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Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids (or Grizzly Tales) is a series of books by Jamie Rix and a TV series produced for ITV. The original TV series was based on the award winning collections of cautionary tales by Jamie Rix. Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids, Ghostly Tales for Ghastly Kids, Fearsome Tales for Fiendish Kids and More Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids. The series was narrated by Nigel Planer and animated by Sara and Simon Bor of Wolves Witches & Giants fame.

In all, six series and a New Year's special ran from 1999 to 2007 on ITV and Grizzly Tales was consistently one of the highest rated children's animation shows on the channel. In 2011, a new 26 re-invention of the show was produced for Nickelodeon UK and NickToons UK. It was awarded Best Children's Programme at the Broadcast Awards 2012.

The BAFTA-nominated show has picked up many other awards including Animated Series and Children's Choice at the British Animation Awards, and Children's Animated series at Cartoons on the Bay.

The show is available on DVD through ITV in the UK, Porchlight in the USA and Time Life in Australia. Orion Audiobooks have also released full CD recordings of the books, read by Rupert Degas. Audio Go have re-released the original Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids audio book on CD and download.

The series is produced by Grizzly TV.

In 2010 Nickelodeon UK and NickToons UK started broadcasting the original series. The re-invented series airs from 2011 on Nickelodeon UK and Nicktoons UK.

In 2014, Citv started repeating the original series.

Season 1 (1999-2000)[edit]

  1. The New Nanny (4 January 2000) Tristram and Candy Frightfullybusy (are horrible to their nanny, but soon they have her back after other nanny's teach them a lesson) Always treat your nannies with respect and never lie
  2. The Spaghetti Man (11 January 2000) Timothy King (gets turned into a lasagne) Always eat your food on the table
  3. Grandmother's Footsteps (18 January 2000) Jolyon (finds a ghost in his house), Grandma (reads a story for her grandson)
  4. Death By Chocolate (25 January 2000) Serena Slurp (turns into a chocolate fly) don't eat too much chocolate or be mean to siblings.
  5. The Wooden Hill (31 January 2000) Jack (finds courage for his mother to climb her son's creepy staircase)overcome your fear of dark and do not allow your imagination to get the better of you
  6. A Tangled Web (7 February 2000) Nigel (keeps his mouth shut forever)
  7. The Princess's Clothes (14 February 2000) Felicity (tears her plain clothes with sewing scissors) Miss Shears (pays a visit) do not be spoilt or too obsessed with clothes.
  8. Burgerskip (21 February 2000) Oswald O'Burger (gets dragged underground by a tree) don't destroy rainforests.
  9. The Barber of Civil (28 February 2000) Tanya and Peregrin (get the bad parts of their tongues cut off) always be polite
  10. The Chipper Chums Go Scrumping (6 March 2000) Cole, Algy, Alice, Ginger, Sam and Stinker (get squeezed into cider)
  11. The History Lesson (13 March 2000) Eliza (fails her history test) concentrate during tests.
  12. Sweets (20 March 2000) Thomas (gets made into a shop window dummy) always behave in shops
  13. Dr. Moribundus (27 March 2000) Lorelei Lee (gets cured of No School-itis) don't feign illness to get days off school.


  1. Penny, from the tale The History Lesson, is the same cartoon as Tanya from the episode, The Barber Of Civil, also from series 1.
  2. Thomas Ratchet, from the tale Sweets, is the same cartoon as Peregrin from the episode, The Barber Of Civil, also from series 1.
  3. The Chipper Chums Go Scrumping, the 10th episode, narrates the Uncle Grizzly parts after. Nigel Planer does not narrate it.

Season 2 (2001)[edit]

