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This is a list of active ships of the Hellenic Navy.

Class (Type) Photo Name # Name in Greek Builder In Service Notes
Hydra class
(Type: Meko-200HN Germany)[1]
F452Hydra.jpg HS Hydra
HS Spetsai
HS Psara
HS Salamis
F 452
F 453
F 454
F 455
Φ/Γ Ύδρα
Φ/Γ Σπέτσαι
Φ/Γ Ψαρά
Φ/Γ Σαλαμίς
Greece Hellenic Shipyards Co. 4 Within the next two years a modernization and upgrading program will be launched for all four vessels.[2]
Elli class
(Type: Standard Netherlands)[1]
20080702-Faliron-HS Kanaris-F464.jpg HS Elli
HS Limnos (el)
HS Adrias (el)
HS Aigaion (el)
HS Navarinon (el)
HS Kountouriotis (nl)
HS Kanaris
HS Themistoklis (el)
HS Nikiforos Fokas (nl)
F 450
F 451
F 459
F 460
F 461
F 462
F 464
F 465
F 466
Φ/Γ 'Ελλη
Φ/Γ Λήμνος
Φ/Γ Αδρίας
Φ/Γ Αιγαίον
Φ/Γ Ναυαρίνον
Φ/Γ Κουντουριώτης
Φ/Γ Κανάρης
Φ/Γ Θεμιστοκλής
Φ/Γ Νικηφόρος Φωκάς
Netherlands Netherlands Koninklijke 9 F Elli (F-450) & F Limnos (F 451) built specifically for the Hellenic Navy. Modernization of Six frigates of the S Class completed by the end of 2010.[2]
Fast Attack Crafts / Missile Boats
Roussen class
(Type: Super-Vita United Kingdom)
20091205-Piraeus-P67 Roussen.jpg HS Roussen
HS Daniolos
HS Krystallidis
HS Grigoropoulos
HS Ritsos
HS Karathanasis
HS Vlahakos
P 67
P 68
P 69
P 70
P 71
P 72
P 73
ΤΠΚ Ρουσσέν
ΤΠΚ Δανίολος
ΤΠΚ Κρυσταλλίδης
ΤΠΚ Γρηγορόπουλος
ΤΠΚ Ρίτσος
ΤΠΚ Καραθανάσης
ΤΠΚ Βλαχάκος
Greece Elefsis Shipyards 5 (+2) Armed with Exocet MM40; four vessels are in active service, the fifth ship (P 71) undergoes SAT. The remaining ships (P 72 and P 73) are under construction and scheduled to be in active service by 2016.
Laskos class
(Type: La Combattante III France)
HS Laskos
HS Blessas
HS Mykonios
HS Troupakis
P 20
P 21
P 22
P 23
ΤΠΚ Λάσκος
ΤΠΚ Μπλέσσας
ΤΠΚ Μυκονιός
ΤΠΚ Τρουπάκης
Greece Elefsis Shipyards 4 Upgraded (2006) and fitted with MM38 Exocets. Vessel P 22 performs sea trials following completion of retrofits and repairs.
Kavaloudis class
(Type: La Combattante IIIb France)
HS Kavaloudis
HS Degiannis
HS Xenos
HS Simitzopoulos
HS Starakis
P 24
P 26
P 27
P 28
P 29
ΤΠΚ Καβαλούδης
ΤΠΚ Ντεγιάννης
ΤΠΚ Ξένος
ΤΠΚ Σιμιτζόπουλος
ΤΠΚ Σταράκης
Greece Hellenic Shipyards Co. 5 Upgraded (2006-2011) and currently fitted with P24-P29 Penguins (Mk2/Mod3). All vessels to be fitted with Harpoon missiles by the end of 2015 as Penguins approach end-of-life.
Votsis class
(Type: La Combattante IIa France
also known as "Type 148")
20080702-Faliron-P73-Pezopoulos (cropped).jpg HS Votsis (el)
HS Pezopoulos (el)
HS Maridakis (el)
P 72
P 73
P 75
ΤΠΚ Βότσης
ΤΠΚ Πεζόπουλος
ΤΠΚ Μαριδάκης
France Construction Mecanique de Normandie 3 Fitted with Exocet MM38.
Denmark Osprey 55
Greece HSY-55

