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This is a list of Gumby episodes. Gumby is a green clay humanoid character created and modeled by Art Clokey. Since the original series' run, he has become well known as an example of stop motion clay animation and an influential cultural icon, spawning many tributes and parodies, including a video game and toys.


Pilot film without Gumby[edit]

Gumbasia[1] is a 3-minute film made by Art Clokey in 1953. There is no plot, but just the movement of 3-dimensional clay geometric shapes to the sound of jazz music. Gumby does not appear in this film. The actual Gumby series pilot was a film titled Gumby on the Moon.[1]

Gumby Bumpers[edit]

  1. Pokey shoots Gumby out of a cannon.
  2. Pokey rolls a giant green ball of clay off the cliff and it becomes nine mini Gumbys.
  3. Gumby inflates a balloon, but gets inflated into a bigger and fatter version with Pokey by his side.
  4. Pokey throws a baseball, Gumby swings the bat but misses, and then a springy noise is made.
  5. Gumby and Pokey are aerial fighters, and Gumby leaves an ammo hole shaped like him.
  6. Gumby and Pokey are inside the rocket about the blast off and leave behind a cloud in a shape of Gumby.
  7. Gumby and Pokey chess board.
  8. Gumby turns into a puddle, Pokey pops out from above the puddle, and enters the conference hall.
  9. Gumby (Return) - "Here comes another adventure with me and all my friends!"
  10. Gumby (Commercial Break) - "Don't go away! I'll be right back with all my pals after this."
  11. Pokey (Return) - "Holy Toledo! Here's another Gumby Adventure!"
  12. Prickle (Commercial Break) - "Hang on. Gumby will be right back after these messages. You can count on it."
  13. Goo (Return) - "Here comes more fun with Gumby and pals!" (Notice: This bumper appeared in Freddy's Nightmares episode, The End of the World.)
  14. Professor Kapp (Commercial Break) - "Goodness gracious! There will be more Gumby Adventures right after this!"
  15. Gumbo and Gumba (Return) - Gumbo says, "Here comes another adventure with our son Gumby, and his friends." Then Gumba says, "I'm so proud of our boy!"
  16. Minga (Commercial Break) - "Stay right here. My brother Gumby will be back after these messages."

Episode Listing[edit]

Since information about the original airdates or original production order is unknown, these listings are reasonable estimates towards the original production order. The following was compiled based on the evolution of the appearance and voice for the characters. For most of the 1950s episodes, they were originally presented as 11-minute stories, but were later chopped in half and presented as two separate entries when they were packaged for syndication with new episodes produced in the 1960s. Several of these abbreviated versions borrow footage from their counterpart, while some had some new material filmed specifically for these shorter versions (as evidenced by a brief change in how the characters look in the newer footage). New title sequences were filmed for half of these, while the other half retained the original title sequence. For identification purposes, all 1950's episodes will be listed with the original title of the 11-minute version listed first and in parenthesis will be the name of the counterpart that was created when these episodes were split.

1950s Episodes[edit]

Produced circa. 1955-1957 for "The Howdy Doody Show"

  1. Moon Trip (Gumby on the Moon) (Trapped on the Moon)
  2. Mirror Land (Lost and Found) (Notice: This is the first frozen title card (Lost and Found).)
  3. The Little Lost Pony (The Blockheads) (Notice: A clip of The Blockheads (re-recorded version) appeared in Freddy's Nightmares episode, The End of the World.)
  4. The Fantastic Farmer (Gopher Trouble)
  5. The Black Knight (Mysterious Fires)
  6. Too Loo (Gumby Concerto)[1]
  7. Robot Rumpus (Yard Work Made Easy)[1] (Notice: Robot Rumpus appeared in Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode, The Screaming Skull.)
  8. Toy Crazy (Toy Joy)[1]
  9. Lion Around (Lion Drive)
  10. The Eggs and Trixie (Egg Trouble)
  11. Odd Balls (Outcast Marbles)[1]
  12. Gumby Business (Toy Fun)

Produced circa. 1957 for "The Gumby Show"

  1. The Mocking Monkey (How Not to Trap Lions)
  2. The Magic Show (The Magic Wand)[1]
  3. Pokey Express (Indian Trouble)
  4. The Racing Game (Gumby Racer)[1]
  5. Rain Spirits (The Kachinas)[1]
  6. Toying Around (Toy Capers)
  7. In the Dough (Baker's Tour)[1]
  8. Tree Trouble (Eager Beavers)[1]
  9. Train Trouble
  10. In A Fix