  1. Jack in a Box (23 April 2001) Jack DeLaunay (turns into a ventriloquist's dummy) don't interrupt others constantly or be a chatterbox.
  2. Glued to the Telly (10 April 2001) Herbert (turns into a cheese and onion crisp)do not watch to much television
  3. The Cat Burglar (12 April 2001) Fedora Funklefink (gets eaten by a tiger named Tigor), Angela (answers Fedora's smart mother and brings back £5,0000) don't trick others for the money they offer.
  4. Mr Peeler's Butterflies (16 April 2001) Alexander (has never slept again for the rest of his life) go to sleep when told.
  5. An Elephant Never Forgets (26 April 2001) Percy and Belinda Crumpdump (get flattened by an elephant)
  6. The Childhood Snatcher (9 April 2001) Amos Stirling (his wife gives birth to his daughter) Albert (girl, turns into an old lady)leave children alone with their childhood.
  7. The Giant Who Grew Too Big for His Boots (17 April 2001) Huge Hugh (gets slimed by a snail) do not take up anybody's space
  8. Prince Noman (19 April 2001) Leticia (has an invisible baby)
  9. Tag (18 April 2001) Terry (confesses to his mother that he's a thief) don't steal.
  10. The Litter Bug (24 April 2001) Bunty Porker (gets eaten by a huge litter bug) Colonel Buffy (escorts the Earth) never be greedy or pollute
  11. Fat Boy with a Trumpet (25 April 2001) Johnny Bullneck (gets struck by lightning) don't bully and torture other children at school.
  12. The Broken Down Cottage (11 April 2001) Augustus (dies in a fire and becomes a ghost).
  13. Well'ard Willard (27 April 2001) Willard (melts into a puddle of water)


  1. Angela Tearful, from the tale The Cat Burglar, is the same cartoon as Young Charlotte from the episode Burgerskip, from series 1.
  2. Bunty Porker, from the tale The Litter Bug, is the same cartoon as Serena Slurp from the episode Death By Chocolate from series 1.
  3. Willard, from the tale Well'ard Willard, is the same cartoon as Nigel from the episode A Tangled Web, from series 1.

Season 3 (2002)[edit]

  1. The Upset Stomach (23 December 2002) Ethel Turnip (gets eaten by pet stomach) you can't neglect your stomach
  2. Knock Down Ginger (24 December 2002) Ginger Pie (gets eaten by Mr. Thrips' termites) don't play pranks, even if you hate that person
  3. The Locked Door (26 December 2002) Ishbell (opens the locked door when the old man asks) don't wonder too much
  4. Simon Sulk (30 December 2002) Simon (gets eaten by trolls along with his parents) don't sulk
  5. The Urban Fox (30 December 2002) Elvis, (disguises himself in the tennis court, and does such a good thing while disguising himself in the end), Pierce and Tamara (hide in the sewers for the rest of their lives) don't try to kill foxes
  6. When the Bed Bugs Bite (31 December 2002) Hannibal (turns into a giant bed bug) don't bite people
  7. Spoilsport (31 December 2002) Girl (turns into a puddle of smelly brown sludge), Baby (cries all day since he has been told for her that the tooth fairy doesn't exist) believe what you like, but don't tease people for what they believe in
  8. The Pie Man (7 January 2003) Donald (gets baked into a pie) don't suck your thumb, except when you're a baby
  9. Head in the Clouds (14 January 2003) Butterfly Brian (has his head locked in a box forever) don't daydream
  10. Dirty Bertie (21 January 2003) Bertie Bath (gets replaced by an alien) always take a bath
  11. Crocodile Tears (28 January 2003) Gwendolyn Howling (gets eaten by a crocodile) don't cry to get what you want
  12. Little Fingers (4 February 2003) Daffid Thomas (gets all his fingers chopped off) don't fiddle


  1. Ethel Turnip, from the tale The Upset Stomach, is the same cartoon as Bunty Porker and Serena Slurp from the episodes Death By Chocolate, from series 1

and The Litter Bug from series 2.

  1. Ginger Pie, from the episode Knock Down Ginger, is the same cartoon as a boy who is also called Ginger Pie from the episode The Chipper Chums Go Scrumping, from series 1.
  2. Ishbell, from the episode The Locked Door, is the same cartoon as Belinda from the episode The Elephant Never Forgets, from series 2.
  3. Simon, from the episode Simon Sulk is the same cartoon as Nigel and Willard from the episodes A Tangled Web, from series 1 and Well,ard Willard from series 2.
  4. Pierce Smith, the rich boy from the episode The Urban Fox, is the same cartoon as Jack DeLaunay from the episode Jack In A Box, from series 1.
  5. Hannibal, from the episode When The Bed Bugs Bite is the same cartoon as Alexander from the episode Mr Peeler's Butterflies from series 2.
  6. Girl, from the episode Spoilsport, is the same cartoon as Tanya and Penny from the episodes The Barber Of Civil and The History Lesson, from series 1.
  7. Baby, from the episode Spoilsport, is the same cartoon as Tristam from the episode The New Nanny, from series 1.
  8. Donald, from the episode The Pie Man, is the same cartoon as a girl who grew up as a boy called Albert (Amos's Daughter) from the episode The Childhood Snatcher, from series 2.
  9. Brian, from the tale Head In The Clouds, is the same cartoon as Jack from the episode The Wooden Hill, from series 1.
  10. Gwendolyn Howling, from the episode Crocodile Tears, is the same cartoon as Lorelei Lee from the episode Doctor Moribundus, from series 1.
  11. Daffyd Thomas, from the episode Little Fingers, is the same cartoon as Jolyon from the episode Grandmother's Footsteps, from series 1. It is also a play on the homophobic homosexual character from BBC sketch show Little Britain played by Matt Lucas alongside David Walliams. That is also why the episode is called "Little Fingers".
  12. Delia Deathabridge, from the episode The Decomposition of Delia Deathabridge, is the same cartoon as Eliza from the episode The History Lesson, from series 1.
  13. Little Fingers is not showing on Nicktoons, probably because of it being a Little Britain gay character, and kids shouldn't know about that.

