List of Global Television Network personalities

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National Anchors/Hosts[edit]

News Hour/Evening News Anchors[edit]

Morning News Anchors[edit]

Noon News Hour/The News at Noon Anchors[edit]

Early News Anchors[edit]

News Hour Final/News Final Anchors[edit]

Weekend News Hour/Evening News & News Final Anchors[edit]

Weather Anchors[edit]

Sports Anchors[edit]

Global News: BC 1 Anchors/Hosts[edit]

  • Jill Krop *host of "Unfiltered"
  • Sonia Sunger *Weekday mornings*
  • Samantha Falk
  • Asa Rehman
  • Geoff Hastings - *Weekend afternoons*

National Reporters[edit]

Traffic Reporters[edit]


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