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This is an episode guide for Gerry Anderson's television series Gerry Anderson's New Captain Scarlet, a CGI update of his Supermarionation series Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons (1967–1968). Commissioned in March 2003,[1] the first series was first broadcast between 12 February 2005 and 14 May 2005 (except 2 April). A second series followed between 1 September 2005 and 26 November 2005.[2]

Series One[edit]

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original Air Date Production No.
1 1 "Instrument of Destruction: Part 1" David Lane Phil Ford 12 February 2005 (2005-02-12) 1
Dateline – 2068. When an unidentified mysterious extraplanetary signal from the surface of Mars is detected, the world security organisation known as Spectrum sends captains Scarlet and Black on a search of the desert surface to find out who is sending the signal. There, they discover a cloaked city, which they destroy, fearing themselves under attack. The city rebuilds itself and the inhabitants, calling themselves Mysterons, announce that they will destroy humanity with its own violence. Captain Black appears to be killed and Scarlet is returned to Earth as the Mysterons' instrument of destruction.
2 2 "Instrument of Destruction: Part 2" David Lane Phil Ford 19 February 2005 (2005-02-19) 2
The Mysterons resurrect Captain Black who gains control of a worldwide distribution company and a russian military leader. With the latter they launch an all out attack against Skybase whilst with the former they transport enough nuclear material to Siberia to create a bomb large enough to crack the world wide open. Meanwhile Captain Scarlet, who is now back to his old self, must earn Captain Blues trust as they must work together to stop Captain Black. Meanwhile Blacks former lover, Destiny Angel must come to terms that the man she once loved is now the enemy.
3 3 "Swarm" David Lane Phil Ford 26 February 2005 (2005-02-26) 8
The angels shoot down a USAF transport plane that was heading for Skybase, but it releases a swarm of cyberbugs, advanced robots the size of a bug that are capable of eating metal and reproducing with great speed. Once they are aboard Skybase, they set about eating their way towards the atomic reactor core. The headquarters will be destroyed unless Scarlet can find a weakness.
4 4 "Rat Trap" Dominic Lavery Phil Ford 5 March 2005 (2005-03-05) 7
Elysium base on Mars has stopped transmitting so a team of Captains Scarlet and Blue, Destiny and Harmony Angels and Doctor Gold are sent to find out what happened to the crew. On arrival they realise that this is a Mysteron trap and that they are under attack from an armoured research robot that their weapons can't damage.
5 5 "The Homecoming" David Lane Phil Ford 12 March 2005 (2005-03-12) 5
A space capsule escape pod from the Endeavor II, a manned mission to Jupiter which mysteriously disappeared fifteen years ago returns to Earth with Lieutenant Green's father, Commander Lewis aboard. Believed lost, he wastes no time catching up with his daughter, but when he arrives for his debriefing at the International Space Agency, he is revealed as a Mysteron agent and takes Green hostage inside a bunker containing an antimatter reactor that is rigged to blow, leaving nothing but a smoking hole from California to Texas and taking 8 million people with it.
6 6 "Mercury Falling" Dominic Lavery Phil Ford 19 March 2005 (2005-03-19) 4
Captain Blue and Destiny Angel pilot the International Space Agency shuttle Mercury on a top secret mission into space; they are to deploy a new satellite into Earth orbit, which will provide early warning of an imminent attack by identifying Mysteron energy on Mars. However, just as Mercury achieves orbit the shuttles controls are taken over by an outside force, and its systems lock onto a new flight path; Spectrum then receives a transmission from an unidentified extortionist who demands a ransom of $50 million in diamonds or else they will initiate Mercury's re-entry over North America and crash the shuttle onto Washington DC. Captain Scarlet must discover the identity of the blackmailer before Captain Black can turn the situation to his (and the Mysterons) advantage and send the craft on a collision course with the White House.
7 7 "Circles of Doom" Mark Woollard Brian Finch 26 March 2005 (2005-03-26) 9
