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This is a list of the various animated cartoons featuring Herman and Katnip.

Miscellaneous Appearances[edit]

Herman Mouse in Noveltoon cartoons[edit]

  • The Henpecked Rooster (Feat. Herman the Mouse, Henry the Rooster, and Chicken Pie) February 18, 1944 - Director: Seymour Kneitel (First appearance of Herman)
  • Scrappily Married (Feat. Herman, Henry, and Chicken Pie) March 30, 1945 - Kneitel
  • Cheese Burglar (Feat. Herman) February 22, 1946 - I. Sparber (NOTE: This cartoon similar to Popeye cartoons. This cartoon was featured in Four Rooms)
  • Sudden Fried Chicken (Feat. Herman, Henry, Chicken Pie) October 18, 1946 - Bill Tytla (NOTE: This cartoon was featured in Smart House. First time, Herman was voiced by Jack Mercer.)
  • Naughty But Mice (Feat. Herman) October 10, 1947 - Kneitel
  • Campus Capers (Feat. Herman) July 1, 1949 - Tytla
  • Saved By The Bell (Feat. Herman) September 15, 1950 - Kneitel

Popeye the Sailor: Herman in Cameo[edit]

  • The Island Fling (Feat. Popeye, Olive Oyl, Tiger, Bluto, Sea Monster, Femile Gorilla, Hungry Lion, Friday, Herman the Mouse (Cameo)) December 27, 1946 - Tytla (NOTE: Herman cameo appeared in a Popeye cartoon, and first time, he didn't speak.)

Screen Songs[edit]

Gobs of Fun (Feat. Herman, Animals) July 28, 1950 - Sparber

Katnip in Noveltoon cartoons[edit]

  • Sock-A-Bye Kitty (Feat. Katnip, Buzzy) December 2, 1950 - Kneitel
  • As The Crow Lies (Feat. Katnip, Buzzy the Crow) June 1, 1951 - Kneitel (NOTE: First time, Katnip was voiced by Jack Mercer.)
  • Cat-Choo (Feat. Katnip, Buzzy) October 12, 1951 - Kneitel
  • The Awful Tooth (Feat. Katnip, Buzzy) May 2, 1952 - Kneitel
  • City Kitty (Feat. Katnip) July 18, 1952 - Sparber (NOTE: This is the first cartoon where Herman or Buzzy do not appear.)
  • Feast And Furious (Feat. Katnip, Finny the Goldfish) December 26, 1952 - Sparber (NOTE: This is the second and last cartoon where Herman or Buzzy do not appear, and this is the second cartoon where Katnip was voiced by Jack Mercer. First was, As the Crow Lies.)
  • Better Bait Than Never (Feat. Katnip, Buzzy, Bulldog) June 5, 1953 - Kneitel
  • Hair Today Gone Tomorrow (Feat. Katnip, Buzzy) April 16, 1954 - Kneitel
  • No Ifs, Ands or Butts (Feat. Katnip, Buzzy) December 17, 1954 - Sparber

Herman and Katnip 1949-59[edit]

