny think Noah is cheating on Carmen, so they follow him to the movies and they find out he is gay. Noah comes over to their house and he accidentally lets it slip that Carmen is actually dating Zack.
56 28 "Now George Noah Ex-Zack-Ly What Happened" Joe Regalbuto Luisa Leschin & Dailyn Rodriguez May 21, 2004 228
George and Angie find Carmen's diary and read that she's been dating Zack for quite a while. When Carmen arrives home from school she tells them she is maturing and she can do whatever she wants. George snaps and tells her that if she can't live by their rules, she should just leave. The next morning Carmen tells George that she's sorry and that she'll stop seeing Zack. At Max's 5th grade graduation, Angie gets a call from Carmen and she tells them that she's leaving with Zack and she isn't coming back and apologizes for not being the daughter they wanted. Meanwhile, Randy trys to get back together with Benny, and succeeds in the end.

Season 4: 2004–05[edit]

Production codes for this season are 3xx.

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production
57 1 "George Searches for a Needle in a Haight-Stack" Joe Regalbuto John R. Morey September 28, 2004 301
Carmen is calling George and Angie on Zack's cell phone, but, upon reaching a verbal argument with her father, Carmen hangs up. Cutting to Carmen, Zack emerges from a nearby beer store, with a vodka bottle in his hand. He wants to have sex with Carmen drunk. With Carmen still gone, George goes on a hunt for her and eventually finds her in San Francisco with rapper Chingy. He finally gets her to return home, but the problems aren't over yet. Carmen declares that she is a woman due to her recent experiences and she can do whatever she wants.
58 2 "Landlord Almighty" Joe Regalbuto John R. Morey October 5, 2004 302
When Carmen crazily redecorates her room, George and Angie intervene and order her to stop doing so. Carmen then argues that she should be able to do to whatever she want her room since she is close to becoming an adult or she will run away again. Upon hearing this, George decides to treat her as a tenant of the family and orders her to pay rent for her room, pay bills and pay for her own food in an effort to discourage her from wanting to be treated like an adult. However, this plan soon backfires when Carmen doesn't relent and gets a roommate with a job, but he is determined the plan will work when Carmen's friend acts like her and takes her food, clothes, and money without asking.
59 3 "George of the Rings" Joe Regalbuto Paul A. Kaplan & Mark Torgrove October 12, 2004 303
After George forgets his and Angie's wedding anniversary, he goes to drastic measures to make it up to her when she gets revenge on him with a dirt cake. He takes her to a jewelry store to buy a proper wedding ring but the ring she picks is far out of George's price range. In order to get enough money to pay for it, he strikes up a deal with Vic to trade Emilina's engagement ring to George, in exchange for him giving Vic many of his possessions. When he shows the ring to Angie, she is exuberant, but Vic returns demanding Emilina's ring back. George is forced to tell Angie of his deal with Vic, which angers Angie. In another effort to make it up to her, George convinces her into having their wedding vows renewed.
60 4 "Home Sweet Homeschool" Joe Regalbuto Luisa Leschin October 19, 2004 304
When Carmen is expelled from her private school, recently laid-off Angie agrees to home school her, but she complains too much, and George and Angie send her to an All-Girl school, against her wishes. Also the money cut also forces a postponement of George and Angie's wedding vow renewal.
61 5 "Leave It to Lopez" Gerry Cohen Paul A. Kaplan & Mark Torgrove October 26, 2004 307
When a janitor with no life insurance dies at work, Angie finds out that George has been lying and does not have life insurance either. As Angie hounds him and forbids him to have ice cream, he dozes off to classic TV which leads to a spoof of such classics as The Munsters, The Jetsons and Leave It to Beaver.
62 6 "Sk8r Boyz" Joe Regalbuto Jim Hope November 2, 2004 306
When Max starts middle school, he gets picked on by bullies. Angie buys him dorky clothes which she thinks is "cute". Max gets new clothes, but it doesn't help. Carmen decides to help Max, but it doesn't work either. He then starts hanging out with a group of skateboarders, which becomes a problem. George finds out Max has been arrested for beating up a boy and is banned from the mall.