Season 4 (2004)[edit]

  1. Revenge of the Bogeyman (2 April 2004) Dee Doodah (learns that bogeys have feelings) don't flick bogeys.
  2. It's Only a Game, Sport! (2 April 2004) Bruce (gets swallowed by a snake) don't be a spoilsport
  3. The People Potter (16 April 2004) Greta Gorky (gets turned into pottery) be careful.
  4. The Gas Man Cometh (16 April 2004) Stefan (floats into space from too much helium, when the Gas Man pays a visit) don't prank call.
  5. Bogman (16 April 2004) Helen (cleans up all the peat from the house) don't shirk.
  6. Bunny Boy (23 April 2004) Bill (turns into a rabbit) eat your greens.
  7. Bessy O'Messy (23 April 2004) Bessy (shrinks in the wash) tidy your bedroom when asked
  8. Goblin Mountain (30 April 2004) Joe Alexander (does not respect any books when they are left, the goblins dig a hole, and Joe gets turned into a tree) always treat books with respect and never tear them apart.
  9. Superstitious Nonsense (30 April 2004) Araminta Jane Gaslamp (gets squashed by a cow) don't be superstitious
  10. Athlete's Foot (7 May 2004) Antony St. John-Smythe (gets hit by a bomb) don't think your the best
  11. The Stick Men (7 May 2004) Chico (is forced to live in his own drawing) don't draw on the wall, even if you're lonely and don't draw the goblins.
  12. The Grass Monkey (14 May 2004) Esmerelda (gets eaten by a cow) don't be a brat or mess with magic
  13. The Top Hat (21 May 2004) Benjamin (gets trapped in a magician's hat) never be greedy, spoiled or steal and respect presents you receive
  14. The Decomposition of Delia Dethabridge (21 May 2004) Delia Dethabridge (turns white as a corpse and faints, also becomes dumb) don't think you're a genius
  15. The Crystal Eye (A Grizzly New Year's Tale) (31 December 2004) Fick Finnegan (gets swapped with his own reflection) don't be selfish


  1. Dee Doodah, from the episode Revenge of the Boogeymen, is the same cartoon as Young Charlotte and Angela Tearful from the episodes Burgerskip, from series 1 and The Cat Burglar, from series 2.
  2. Bruce, from the episode It's Only A Game Sport!, is the same cartoon as Tristram and Baby from the episodes The New Nanny, from series 1 and Spoilsport, from series 3.
  3. Greta Gorky, from the episode The People Potter, is the same cartoon as Tamara Smith from the episode The Urban Fox, from series 3.
  4. Bill, from the episode Bunny Boy, is the same cartoon as Peregrin and Thomas Ratchet from the episodes The Barber of Civil and Sweets, from series 1.
  5. Joe Alexander, from the episode Goblin Mountain, is the same cartoon as Jack and Brian from the episode The Wooden Hill, from series 1 and Head In The Clouds, from series 3.
  6. Araminta, from the episode Superstitious Nonsense, is the same cartoon as Felicity from the episode The Princess's Clothes, from series 1.
  7. Antony, from the episode Athlete's Foot, is the same cartoon as Ginger Pie from the episodes The Chipper Chums Go Scrumping, from series 1 and Knock Down Ginger, from series 3.
  8. Chico, from the episode The Sitck Men, is the same cartoon as Daffyd and Jolyon from the episodes Grandmother's Footsteps' from series 1 and Little Fingers from series 3.
  9. Benjamin, from the episode The Top Hat, is the same cartoon as Timothy from the episode Fat Boy With A Trumpet, from series 2.
  10. Delia, from the episode The Decomposition of Delia Deathabridge, is the same cartoon as Eliza from the episode The History Lesson, from series 1.

