List of Golden Warrior Gold Lightan episodes

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This article is a list of episodes from the television show Golden Warrior Gold Lightan in order by production number.


# Episode Name Original air date
01 "Demon of mechanic dimension"   March 1, 1981 (1981-03-01)
02 "Sudden attack of super Namazurobo"  
03 "Good bye Yukigon"  
04 "As for amusement park Mechanic Underworld"  
05 "Thermal optical chestnut star man"  
06 "The informer is who?"  
07 "Reckless driving robot of demon"  
08 "Subway centipede panic"  
09 "Town of mechanic cosmos"  
10 "UFO of dragonfly"  
11 "Bomb mechanic swan"  
12 "Mysterious person of world forgetting village"  
13 "Ohina narrow squeak"  
14 "Rebellion Mechanic Underworld"  
15 "Mechanic demon dragon of skies"  
16 "Mini spy of demon"  
17 "Good-bye day of dolphin"  
18 "Garibenda large maneuvers"  
19 "As for Ohina circus star"  
20 "Niyutonda of love"  
21 "Mechanic patience method shadow offshoot"  
22 "The doll which has lived"  
23 "As for the fine arts thief Mekaso"  
24 "Array 6 human Lightan"  
25 "The nessie raging traveling"  
26 "It is the large storm to be, the manner dust"  
27 "The dracula panic"  
28 "Jungle gym of puzzle"  
29 "Beauty contest of fear"  
30 "Puzzle of Ibaruda Palace"  
31 "Surprise Nezumogura"  
32 "Snow woman Koranka"  
33 "Trouble maneuvers of love"  
34 "Mermaid princess of demon human promontory"  
35 "The trap of puzzle doctor"  
36 "With respect to detective going/participating"  
37 "Weak point of team Lightans"  
38 "Animal of large plain"  
39 "Mechanic dimensional straight line"  
40 "Seabed palace of puzzle"  
41 "Tear of large demon God"  
42 "Fear of demon boundary corps"  
43 "Mechanic dimensional largest crisis"  
44 "Drifting person of volcanic island"  
45 "Yamaterasu country of vision"  
46 "Decision of magmatic giant"  
47 "Horsefly ladder large victory of love"  
48 "Target! Mannatsuka"  
49 "Rebellion of mechanic palace"  
50 "Challenge of Mr. mechanic X"  
51 "Day of mechanic palace last moment"  
52 "Good bye team Lightans"   February 18, 1982 (1982-02-18)