1960s Episodes[edit]

Produced circa. 1960-1963

  1. The Zoops
  2. Even Steven
  3. The Glob[1] (Notice: A clip of this episode appeared in Gumby: The Movie.)
  4. Chicken Feed
  5. Hidden Valley[1]
  6. The Groobee[1]
  7. The Witty Witch[1]
  8. Hot Rod Granny[1]
  9. Ricochet Pete[1]
  10. Northland Follies
  11. The Small Planets[1]
  12. Sad King Ott’s Daughter[1] (Notice: A clip of this episode (re-recorded version) appeared in Gumby: The Movie.)
  13. King for a Day
  14. Rain for Roo
  15. Santa-Witch[1]
  16. Scrooge Loose[1]
  17. Pigeon in a Plum Tree[1]

The following 4 films were billed as "Gumby Specials". Rather than featuring Gumby, the specials feature other clay characters, a bear named Henry and a blue clay bird named Rodgy appeared in the first 3. A character known as Professor Kapp appeared in the 4th and later became a regular character in Gumby episodes

  1. Dragon Witch
  2. Treasure For Henry[1]
  3. Who’s What[1]
  4. Space Ball

Produced circa. 1964-1968.

  1. The Reluctant Gargoyles
  2. Tricky Train
  3. Siege of Boonesborough
  4. Missile Bird
  5. Good Knight Story
  6. The Blue Goo[1]
  7. A Hair-Raising Adventure
  8. Goo for Pokey
  9. Candidate for President[1]
  10. Gumby’s Fire Department
  11. Making Squares
  12. Golden Iguana
  13. School for Squares[1]
  14. Magic Flute
  15. The Ferris Wheel Mystery
  16. Mason Hornet
  17. Prickle’s Problem
  18. The Golden Gosling
  19. A Groobee Fight
  20. The Gumby League
  21. Pilgrims on the Rocks[1]
  22. Pokey’s Price
  23. Son of Liberty[1]
  24. Gumby Crosses the Delaware[1]
  25. Of Clay and Critters
  26. Tricky Ball
  27. Dragon Daffy
  28. Super Spray
  29. The Big Eye[1]
  30. Lawn Party (partially Live-action)
  31. Mystic Magic
  32. Puppy Dog School[1]
  33. Puppy Talk[1]
  34. Moon Madness
  35. Shady Lemonade
  36. Prickle Turns Artist
  37. Piano Rolling Blues
  38. Hot Ice
  39. Haunted Hot Dog[1]
  40. The Moon Boggles
  41. Do-It-Yourself Gumby
  42. Behind the Puffball
  43. Weight and See
  44. Pokey Minds the Baby
  45. A Lovely Bunch of Coconuts
  46. Grub Grabber Gumby[1]
  47. All Broken Up
  48. This Little Piggy
  49. Wishful Thinking
  50. Turnip Trap
  51. The Rodeo King
  52. Gumby Babysits
  53. El Toro
  54. Dopey Nopey
  55. Gold Rush Gumby
  56. Dog Catchers
  57. Stuck on Books
  58. Bully For Gumby
  59. A Bone for Nopey
  60. Gabby Auntie
  61. Foxy Box
  62. Indian Country
  63. Tail Tale
  64. Motor Mania
  65. Sticky Pokey
  66. Point of Honor
  67. Indian Challenge

1987-1988 Episodes[edit]