Greece Osprey HSY-56A
HS Aittitos P-268 in Kos.JPG HS Armatolos (el)
HS Navmachos (el)
HS Kasos
HS Polemistis
HS Machitis
HS Nikiphoros
HS Aittitos
HS Krataios
P 18
P 19
P 57
P 61
P 266
P 267
P 268
P 269
Κ/Φ Αρματωλός
Κ/Φ Ναυμάχος
Κ/Φ Κάσος
Κ/Φ Πολεμιστής
Κ/Φ Μαχητής
Κ/Φ Νικηφόρος
Κ/Φ Αήττητος
Κ/Φ Κραταιός
Greece Hellenic Shipyards Co. 8 Both HSY-55 and Osprey HSY-56A classes are designed by the Hellenic Navy following a modular concept so that weapons and sensors can be changed as required; can be fitted with Harpoon missiles.
United States Asheville HS Tolmi (P229) mail transfer.jpg HS Tolmi (Tolmi|el)
HS Hormi (el)
P 229
P 230
Κ/Φ Τόλμη
Κ/Φ Ορμή
United States Peterson Builders 2 HS "Tolmi" is ex USN USS Green Bay (PG-101).[3]
HS "Hormi" is ex USN USS Beacon (PG-99).[4]
Glafkos class
(Type 209/1100 Germany)
HS Nireus (el)
HS Triton (el)
HS Proteus (el)
S 111
S 112
S 113
Υ/Β Νηρεύς
Υ/Β Τρίτων
Υ/Β Πρωτεύς
GermanyHowaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft 3 Program "Neptune I" upgrades.
Poseidon class
(Type 209/1200 Germany)
HS Poseidon (el)
HS Amphitriti (el)
HS Pontos (el)
S 116
S 117
S 119
Υ/Β Ποσειδών
Υ/Β Αμφιτρίτη
Υ/Β Πόντος
GermanyHowaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft 3 Program "Neptune II" for Air-Independent Propulsion (AIP) upgrades was cancelled.
Okeanos class
(ex-Type 209/1200 AIP Germany / Greece)
HS Okeanos (el)
S 118
Υ/Β Ωκεανός
GermanyHowaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft/Greece Hellenic Shipyards Co. (for Neptune II upgrades) 1 Program "Neptune II". Upgrades and refits, including AIP capabilities, are so extensive justifying this Type 2019/1200 boat as a separate class when compared to Poseidon class.
Papanikolis class
(Type 214 Germany)
HS Papanikolis (el)
HS Pipinos (el)
HS Matrozos (el)
HS Katsonis (el)
** HS ???
** HS ???
S 120
S 121
S 122
S 123
S 124
S 125
Υ/Β Παπανικολής
Υ/Β Πιπίνος
Υ/Β Ματρώζος
Υ/Β Κατσώνης
Υ/Β ???
Υ/Β ???
Greece Hellenic Shipyards Co./GermanyHowaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft 4 (+2?) All Type 214 boats are AIP equipped; boat S 122 undergoes SAT and a fourth ship (S 123) is under construction. All four submarines will be in active service by 2016. Two more vessels might be built as replacement to the Neptune II program.
Tank Landing Ships
Greece Jason LST 20080702-Faliron L-173 HS Chios.jpg HS Chios
HS Samos
HS Ikaria
HS Lesvos
HS Rodos
L 173
L 174
L 175
L 176
L 177
Α/Γ Χίος
Α/Γ Σάμος
Α/Γ Ικαρία
Α/Γ Λέσβος
Α/Γ Ρόδος
Greece Hellenic Shipyards Co. 5 Capable of transporting 287 troops plus 22 battle tanks or any other combination of other armored vehicles.
Russia Zubr HS Cephalonia (el)
HS Ithaca (el)
HS Corfu (el)
HS Zakynthos (el)
L 180
L 181
L 182
L 183
ΠΤΜ Κεφαλληνία
ΠΤΜ Ιθάκη
ΠΤΜ Κέρκυρα
ΠΤΜ Ζάκυνθος
4[5] Military lift of total 130 tonnes of cargo with 3 battle tanks, 8 armored vehicles, 10 personnel carriers and 140 troops or combinations of those. Speed of 40 knots when fully loaded.
LCU (Type: 520) HS Ios
HS Paros
HS Sikinos
HS Irakleia
HS Pholegandros
L 167
L 179
L 168
L 169
L 170
Α/Β 'Ιος
Α/Β Πάρος
Α/Β Σίκινος
Α/Β Ηρακλειά
Α/Β Φολέγανδρος
0 According to the official Hellenic Navy website, all ships have been decommissioned.
Patrol Boats
Norway Tjeld (Type: Nasty)
(Type: Esterel)
Kos Diopos Antoniou P 286.JPG HS Andromeda
HS Kyknos
HS Pegasus
HS Toxotis
HS Diopos Antoniou
HS Kelevstis Stamou
P 196
P 198
P 199
P 228
Ρ 286
Ρ 287
ΠΠ Ανδρομέδα
ΠΠ Κύκνος
ΠΠ Πήγασος
ΠΠ Τοξότης
ΠΠ Κ/Β Δίοπος Αντωνίου
ΠΠ Κ/Β Κελευστής Στάμου
6 Formerly called: torpedo boats.
United Kingdom Hunt
 USA Osprey
HS Evropi
HS Kallisto
HS Evniki
HS Kalypso
M 62
M 63
M 61
M 64
Ν/ΘΗ Ευρώπη
Ν/ΘΗ Καλλιστώ
Ν/Α Ευνίκη
Ν/Α Καλυψώ
United Kingdom Vosper Thorneycroft/United States Avondale Shipyard 4 HS "Europa" is ex RN HMS Bicester, M-36.
HS "Kalypso" is ex RN HMS Berkeley, M-40.
HS "Evniki" is ex USN USS Pelican, MHC-53.[6]
HS "Kalypso" is ex USN USS Heron, MHC-52.[7]

Two more Hunters Class Osprey are expected to be commissioned in the HN
in the near future, the USS Osprey (MHC-51) and USS Robin (MHC-54). See S. 3052: Naval Vessel Transfer Act of 2008 for details.[8] The Congress of the USA approved the transfer on September 10, 2008.