63 7 "The Simple Life" Gerry Cohen Rick Nyholm November 9, 2004 308
When George decides a new job opportunity may be for him, he takes the family to a little town in Colorado on "vacation". But when he gets the job, resistance from Angie as well as springing the news on the kids makes George reconsider his idea. But, also Angie believes it may be a better place for the kids. And in a moment of romance, Benny and Vic kiss, to the horror of Ernie.; also Max meets a girl that talks him into smoking, stealing, and making out and Carmen meets a boy who tells her to drink with him.
64 8 "Trouble in Paradise" Gerry Cohen Dave Caplan November 16, 2004 305
A horrible dinner that features a drunk Carmen, Max with a hickey on his neck, and other dirty secrets about the town, convinces the Lopez that L.A. is still the place for them.
65 9 "E. I., E. I.? Oh" Joe Regalbuto Danielle Sanchez-Witzel November 23, 2004 309
When George mistakenly thinks he is going to be named VP of Powers Brothers, he whips out his "VP Dance", only to find the company has merged with another corporation and jobs such as Benny's and Ernie's need to be cut. Plus, George is appointed a new co-manager, Vanessa Brooks (Kimberly Williams-Paisley) a beautiful and cunning woman who George fears will take his job. His fears are confirmed when she tricks George into believing she'll help and presenting George to be a sentimental fool not worthy of the job of manager. But George is able to save his job by showing the Powers Brothers the power of family and also, in a twist, is forced to take a pay cut and promote his co-manager to VP.
66 10 "A Clear and Presentless Danger" Victor Gonzalez Dave Caplan December 14, 2004 311
When George thinks back to the lousy Christmas presents from his mother, he gets worried since she drew Max for the family's "Secret Santa" presents. So as a backup, George buys Max a great present, only to find after he gives it to him that Benny has finally come through with a great present.
67 11 "Prescription for Trouble" Gerry Cohen Jim Hope January 11, 2005 312
When Carmen asks for birth control pills, George immediately assumes that her boyfriend Jason is pressuring her to have sex, but he denies it. George then realizes that it is Carmen who wants to have sex with Jason. When Max complains of a stomachache, he says he ate some stale mints in Carmen's room. George and Angie find out she bought birth control pills, with Benny and Vic's help. In an effort to stop her, George and Angie bribe her with a car to postpone having sex until she is 18 (Although George joked she has to be 40).
68 12 "Friends Don't Let Friends Marry Drunks" Gerry Cohen Allen J. Zipper January 18, 2005 313
While taking Max and his friend Ricky out, George and Angie discover Ernie's new girlfriend is Tammy, Ricky's birth mother. After finding out she has a positive pregnancy test, George has problems convincing Ernie not to marry her. Ernie doesn't believe George, and Tammy is furious at Ernie for doubting her virginity. When Tammy reveals the truth to Ernie, that the baby isn't his, Ernie still tries to marry her.
69 13 "George to the 3rd Power" Andy Cadiff George Lopez January 25, 2005 310
George becomes frustrated with Max' dentist (Michael Clarke Duncan) when he accuses Max of being a wimp for getting his braces loosened. George then lobbies to have the company's dental plan changed, by sneaking behind Jack and Mel's backs. Eventually, it turns out Max only wanted to get his braces so loosened they would be taken off, all because of a girl he likes, so George has Jack and Mel pretend to fire him to teach Max a lesson.
70 14 "George Gets Assisterance" Andy Cadiff Danielle Sanchez-Witzel February 1, 2005 315
After finding out a budget cut cancels special ed, George and Angie attend a PTA meeting run by George's sister, Linda, the superintendent. After some complaints of George, Linda finds out she is actually Mexican and adopted. Now, she wants to meet Benny.
71 15 "Sabes Quake" Bob Koherr Michael Loftus February 8, 2005 316
When a 6.2 earthquake hits the Northridge area, it cruelly affects George and Carmen, as they sleep outside for the next few days when they decide it's to dangerous to go back inside. George actually won't go inside because when he was young, he encountered an earthquake alone in his house, without his mom to comfort him.
