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This is a list of notable alumni of Hampden–Sydney College, including graduates and non-graduates. Individuals are sorted by category and alphabetized within each category. The Alumni Association of Hampden–Sydney College considers all former students to be members, whether they graduated or not, and does not generally differentiate between graduates and non-graduates when identifying Hampden–Sydney alumni.

Arts and Entertainment[edit]


  • William Clayton Draughon Jr. Notable Real Estate and hog farming mogul in the greater Kenansville area including but not limited to Topsail Beach, Wrightsville Beach, and Wallace.
  • John B Adams, Jr.: CEO of the Martin Agency, Class of 1971.
  • Christopher T. Apostle: SVP of Sothebys, Class of 1985.
  • Tom Barr: President & COO Hailo, former Vice President Global Coffee @ Starbucks Coffee Company, Class of 1990.
  • W. Charles Blocker Jr: Senior Vice President and Director of Corporate Finance for Gannon International and former Chairman and CEO of Asian Trade Alliance, Inc., Class of 1984.
  • Walter Blocker: Board of Governors, American Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam and Managing Director of GANNON Vietnam Limited, Class of 1990.
  • Rob J. Bonaventura: President of Laidlaw & Company, Class of 1983.
  • E. Rhodes Carpenter: founder of the Carpenter Company, Class of 1929.
  • George B. Cartledge Jr.: Chairman Grand Home Furnishings, Class of 1963.
  • Brad Cary: co-founder and CEO of Emigra Group, Class of 1985.
  • Robert Citrone: Hedge fund manager Discovery Capital Management, Class of 1987.
  • James Cook: founder of / Aurora Russia Limited, former Chairman of Delta Financial Group, former Chairman and CEO of GE Consumer Finance Russia, Class of 1986.
  • Richard F. Cralle Jr.: Owner Green Front Furniture, Class of 1965.
  • Andrew Freitas, President, Colonel's Limited, LLC dba Papa John's. 2013 Papa John's Hall of Fame Franchisee, 2009 Papa John's Franchisee of the Year. Class of 1992.
  • Michael R. Fitzsimmons: founder & CEO Delivery Agent, Class of 1995.
  • Bernard S. Groseclose Jr.: CEO of the South Carolina State Ports Authority, Class of 1975.
  • Gerhard Peter Gross: CEO Daimler Trucks-Mexico, Class of 1984.
  • H. Hiter Harris III: co-founder and Managing Director of Harris Williams & Co, Class of 1983.
  • David H. Head, Jr.: real estate, President of Head Companies, Class of 1993.
  • Steven T. Huff: Chairman, TF Concrete Forming Systems and owner of Pensmore, Class of 1973.
  • Maurice Jones: Rhodes Scholar, Secretary of Commerce for the State of Virginia, Class of 1986
  • Ed Kelley: Co-founder and former CFO & COO of Jiffy Lube, Class of 1975.
  • Gary L. Kessler: CEO of Carey International, Class of 1986.
  • Monte Lehmkuler: Senior Managing Director and Head of Equity Trading at FBR Capital Markets, Class of 1988.
  • John G. Macfarlane III: COO of Tudor Investment Corporation and former Treasurer and Managing Director at Salomon Brothers, Class of 1976.
  • David N. Martin: Founder and former President and CEO of the Martin Agency, Class of 1952.
  • L. White Matthews III: former CFO Ecolab, Inc, former EVP of Finance of Union Pacific Corporation, Class of 1967.
  • David J. McKittrick: former CFO of Gateway 2000, CFO of Ethanex Energy, Inc, Class of 1967.
  • C. Cammack Morton: Real estate developer, CEO of Commercial Properties Development Corporation, Class of 1973.
  • Charles C. Mottley: CEO of El Capitan Precious Metals, Inc, Class of 1956.
  • Alphonso'Neil-White: first African-American student, Chairman of the board of Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Class of 1972.
  • Frank W. Roach: CEO of North America for Wolseley plc, Class of 1973.
  • Conrad F. Sauer IV: CEO of The C.F. Sauer Company, Class of 1972.
  • John G. Scott: CEO of Toter Inc, Class of 1993.
  • Warren M. Thompson: business, CEO of Thompson Hospitality Corporation, Class of 1981.
  • Toby Usnik: SVP of Christie's, Class of 1985.
  • I. Benjamin Watson: former SVP of Communications and Human Resource at Sprint Corporation, Class of 1971.
  • Tom Pratt: current executive AIG, Class of 1971.





  • Nimrod Hughes: Theologian, Pamphleteer, Land Speculator; published sensationalist visions of an apocalyptic event in June 1812 which was discussed in the correspondence of John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and John Taylor of Caroline, Class of 1794.[2][3][4]
  • Robert Lewis Dabney: American Theologian, Chief of Staff for Stonewall Jackson, biographer of Jackson, and Confederate Army Chaplain. Attended from circa 1835-1836, graduated from the University of Virginia.
  • Edward Baptist, reverend, founder and first instructor of University of Richmond, Class of 1813[5]
  • A. Heath Light: fourth Episcopal Bishop of the Diocese of Southwest Virginia, Class of 1951.
  • Frank Clayton "Clay" Matthews: Bishop for the Office of Pastoral Development for the Episcopal Church, formerly Suffragan Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia, Class of 1970.
  • Robert Atkinson Gibson: Sixth Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia (1902–1919).
  • William R. Moody: Third Episcopal Bishop of the Diocese of Lexington, founder of the Washington School of Religion ; Class of 1922.
  • Charles Clifton Penick: Missionary Bishop of the Episcopal Church who served as Bishop of Cape Palmas, West Africa (1825–1914).
  • Thomas Atkinson: Third Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina; one of the ten bishops who joined to found The University of the South: Sewanee; Class of 1825.
  • J. Dwight Pentecost: Christian theologian best known for his book Things to Come. Distinguished Professor of Bible Exposition, Emeritus, Dallas Theological Seminary, 1955-2014; Class of 1937.
  • Francis A. Schaeffer: Theologian, Philosopher, Presbyterian pastor; Most famous for writings and establishing the L'Abri community in Switzerland, author of A Christian Manifesto; Class of 1935.
  • Spenser C.D. Simrill, Dean of St. Mark's Episcopal Cathedral, Minneapolis, MN. Class of 1970.
  • Henry H. "Chip" Edens III, Rector of Christ Church Episcopal, Charlotte, NC. Class of 1992.

Science and medicine[edit]



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