Captain Black reveals that, using Myteron technology, that he now has control over all the digital systems on Earth and can destroy them at will. The Mysterons then speak through the rogue agent, demanding Mankind's surrender in twenty-four hours or else they will trigger a world-wide technological failure that will destroy everyone on the planet. With humanity's surrender as the price, how can Spectrum carry on the fight with weapons that don't work.
8 8 "Rain of Terror" Mark Woollard John Brown 9 April 2005 (2005-04-09) 3
Spectrum become involved in a cloud seeding experiment, however they become desperate race to stop it when it goes wrong after the Mysterons poison it and send one of the scientists mad with fear. A full test of the process in planned already and Colonel White is in the centre of after being knocked unconscious by Captain Black, who discuising himself as a research scientist, if the Mysterons succeed then they will send millions of people including Colonel White insane.
9 9 "Skin Deep" Mark Woollard John Brown 16 April 2005 (2005-04-16) 12
Destiny Angel is kidnapped by Captain Black, and sometime later it looks as though Destiny has staged a daring robbery of some missile launch codes. It appears that she has turned into a Mysteron agent, but things aren't as they appear, when Captain Scarlet goes looking for her and finds that her so called betrayal is only the first stage in an attack on Skybase.
10 10 "Chiller" Mark Woollard Phil Ford 23 April 2005 (2005-04-23) 6
In a remote diner in Phoenix, Arizona, Spectrum flight engineer Xander Story makes contact with two Mysteron agents. Story agrees to destroy Spectrum's Skybase in return for the aliens' promise that they will halt their war on mankind – and also accepts the large suitcase of money they give him. Story is about to leave when Captain Scarlet gatecrashes the meeting a gunfight ensues, but quickly ends when Captain Scarlet is shot and killed. Knowing that his body will soon regenerate, the Mysterons tie Scarlet to a pillar, hijack a petrol-chemical truck, and drive the vehicle into the diner, completely destroying the premises in a massive explosion. Later, whilst Searching for Scarlet, Captain Blue finds his badly devastated body and takes it back to Skybase. However, Doctor Gold finds that Scarlet's injuries are too severe, and with no sign of the retrometabolisation process taking place, he is forced to pronounce the agent dead. While Destiny and Blue grieve for their lost friend, Story arrives on board Skybase, with the bomb secreted in his engineering case. Back in sickbay, Scarlet regains consciousness, only to find that no one can see or hear him, and that he has somehow become intangible – it looks like Scarlet has become a ghost unwilling to give up his life until the threat to Skybase is past, his ghost tries to contact the living, but how can he save his friends when all he can do is make them feel cold?
11 11 "Trap For a Rhino" Dominic Lavery John Brown 30 April 2005 (2005-04-30) 10
In the Scottish Highlands, an elderly lady named Mrs Mackenzie is alarmed to see green lights hovering over the nearby Grampian Nuclear Power Station; she reports the incident to the authorities, but no one believes her. When Colonel White learns of the incident he immediately sends Captain Scarlet and Harmony Angel to investigate. But that turns out to be just what the Mysterons want as the Spectrum SPV Rhino ground vehicle is just what they need to breach the reactor's defenses.
12 12 "Heist" Dominic Lavery Phil Ford 7 May 2005 (2005-05-07) 13
Three men kidnap Colonel White's daughter, Victoria and threaten to harm her unless the colonel uses a Spectrum Rhino and help them mount an attack on an armored express train en route to Paris so that they can steal its cargo of $1 billion in gold bullion. But its all part of a Mysteron plot by Captain Black to incriminate the colonel in the robbery and thus end his Spectrum career. Whilst Colonel White pretends to go through with the robbery, Captain's Scarlet and Blue must get Victoria back.
13 13 "The Achilles Messenger" David Lane Phil Ford 14 May 2005 (2005-05-14) 11
Captain Scarlet and Destiny Angel are at a Spectrum Training Base in Castle Balmeath, Scotland. But the base commander, Astrid Winters, is turned into a Mysteron, but tells Scarlet she only wants to help humanity end the war and that she was sent by represents of a faction of the Mysteron consciousness which believes the war with Earth is a mistake. Winters is willing to pass the secret of defeating the Mysterons to Colonel White alone, but all the forces that the Mysterons can bring to bear will be ranged against her getting that far.