72 16 "George Takes A Stroll Down Memory Pain" Joe Regalbuto David Grubstick February 15, 2005 314
When Benny demands money for a box of George's old childhood things, he is shocked to learn Benny (unbeknownst to him) helped him and Angie start up a life because she didn't want a baby around the house (He felt like a man when he came from the store for cigarettes, he saw Benny direspecting a pregnant Angie, so he defended Angie by yelling at Benny), but she also owes George money from a source he never knew about.
73 17 "George Buys a Vow" Bob Koherr Robert Borden February 22, 2005 318
George uses a fake wedding for his boss as a cover to renew his vows with Angie, but with Angie planning the fake wedding, she begins to ask too many details. Jack buys a woman named "Dell" (Jennifer Hasty) as a fake wife so on the day of the real wedding, George can tell the truth.
74 18 "George Watcha's Out for Jason" Victor Gonzalez Paul A. Kaplan & Mark Torgrove March 1, 2005 317
When Angie and George discover Carmen has been going to Jason's house unsupervised for the past month, they confront the couple, only to find Jason's parents are out of the country. When Jason goes to jail for throwing a party where drugs were brought, the police have to send him out of town, thus ruining his possible chance at a pro baseball career. Much to George's chagrin, he allows Jason to stay with the family - as long as he and Carmen can keep their hands off each other.
75 19 "George's Grand Slam" Victor Gonzalez Valentina Garza March 8, 2005 320
With Carmen and Jason grounded for throwing a party at Jason's and getting arrested, neither is able to do much. But George does allow for some bending when it comes to Jason's baseball career which upsets Carmen and her feminist poet friend (Hilary Duff) who accuses George of being a sexist. When Carmen questions George about going to college, George makes a big mistake in telling Carmen she has no potential. In the end, George goes to the poetry slam, and gets embarrassed by Carmen's poem about him being a dreamkiller.
76 20 "George Needs Anchor Management" Joe Regalbuto Rick Nyholm March 29, 2005 319
When an old friend of Angie's moves back to town to become a news anchor, George becomes jealous with her giddy excitement over him. But George comes to find out that Angie has not told him the whole story about this former boyfriend.
77 21 "George's Relatively Bad Idea" Joe Regalbuto Stacey Pulwer April 12, 2005 321
George gets caught up in some bad family ties when he lets Vic give him money (pays off the garage) to go out on a date with his sister. But, after seeing a kiss, George has everyone over for dinner. He explains then that the family will play a game called "Oh No! You Didn't?!". We see that Vic got his hair and moustache dyed black so he could look young for Linda (Eva LaRue). Benny says that the "Black Cat" (Vic's hair) is going after the "Black Mouse" (Vic's moustache). George calls him "Super Mario" and explains that Vic kissed Benny. According to George, the kiss was lips to lips (or as George put it, moustache to moustache). Ernie then tells everyone that Vic gave George $2,000. Linda wonders why George pimped her out. George says, "It was to forgive a debt and, you know, some mad money." Benny then says that Vic is using Linda to win Benny over. They start playing a game when Benny says, "It's obvious how we divide up now." They play with George and Angie on a team against Benny and Linda and Ernie and Vic.
78 22 "George's Extreme Makeover: Holmes Edition" Victor Gonzalez Spiro Skentzos May 3, 2005 322
When Angie finds that issues with the family is interfering with her wedding planning business, George decides to renovate the garage into an office for Angie with the help of some old friends (Ricardo Antonio Chavira and Danny Trejo). However, they renovate the garage in a rather cheap manner and without getting permits. When the renovations are complete, Angie hires a building inspector (James Belushi) to inspect the place, but he condemns it after finding it was renovated cheaply.
79 23 "George Stare-oids Down Jason" Joe Regalbuto Michael Loftus May 10, 2005 323
One morning, George discovers Carmen and Jason sleeping together (though they only fell asleep together on Carmen's bed listening to music, not sex) George and Angie decide to kick Jason out. Jason's father (Stacy Keach) arrives for a dinner and George decide to slam him with the bill and then give him the bad news. While riding out the check he offers the two $10,000 to keep Jason until he goes to college. George decides to vote against the money and kick Jason out but, Jason and Carmen get into a heated argument and Jason goes ballistic and storms out of the house. While searching through Jason's bag he discovers that Jason is taking steroids. When Jason's father comes back to George's house George also discovers that Jason's own dad forced him onto steroids. Jason returns and George tells him if he tells his father that he won't take steroids, he can stay with them.
