List of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (2002 TV series) episodes

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This article is a list of episodes from the television show He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (2002 TV series) in order by production number.

Episodes: production order[edit]

The following is a list of episodes of the television series.

Season One: 2002–2003[edit]

# Title Director Writer Original airdate
01-03 "The Beginning" Gary Hartle Dean Stefan August 16, 2002
Keldor attacks the Hall of Wisdom and Captain Randor leads his forces to stop him. Years later, Skeletor emerges to attack Eternia. Prince Adam must visit Castle Grayskull and seek the Sorceress' help to save his captured father. He-Man emerges to protect Eternia from the evil forces of Skeletor.
04 "The Courage of Adam" Gary Hartle Dean Stefan September 20, 2002
Prince Adam realizes that as long as evil exists on Eternia, he will be called to defend his home as He-Man.
05 "Sky War" Gary Hartle Michael Reaver September 27, 2002
Skeletor secretly instigates a war between races in a plot to defeat He-Man.
06 "The Deep End" Gary Hartle Brooks Wachtel October 4, 2002
He-Man must save Man-At-Arms from the belly of a sea beast threatening Castle Grayskull.
07 "Lessons" Gary Hartle Larry DiTillio October 11, 2002
After messing things up in the Royal Palace, Orko seeks the Sorceress' help to return to his home world.
08 "Siren's Song" Gary Hartle William Forrest Cluverius October 18, 2002
Ram-Man is hypnotized by a beautiful Siren who plots to destroy the Masters
09 "The Ties That Bind" Gary Hartle Dean Stefan October 25, 2002
Teela becomes curious about her past when she develops temporary telepathic powers.
10 "Dragon's Brood" Gary Hartle Michael Edens & Mark Edward Edens November 1, 2002
Massive fire-breathing dragons threaten Eternia and Castle Grayskull.
11 "Turnabout" Gary Hartle Len Uhley November 15, 2002
Skeletor is punished by a magical belt that prevents him from being evil.
12 "Mekaneck's Lament" Gary Hartle Erik & Lara Runnels November 22, 2002
While trying to acquire better powers, Mekanek unwittingly sets a dangerous villain free. First appearance of Count Marzo.
13 "Night of the Shadow Beasts" Gary Hartle Michael Reaves November 22, 2002
Skeletor unleashes fierce nocturnal creatures to destroy Castle Grayskull.
14 "Underworld" Gary Hartle Steven Melching December 13, 2002
In Subternia (Eternia's underground), He-Man and King Randor must prevent Skeletor from attacking Castle Grayskull from below.
15 "The Mystery of Anwat Gar" Gary Hartle Kevin D. Campbell December 20, 2002
He-Man and Man-At-Arms journey to a mysterious island to prevent Skeletor from getting his hands on powerful ancient stones. First appearance of Sy-Klone.
16 "The Monster Within" Gary Hartle Larry DiTillio December 27, 2002
He-Man and Man-E-Faces battle dangerous bounty hunters in the Tar Swamp. First appearance of Two-Bad.
17 "Roboto's Gambit" Gary Hartle Michael Reaves March 1, 2003
A simple chess-playing robot helps the Masters battle an evil army of skeletons. First appearance of Roboto.
18 "Trust" Gary Hartle William Forrest Cluverius March 8, 2003
Stratos must form an uneasy alliance with Trap-Jaw to survive the perilous Ice Mountains.
19 "Orko's Garden" Gary Hartle Len Uhley March 15, 2003
Orko unwittingly helps the villainous plant-like Evil-Seed take all of the Masters hostage. First appearance of Mossman.
20 "Buzz-Off's Pride" Gary Hartle Christy Marx & Randall Littlejohn March 22, 2003
Buzz-Off must battle vicious giants in order to defend both a peaceful village and his pride.
21 "Snake Pit" Gary Hartle Steven Melching March 29, 2003
The Masters enlist the help of the mysterious Zodak to prevent the Snake Men from escaping their ancient prison. First appearance of Kobra Khan, General Rattler, King Hiss, Zodak, and Webstor.
22 "The Island" Gary Hartle Dean Stefan April 5, 2003
While visiting his mentor on a remote island, Man-At-Arms is captured by evil crab-like creatures.
23 "The Sweet Smell of Victory" Gary Hartle Kevin D. Campbell April 12, 2003
When a low-level crook tries to join Skeletor, an accident mutates him into a new super-villain intent on destroying the Masters. First appearance of Stinkor.
24 "Separation" Gary Hartle Larry DiTillio April 19, 2003
He-Man must return three mystical objects to the far corners of Eternia to prevent the destruction of the entire planet.
25 "The Council of Evil, Part 1" Gary Hartle Dean Stefan October 4, 2003
The members of Skeletor's newly formed Council of Evil are capturing the Masters one by one.
26 "The Council of Evil, Part 2" Gary Hartle Dean Stefan October 11, 2003
It's up to Adam to stop the forces of evil that plague Eternia without his Power Sword.

Season Two: 2003–2004[edit]

# Title Director Writer Original airdate
27 "The Last Stand" Gary Hartle Dean Stefan October 18, 2003
He-Man has to battle Skeletor, the Council of Evil, and the Evil Warriors to protect Castle Grayskull.
28 "To Walk with Dragons" Gary Hartle Dean Stefan October 25, 2003
The Masters must thwart Skeletor's attacking serpinataurs by enlisting the help of vicious red dragons
29 "Out of the Past" Gary Hartle Dean Stefan November 1, 2003
Teela is drawn to a small village, where she gets further clues about her past.
30 "Rise of the Snakemen, Part 1" Gary Hartle Steve Melching November 8, 2003
The Masters have to battle Skeletor's forces while trying to prevent the dreaded Snake Men from getting free from their ancient prison.
31 "Rise of the Snakemen, Part 2" Gary Hartle Steve Melching November 15, 2003
Zodak joins forces with the Masters of the Universe to prevent the freed Snake Men from taking over Eternia.
32 "The Price of Deceit" Gary Hartle Larry DiTillio November 22, 2003
Skeletor seeks to punish Evil-Lyn for betraying him.
33 "Of Machines and Men" Gary Hartle Michael Halperin November 29, 2003
A mysterious force disables all technological power in Eternia, and Randor attempts to save Marlena.
34 "Second Skin" Gary Hartle Steve Melching December 6, 2003
It's up to the Masters of the Universe to stop King Hiss from using a devastatingly powerful ancient artifact.
35 "The Power of Grayskull" Gary Hartle Dean Stefan December 13, 2003
The Sorceress tells Prince Adam of the great history behind the power of Grayskull after he is troubled by a strange dream.
36 "Web of Evil" Gary Hartle Kevin D. Campbell December 20, 2003
Webstor creates a spider army that threatens to take over Eternia. Meanwhile, Man-At-Arms has an encounter with his brother, Fisto whom he blames for deserting his post.
37 "Rattle of the Snake" Gary Hartle Steve Melching December 27, 2003
The Masters track King Hiss through Subternia to a long-lost Snake Temple, which holds the key to releasing a terrible power, the power to set an ancient evil free from its prison.
38 "History" Gary Hartle Larry DiTillio January 3, 2004
In her attempt to overthrow Skeletor, Evil-Lyn allies herself with Count Marzo to free Hordak from Despondos.
39 "Awaken the Serpent" Gary Hartle Dean Stefan January 10, 2004
Using the Medallion of Serpos, King Hiss transforms Snake Mountain into the mighty snake god, Serpos.

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