  1. Mirror-Aculous Recovery
  2. As the Worm Turns
  3. Lost Treasure
  4. The Beetle and the Caterpillar
  5. Gumbot
  6. Guitar Magic
  7. A Miner Affair
  8. All Cooped Up
  9. Wild Girls
  10. A Smashing Hit
  11. The Music Ball
  12. The Elephant and the Dragon -(Notice: A clip of this episode appeared in Gumby episode, Geese Grief.)
  13. Birthday Party in the Middle Ages
  14. Strange Circus Animals
  15. The Fliver 500
  16. A Gumby Day
  17. The Search
  18. Gumby’s Circus
  19. Melon Felons
  20. Shrink-a-Dink
  21. The Big City
  22. A Cottage for Granny
  23. The Big Squirt
  24. Witch Way
  25. The Astrobots
  26. Educational TV
  27. Denali’s House
  28. Humbug
  29. A Dolly for Minga
  30. The Wind Bag
  31. Little Lost Girl
  32. Children for Sale -(Notice: A clip of this episode appeared during the end credits of Gumby: The Movie.)
  33. A Lotta Hot Air
  34. The Wild Horse
  35. Of Note
  36. Fun Day -(Notice: A clip of episode appeared during the end credits Gumby: The Movie.)
  37. The Plant
  38. Merry-Go-Pumpkin
  39. Minga – Sitting
  40. A Real Seal
  41. Naughty Boy
  42. Hatching Out -(Notice: A clip of this episode appeared during the end credits Gumby: The Movie.)
  43. Time Kapp-Sule
  44. Band Contest
  45. Geese Grief
  46. Fox Hunt
  47. The Lost Arrow
  48. Command Performance
  49. Sleepy Time Robbers
  50. Balloonacy
  51. Picnic
  52. Wild Train Ride
  53. Funtasia (Notice: This is the first episode with credits, and this is the first collection of segments.)
  54. Rip Van Prickle
  55. Great Mastadon Robbery
  56. Young Granny
  57. The Abominable Dough Man
  58. Ostrich Feathers
  59. Blocks in the Head
  60. Gumby’s Close Encounters
  61. Arctic Antics
  62. Runaway Camel
  63. Flying Carpet
  64. Gumbitty Doo Dah
  65. Gumby Music Video -(Notice: A clip of this episode appeared during the end credits of Gumby: The Movie.)
  66. Lost in Chinatown
  67. Joker’s Wild
  68. Minga’s Folly
  69. High as a Kite
  70. Denali Blues
  71. Gumbastic
  72. Little Denali Lost -(Notice: A sequel to The Denali Blues, and the second part.)
  73. Goo and the Queen (Part One)
  74. Goo and the Queen (Part Two)
  75. Moving Experience
  76. Prickle’s Baby Brudder
  77. My-O-Maya
  78. Goo’s Music Video -(Notice: A clip of this episode appeared during the end credits of Gumby: The Movie.)
  79. Clayfully Yours
  80. Proxy Gumby
  81. Goo’s Pies
  82. Robot Farm
  83. The Forbidden Mine (Part One)
  84. The Forbidden Mine (Part Two)
  85. Clay Play (Notice: This is the last collection of segments, and a clip of this episode appeared in Freddy's Nightmares episode, The End of the World.)
  86. The Knight Mare
  87. Skateboard Rally
  88. Space Oddity (Part One)
  89. Space Oddity (Part Two)
  90. Best in the Block
  91. The Lost Birthday Present
  92. To Bee or Not to Bee
  93. Just Train Crazy
  94. Wickiups and Bulrushes
  95. Pokey à la Mode
  96. Kangaroo Express
  97. Kid Brother Kids
  98. Time Out
  99. For the Graduate


  1. Gone Clayzy
  2. Gumball Gumby
  3. Chatter Box -(Notice: This is the last frozen title card, and this is the last episode with credits.)
  4. Clay Trix -(Notice: This is the last time Gumby, Pokey, Prickle, and Goo cameo appear.)
  5. The Funny Bathtub -(Notice: Last Gumby episode, and the sixth and last time has a footage.)


From 2005-2006, a project took place to attempt to restore the entire 1950's and 1960s Gumby library. These versions are all official and authorized as they contain Premavision copyright notices at the beginning. As of 2010, a total of 36 restored transfers exist (33 episodes, the pilot cutdown "Gumby on the Moon", the experimental film "Gumbasia" and a stand-alone transfer of the 1967 theme-song intro). The 1950s episodes were assembled back to their original 11-minute format as close as possible with the existing material. These restorations were not perfect as the original negatives for the 11-minute versions appear to be lost and now only exist split into their syndication halves. This is very noticeable as the restoration for "The Magic Show"/"The Magic Wand" retains the 1960s title sequence "The Magic Wand" instead of the original title sequence "The Magic Show". On a similar note, a narration track recorded for the beginning of the syndicated half titled "Gumby Concerto" is still heard on the restoration for "Too Loo"/"Gumby Concerto". Some of these restored versions have since been released on DVD by Classic Media, the rightsholder at the time these restorations were done.

Home Video Availability[edit]

Official Releases[edit]


Throughout the 1980s Family Home Entertainment had released the majority of the 1950s and 1960s Gumby episodes on various VHS collections (the only episodes that didn't get a release were "This Little Piggy", "Tricky Train" and "Foxy Box"). These all retained their original audio tracks as they were released before the 1988 revival series, in which completely new soundtracks had to be recorded due to licensing issues involving the original soundtracks.