80 24 "George Negoti-ate It" Joe Regalbuto Luisa Leschin May 17, 2005 324
George steps in to be Jason's sports agent when NFL Quarterbacks Donovan McNabb and Daunte Culpepper (guest starring as themselves) pay a visit to the Lopez household to draft Jason, but when George accepts illegal football gifts from a college recruiting Jason, George is forced to seek out a baseball deal. Meanwhile, Carmen and Los Lobos guitarist Cesar Rosas stir things up at George's family birthday bash when she claims to be pregnant.

Season 5: 2005–06[edit]

Production codes for this season are 4xx

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production
U.S. viewers
81 1 "George Gets a Pain in the Ash" Joe Regalbuto Dave Caplan October 5, 2005 401 9.13[2]
When Benny's house burns down along with her living savings due to a lit cigarette near her flammable drapes, she expects George and Angie to take her into their home which George is against at first, but in the end takes her in. Carmen, after it's discovered her supposed pregnancy was a lie, is determined to marry her boyfriend Jason and have a baby with him, much to George and Angie's dismay. The next morning, Jason and his belongings are gone because he did not want to have a baby, and Carmen pressured sex all the time.
82 2 "You Dropped a Mom on Me" Joe Regalbuto Dave Caplan October 5, 2005 402 9.13[2]
George gets Benny an advance on her paychecks to look for apartments, but Benny foolishly gambles the money away and moves into her car, which burns down as well. Carmen is still in denial and is still determined to marry her boyfriend even though he is gone. Because of Benny's bad luck at gambling, George lets her live in his house.
83 3 "George's Dog Days of Bummer" Joe Regalbuto Paul A. Kaplan & Mark Torgrove October 12, 2005 403 8.75[3]
Benny seems depressed that her belongings had burned down, so George wants to get a companion for his depressed mother, but when a rowdy biker (guest star Duane "Dog" Chapman) refuses to give up the stray dog George's mom has grown to love, George takes to impersonating Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa).
84 4 "George Drives the Batmobile" Bob Koherr Allen J. Zipper October 19, 2005 404 7.94[4]
After refusing Benny's pleas for a new car, and when Benny bribes Carmen to bring her to a bar, George and Angie are forced to drive Benny around. Angie quits after being invited to a make-out between Benny and her guest. George then brings the ten friends to Circus Burger, but the ten friends started screaming all over the place when George asked them to be quiet. After a while George parked in front of a young man that wanted to race him, George eventually had a problem with the law.
85 5 "Trick or Treat Me Right" Bob Koherr Jim Hope October 26, 2005 405 8.50[5]
George and Angie's practical jokes are funnier and scarier than ever as Halloween approaches, but as Benny's abusive comments and behavior grow worse, George finds it impossible to laugh things off and threatens to make some big changes. George finally steps up to his mother and tells her that he is tired of her comments.
86 6 "George Takes a Sentimental Ernie" Victor Gonzalez Rick Nyholm November 2, 2005 406 7.34[6]
George still refuses to return home until his mother leaves, but when he realizes how difficult it is to live with Ernie and his parents, he convinces Ernie to get his own place.
87 7 "George Finds Therapy Benny-ficial" Victor Gonzalez John R. Morey November 9, 2005 407 7.92[7]
When a shooting occurs at Max's school, George takes him to see a counselor (guest star Richard Lewis) to deal with his stress. Instead, George realizes it is not the shooting that has affected Max, but him being gone from the house all the time. George realizes that he must settle things with Benny. George ends up spending seven hours at the counselor's office telling him about his abuse as a kid. At the end, George got back at Angie (for taking Benny's side during the fight) by telling the counselor to convince Angie that she has "Know-it-all syndrome", and he agrees due to being annoyed by her constant talking.
