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A royal consort is a spouse of a monarch. The Kingdom of Hawaiʻi was founded by Kamehameha I (known as Kamehameha the Great) in 1795 after conquering the major islands in the Hawaiian archipelago. His dynasty lasted until Liliʻuokalani was deposed by a pro-United States revolution in 1893. Kamehameha I had numerous wives, perhaps over 21, but Kaʻahumanu was his most favorite wife.

List of Hawaiian royal consorts[edit]

Notable wives of Kamehameha I not mentioned on this list are Queen Keōpūolani, his highest ranking wife; Queen Kalakua Kaheiheimālie, sister of Kaʻahumanu, and many others. His son Kamehameha II had five wives: Queen Kamāmalu, Queen Kekāuluohi, Queen Pauahi, Queen Kīnaʻu, and Queen Kekauʻōnohi. Kamehameha III was the first King of Hawaii to not practice polygamy. Queen Emma Naʻea was the first and only hapa haole (part native Hawaiian) queen consort. John Owen Dominis, a full blood American, was Hawaii's only prince consort by the virtue of his marriage to Liliʻuokalani. Every consort except Dominis outlived their spouse and many were close relatives (from siblings to distant cousins), except Kalama and Dominis.

Kamehameha Dynasty[edit]

Portrait Name Birth Death Consort to
Queen Kaahumanu.jpg Queen Elizabeth Kaʻahumanu 1768 June 5, 1832 Kamehameha I
Portrait of Queen Kamamalu (c. 1824–1830) by an anonymous artist.jpg Queen Kamāmalu c. 1802 July 8, 1824 Kamehameha II
Kalama, retouched photo by J. J. Williams (PP-96-17-003).jpg Queen Kalama Hakaleleponi Kapakuhaili c. 1817 September 30, 1870 Kamehameha III
Queen Emma of Hawaii, retouched photo by J. J. Williams.jpg Queen Emma Naʻea Rooke January 2, 1836 April 25, 1885 Kamehameha IV

Kalākaua Dynasty[edit]

Portrait Name Birth Death Consort to
Queen Kapiolani, photograph by A. A. Montano (PPWD-15-7.024).jpg Queen Kapiʻolani December 31, 1834 June 24, 1899 Kalākaua
Gov. John Owen Dominis.jpg Prince Consort John Owen Dominis March 10, 1832 August 27, 1891 Liliʻuokalani