Series Two[edit]

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original Air Date Production No.
14 1 "Touch of the Reaper" Mark Woollard Phil Ford 3 September 2005 (2005-09-03) 24
Two scientists die at chemical research facility – only to be reborn as Mysteron replicants, each with the power to kill with a single touch. But who is there target and where are they both hiding? Can Spectrum agents Captain Scarlet and Captain Blue find them before they carry out there plans.
15 2 "Virus" David Lane Phil Ford 10 September 2005 (2005-09-10) 14
After several cases of random suicides, an investigation into the latest one leads Captain Blue to inadvertently upload a virus to Skybase's computers. Everyone on the base apart from Captain Scarlet and Destiny Angel are infected by the deadly virus which makes people end their own lives. Can Scarlet and Destiny erase the virus before they too become infected?
16 3 "Enigma" Dominic Lavery Phil Ford 17 September 2005 (2005-09-17) 16
The Mysteron's send a space ship to earth, and Colonel White sends the Angel fleet to intercept however there weapons are useless against it. The ship lands in the Northern Territory of Australia and Captains Scarlet, Blue, Ochre and Gray are despached to investigate only to end up getting teleported into the Mysteron ship. Soon the group end up as victims in around of Mysteron mind games, will they be able to escape?
17 4 "Best of Enemies" Dominic Lavery John Brown 24 September 2005 (2005-09-24) 17
In the Russian frozen wastes Captain Black steals a prototype organic limpet mine from a group of Russian men from the Russian Navy Technology Division and ends up being pursued by Captain Scarlet in a Spectrum Rhino. After a brief chase and a fight in the snow, Scarlet and Black end up trapped in the Rhino under frozen ice. With no way to escape can Scarlet and Black work together to get free.
18 5 "Contact" Mark Woollard Phil Ford 1 October 2005 (2005-10-01) 18
Doctor Phil Bogart, The designer of the devastating Thunder Pulse compression bomb which is used as sonic displacement weapon is killed and replaced by the Mysterons. After stealing his invention and going into hiding, Spectrum turn to his twin brother, Frank Bogart, a convicted criminal who has some sort of mental link with his brother.
19 6 "Proteus" Mark Woollard Phil Ford 8 October 2005 (2005-10-08) 19
Captain Scarlet, Colonel White and Lieutenant Green are abord a new stealth warship going through sea trials. However the Mysterons decide to use the ship for their own ends, by using it to start a war between U.S and China.

"Syrtis Major"[edit]

Spectrum mounts an aerial raid on the headquarters of Vulcan Industries. Colonel White confronts the board of governors over their recent breach of the Martian Exclusion Directive: despite the fact that the company's durinium mining operation on Syrtis Major was suspended some time ago, a three man maintenance team recently left for Mars. On learning that all contact with these engineers has since been lost, Colonel White sends Captain Scarlet, Captain Blue, Captain Ochre, Destiny Angel and Doctor Gold to investigate. Accompanied by Griggs, chief engineer from Vulcan Industries, the team soon arrives at the abandoned mining complex; after a search of the base proves fruitless, Destiny remains behind in the operations room while Scarlet and the others head for the mines to search the tunnels for the missing engineers; Blue notes that the tunnels are filled with a strange gas, but Griggs dismisses it as harmless. Back in the Ops room, Destiny comes face-to-face with Captain Black, who appears to have stowed away with the maintenance team. Meanwhile, Scarlet and his party find one of the engineers, Roberts, but the man flees from them in terror; when Scarlet gives chase he comes under attack by the other two engineers, and Roberts is killed by a mining laser. After Blue manages to disarm the men, an examination by Doctor Gold reveals that they are still human, and not Mysteron replicants. It seems that something is making everyone paranoid – and when it affects the Spectrum agents they begin to turn on one another…