88 8 "George Tries to Write a Wrong" Bob Koherr Michael Loftus November 16, 2005 408 8.13[8]
George uncovers some secrets that were better left unrevealed when he sneaks a peek at a ten-year-old unopened letter from Angie, where he finds out Vic made an account for her if she dumped George. George gets mad at Angie for leaving him when he said Benny was gonna move in, and for not closing the account, so she tries to seduce him, but she finds out he changed his letter, so he tries to seduce her.
89 9 "George Discovers Benny's Sili-Con Job" George Lopez Luisa Leschin November 30, 2005 409 7.93[9]
George only gives Benny a twenty dollar party for work. So Benny gets back at him by giving George's present to Angie for her birthday. George then gets back at her by making fun of Benny's age including a humilating (funny) display with fake breasts in front of everyone at work. So Benny decides to get breast implants to make herself look younger, much to George's dismay. However it turns out Benny just put rubber items from the surgeon into her bra and has bought her own apartment, leaving George with a bad botox operation.
90 10 "George Says I Do... More in This Marriage" Joe Regalbuto Kathy Fischer December 7, 2005 410 8.08[10]
George and Angie compete to see who does more work in their marriage and at home after George claims he does more. George is winning, but Vic convinces George let Angie win so that she won't leave him. Angie says she has 90 points, and George says he has 90 too in order to protect their marriage, but Angie really had 120. Because of this, George has to do Angie's chores for a month, and in the end of the episode, George starts acting like Angie and vice-versa.
91 11 "George is Being Elfish and Christ-misses His Family" Joe Regalbuto Paul A. Kaplan & Mark Torgrove December 14, 2005 411 7.16[11]
George ends up spending Christmas all by himself after he gets caught telling a lie in order to get out of spending the holidays with Angie's family. There was a video vision George had featuring the family in a Christmas special and Benny as a penguin.
92 12 "George Enrolls Like That" Joe Regalbuto Rick Nyholm January 25, 2006 412 6.31[12]
George has to go to a school assembly (Angie tricked him into it), but finds out it is only for parents who didn't go to college; but George doesn't want to go because he thinks college is a waste of time, and boasted he owns a successful factory by not going. After Max skipped a test at school, he decides to not go to college, so he and George make a deal that if George goes to college, then Max will go too. However, he struggles with his microeconomics class, and is known as a class clown in school. The professor, Tracy Lim (Ming-Na), tries to help him, but George refuses.
93 13 "George Keeps Truant to Himself" Bob Koherr John R. Morey February 1, 2006 413 5.83[13]
When things get tough for George, he drops out of school. He tries to keep it a secret from his wife and kids, but his professor drops by for an unexpected visit to give Angie food because George lied to her and said that he was joining the Army, and that Lim's husband was also an Army who was killed in battle. When George tells the truth, Tracy gets mad, and leaves. Later, Max overhears that George dropped out, but he later agrees to go to college when George told him that he was proud Max succeeded on his schoolwork because George didn't have anyone that was proud of him.
94 14 "The Kidney Stays in the Picture" Joe Regalbuto Jim Hope February 8, 2006 414 6.40[14]
When Max starts to frequently wet the bed, Vic thinks that he may be sexually active. So George and Angie take Max to the doctor to find out that Max needs surgery on his kidney because his urine is backing up due to the tubes leading to Max's kidneys are top narrow. Max also gets a girlfriend named Christie.
95 15 "A Funeral Brings George to His Niece" Bob Koherr Luisa Leschin February 15, 2006 415 6.16[15]
At the funeral of Angie's former sister-in-law, George surprises the entire Palmero family when Angie's aunt picks him as the trustee of his niece's multi-million dollar inheritance. However, George is strict with Veronica (Aimee Garcia), and refuses to give her the money unless she is mature enough, and only gives her a $40-a-week allowance. Max develops a crush on Veronica, and helps her shoplift pretty clothes. The next day, Veronica gets a job at the mall, but she quits and goes to the bar, where she gets high on marijuana. George forces Veronica to enroll in college.
