List of Governors of Pakistan

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A Governor in Pakistan is the appointed Head of Government of a Province. The Governor of a province is appointed by the federal government of Pakistan, whose tenure lasts for five years.

Current Governors of Pakistan[edit]

Province Name Took Office Party List Website
Gilgit–Baltistan Pir Karam Ali Shah 27 January 2011 PPP Governor of Gilgit–Baltistan Gilgit-Baltistan Government
Kashmir Sardar Yaqoob Khan 25 August 2011 PPP President of Azad Kashmir Kashmir Government
Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Mehtab Abbasi 15 April 10 2014 Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz Governor of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Government
Balochistan Muhammad Khan Achakzai 11 June 2013 PMA Governor of Balochistan Balochistan Government
Sindh Ishrat-ul-Ibad Khan 27 December 2002 MQM Governor of Sindh Sindh Government
Punjab Mohammad Sarwar 2 August 2013 PML-N Governor of Punjab Punjab Government

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