Wayne Forester (Captain Scarlet), Robbie Stevens (Captain Blue), Emma Tate (Destiny Angel), Mike Hayley (Colonel White), Nigel Plaskitt (Captain Black / Doctor Gold / Oldfield), Julia Brahms (Captain Ochre), Jeremy Hitchen (John Griggs / Roberts), Jules de Jongh (Computer Voice)

"Fallen Angels"[edit]

While Colonel White, Captain Blue and Captain Ochre are at the World Summit Conference, Captain Scarlet is assigned command of Spectrum as it oversees security, helped by Lieutenant Green. Meanwhile, Destiny returns from her latest mission, having shot down wreckage from an old U.N. space station before it could fall to Earth. However, as the Angel returns to base, the plane containing White is attacked by four Canadian Air Force Vampire jets under Mysteron control, she joins the other Angels, and a deadly dogfight ensues. Although all the enemy fighters are dealt with, Harmony and Melody are forced to eject when their fighters are shot down, while Destiny only just manages to bail out after her jet is hit by shrapnel. To the delight of the three Angels, they come to land on the beach of a beautiful desert island, and when Destiny checks in with Captain Scarlet, she learns that she, Harmony and Melody must remain on the island for the next twenty-four hours, as all other Spectrum aircraft are on alert for the conference. However, the Angels stay in paradise will be short-lived – out at sea, a gang of vicious pirates are killed by Mysteron intervention, and then brought back under the aliens' control. The Mysterons then instruct the bandits to head for the island and capture the Angels – by forcing the trio to reveal the location of the summit, the Mysterons can then kill every world leader with a single, deadly blow…

Wayne Forester (Captain Scarlet), Robbie Stevens (Captain Blue / O'Brien / Chang), Emma Tate (Destiny Angel), Mike Hayley (Colonel White / Voice of the Mysterons), Jules de Jongh (Lieutenant Green / Harmony Angel), Julie Brahams (Captain Ocher), Heather Tobias (Melody Angel / Vane), Nigel Plaskit (Kreuger)

"Storm at the End of the World"[edit]

The Mysterons steal a Druzynik armoured tank from a Russian War Games exercise, and use its firepower to destroy the small town of Ragnarok; the entire population is massacred and then replicated under Mysteron control. Searching for the missing tank the following morning, Captain Scarlet and Captain Blue discover it lying abandoned in the snowy countryside; instantly suspicious, the two Spectrum agents decide to investigate the nearest town: Ragnarok. Unaware that the entire town is a Mysteron replica, Scarlet and Blue find its streets deserted; seeking shelter from the intense cold in a diner they help themselves to some coffee, but the pot is drugged, and both agents slip into unconsciousness. When they come to, Scarlet and Blue find themselves held prisoner in the local mine, where the townsfolk have been set to work digging at the rock face. Forced to join the workforce, Scarlet and Blue wonder what the Mysterons are digging for; they soon find out when an ancient meteorite is uncovered. The Mysterons inform the Spectrum agents that the rock contains lethal alien spores that have been in hibernation since the meteor crashed into the icy permafrost millions of years ago. The Mysterons plan to infect each of the townsfolk with the deadly spores, turning them into plague carriers that will infect and kill everyone on Earth in just four weeks…

Wayne Forester (Captain Scarlet), Robbie Stevens (Captain Blue), Mike Hayley (Colonel White / Doc Reacher), Jules de Jongh (Lieutenant Green), Nigel Plaskitt (Doctor Gold / Miner), Julia Brahms (Captain Ochre / Katie)