A Gumby Adventure Vol. 1[edit]

Reissue Title: The Return of Gumby

  1. The Witty Witch
  2. Hot Rod Granny
  3. In a Fix
  4. King for a Day
  5. The Groobee
  6. Gopher Trouble
  7. Rain for Roo
  8. Chicken Feed
  9. The Zoops
A Gumby Adventure Vol. 2[edit]

Reissue Title: Gumby Magic

  1. The Magic Wand
  2. Mirrorland
  3. Robot Rumpus
  4. Moon Trip
  5. Trapped on the Moon
  6. Gumby on the Moon
  7. The Eggs and Trixie
  8. Eager Beavers
  9. The Magic Show
A Gumby Adventure Vol. 3[edit]

Reissue Title: The Misadventures of Gumby

  1. Baker's Tour
  2. Gumby Concerto
  3. The Black Knight
  4. Toying Around
  5. The Blockheads
  6. Gumby Racer
  7. Toy Crazy
  8. Sad King Ott's Daughter
  9. The Reluctant Gargoyles
A Gumby Adventure Vol. 4[edit]

Reissue Title: Gumby and the Wild West

  1. The Kachinas
  2. The Glob
  3. School for Squares
  4. Goo for Pokey
  5. The Golden Iguana
  6. A Groobee Fight
  7. Hidden Valley
  8. Tricky Ball
  9. Ricochet Pete
Gumby Rides Again (Vol. 5)[edit]
  1. Gumby Business
  2. How Not to Trap Lions
  3. Lion Drive
  4. Odd Balls
  5. Toy Fun
  6. Train Trouble
  7. Toy Capers
  8. The Ferris Wheel Mystery
  9. Even Steven
  10. Lion Around
Gumby's Incredible Journey (Vol. 6)[edit]
  1. The Small Planets
  2. The Fantastic Farmer
  3. Too Loo
  4. The Racing Game
  5. Treasure for Henry
  6. Who's What?
  7. Good Knight Story
  8. A Hair Raising Adventure
  9. Gumby's Fire Department
  10. Tree Trouble
Gumby's Holiday Special (Vol. 7)[edit]
  1. Pilgrims on the Rocks
  2. Pokey's Price
  3. Son of Liberty
  4. Gumby Crosses the Delaware
  5. Santa Witch
  6. Scrooge Loose
  7. The Golden Gosling
  8. Pigeon in a Plum Tree
A Gumby Summer (Vol. 8)[edit]
  1. The Gumby League
  2. Motor Mania
  3. The Blue Goo
  4. A Lovely Bunch of Coconuts
  5. The Missile-Bird
  6. Pokey Express
  7. Rain Spirits
  8. Mason Hornet
  9. Shady Lemonade
  10. Making Squares
Gumby for President (Vol. 9)[edit]
  1. Candidate for President
  2. Yard Work Made Easy
  3. Toy Joy
  4. Mysterious Fires
  5. Wishful Thinking
  6. Gold Rush Gumby
  7. Siege of Boonesborough
  8. The Little Lost Pony
  9. Point of Honor
  10. Do-It-Yourself Gumby
A Gumby Celebration (Vol. 10)[edit]
  1. Egg Trouble
  2. In the Dough
  3. The Mocking Monkey
  4. Northland Follies
  5. Super Spray
  6. The Magic Flute
  7. Prickle's Problem
  8. Piano Rolling Blues
  9. All Broken Up
  10. The Rodeo King
Gumby's Fun Fling (Vol. 11)[edit]
  1. Lost and Found
  2. Lawn Party
  3. Gumby Baby-Sits
  4. Stuck on Books
  5. Of Clay and Critters
Doggone Gumby (Vol. 12)[edit]
  1. A Bone for Nopey
  2. Puppy Talk
  3. Dopey Nopey
  4. Puppy Dog School
  5. Dog Catchers
  6. Behind the Puff Ball
  7. Indian Country
  8. Hot Ice
  9. Prickle Turns Artist
  10. Pokey Minds the Baby
The Best of Gumby[edit]