Season 5 (2006)[edit]

  1. The Bugaboo Bear (27 March 2006) Emily Stiff (gets turned into a stuffed toy and mistreated) treat your toys well
  2. The Butcher Boy (28 March 2006) Gilbert (gets chopped into sausages) money can't buy happiness
  3. The Fruit Bat (29 March 2006) Cherie Stone (gets turned into a fruit bat) eat your fruit
  4. Monty's Python (30 March 2006) Monty (becomes Sister Eater's pet) don't tease your siblings
  5. The Grub A Blub Blub (31 March 2006) Savannah Slumberson (gets turned into a witchety grub) don't be lazy
  6. Wolf Child (3 April 2006) Garth McQueen (gets kidnapped by wolves) don't act like a baby to get attention
  7. The Weather Witch (4 April 2006) Jack Frost (turns into an ice sculpture) don't play pranks on the elderly
  8. Kiss and Make Up (5 April 2006) Holly Hotlips (gets an old witch's face) looks don't get the boy (or girl)
  9. William the Conkerer (6 April 2006) William (gets turned into a conker, which means that his mother does not understand) don't destroy nature
  10. Silence is Golden (7 April 2006) Dolores Bellicose (turns into a golden statue) don't be noisy
  11. Her Majesty's Moley (10 April 2006) Mattie (looks like a holy-moley) never kill a mole
  12. Puppet on a String (11 April 2006) Callaway (becomes a puppet) don't say "can't"
  13. The Soul Stealer (12 April 2006) Poppy (gets locked into a picture) don't play tricks with a camera

Season 6 (2007)[edit]

  1. Jamie's School Dinners (18 September 2006) Jamie (explodes and turns into a "chicken nugget") if you have school dinners, eat what is given to you.
  2. Recyclops (19 September 2006) Scabi (gets recycled into something useful) don't throw everything away
  3. The Clothes Pigs (20 September 2006) Truffle (gets eaten by Incy, Wincy, Nibble and Titch, the piglets) don't treat your parents like slaves
  4. Why Boys Make Better Burglars (21 September 2006) Billy Burglar (gets 'caught red handed') never be a burglar
  5. The Watermelon Babies (22 September 2006) Kitty and Winnie (turn into watermelons, and devoured) don't misuse water
  6. eBoy (16 October 2006) Eric (gets stripped to his brain, eye and hands) don't constantly play on the computer
  7. Nobby's Nightmare (16 October 2006) Nobby (gets eaten by his 'alien girlfriend' Sophie) don't be naked in front of a girl
  8. The Dumb Klutzes (17 October 2006) The Klutz family (gets eaten by a giant) don't believe everything people say
  9. The Lobster's Scream (17 October 2006) Shannon Shellfish (gets boiled alive) never say "I want"
  10. The Old Tailor Of Pelting Moor (18 October 2006) Jumbo Ferrari (turns into an old man) never be shallow
  11. Big Head (18 October 2006) Sammy Slitherall (his head shrinks to the size of a pin) don't be a show-off
  12. The Piranha Sisters (19 October 2006) Dorothy May (gets stripped bare by piranhas) and Petie (is suspended the next day, when a black mark sets against her name in the Behaviour Book as Dorothy May receives a visit from the Midnight Skeleton later that night) never play pranks or be gullible.
  13. Tom Time (Last episode aired on ITV1 and CITV) (19 October 2006) Tom (explodes, while the world ceased to exist) always be on time.


  1. Poppy, also from the episode The Soul Stealer, is the same cartoon as Holly Hotlips from the episode Kiss and Make Up from series 5.
  2. Truffle, also from the episode The Clothes Pigs, is the same cartoon as Jack Frost from the episode The Weather Witch, from series 5.
  3. Jumbo Ferrari, also from the episode The Old Tailor of Pelting Moor, is the same cartoon as William from William the Conkerer, from series 5.
  4. Sammy Slitherall, also from the episode Big Head, is the same cartoon as Monty from the episode Monty's Python, from series 5.
  5. Dorothy May, also from the episode The Piranha Sisters, is the same cartoon as Savannah Slumberson from the episode The Grub A Blub Blub, from series 5.
  6. Petie, also from the episode The Piranha Sisters, is the same cartoon as Mayflower from the episode Monty's Python, from series 5.
  7. Tom, also from the episode Tom Time, is the same cartoon as Billy Burglar from the episode Why Boys Make Better Burglars, from Series 6.
  8. Jamie's School Dinners is not showing on Nicktoons.