  • Mice Meeting You (Feat. Herman, Katnip, Herman's Cousins) November 10, 1949 - Kneitel
  • Mice Paradise (Feat. Herman, Katnip) March 9, 1950 - Sparber
  • Cat Tamale (Feat. Herman, Katnip, Other Mice) November 9, 1951 - Kneitel
  • Cat Carson Rides Again (Feat. Herman, Katnip, Other Mice) April 4, 1952 - Kneitel
  • Mice-Capades (Feat. Herman, Katnip) October 3, 1952 - Kneitel (NOTE: First Herman and Katnip spin-off cartoon.)
  • Of Mice And Magic (Feat. Herman, Katnip, Louise, Other Mice, and Finny the Golfish) February 20, 1953 - Sparber (NOTE: Second and cameo appearance of Finny the Goldfish.)
  • Herman The Cartoonist (Feat. Herman, Katnip, and Other Mice) May 15, 1953 - Sparber
  • Drinks On The Mouse (Feat. Herman, Katnip) August 28, 1953 - Dave Tendlar
  • Northwest Mousie (Feat. Herman, Katnip, and Other Mice) December 28, 1953 - Kneitel
  • Surf And Sound (Feat. Herman, Katnip, Lousie The Girl Mouse, and Other Mice) March 5, 1954 - Tendlar
  • Of Mice And Menace (Feat. Herman, Katnip, and Herman's Nephews) June 25, 1954 - Kneitel
  • Ship A-Hooey (Feat. Herman, Katnip, and Other Mice) August 20, 1954 - Sparber
  • Rail-Rodents (Feat. Herman, Katnip) November 26, 1954 - Tendlar (NOTE: This is a second time that Herman doesn't speak.)
  • Robin Rodenthood (Feat. Herman, Katnip, and Other Mice) February 25, 1955 - Tendlar
  • A Bicep Built For Two (Feat. Herman, Katnip, and Spike) April 8, 1955 - Kneitel (NOTE: Jackson Beck voiced Herman.)
  • Mouse Trapeze (Feat. Herman, Katnip, and Herman's Nephews) August 5, 1955 - Sparber
  • Mousieur Herman (Feat. Herman, Katnip) November 25, 1955 - Tendlar (first with shorter instrumental theme music)
  • Mouseum (Feat. Herman, Katnip, and Herman's Nephews) February 24, 1956 - Kneitel
  • Will Do Mousework (Feat. Herman, Katnip, and Herman's Cousins) June 29, 1956 - Knietel
  • Mousetro Herman (Feat. Herman, Katnip, and Other Mice) August 10, 1956 - Sparber (NOTE:NEW THEME DEYBUTS EARLY)
  • Hide And Peak (Feat. Herman, Katnip) December 10, 1956 - Tendlar
  • Cat In The Act (Feat. Herman, Katnip) February 22, 1957 - Tendlar (NOTES:last Famous Studios NEW THEME DEYEBUTS)
  • Sky Scrappers (Feat. Herman, Katnip) June 14, 1957 - Tendlar (NOTE: Third time, Katnip was voiced by Jack Mercer. First was, As the Crow Lies. Second was, Feast and Furious.)
  • From Mad To Worse (Feat. Herman, Katnip, and Other Mice) August 16, 1957 - Kneitel (NOTE:NEW INTRO ANIMATION DEYBUTS)
  • One Funny Knight (Feat. Herman, Katnip, and Princess Genevieve) November 22, 1957 - Tendlar
  • Frighty Cat (Feat. Herman, Katnip, and Other Mice) March 14, 1958 - Sparber (NOTE: Sid Raymond last regularly voiced Katnip. Also the last cartoon Raymond and Arnold Stang's voices both appear together - sans archive footage.)
  • You Said A Mouseful (Feat. Herman, Katnip, and Chubby) August 29, 1958 - Kneitel (NOTE: Fourth time, Katnip was voiced by Jack Mercer.)
  • Owly To Bed (Feat. Herman, Katnip, and Hooty) January 2, 1959 - Kneitel (NOTE: Katnip does not speak.)
  • Felineous Assault (Feat. Herman, Katnip, and Kitnip) February 20, 1959 - Kneitel (NOTE: Sid Raymond last voiced Katnip, and Jack Mercer voiced Herman for a second time. First was, Sudden Fried Chicken.)
  • Fun On Furlough (Featuring Herman, Katnip, and Other Mice) April 3, 1959 - Kneitel (NOTE: Arnold Stang last voiced Herman, and Jack Mercer voiced Katnip for a fifth time.)
  • Katnip's Big Day (Feat. Herman, Katnip, Buzzy, Rueben, Dueben, Louie, Spike, and Butch) October 30, 1959 - Kneitel (NOTE: This is a final Herman and Katnip spin-off cartoon. For this final spin-off, Jack Mercer voiced Herman and Katnip for a third (Herman), sixth (Katnip) and final time respectively.)

Cameo appearances in only Casper cartoon[edit]

  • Ghost of Honor (Feat. Casper, Celebrities, Wolfie, Herman, Katnip, Spunky, Tommy Tortoise, Moe Hare, Pal, Baby Huey, Other Characters) July 19, 1957 - Sparber (NOTE: Herman doesn't speak in a Casper cartoon for a third time, and also second time, he cameo appears. First was a Popeye cartoon, The Island Fling, and only time, Katnip doesn't speak, either, and he cameo appears, too.)

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