Following a tip-off that the Mysterons are about to obtain a deadly nerve agent, Spectrum attempts to break up the exchange as it takes place on a New York rooftop; however, the agent buying the weapon makes off in a helijet, while the courier speeds away on a motorbike. Avoiding heavy gunfire, Scarlet follows the jet on his Skyrider, while Captain Blue and Captain Ochre pursue and capture the biker in their Cheetah RRV. After a high-speed chase through skyscrapers, Scarlet manages to climb aboard the helijet and secure the canister, dealing with the Mysteron agents in the process. However, when the retrieved canister of nerve agent is taken back to Skybase for inspection, it is discovered that it merely contains nitrous oxide: laughing gas; furthermore, the agents involved in the exchange were humans, in league with the Mysterons. Realising that they have been duped, Scarlet heads to Egypt to question their informant, Zuca, over his apparent double-cross; the Egyptian confesses that he only learned that his information was a decoy after he passed it on, and reveals that the Mysterons' real target is the lunar holiday camp 'Tranquility'. Realising that this is where Destiny and Lieutenant Green are taking their vacation, Scarlet sets off to warn them – unaware that Zuca is really a Mysteron replicant sending him into a trap. On the moon, Destiny and Green arrange for Tranquility's evacuation by sending its holidaymakers out on lunar excursions while 'routine maintenance' is carried out; they are then joined by Scarlet and Blue, who have left Ochre and Magenta to deal with a distress call from one of Tranquility's excursion vehicles. However, when Tranquility's communications are jammed and contact is lost with Ochre and Magenta, Scarlet sets off in his Bison vehicle to investigate; he finds their Bison out on the lunar surface – now with Captain Black aboard. The Mysteron agent reveals that Scarlet has fallen into his trap – and now the two of them must face off in a duel to the death…

Wayne Forester (Captain Scarlet), Robbie Stevens (Captain Blue), Emma Tate (Destiny Angel), Mike Hayley (Colonel White / Zuka / Denim), Jules de Jongh (Lieutenant Green / Bison Computer Voice), Nigel Plaskitt (Captain Black), Julia Brahms (Captain Ochre / Ava Gordon), Glen Wrage (Black Suit / EV16 Mayday Voice)

"Shape Shifter"[edit]

When two Mysteron agents break into the Laroux Foundation in Louisiana and attempt to sabotage its particle collider, they come face to face with Captain Scarlet; during the ensuing firefight a bullet shatters a container tank, releasing a strange, yellow gas into the atmosphere. The replicants escape into the sewers below, but Scarlet gives chase and kills them both; however, the Mysterons take over the gas and use it to create another Captain Scarlet, who promptly shoots the real Captain Scarlet 'dead', dumps his body in a nearby swamp, and then heads for Skybase. Captain Scarlet's body is saved from being eaten by an alligator by two hicks named Zachary and Eli; the two men loot Scarlet of his equipment, and then decide to bury his body in the morning. Meanwhile, the fake Captain Scarlet arrives on Skybase, passes the routine DNA screening, and transforms himself into the appearance of anyone he touches. The following morning, the ersatz Scarlet attempts to assassinate Colonel White while he works out in the gym; Captain Blue tries to stop him, but the fake Scarlet's shot goes wide and shatters a window. The Mysteron is instantly sucked outside as the air rushes out, but he manages to cling to the outer surface of Skybase. Zachary and Eli bury Scarlet in a shallow grave, but are frightened off when the agent comes to life before their eyes; Scarlet makes his way to a Rhino concealed in a remote water tower, but the vehicles activation triggers an alarm that is immediately detected by Lieutenant Green. Scarlet contacts Spectrum and tries to warn his colleagues about the doppelganger, but White refuses to believe him; the Colonel is convinced that Scarlet has succumbed to Mysteron control, and he orders the Angels to destroy him. With some fancy driving, Scarlet manages to evade the Angels' missile attack; he then returns to the Laroux Foundation, where he learns that the gas was an experimental form of pure atomic matter, able to assume any shape it is programmed with. Blue tracks Scarlet down and tells his friend that he believes his claims that he has been replicated; the two agents set off for Skybase – only to learn that the Mysteron replicant has now taken over the form of Colonel White and set the base's controls on a collision course with the city of Houston…

Wayne Forester (Captain Scarlet), Robbie Stevens (Captain Blue / Captain Grey / Technician), Emma Tate (Destiny Angel), Mike Hayley (Colonel White), Jules de Jongh (Lieutenant Green / Harmony Angel), Julia Brahms (Captain Ochre), Heather Tobias (Melody Angel), Glenn Wrage (Professor Reynard / Zachary Jarrod), Nigel Plaskitt (Eli Jarrod / Wheatley)