ITV announced in November 2006 that Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids has not been recommissioned for a seventh series.[1]

Grizzly Tales - Cautionary Tales of Lovers of Squeam[edit]

This series (7 & 8) were the first to ran on Nickelodeon.

Batch 1 (series 7 - 2010)[edit]

These episodes premiered outside the UK, girst UK transmission was in May 2011.

  1. Tinklebell (2 May 2011) Gilbert Sparrow (gets eaten by his parents, as they would not eat what was on their plate) eat what's on your plate
  2. Sick To Death (2 May 2011) Victoria Spew (gets sucked into the vacuum cleaner literally) don't vomit to get what you want
  3. The Ugly Prince (3 May 2011) Prince Spencer (dies in the blades of a lawnmower horribly) don't get revenge on your girlfriend
  4. Hear No Weevil See No Weevil (3 May 2011) Broccoli Brassica (gets gobbled up by weevils) big is NOT beautiful
  5. The Rise and Fall of The Evil Guff (4 May 2011) Bart Thumper (falls into a compost heap) don't fart too much
  6. Cat's Eyes (4 May 2011) Cat Clore (gets run over by a steamroller, when the police arrive) don't bully others
  7. Message in a Bottle (5 May 2011) Popering Partridge (gets squashed into a bottle) don't reprimand your parents
  8. Little Angel (5 May 2011) Eliza Toadley (petrifies into a stone gargoyle) don't tell lies
  9. The Dragon Moth (6 May 2011) Josiah Reeks (never does as he is told) always read signs
  10. The Long Face (6 May 2011) Petty Ggambrel-Ffetlock (has a horse face) don't sulk
  11. Kingdom of Wax (9 May 2011) Nathaniel (burns to death) don't try and attract girls
  12. The Spelling Bee (9 May 2011) (Based On The Death Rattle) Purnellopy Underblanket (turns into a human beehive) don't be obstinate
  13. The Flat Pack Kid (10 May 2011) Humpty Egg (becomes more useful) don't take things apart

Batch 2 (Series 8 - 2011)[edit]

  1. The Blood Doctor (5 Sept 2011) Georgina Sutcliffe (shrivels up from vinegar in her veins) Don't be a diva
  2. The Hair Fairies (6 Sept 2011) Peacebiscuit (petrifies into wood) Be thankful for what God gives you
  3. The Apostrophic Expositor (7 Sept 2011) B.S Brogan (turns into a full stop) don't be a chatterbox
  4. Nerves of Steel (8 Sept 2011) Charlie Chicken (sinks underwater) don't lie to get attention
  5. The Worm (9 Sept 2011) Eustace Colon (turns into a tapeworm) don't eat worms
  6. Lazy Bones (10 Sept 2011) Ida Lydon (gets relieved of her lazy bones) don't be lazy
  7. Frank Einstein's Monster (29 Oct 2012) Frank Einstein (gets strapped to a rocket) don't play with fireworks
  8. Nails In Her Coffin (29 Oct 2012) Griselda Grim (gets drowned in a neighbourhood's swimming pool) don't wish you were a cat
  9. The Undertaker (30 Oct 2012) Gulab Gobby (gets relieved of his body) keep your opinions to yourself
  10. Little Flower Girl (30 Oct 2012) Petal Stalewater (gets drilled into the ground) don't pick flowers without permission
  11. The Wrap Man (31 Oct 2012) Carlton (gets sent to his Auntie Wilma) be thankful for what you receive
  12. Old McDonald's Farm (1 Nov 2012) Angela Asbrew (turned into a chicken) respect your elders
  13. Nuclear Wart (2 Nov 2012) Jim and Terry (get swallowed by a nuclear wart) don't fight with your siblings

Season 9 (2014)[edit]