Special 30th Anniversary Edition hosted by Art Clokey

  1. Robot Rumpus
  2. In the Dough
  3. The Groobee
  4. The Small Planets
  5. Ricochet Pete
  6. The Witty Witch
  7. Hidden Valley
Gumby's Supporting Cast[edit]
  1. Dragon Witch
  2. Sticky Pokey
  3. Moon Madness
  4. Turnip Trap
  5. Dragon Daffy
  6. El Toro
  7. Bully for Gumby
The World According to Gumby[edit]
  1. The Big Eye
  2. Outcast Marbles
  3. Tail Tale
  4. Haunted Hot Dog
  5. The Indian Challenge
Gumby and the Moon Boggles[edit]
  1. The Moon Boggles
  2. Indian Trouble
  3. Weight and See
  4. Mystic Magic
  5. Gabby Auntie
Gumby and Friends: The Lost Episodes[edit]
  1. Pokey Minds the Baby
  2. Behind the Puff Ball
  3. Indian Country
  4. Hot Ice
  5. Prickle Turns Artist
  6. Grub Grabber Gumby
  7. Toy Capers
  8. Hidden Valley
  9. Bully for Gumby


7-DVD boxed set (2002, Rhino Home Video)[edit]

A compilation of 110 of the episodes from the 1950s through the 1960s. The set was not widely distributed, and it received much negative feedback because the prints used were the 1980s reissues that had the soundtracks and voices completely redubbed.

The Very Best New Adventures of Gumby Vol. 1 (2005, Rhino Home Video)[edit]
  1. Skateboard Rally
  2. Time Out
  3. Naughty Boy
  4. Kid Brother Kids
  5. Joker's Wild
  6. Clayfully Yours
  7. To Bee or Not to Bee
  8. Gumby Music Video
  9. Rip Van Prickle
  10. The Abominable Dough Man
  11. Goo's Pies
  12. Gumbastic
The Very Best New Adventures of Gumby Vol. 2 (2005, Rhino Home Video)[edit]
  1. Gumby's Close Encounter
  2. The Knight Mare
  3. Prickle's Baby Brudder
  4. The Wild Horse
  5. Blocks in the Head
  6. Lost in Chinatown
  7. Picnic
  8. Goo's Music Video
  9. Best in the Block
  10. Melon Felons
  11. Fun Day
  12. Gumbitty Doo Dah
Gumby Essentials Volume 1 (2007, Classic Media)[edit]


  1. Robot Rumpus ("Yard Work Made Easy" and "Robot Rumpus" edited back into their original format)
  2. Too Loo ("Too Loo" and "Gumby Concerto" edited back into their original format)
  3. Rain Spirits ("Rain Spirits" and "The Kachinas" edited back into their original format)
  4. In The Dough ("In the Dough" and "Baker's Tour" edited back into their original format)
  5. The Racing Game ("The Racing Game" and "Gumby Racer" edited back into their original format)


  1. The Groobee
  2. Hidden Valley
  3. Ricochet Pete
  4. The Small Planets
  5. Gumby Crosses the Delaware


  1. The Wild Horse
  2. The Knight Mare
  3. Goo’s Pies
  4. To Bee Or Not To Bee
  5. Kid Brother Kids

Bonus Features:

  1. Art Clokey’s Original 1953 Theatrical Short, "Gumbasia"
  2. Re-mastered Pilot Episode, “Gumby on the Moon”
  3. 1960s Re-mastered Gumby Theme Song and Introduction
  4. Rare Gumby Bumpers
  5. Character Bios
Gumby: The Movie: Director's Cut (2008, Classic Media)[edit]

Bonus Episodes:

  1. Tree Trouble ("Tree Trouble" and "Eager Beavers" edited back into their original format)
  2. Robot Farm
  3. As the Worm Turns
  4. Melon Felons
The New Christmas Classics (2008, Classic Media)[edit]

In the fall of 2008, Classic Media released a 2-DVD set containing four Christmas themed programs. In addition to a compilation of Gumby episodes titled Gumby Season's Greetings, the other programs featured Casper the Friendly Ghost, Fat Albert and George of the Jungle.