Torpedo Retrievers
Class: 430/430A HS Arachthos
HS Evrotas
HS Nestos
A 461
A 460
A 463
ΠΑΤ Αραχθός
ΠΑΤ Ευρώτας
ΠΑΤ Νέστος
Transport Ships
Greece Class: Pandora
ex-Germany LCU (Type: 520)
20070620-Piraeus-HS Pandora.jpg HS Pandora
HS Pandrosos
HS Naxos
HS Serifos
A 419
A 420
L 178
L 195
ΠΜΠ Πανδώρα
ΠΜΠ Πάνδροσος
ΠΜΠ Νάξος
ΠΜΠ Σέριφος
Greece Perama Shipyards/
Germany Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft
4 PTV "Naxos" and PTV "Serifos" are converted LCUs.
Oil Tankers HS Zeus
HS Ouranos
HS Hyperion
HS Orion
A 375
A 416
A 417
A 376
Π/Φ Ζεύς
Π/Φ Ουρανός
Π/Φ Υπερίων
Π/Φ Ωρίων
Water Tankers HS Kalliroe
HS Trichonis
HS Doirani
HS Kerkini
HS Prespa
HS Stymphalia
A 468
A 466
A 476
A 433
A 434
A 469
Υ/Φ Καλλιρόη
Υ/Φ Τριχωνίς
Υ/Φ Δοϊράνη
Υ/Φ Κερκίνη
Υ/Φ Πρέσπα
Υ/Φ Στυμφαλία
Greece Aulida shipyards 6
Miscellaneous Ships
Oceanographic & Scientific Research HS Navtilus.jpg HS Naftilos
HS Pytheas
HS Strabon
HS Akatos 14
A 478
A 474
A 476
AΚ 14
Υ/Γ-Ω/Κ Ναυτίλος
Υ/Γ-Ω/Κ Πυθέας
Υ/Γ-Ω/Κ Στράβων
Υ/Γ-Ω/Κ Άκατος 14
Auxiliary Vessels
Italy Class: Etna (AOR)
Class: Thetis (AN 103) Net/Buoy Tender
Prometheus A374.jpg HS Prometheus (el)
HS Thetis
A 374
A 307
ΠΓΥ Προμηθεύς
ΦΘ Θέτις
Greece Elefsis Shipyards 1
Lighthouse Tenders 20071025-Piraeus-A479-0028.jpg HS Karavogiannos
HS Lykoudis (el)
A 479
A 481
ΠΦΑ Καραβόγιαννος
ΠΦΑ Λυκούδης
Replenishment Ships
Germany Class: 701C (Type: Luneburg)
20080702-Faliron-A464-Axios.jpg HS Axios (el)
HS Aliakmon (el)
A 464
A 470
Π/Φ Αξιός
Π/Φ Αλιάκμων
Germany Blohm + Voss 2
Memorial Ships
Pisa-class Armoured Cruiser Averof Today2.jpg HS Georgios Averof - Θ/Κ Γεώργιος Αβέρωφ 1 Museum ship. The ship is regarded as in active service, carrying the Rear Admiral's Rank Flag. It is the only Armored cruiser worldwide still in existence.
Fletcher-class destroyer Velos D16.jpg HS Velos - A/Τ ΒΕΛΟΣ D-16 1 Museum ship. The ship is regarded as in active service. The ex-USS Charrette, she is preserved at Faliro Bay (Marina Flisvou) as the Museum of the struggle against the dictatorship, following its role in a 1973 mutiny.
Trireme Olympias.1.JPG HS Olympias - Τριήρης Ολυμπιάς 1 Olympias is a reconstruction of an ancient Athenian trireme. She is hand-built and considered in active service.[9]
Tugboat HS Aias
HS Gigas
HS Danaos
HS Iason
HS Minos
HS Nestor
HS Pelias
HS Persefs
HS Adamastos
HS Atrefs
HS Atromitos
HS Achillefs
HS Diomidis
HS Odyssefs
HS Romaleos
HS Thisefs
A 412
A 432
A 427
A 424
A 436
A 421
A 437
A 429
A 411
A 439
A 410
A 409
A 440
A 425
A 442
A 441
Ρ/Κ Αίας
Ρ/Κ Γίγας
Ρ/Κ Δαναός
Ρ/Κ Ιάσων
Ρ/Κ Μίνως
Ρ/Κ Νέστωρ
Ρ/Κ Πελίας
Ρ/Κ Περσεύς
Ρ/Κ Αδάμαστος
Ρ/Κ Ατρεύς
Ρ/Κ Ατρόμητος
Ρ/Κ Αχιλλεύς
Ρ/Κ Διομήδης
Ρ/Κ Οδυσσεύς
Ρ/Κ Ρωμαλέος
Ρ/Κ Θησεύς
17 The Navy operates a mixed fleet of tugboats based at the two major naval docks of Salamis and Souda Bay. The list includes both open sea and harbour tugboats.

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