96 16 "George Gets Caught in a Powers Play" Bob Koherr Kathy Fischer February 22, 2006 416 5.90[16]
George tries to teach his niece the meaning of a dollar by making her work at the factory. However, her beauty makes Ernie do all of her work, until George puts a stop to it. In the factory, Mel falls for Veronica, which causes some problems, as they plan to make out and have sex in a hotel room. However, Veronica enrolls in college easily, and dumps Mel due to the boredom.
97 17 "George Doesn't Trustee Angie's Brother" Sheldon Epps Paul A. Kaplan & Mark Torgrove March 1, 2006 417 5.40[17]
Angie's brother, Ray (Andy García), comes to visit Angie, when he finds out that his daughter, Veronica, is going to inherit the family inheritance. But George is the first to see through Ray's scheme when Ray asks Veronica to tap into her inheritance to invest in a new company. Ray only wants Veronica's money. In the end he tries to walk away at night but is caught by George, and George gives Veronica some of her inheritance to go to college.
98 18 "George Helps Ernie See the Cellu-Light" Sheldon Epps Dave Caplan March 15, 2006 418 6.71[18]
George helps Ernie lose 20 pounds before he loses his job, and Ernie threatens to sue the factory for terminating a fat person. He then finds out that Ernie has been gaining weight because of his depression which is caused by the lifelong rejection of him by women.
99 19 "George Gets Cross Over Freddie" Katy Garretson Stacey Pulwer March 22, 2006 419 7.24[19]
In a crossover episode with Freddie, George discovers that Max has begun an online romance with a teenage girl from Chicago. When he assumes his son's identity to protect him from what he suspects is an internet predator, George comes face to face offline with Freddie Moreno (Freddie Prinze Jr.) when he and Chris (Brian Austin Green) take a business trip to Los Angeles. Ernie tries to get along with Chris. They all realize that Max and Zoey (Chloe Suazo) were really chatting and become friends.
100 20 "George Vows to Make Some Matri-Money" Katy Garretson George Lopez March 29, 2006 420 6.63[20]
George takes over planning a wedding for one of Angie's rich clients (special guest star Eva Longoria) in order to prove he can do her job better than she can. This episodes ends of George spending his commission on a picture of him holding a cigar that appears in "George Nieces a New Media Room".
101 21 "George Discovers How Mescal-ed Up His Life Would Have Been Without the Benny-Fits" Joe Regalbuto Valentina Garza April 5, 2006 421 6.07[21]
Benny gets really mad when she discovers that George has rigged the results of a productivity contest at the factory against her favor to Gina, her worst enemy. She gets back at him by breaking his favorite golf club, and having Angie on her side. Later, George drinks tequila (with the worm) and hallucinates him living Ernie's life, with Ernie living his life. Just because Benny was not mean to him so he wouldn't have been tough enough to go and be the manager at Powers Bros. and win over Angie. In the end, George sees Vic dressed up as a worm, and leaves. Ernie decides to eat many worms so he could witness him having sex with Angie.
102 22 "It's a Cliffhanger, By George" Joe Regalbuto Robert Borden April 12, 2006 422 6.81[22]
Everything hangs in the balance for the entire Lopez family: Ernie tells George that the factory is moving to Mexico and they'll both be out of jobs; after Benny reunites with her ex, Ernie tells George that Benny's ex robbed a convenience store and calls the cops, though it is for a past crime Benny committed; Angie has been feeling sick for a few days and awaits the results of a home pregnancy test; Carmen is afraid to open her final college letter after being rejected by Northwestern, Iowa and Columbia; Max has swiped a forbidden beer and is about to sample his first alcohol; and Vic prepares to propose marriage to a 27-year-old woman he barely knows.

Season 6: 2007[edit]

Production codes for this season are 5xx

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production
U.S. viewers
103 1 "George's Mom Faces Hard Tambien" Joe Regalbuto Dave Caplan January 24, 2007 501 6.08[23]
Just as Carmen prepares to go off to her college in Vermont and George and Angie begin looking forward to being empty nesters, Angie discovers that the Lopez family could be growing due to Angie's pregnancy. Meanwhile, there is much going on in the Lopez house. George's job is in jeopardy, Benny faces jail time for a crime from 30 years ago, Max has a hangover and Vic contemplates engagement to a 27-year-old. Angie finds out she isn't really pregnant, but keeps it from George.