"Grey Skulls"[edit]

After the Mysterons take over a Phoenix policeman named Rimmer and use him to steal a canister of deadly alien spores brought back by a space probe from Ganymede, Captain Scarlet and Captain Blue are ordered to give chase. Elsewhere, two rival bikers – Colt from the Grey Skulls and Brock of the Wolf Pack – are meeting to discuss a possible peace treaty when they are interrupted by the arrival of Rimmer's police car; as the cop takes refuge inside a nearby building a Spectrum Rhino draws up, which trashes Colt's motorcycle in the process. Brock is killed by Rimmer and recreated by the Mysterons; the biker then takes over possession of the canister as Rimmer disappears into thin air. Captain Ochre arrives to assist her comrades in the hunt for Rimmer; however, Colt immediately sees a way to replace his ruined bike, and promptly steals Ochre's Stallion Raid Bike. Unable to find their quarry, the three Spectrum agents return to Skybase, where a furious Colonel White orders Ochre to recover her stolen bike before its firepower can be misused. Using Lieutenant Green's information that the Grey Skulls are based in Roswell, a chastened Ochre heads off to New Mexico to track down the Raid Bike. Having 'persuaded' two Grey Skull gang members to take her to their leader Ochre confronts Colt – only to have him blow up her Cheetah RRV with the Raid Bike's weaponry. Colt then takes Ochre to his base inside a disused underground military bunker, where he and his gang are waging a war against the alien invaders first sited in the area in the 1950s. Meanwhile, Scarlet and Blue determine that the Mysterons' target is the new Stellar City theme park in Phoenix; however, the two agents are still looking for Rimmer – unaware that it is now Brock who is about to release the deadly spores that will kill literally thousands of visitors…

Note: Season 2's episodes original aired out of order. As a result this episode, not the actual arc-resolving "Dominion", aired as the final episode of the series.[3]

Wayne Forester (Captain Scarlet), Robbie Stevens (Captain Blue / Brock / Monk / Technician / Ride Attendant), Mike Hayley (Colonel White), Jules de Jongh (Lieutenant Green), Julia Brahms (Captain Ochre), Glenn Wrage (Colt), Nigel Plaskitt (Trent / Sergeant / Cheetah Computer Voice)


Captain Black steals a Druzynik tank and aims to destroy the Tereshkovo nuclear plant in Siberia; the Angels are ordered to stop him, but the armoured vehicle easily shrugs off their missile attack. Giving chase in another Druzynik, Captain Scarlet and Captain Blue manage to destroy the Mysteron agents tank just before it comes within weapon's range of the plant. Black's body is thrown clear of the blast, and is immediately taken back to Skybase for examination. Here Black's body rapidly heals, and when he regains consciousness, the agent declares that he is now free of Mysteron control. Although Destiny is convinced that her former lover has returned, her colleagues remain suspicious, and when Black then announces that he wishes to make amends for his actions, and offers to reveal the location of the Mysterons' power source on Mars, Colonel White flatly refuses to sanction a mission. Seeing an opportunity to end the war, Scarlet frees Black and together they escape Skybase on Stallion Raid Bikes; White orders Blue and Ochre to give pursuit, but the two agents are overpowered by Scarlet, who takes Black to the International Space Agency in New Mexico, where they steal a Spectrum shuttle. When the ISA ask White to grant clearance for the spacecraft, the Colonel decides to trust Scarlet's instincts, and he allows the vessel to lift off. Scarlet and Black soon land on Mars and set off for the Mysteron city in their Bison ATV, unaware that the Mysterons are now following their every move. Can Black really be trusted – or is Scarlet being led into a final, lethal trap?

Wayne Forester (Captain Scarlet), Robbie Stevens (Captain Blue), Emma Tate (Destiny Angel), Mike Hayley (Colonel White), Jules de Jongh (Lieutenant Green / Harmony Angel / Symphony Angel), Nigel Plaskitt (Captain Black / Doctor Gold), Julia Brahms (Captain Ochre)