Gumby Season's Greetings

  1. Pilgrims on the Rocks
  2. Pokey's Price
  3. Santa Witch
  4. Scrooge Loose
  5. Pigeon in a Plum Tree
  6. The Golden Gosling
  7. Humbug
  8. Toy Crazy ("Toy Crazy" and "Toy Joy" edited back into their original format)
  9. Gumby Business
  10. Toy Fun
  11. Train Trouble
  12. In a Fix
Gumby Best Selection (2010, Columbia Music Entertainment)[edit]

In the Fall of 2010, Columbia Music Entertainment released two compilation DVDs in Japan titled "Gumby Best Selection" (ガンビー・ベストセレクション?) with permission from Premavision and Classic Media. The two DVD series contains the best selected episodes from both 50-60's era to the 80's era, all digitally remastered and each have Japanese subtitles. Two DVDs were released: Gumby Best Selection: Early Years 50's-60's,[2] released in September 1, 2010 followed by its English subtitled version in November 17, 2010 and Gumby Best Selection: 80's,[3] released in November 17, 2010.

Gumby Best Selection: Early Years 50's-60's

  1. Robot Rumpus
  2. Too Loo
  3. Rain Spirits
  4. In The Dough
  5. The Racing Game
  6. The Groobee
  7. Hidden Valley
  8. Ricochet Pete
  9. The Small Planets
  10. Gumby Crosses the Delaware

Gumby Best Selection: 80's

  1. The Wild Horse
  2. The Knight Mare
  3. Goo's Pies
  4. To Bee Or Not To Bee
  5. Kid Brother Kid
Gumby: The Complete Series (Collector's Edition)[4][edit]

In 2013, the complete series was released on NTSC DVD in Australia as a JB Hi-Fi exclusive. The film transfers are said to be all new restorations from the original negatives. This release contains an NTSC transfer over seven discs. This set is available to purchase at

Unofficial Releases[edit]

The following Releases were not authorized by Art Clokey or Clokey Productions, and therefore are not considered official releases.

Christmas with Gumby (1994 VHS, 2003 DVD, GoodTimes Entertainment)[edit]

Edited together as one half-hour program without any episode title sequences

  1. Scrooge Loose
  2. Santa Witch
  3. Pigeon in a Plum Tree
  4. Toy Crazy/Toy Joy (both films edited back into their original format) (Edited to remove all birthday references)

Fun with Gumby (1994 VHS, GoodTimes Entertainment)[edit]

  1. The Kachinas
  2. Tree Trouble
  3. Lion Drive
  4. Yard Work Made Easy
  5. The Magic Show (Edited for time)

Gumby's Greatest Adventures (1996 VHS, 2003 DVD, GoodTimes Entertainment)[edit]

  1. Toying Around
  2. Sad King Ott's Daughter
  3. The Blockheads
  4. Gumby Crosses the Delaware (Edited for time)
  5. Gumby Concerto
  6. The Glob
  7. Gold Rush Gumby
  8. Baker's Tour (Edited for time)
  9. The Black Knight
  10. Gumby Racer

Gumby's Best Episodes (The Original Adventures) (2013 DVD, Legend Films)[edit]

  1. Tree Trouble
  2. Lion Drive
  3. Yard Work Made Easy
  4. Sad King Otts Daughter
  5. The Blockheads
  6. Gumby Concerto
  7. The Glob
  8. Bakers Tour
  9. The Black Knight
  10. The Kachinas
  11. In a Fix
  12. The Witty Witch
  13. The Groobee
  14. Gumby Racer
  15. Rain for Roo
  16. Hidden Valley

Public Domain[edit]

Many budget-priced DVD collections can be found at dollar stores because a handful of episodes have fallen into the public domain. Gumby episodes believed to be in the public domain include[citation needed] "Too Loo", "Gumby Concerto", "Robot Rumpus", "Mysterious Fires," "Stuck on Books", "Gold Rush Gumby", and "Tricky Train". These collections also often include Art Clokey's experiment film, "Gumbasia", which was a 3-minute short film of geometrical clay shapes moving to the sound of jazz music. Some public domain collections also include the episodes from "Gumby's Greatest Adventures".


In 2007, the batch of restored versions were made available to view and/or download on various Internet video sites. Most of them were first made available for free viewing on AOL's In2TV, while later a select few became available on YouTube. These episodes have also been made available to purchase through Amazon's video-on-demand service Amazon Instant Video. A few of the later additions to YouTube wound up being sourced from 1980's VHS transfers from Family Home Entertainment instead of actually being restored versions, indicating that the project to restore the entire Gumby library might have been either abandoned or not yet completed. The complete 1988 series was later added to Amazon and Hulu. As of May 2014, Gumby episodes are no longer available through any of the previously mentioned online sites, except for unauthorized uploads to sites like YouTube and Dailymotion.