104 2 "George's House Has Two Empty Wombs" Joe Regalbuto Paul A. Kaplan & Mark Torgrove January 31, 2007 502 7.71[24]
Angie maintains her story that she is pregnant to keep George from missing Carmen, even though she finds out the test was wrong. Vic introduces George and Angie to his 27-year-old fiance Lindsay (Stacy Keibler), who loves Vic only for his money, and uses him to get expensive items.
105 3 "George Nieces a New Media Room" Joe Regalbuto Jim Hope February 7, 2007 503 7.03[25]
George has just finished remodeling Carmen's room into a new entertainment room, watching Clint Eastwood movies with surround sound, but Veronica returns, announcing her trust fund has been frozen by a relative, threatening her with bankruptcy. Angie forces George to allow Veronica to stay in the new room, and Veronica brings her new boyfriend, her college professor who has a trust issue with his wife. The professor dumps his wife, and annoys George so much that during a birthday bash for Benny, George calls her a prostitute. After she dumps him, he begins to stalk her, which ends with George punching him in the face, getting the professor arrested and George's TV being destroyed. After that, the cops told Veronica she can put a restraining order against the teacher, but George forces her to give up her diamond bracelet because of the TV being destroyed.
106 4 "George Testi-Lies for Benny" Bob Koherr Rick Nyholm February 14, 2007 504 7.13[26]
When Luisa Diaz, Benny's estranged mother (Rita Moreno), turns on her daughter during trial, Benny must rely on George's testimony, which helps her by getting her out of jail and she has to do several hundred hours of community service.
107 5 "Sabes Gay, It's George's Fantasy Episode" George Lopez George Lopez February 21, 2007 505 5.83[27]
Following being humiliated at work, George drinks some tequila (with the worm), and hallucinates that he and Ernie are gay sweethearts who are soon to be united as life partners. Ernie gives up on meeting a woman he can spend his life with, deciding one-night-stands are better. Though the female bartender tries seducing him into having one with her, Ernie is oblivious and leaves.
108 6 "George Thinks Vic's Fiancée is Lion about Being a Cheetah" Bob Koherr Luisa Leschin February 28, 2007 506 6.04[28]
After George accidentally encourages Vic into tearing up the pre-nuptial agreement, he believes that Vic's fiancée is a gold digger and a cheater, and enlists the TV show Cheaters to help find out. After everything, George discovers Lindsay is cheating on Vic and he plans to get back with his ex-wife.
109 7 "George Helps Angie's Wha-Positive Self-Image By Saying You 'Sta Loca Good" Bob Koherr John R. Morey March 7, 2007 507 5.79[29]
When Angie gets concerned about losing her sexy looks while trying to get free satellite from the installer, George asks his niece, Veronica, to tone her sexuality down who was successful with the cable man. Angie continues to compare herself to Veronica, who is 10-20 years younger. George and Angie get invited to a party, but Angie dresses nearly nude in a nurse outfit in a desperate attempt to be sexy. George convinces her that there's a middle ground with how she takes care of herself, deciding they got "ten more years of hot, 20 years of not bad, and 5 years of 'did that smell come from me or you?"
110 8 "George's Grave Mistake Sends Him to a Funeral, Holmes" Sheldon Epps Michael Loftus March 14, 2007 508 6.19[30]
George's poor memory comes back to haunt him when Angie's mother passes away, and George cannot get another grave so Angie can be with her mom for eternity.
111 9 "George Joins the Neighborhood Wha-tcha and Raises the Vigil-ante" Sheldon Epps Laura House March 21, 2007 509 5.92[31]
An ex-sexual predator moves into the neighborhood so George warns Max not to go to her house. Nevertheless, one of George's neighbors (Tommy Chong) alerts George that Max has gone over there, but before anything happens George and Angie come to the molester's find a shirtless Max with a condom; after a talk they realize it was Max's idea to come to the house to have sex with the beautiful sex offender. George and Angie decide it's time to have "the talk" with Max. Though George gives a good speech, Angie arrives at the end with the jokes, thinking he was giving bad advice.