  1. The Haunted Wendy House (10 February 2014) Gabriella (gets locked in her haunted wendy house)
  2. Woodwork (10 February 2014) Callum Wood (turns dumb for the rest of his life)
  3. Hair Today, Dead Tomorrow (11 February 2014) Josie Furry (creates a hair ball in her tummy, and dies)
  4. The Ghostly Guitarist (11 February 2014) Harry Notes (turns into a human guitar)
  5. Blade Sunner (12 February 2014) Jolian Cutter (gets cut in half with a concrete saw blade. Jolian is a boy with short brown hair. He moves on to the lawn, puts up lawnmowers on the mowerpark, then looks into the saw blades. The concrete saw blade cuts Jolian in half.)
  6. The Suit Loon (12 February 2014) Adam Necktie (gets all of his suits cut up, and becomes naked. Adam goes on to the Suit Loon contest.)
  7. Bubblegum Trouble (13 February 2014) Barbara Gumbowl (turns into a gumball, which gets chewed by her little sister Rebecca. Barbara is a good girl with red hair and freckles. She gets a pile of bubblegum here at the bubblegum shop, while at home her little sister Rebecca eats half and spits thousands of bubblegum. The bubblegum turns Barbara into a gumball, and gets chewed by her little sister Rebecca.)
  8. Beddy Time Boom (13 February 2014) Bertram Beddie (gets eaten by his beddy time boom monster. Bertram looks up the window and becomes scared of his monster.)
  9. Hammy The Hamster (14 February 2014) Travisa (gets eaten by the ghost of her unloved hamster)
  10. The Life And Death Of Garfield White (14 February 2014) Garfield White (turns very clever, until his brain explodes. Garfield White is a man who likes making food and drinks.)
  11. Fatal Attraction (17 February 2014) Katie (gets turned into a human beauty statue)
  12. The Strawberry Death (17 February 2014) Mary Fruitish (gets turned into a big strawberry, before an ill lady Briony eats it in the ambulance van. The girl ends up with the spraw turning herself into a giant strawberry)
  13. Nurse Nora (18 February 2014) Ted Twig (gets turned into a pile of sick. His parents scrape their sick in the bag.)

Season 10 (2014)[edit]

  1. Bag (2 June 2014) Kadie-Ann (gets turned into a popular bag)
  2. Jaw Boned (2 June 2014) Nicholas Bones (pulls up his teeth, until his mouth explodes)
  3. The Final Straw (3 June 2014) Hillary Strews (gets a straw stuck up her nose for the rest of her life. The farmer asks Hillary how to pay for a straw.)
  4. The Glowing Giraffe (3 June 2014) Georgie Giraffe (gets eaten by his glowing giraffe)
  5. Team Train (4 June 2014) Paisley Poison (gets run over by a train)
  6. Tidy Travis (5 June 2014) Tidy Travis (loses all of his things for the rest of his poor life)
  7. New Girl (6 June 2014) Britannia (gets lost in the middle of her new town)
  8. Eaten Alive (27 October 2014) Friend Underwater (chokes on his live octopus)
  9. The Best Of Brittany (28 October 2014) Brittany Brush (gets ran across by 500 rugby tacklers accidentally. The referees send poor Brittany for the rest of her lives.)
  10. The Countdown (29 October 2014) Luke Clocker (explodes because of a time bomb)
  11. The New Dentist (29 October 2014) Queenie and Tripp Toothful (have their teeth taken out from their mouths)
  12. Smother In Law (30 October 2014) Princess Maria (gets squished by the refrigerator's doors in the kitchen)
  13. The Worst Thing That Charlie Breekock Did (31 October 2014) Charlie Breekock (gets eaten by his pet lizard Lenny) - Half-an-hour Special

Season 11 (2014 - 2015)[edit]

  1. Stupid Is As Stupid Does (21 November 2014) Lola Mudhole (gets embarrassed so much that she runs away never to be seen again)
  2. A New Song Called Gross (21 November 2014) Barney Smarty (bullies his sister because of a song she wrote, but he gets eaten by her pet lizard)
  3. Mug (22 November 2014) Robyn Handcuff (gets taken away by Mug Man)
  4. Said & Done (22 November 2014) Stubborn Ted Hitman (has a ligtning strike in a storm)
  5. Selfie Girl (23 November 2014) Hannah Sass (turns into a phone)
  6. Parachutes Are Important (23 November 2014) Vika Goobear (dies after a terrible fall off a plane)
  7. Bratified (24 November 2014) Moo Moo (gets so spoiled by her mum that she gets a robot, and then the robot turns on her and takes her away, never to be seen again).
  8. The Opinion (24 November 2014) Gregory Timms (hates his dad's new moustache, and then a ghost gives him a moustache for life).
  9. Theme Park (25 November 2014) Rosie Hollows (goes to a theme park and bullies lots of children, goes on a scary ride that never stops).
  10. Dance, Dance (25 November 2014) Georgina Bay (goes to a dance class and shows off too much, then a new boy comes to dance class with better moves and Georgina gets so jealous that she quits and gets fat).


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