112 10 "George is Maid to be Ruth-Less" Victor Gonzalez Paul A. Kaplan & Mark Torgrove April 4, 2007 510 5.99[32]
George and Angie hire a maid (Barbara Eden) who quickly cooks and cleans her way into George's heart but never cleans the house and a jealous Benny decides to steal money from Max and blame the maid and get her fired. George knowing Benny stole the money asks her why but showing her love for George gives him a hug and the maid quits.
113 11 "George is Lie-able for Benny's Unhappiness" Joe Regalbuto Jim Hope April 4, 2007 511 6.53[32]
When the love of Benny's life, Wayne (Jerry Springer), returns to town, George builds a web of lies to keep them from reuniting, which includes death.
114 12 "George Uses His Vato Power to Save Dinero Que La" Victor Gonzalez Dave Caplan April 11, 2007 512 6.36[33]
After some out-of-control spending by George and Angie, they agree to decide who gets to spend money on $100+. After George's poker game is interrupted by Veronica, who is sent by Angie for revenge for getting a veto, they agree on a bet to be the most frugal. George ends up tricking Angie into eating expired cat food while realizing they can't keep the contest up as it's destroying their marriage.
115 13 "George Rocks to the Max and Gets Diss-Band-ed" Andy García John R. Morey April 11, 2007 513 6.36[33]
George tries to relive his high school days by teaching Max to play the guitar. But when Max moves on without his dad and joins a rock band, George wishes he could take it all back. When it turns out the band only needed a place to play, George cheers Max up by jamming with him. They lock Angie out of the garage; she wanted to play with a tamberine.
116 14 "George Gets Smoking Mad at Benny and Develops an Órale Fixation" Sheldon Epps Paul A. Kaplan & Mark Torgrove April 24, 2007 514 4.45[34]
When Powers Aviation institutes a smoking ban as part of a new health plan, Benny's nicotine withdrawals drive George to being forced away from her, because he makes Benny smoke. In the end, Benny quits working at the factory because George was going crazy, and eating tons of unhealthy food to keep his negative comments to himself, knowing he's the reason she smokes.
117 15 "George Can't Let Sleeping Mexicans Lie" Sheldon Epps Luisa Leschin April 24, 2007 515 4.89[34]
The Lopez family strikes out against a new neighbor who's decorated his front lawn with an offensive art display (e.g. a statue of a sleeping Mexican). Benny breaks it, earning praise from George. However, the new neighbor puts up two idenitcal statues and one of a donkey. Max copies Benny's actions, nearly getting arrested. George scolds him and Angie gets a petition to remove the statues.

Guest Starring: Mario Lopez

Note: This episode features a running gag where George keeps saying the neighbor's garden gnome looks like Benny; "Put my mom in a pointy hat and let her beard grow, they could be twins".
118 16 "George's Bogey-ous Relationship with Vic Is Putt to the Test" Joe Regalbuto Rick Nyholm May 1, 2007 516 4.61[35]
Vic feigns fatherly love so George will play in a father-son golf tournament against his longtime rival and his son, (played by Oscar De La Hoya). But George gets angry after discovering Vic's true intentions and throws the game.
119 17 "George Thinks Max's Future Is on the Line" Joe Regalbuto Dave Caplan May 8, 2007 517 4.60[36]
George puts Max to work at the factory to emphasize the importance of education and to pay for a new computer, but Max soon wants to stay at the factory forever. Powers Aviation's workers are worried when a rumor spreads that the new owner of the factory is moving it to Mexico and everyone loses their jobs.
120 18 "George Decides to Sta-Local Where It's Familia" Joe Regalbuto Bruce Helford May 8, 2007 518 4.60[36]
A multimillionaire (Edward James Olmos) buys Powers Aviation and asks George to stay on board if he is willing to move to Phoenix, AZ. George almost agrees, but then joins a factory boycott when everyone comes and tells him how much they will miss him. The owner agrees to keep the original workers and George ends up running the factory on his own, due to the departure of Jack and Mel. The millionaire then discovers he would be able to get some tax credits by keeping the factory with the original workers.


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